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Developing a Internet Marketing Strategy


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  • 1. Developing a Internet Marketing Strategy for yourINTERNET MARKETING STRATEGY Business
  • 2. We develop Internet Marketing Strategies that workINTERNET MARKETING STRATEGY Making the Internet Marketplace work for B2B companies
  • 3. Strategy First, Implementation NextINTERNET MARKETING STRATEGY  On the Internet a Marketing Strategy is absolutely essential  A Strategy delivers multiple benefits  Takes a 360 degree view of the business, organization, conventional marketing efforts and budgeting  Finally provides a detailed blueprint for all Internet Marketing Initiatives
  • 4. What a strategy does ◦ Ensures positive brand building as against brandINTERNET MARKETING STRATEGY dilution ◦ Sets a clear direction to all Marketing initiatives ◦ Aligns messaging to marketing objectives and product positioning ◦ Determines choice of Internet Marketing channels in line with target customer representation ◦ Ensures prudent Internet marketing practices are followed by contractors ◦ Saves money, increases ROI, sets up Metrics and better management of marketing initiatives
  • 5. INTERNET MARKETING STRATEGY How we develop a strategy
  • 6. Formulating a Internet Marketing StrategyINTERNET MARKETING STRATEGY  Current State Assessment  Evaluation of Marketing Channels  Set up Internet Marketing Objectives  Detailed messaging for each channel  Detailed activity plan for each channel  Set up a budgeting framework  Set up a Marketing monitoring framework
  • 7. Current state assessment ◦INTERNET MARKETING STRATEGY Business, products, services ◦ Customer profiling ◦ Sales & Marketing organization structure ◦ Internet Footprint (Website, Social Media, Articles, Blogs and other inward links indexed by websites) ◦ Website analysis ◦ Keyword analysis ◦ Internet Competition analysis
  • 8. INTERNET MARKETING STRATEGY Internet Marketing Channel evaluation  Shortlist Internet Marketing Channels  Prioritize and set up a sequence for the chosen channels  Summary of benefits and objectives for each channel chosen.  If brand already present on the channel – analyze current state
  • 9. Internet Marketing ObjectivesINTERNET MARKETING STRATEGY  Internet Marketing objectives will vary by business and channel  Define overall Internet Marketing Objectives (online sales, lead generation, brand building, Linking, SEO etc. Can be some or all of them)  Set up Marketing Objectives for each channel (Generate or convert leads, brand building, customer interaction, drive traffic to website etc)
  • 10. Brand MessagingINTERNET MARKETING STRATEGY  Document product/service/brand benefits  Develop Channel relevant messaging  Develop content structure for each channel
  • 11. Channel Activity PlanINTERNET MARKETING STRATEGY  Develop an activity Plan for each channel  Activity plan will cover following: ◦ Possible type of activities (Tweets, blog posting, website page updating, email newsletter content, Linkedin Groups posting, Directory submission, Paid listings updates etc) ◦ Set frequency of updates for each activity ◦ Set up initial metrics where feasible for each activity. This needs to be iteratively redefined
  • 12. BudgetingINTERNET MARKETING STRATEGY  Set up a Budgeting framework  Work with client and set up a shortlist of contractors and develop specific budgets
  • 13. Internet Marketing MonitoringINTERNET MARKETING STRATEGY  Recommend and set up tools for monitoring progress  Set up MIS reports for reporting and managing Internet Marketing initiatives
  • 14. Strategy DocumentsINTERNET MARKETING STRATEGY  PDF document for the Internet Marketing Strategy  Excel Files for budgeting and MIS  PowerPoint Presentation for summary
  • 15. INTERNET MARKETING STRATEGY Strategy Implementation
  • 16. Implementation SupportINTERNET MARKETING STRATEGY  Your Plan or Our Plan ◦ We function as your internal Marketing Manager ◦ Identify and evaluate contractors ◦ Contractor briefing ◦ Contractor management ◦ Marketing Metrics
  • 17. Contact UsINTERNET MARKETING STRATEGY A.S.Prasad Stride Business Consulting No.7, Shubh Enclave, Harlur Road, Bangalore, India - 560102 Tel: +91-80-41642684 Mob: +91-98451 72986 URL: Email: