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Silicon Valley Comes to Imperial 2012

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K1 - Dan Crow (CTO SongKick)

  1. 1. The Valley and the Roundabout:a tale of two SiliconsDan CrowCTO, Songkick@crowquine
  2. 2. A bit about meBSc Comp. Sci. PhD in Artificial IntelligenceArt of Memory - early UK startupApple for 4 years4 valley startups: Verb, Qbiquity, Guru/Unicru, BlurbCo-founder and CTO, Blurb5 years at Google NY and LondonNow: CTO, Songkick
  3. 3. The valley
  4. 4. At least 3 valleys San Jose - hardware Intel, Applied Materials, AMD, National Semi Mountain View/Palo Alto - VCs, large companies Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Mozilla, LinkedIn, eBay San Francisco - consumer startups Twitter, Foursquare, Dropbox, Kickstarter, Yelp
  5. 5. Culture of the valley Optimism Risk taking Failure Innovation Openness (with exceptions) Cycle of life
  6. 6. What is a startup New company Built to scale fast Almost always tech centric
  7. 7. Irrational optimism Entrepreneurs are optimists Ignore the naysayers Believe you can change the world Believe everyone wants what you create Believe, even in the face of contrary evidence
  8. 8. Mitigated risk Risk taking is the heart of entrepreneurship Tech clusters offer risk mitigation Always another startup to go to Shared knowledge and understanding
  9. 9. Failure You learn more from failure than success The great ones pick themselves up and try again Failure is not stigmatized Fail fast Fail forward to success
  10. 10. Innovation Advances in tech Advances in product Disrupting existing markets Creating new markets Innovation comes from smart, ambitious people tackling hard problems
  11. 11. OpennessKnowledge sharing explicit: meetups, hacker groups etc. implicit: people moving between companiesOpen source movementBut guarded: competition makes people wary
  12. 12. Cycle of life Many large companies in the valley (Google, Cisco, Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Facebook, Oracle, Adobe...) Constant stream of people starting new companies Universities (Stanford, Berkeley) generate startups Huge influx of talented workers from across the globe
  13. 13. The valley is a mindset The valley reinvents itself every decade or so: 60s hardware; 70s/80s micros; 90s web; 00s social It’s a way of thinking about the future, then creating it It’s about experimenting, failing, trying again Get the best and the brightest together, solve problems
  14. 14. The Roundabout
  15. 15. Silicon RoundaboutLondon is the center of a new UK startup movementStarted around 2007 with 10 companiesNow between 500 and 1500 companiesThousands of people employedExclusively Internet software tech
  16. 16. London successLast FM - $240M acquisition by CBSMind Candy - over 60M usersTweetdeck - acquired by TwitterWonga - over $100M in revenuesShazam - over 100M usersSongkick - over 6M users
  17. 17. Established companiesGoogle - over 750 employees in LondonTwitter - first non-US eng officeFacebook - first non-US eng officeMicrosoft - Bing and Xbox engineeringSkype - HQ in LondonAmazon - new engineering centre
  18. 18. Roundabout vs ValleyDiversity MonocultureCollaboration CompetitionMostly small companies All sizes of companyFirst time entrepreneurs Seasoned entrepreneursEvolving VC scene Mature VC scene
  19. 19. • Tell us who your favorite artists are and we’ll tell you when they come to your town to play live• Transforming live music with Detour• One of the original Silicon Roundabout startups• 30 people, 6M monthly uniques• We’re hiring! songkick.com/jobs