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Parsec Telesystems is a specialty provider of a full range of applications and application integration services on Cisco’s collaboration/Unified Communication/IP Telephony products and solutions.

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Parsec Telesystems Products & Services

  1. 1. 1 PARSEC TELESYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED Parsec’s Cisco Collaboration Application Integration Services & Products V 8.0 , July 29 ,2013
  2. 2. BACKGROUND  ORGANIZATION: Angel funded ,telecom professionals owned, lean team, focused on core competencies  STATUS : One of Cisco’s oldest ISVs in CDN program ( +5 years) - SOLUTION DEVELOPER category  LAB : Full range Cisco Collaboration Lab In India  EXPERIENCE : Nuggets, modules developed & stored in aps cookie jar over years make deliveries faster, cheaper ,surer  EXPERTISE : Deep domain expertise in enterprise telephony, voice technology, web-services, eCRM  REGISTERED: SGMSA/PSSA registered for services in USA
  3. 3. BUSINESS DIMENSION • WIDE CUSTOMER EXPOSURE : Customer projects in USA, UK, India, UAE, Turkey, Canada, Germany • PROJECT MANAGEMENT : Structured design, friendly and flexible execution • PROJECT COMPLETION & TIMELY DELIVERIES : Present track record is 100%! • MANAGEMENT : Accessible ( mobile, IM) , high availability ( +100 hours/week), short escalation paths • HELPDESK : Friendly, unlimited, multi-channel, flexible
  4. 4. TRUST AS A STRATEGY • GTM STRATEGY: We work with & through Cisco SIs/resellers. Thus we complement - never compete. So Partners who hire our services get to TRUST us. They handle relationship management and L1 support • SINGLE PRINCIPAL STRATEGY: The only top 10 leading CDN lSV which exclusively works on Cisco. Thus we enjoy deep TRUST of Cisco- even at an early development/ presales stage • PRICING TRUST STRATEGY: Lowest PS rates among top 10 CDN ISVs that too at fixed contract prices- to gain Partners’ TRUST • HYGEINE & TRANSPARENCY STRATEGY: NDA with Rob Filby….regular visits by senior Cisco people to Parsec lab…free loans of Cisco equipment to Parsec lab- TRUST dividend! 4
  5. 5. • Custom applications • Application integration • Connectors • Productized applications Cisco collaboration products Cisco tools/APIs/ SDKs 5
  6. 6. INTEGRATION SERVICES ACROSS CISCO COLLABORATION PLATFORMS 6 Cisco WebEx API skills Cisco Presence Server (CUPS) SOAP API skills Cisco Administration XML (AXL) API skills Cisco Unified Routing Rules Interface (CURRI) skills Cisco XML Based Cisco IP Phone Application skills Cisco JTAPI Based Application skills Cisco Jabber Web SDK skills (Parsec is a preferred vendor for Jabber integration services : developer/custom-integration) Cisco Extension Mobility API Cisco IP Phones Services SDK
  7. 7. 7  MARS Phone Lock  MARS Meet-Me Password  MARS Voice Broadcast  MARS Text Broadcast  MARS Phone Background Image  MARS Advanced Directory Search  MARS Caller Details  MARS Visitor Verification  MARS RSS Flash  MARS Conference Whisper  MARS Digital Album  MARS Remote Diagnostics  MARS Phone Provision/Deprovision READY-TO-USE APPLICATIONS OUR CUSTOMERS
  8. 8. PARSEC LAB RESOURCES 8 Cisco Others CUCM v5.0/ 5.1/8.0/ 8.5/ 8.6/9.1 Microsoft OCS 2007/2010 Cisco Jabber Web SDK Asterisk CUPS v8.0/8.6 sipXecs Communication Server Cisco Unity Microsoft Exchange CVP Microsoft OCS SDK Cisco IP phone 7936,7940, 7941, 7960, 7961,8961,9971 Envox/Syntellect CT Connect Cisco CIUS unit and APIs/Android platform Dialogic HMP licenses and API MCS - 3 nos. Nuance CUAE designer and Etch API JTAPI SDK CUPS (Presence Server) SOAP API WebEx Meeting Service SOAP API Cisco CURRI interface/ Cisco Routing Rules Cisco AXL API Cisco IP phone service development Cisco Extension Mobility API Cisco CUAE v2.4.3/ 2.5.1 SR2/8.0/ 8.5 PARSEC LAB VISITED BY • Ramesh Kaza, Director ,Cisco AS PARSEC LAB VISITED BY • Jan Allen Lind ,Solution Architect- UC and collaboration practice, Cisco AS
  10. 10. CCBRIDGE PROJECT BRIEF 10  ClearCaptions is a captioning service for those with hearing disabilities where reading captions is helpful  ClearCaptions on Cisco IP Phone is similar to closed captions on TV; subscriber can hear and read what’s being said. This takes the frustration out of hard hearing on the phone.
  11. 11. CCBRIDGE CASE STUDY PROJECT LIFE CYCLE ENGAGEMENT 11 Requirement gathering Finalize design & functional specs Development & testing Beta release with user manuals & test cases Installed Application at Purple Lab, CA Remove bugs/ change requests Application Release IVT Testing Support Purple team for Customer Site installations Implementation Training to Purple team L2/L3 helpdesk support to Customer sites
  12. 12. 12 CASE STUDY II CISCO COLLABORATION-SAP PDES CONNECTOR PROJECT Cisco AS and SAP joint development project of an interface (Communication & Collaboration PdES) for collaboration features in SAP application software with following modules  Call Control PdES : Call Control features developed with CUAE Etch framework API  Collaboration PdES : Developed using Cisco WebEx meeting service XML API  Presence PdES :Developed using Cisco CUPS SOAP API  Team work between Cisco AS, Cisco PM and business Managers, SAP COIL ( Co-Innovation) Labs ( Germany, India), Galway , Parsec  POC at CapGemini Brazil  Presented at SAPPhire event 2011  Lighthouse accounts * PdES :Partner delivered enterprise service
  13. 13. 13 ANY Web Service application CISCO SAP PDES SOLUTION ARCHITECTURE
  14. 14. CASE STUDY III COLLABORATION SERVICES FOR GLOBAL BANK 14 Phase I • Click-to-call voice and conference buttons embedded on eCRM browser page using web services • Rebuilt from scratch an application once owned by Lehmann Brothers • Worked as offshore professional services partner to a UK based Cisco gold partner • Solution globally deployed by Nomura Bank Phase II • Re-jigged the application to weed out latency • Worked in remote coordination with the technology center in UK and development center in India Nomura have started integration testing and provided some feedback. Its not often that we get praise from customers-well done! -Chris Bulcock ---------------------------------- Hi Chris, I must congratulate you that last week’s release was quite good and the functionalities worked fine. We were able to integrate most of the functionality into the eCRM front end as well
  15. 15. CASE STUDY IV CUSTOM APPLICATION FOR HER MAJESTY’S TREASURY UK 15 • Custom whisper application designed and being delivered for UK Ministries • Application being designed and developed presently
  16. 16. Parsec’s Cisco Collaboration Lab U&I Business Center, Sector 32, Gurgaon, Haryana, India AIM: ajoydasgupta Welcome to the rich world of Collaboration Applications For more details and updates, please visit Follow us on Twitter : @ParsecTelesyste Facebook : ParsecTelesystems