Developing a strategic website


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Websites are meant to be much more than decorative pieces on the Internet. The presentation explores some methods on how a strategic website could be developed

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Developing a strategic website

  1. 1. DEVELOPIING STRATEGIC WEBSITES website Developing a strategic
  2. 2. Strategic Website developmentDEVELOPIING STRATEGIC WEBSITES  If it’s a new website – the entire process detailed in the Presentation applies  For existing websites – the exercise will start with a current state analysis, and a migration/enhancement plan will be provided
  3. 3. DEVELOPIING STRATEGIC WEBSITES Assets Websites are Strategic
  4. 4. Why is Your Website strategic ?DEVELOPIING STRATEGIC WEBSITES  It is the Foundation for your Internet Presence  Your showcase on the Internet  Is the Centre of Gravity for all Internet Marketing Activity  All Internet Marketing activities drive visitors to your website  This is where 90% of your efforts should be
  5. 5. Some common oversightsDEVELOPIING STRATEGIC WEBSITES  Website design not driven by Marketing considerations  Objectives and strategic intent neither considered fully nor documented  Website management not defined or responsibility allocated  No content strategy defined  Not analyzed for potential to deliver better customer service, engage customers or generate leads
  6. 6. Developing a strategic websiteDEVELOPIING STRATEGIC WEBSITES  Develop website marketing objectives  Analyze features and task automation potential for other functional areas (Customer support, HR, Marketing, Corporate communication etc)  Develop consistent navigation  Optimize for Search Engines
  7. 7. Develop Marketing ObjectivesDEVELOPIING STRATEGIC WEBSITES  Marketing objectives will vary from business to business  They will also vary depending on the Internet Maturity level of the organization  Standard objectives are obvious : Lead generation, Lead conversion, Brand building, Product information, Customer support  However implementation for achieving objectives will vary
  8. 8. Website Applications sampling for non- ecommerce sitesDEVELOPIING STRATEGIC WEBSITES  Help Desk  Videos  Live Sales and/or Live  PowerPoint support/Live chat Presentations  Blogging platform  Photo Galleries  Discussion Forum  Surveys  Document downloads  Subscription to  Email Marketing Newsletters Infrastructure  Articles with  Careers/Jobs Commenting facilitated  Testimonials  Project case studies  News modules
  9. 9. Features & Task automationDEVELOPIING STRATEGIC WEBSITES  For every feature or task automation added to website – ensure back-end administration  Analyze for organizational structure fit – for eg, if you have Live sales chat enabled – are you committed to putting a sales person to handle sales queries ?  Adopt only features and tasks that you can manage
  10. 10. NavigationDEVELOPIING STRATEGIC WEBSITES  Structure the website logically  Develop easily understood navigation  Ensure any page is reachable from the home page
  11. 11. Optimizing for Search EnginesDEVELOPIING STRATEGIC WEBSITES  Perform a keyword analysis and decide on your choice of keywords/”keyword phrases”  Ensure all pages have meta tags and search engine friendly titles  All images to have alternative text  Provision for handling page errors
  12. 12. DEVELOPIING STRATEGIC WEBSITES Developing the strategic website
  13. 13. AnalysisDEVELOPIING STRATEGIC WEBSITES  Understand organization’s business, products and services  Analyze sales & marketing organization and processes  Collate Marketing collateral  If a website already exists – document current features and content
  14. 14. Set objectivesDEVELOPIING STRATEGIC WEBSITES  Set corporate objectives (Disseminate corporate information for eg.)  Set Marketing objectives
  15. 15. Finalize Features and ContentDEVELOPIING STRATEGIC WEBSITES  Finalize website features and functions  List out content for the website  Work out content development strategy (in- house, outsourced, who, what, how much)  Identify development platforms  Tentative budgets by inviting quotes  Iron out any design, content or navigation issues after technical evaluation with contractor
  16. 16. DeploymentDEVELOPIING STRATEGIC WEBSITES  Work out development time frames  Identifying web hosting alternatives  Develop a deployment plan  Internal and external communication plan
  17. 17. Website Management FrameworkDEVELOPIING STRATEGIC WEBSITES  Build a list of regular update tasks  Allocate responsibility for updates  Allocate responsibility for technical management  Ensure responsibilities assigned for all leads, customer support requests origination from the site  Set up web analytics and monitor website traffic
  18. 18. DEVELOPIING STRATEGIC WEBSITES Stride develops website strategies for Businesses
  19. 19. DEVELOPIING STRATEGIC WEBSITES Like to know more? Contact Us A.S.Prasad Stride Business Consulting No.7, Shubh Enclave, Harlur Road, Bangalore, India - 560102 Tel: +91-80-41642684 Mob: +91-98451 72986 URL: Email: