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Valtech   agile transformation services - innovation games (aln conference)
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Valtech agile transformation services - innovation games (aln conference)


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The presentation Valtech Team did during ALN 3rd Chapter meeting

The presentation Valtech Team did during ALN 3rd Chapter meeting

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Agile Innovation GamesThe seriously fun way to do serious work – seriously Feb 2013 Nadeem Ulla Khan
  • 2. Agenda• The Industry• The Market• Understanding the Market• Games + Business• Why do we need them• My Worst Nightmare• Value add• Case study• Other Innovation Games• References
  • 3. The Industry Source -
  • 4. The Market Source -
  • 5. Understanding the marketWhy do people play games?• Be more cognitive (knowledge gathering)• Solving the unsolvable• Be more competitive• Self actualization (to realize ones potential)• Socially intrigued• Work better as TeamsSo, can we use this in business ??? Lets explore…
  • 6. Games + Business = Innovation GamesDeveloped by Luke Hohmann: Goal Innovation Business Game Collaboration Strategy
  • 7. Using games in business – Innovation GamesInnovation Games surface out thesethrough effective collaboration Circle of Knowledge
  • 8. Innovation Games help in … Optimizing collaboration Enables Ideation Deeper Business Insight Strengthening the customer-vendor bond Making learning fun
  • 9. My Worst Nightmare How it works The game has 3 parts: 1. Depict by drawing 2. Derive mitigation plans 3. Presenting it to the audience
  • 10. My Worst Nightmare 1. Depict by drawing You will be given a scenario. The need is for you to role-play. On the given White Sheet, you need to “depict by drawing” what could be your worst nightmare in the context of the given scenario Please discuss within the team then draw them on the sheet Allowed to be creative, use the given sketch pens
  • 11. My Worst Nightmare 2. Derive mitigation plan Once every ones nightmare is drawn on the sheet, the team needs to prioritize them and also jot down a mitigation plan to avoid the nightmare. 3. Present it to audience Every team gets 5 minutes to present their case to the entire audience. The team needs to elect one presenter who will present the teams case to the entire audience
  • 12. My Worst NightmareScenario: Imagine you are a part of the team that has just won a contract to create a travel portal for a US firm Your team is well equipped to handle technical challenges, however this will the first time that the team will be working on Distributed model. Assume that the Architect and the Product Owner sits at the client location in US and the rest of the team is in Bangalore Now, think of the worst nightmare that you can imagine which will fail the project. Draw them on the given White Sheet, be creative
  • 13. My Worst NightmareScenario: Once done drawing Together as a team, write down what would be your mitigation strategy where by the team can avoid the nightmare Then, elect a presenter and then present
  • 14. My Worst Nightmare What did we learn from this?  Bubbles up hidden fears  Makes the expectation EXPLICIT  Ensure the team arrives at a common working agreement  Uncover obstacles right from the word “Go”  Plan for risk management earlier in the cycleWhere can we use this exercise? When you are forming a new team (To Arrive at your team charter) When you want to surface out team problems As Business, you want to revise your business strategy (Elicits current problems, then plan to mitigate)
  • 15. Value-add of using Agile Innovation Games• Know your customer• Discover unspoken needs• Learn what you shouldn’t build and why• Build consensus (Get every one on the same page)• Foster trust relationship• Share tactical knowledge/experience• Validate requirements (Offering = Customer business needs) …all of this while you are having fun 
  • 16. CASE STUDY
  • 17. Case Study - 1 Name of the client Qualcomm (QWBS) Is a world leader in 3G and next-generation mobile technologies. Problem Statement Lacked voice of the customer, unable to find what the customer wants Innovation Games Spider Web, Product Box, Start Your Day Result • Numerous enhancements to existing products • Discovery and adoption of new marketing messages Source:
  • 18. Case Study - 2 Name of the client Aladdin Knowledge Systems A company that produced software for digital rights management and Internet security. Problem Statement Required to understand customer and map their product road map Innovation Games Speed Boat, Buy a feature Result • Built a help-tutorial for their customer so as to engage the customer in using the product more efficiently • Surface out other product problems and injected them in the product roadmap Source:
  • 19. Case Study - 3 Name of the client Wyse Technologies Is a leading manufacturer of thin client hardware and software as well as desktop virtualization in Cloud Client Computing. Problem Statement Wanting to use new and creative ways to gather customer feedback on their products Innovation Games Spider Web, Speed Boat Result • Able to receive rich and useful feedback from clients • Surfaced out key strategic and product level decisions • Brought out future product road maps Source:
  • 20. Case Study - 4 Name of the client VeriSign A company that operates a diverse array of network infrastructure. Problem Statement Unable to prioritize 46 proposed improvement projects ($10 M backlog) Innovation Games Buy a feature Result • Fathomed collaboration globally • Able to arrive at consensus as an organization • Selected the top 7 projects out of 46 as a team Source:
  • 21. Case Study - 5 Name of the client Emerson Climate Technology A global manufacturer of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration solutions for residential, industrial and commercial applications. Problem Statement Better understand complex product relationships to create a larger solution footprint Innovation Games Spider Web, Speedboat Result • Incorporated results into strategic plans for products over the next 2 –3 years Source:
  • 22. Case Study - 6 Name of the client San José residents, neighbourhood association leaders and the youth commission. SME answered relevant questions. Problem Statement Find ways to prioritize key budget issues: • Raise Taxes • Cut Programs • Increase Efficiency Innovation Games 20/20 Vision, Prune the product tree, Buy a feature Result • Reduction of Fire department staffing • Reduction in Police department staffing • Delays in libraries and elimination of services • Identified key proposals and planned for funds Source:
  • 23. Case Study - 7 Name of the client Valtech India. Problem Statement Valtech India went through a merger. Due to the merger a few challenges were surfaced: • Employees were hesitant to open up with the management • Employees trust in the organization was almost depleting • Unable to maintain transparency as earlier Innovation Games Speed Boat Result • Addressed 394 employees in 23 sessions over 2 months • 195 issues raised, 166 closed immediately • Surfaced transparency • Regained Trust Source:
  • 24. Innovation Games to explore20/20 Vision Rank a list of choices.Buy a Feature Prioritize features.Give Them a Hot Tub Generate your crazy ideas and let your customers determine just how crazy those ideas really are!Me and My Shadow Watch your customer use your product on their terms, not yours.Product Box Ask your customers to design a product box for your product.Prune the Product Tree Build a product according to your plans.Remember the Future Are you asking your customers the right question?Show and Tell Ask customers to tell you about the results that they can produce with your product.Speed Boat Identify what customers don’t like about your products or services.Spider Web Clarify the operating context for your products and services.Start Your Day Understand how and when your customer uses your product.The Apprenctice Understand your customers needs so well that you can envision solutions to problems customers may not realize they have!
  • 25. References•••••••• vation_games••
  • 26. Feedback
  • 27. Thank you Nadeem Ulla Khan (ATS Team)