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Ti. cycle case study solution

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Report karan1

  1. 1. REPORT<br />ON<br /> BENDING MACHINE FOR THE CURVATURE TYPE DSL SYSTEM <br />SUBMITTED TO<br />GURUNANAK INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES<br />MUMBAI<br />BY<br />KARUNAKARAN ASHOKAR<br />ROLL NO. 17BATCH-1UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF<br /> SILVERLINE METAL ENGINEERING PVT. LTD., NAVI MUMBAI <br /><ul><li>MASTER OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES (MMS), UNIVERSITY OF MUMBAI2010-11</li></ul> <br />DECLARATION<br />I, Mr KARUNAKARAN ASHOKAR , Hereby declare that this project report is the record of authentic work carried out by me during the period from 9/05/2011 to 30/06/2011 and has not been submitted to any other University or Institute for the award of any degree or any other purpose.<br /> ____________________<br />Signature<br />Name of the student: Karunakaran Ashokar<br />Date<br />CERTIFICATE<br />This is to certify that Mr. KARUNAKARAN ASHOKAR of GURUNANAK Institute of Management has successfully completed the project work titled BENDING MACHINE FOR THE CURVATURE TYPE DSL SYSTEM. In partial fulfillment of requirement for the completion MMS as prescribed by the University of Mumbai. <br />This project report is the record of authentic work carried out by him during the period from 9/05/2011 to 30/06/2011. <br />He has worked under my guidance. <br />____________________________________<br />Signature Signature<br />Project Guide (Internal) Project Guide (External) <br />DateDate<br />____________________<br /> Signature <br /> Director<br /> Date<br /> TO WHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERN<br />This is to certify that Mr. Karunakaran Ashokar from Gurunanak Institute of Management, Mumbai, who is currently pursuing his Masters of Management Studies (MMS) was with SILVERLINE METAL ENGINEERING PVT. LTD. under the scheme of Summer placements for the students graduating from management institutes/ universities´ from 9th may’11 to 30thjune’11.<br />During this tenure he worked on the project title of BENDING MACHINE FOR THE CURVATURE TYPE DSL SYSTEM under control and guidance of undersigned. Mr. Karunakaran Ashokar completed his project. I wish him a long and successful career.<br />__________________<br /> Signature <br /> <br />ACKNOWLEDEGEMENT<br />I owe a great deal to GURUNANAK INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES, MUMBAI for laying the building blocks of logic and pragmatism in our life. This report, in a way is a reflection of these values. The original traineeship segment provided us with a unique opportunity of working with an organization. <br />I would like to express my earnest gratitude and thank to Dr. J.N Shah (Director) for his support and kind blessings. <br />I am also thankful to our faculty guide Prof. Prakash Sathaye for his encouragement and guidance throughout the project. <br />I am highly indebted to ___________________(Chief HRD Manager) and <br />______________________ (CRM) for providing me with exceptional opportunity of working for a dynamic organization like Rashtriya chemicals & fertilizers Ltd. I am very grateful to Mr.____________ sir (MM Amt), Mr.__________ Sir (AM), who guided me in the project period.<br />Last but not the least, I would like to express my sincere thank to my parents, encouraging friends and colleagues for their continues support. <br />I am also grateful to all of them who are directly or indirectly involved in driving this project to a success. <br />Shraddha Malhotra<br />