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  • Resume Workshop by N.P. Raghu
  • Raghu presentation dated 1 29-13 revised

    1. 1. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 1RESUME WORKSHOPRaghu Nair
    2. 2. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 2The Resume and Its Purpose • Is a summary of the • A resume is the first aspects of your education meeting between you and and experience – paid and the employer and so unpaid -- that qualify you remember that “First for future jobs or impressions are lasting internships ones.” • It includes information • Draw attention to your about your career goals, knowledge, skills and education, experience, abilities activities, honors, personal qualities and • The resume’s main special skills. purpose is to get you an • Resume is NOT a CV, interview! which is used in academic and research-oriented job searches.
    3. 3. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 3 3Resume principles Part 1 • Tailor the resume to the• Can your resume pass the 10-second test? specific needs of the• No ugly resume – format employer. must be pleasing to the • Do not include irrelevant eye information.• Do not lie or use words • If applying to very different that the interviewer has to look up in a dictionary kinds of jobs, make• Focus on strengths and several resumes, with accomplishments each one targeting a particular field.
    4. 4. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 4 4Resume principles Part 2• Do not use personal pronouns (I, Me, Our etc.)• Don’t use complete sentences• Writing style: Always write in the active, not passive, voice.• Use reverse chronology (the most recent position is your first entry) to organize each section (education, experience).• Double check your spelling, grammar and punctuation. Ask a trusted friend, mentor or career adviser to review• Do not use abbreviations/acronyms.• Sending your resume as a PDF ensures that the formatting remains the same on any computer.• Print your resume on a good printer and use heavy neutral-colored paper.• When mailing, send it flat, unfolded, with no staples, in large envelope.
    5. 5. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 5 5Designing Tips• For someone in the early stage • Be consistent with tabs, dates of a career, the resume should and other formatting features be 1 to 2 pages max. • Decide on an overall design• Use one font throughout. Use a scheme – bullets or clean, conservative, easy-to- paragraphs? read font. Some suggestions • Aim for neatness and readability include Tahoma, Arial, (Times • Print on high-quality white or New Roman or Arial). ivory paper• Acceptable type sizes are 10, 11 and 12 pt• Use BOLD to emphasize only the most important features of your resume
    6. 6. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 6Resume Formats FunctionalChronological • Your skills and• Your most recent experience is accomplishments are listed first, followed by each emphasized from each of the previous job. positions you have held.• Usually easier to write and • A well-written résumé presents highlights similar jobs you have your strengths. held. • Disadvantage: A skills resume• Disadvantage: A chronological can hide details that can be résumé may display gaps in used to determine minimum employment, etc. qualifications.
    7. 7. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 7Resume Sections• Personal Contact Info• Objective• Summary Qualifications/Profile• Education• Experience• Special Skills• Memberships/Honors/Awards• Volunteer Experience• References
    8. 8. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 8 8Personal Information• Name should stand out.• Can vary the placement of name, address, phone number, email address.• Include your URL address for Linked-in.• Professional-sounding voice message, Ringback• Professional email address Anita Dev 818 University Street Apartment Giri Nagar, Cochin Anita.dev@gmail.com Cell: (xxx) xxx xxxx
    9. 9. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 9 9Objective• A targeted statement that clearly • Avoid overgeneralized statements: states the type of job you are A position allowing me to utilize my seeking. Good objectives are very knowledge and expertise in different specific. areas.• Short and sweet is preferred. Can • Avoid statements that focus only on be phrase or sentence. Example: what a company can do for you: A “Seeking position as a credit analyst position where I gain experience in in a large commercial bank.” human resources.• “To obtain internship in Consumer products marketing with a focus on • Relate your existing skills directly to technology” the job you are seeking. Demonstrate what you can do for• Objectives are optional. the company rather than what they can do for you.
    10. 10. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 10 10Summary Qualifications or Profile• A summary of relevant skills, knowledge and accomplishments• Tailor this section to the job to which you’re applying.• List 2 or 3 core strengths or accomplishments• This section can help an employer focus on the highlights of what you offer as a professional:
    11. 11. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 11 11Education• This is an important section for recent college graduates or students seeking internships or summer jobs.• Reverse Chronological. Beginning with most recent degree or current study first,• Include degrees, expected date of completion, relevant coursework, and honors and awards• For degrees, only include the date granted• List Specialization, optional courses and certificates• Spell out college name:• Eg:School of Management Studies, University of Cochin, Kochi
    12. 12. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 12 12Education-Related Headings• Senior or Special Project/Thesis topics/ Papers presented/ Professional Development• Special certifications• Special Trainings
    13. 13. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 13Experience 1• Experience • Think in terms of experience, not employment or work history. • Be sure to include internships and unpaid positions if they are relevant. • Be concise in your descriptions of what you did. • Do not use “Responsibilities included” or “Duties were.” Use active verbs to describe your duties and responsibilities • Identify results of your work efforts in terms of contributions, impact and skills • List examples that demonstrate your skills
    14. 14. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 14 14Experience -2• List work history in reverse chronological order.• List job title first. Include employer’s name and city.• Use 3 -5 bullets to detail job duties.• Each descriptive phrase should begin with an action verb.• List accomplishments, not activities• List examples that demonstrate your skills• Numbers help to quantify your successes on your resume.• For example: “Managed a division budget of over $750,000”• -or -• “Wrote a proposal that resulted in a $150,000 grant for the organization”.
    15. 15. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 15 15Experience 3• Prioritize the order in which you describe job duties, with the most impressive-sounding ones listed first.• Consider dividing your work experience into “Related Experience” and “Other Experience.”• Remember to list internships if they are related to your field. It doesn’t matter if you were paid or not – good experience is good experience!• Volunteer experience can be listed if it is meaningful and appropriate.
    16. 16. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 16 16Describing Experience Part 1 • Use accomplishment statements whenever possible to describe experience and add impact. Any activity is an accomplishment if you: • Improved operations by making things easier or better. • Resolved a problem/situation with little or no increase in time, energy, dollars, people, etc. • Effectively acted as a liaison between departments which helped to make things run more efficiently. • Produced reports/data that enabled management to make more informed decisions. Start with an action verb to add interest • Example: Promoted to team lead as a result of consistently demonstrating excellent organizational skills and completing projects on or before deadlines.
    17. 17. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 17 17Describing Experience Part 2 When not using an accomplishment statement, describe how well you performed job tasks • Start bullet point with an adverb, for example: • Accurately filed documents to ensure staff had easy and quick access to all critical information. • Tactfully and courteously handled difficult customers at busy, high-volume retail outlet.
    18. 18. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 18 18Describing work experience Part 3Using Power Words:Before Resume: Maintained records for accounts receivable and payableAfter Resume: Managed over 1,000 accounts receivable and payable accounts working directly with the Chief Financial OfficerBefore Resume: I gave work assignments to staff of entry level accounting clerksAfter Resume: Directed workflow, supervised and trained accounting staff performing posting to general ledger, accounts receivable and payable accounts
    19. 19. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 19 19Describing work experience Part 4ACTION VERBS
    20. 20. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 20 20Special Skills• Skills could be featured in the Summary section, or in a separate section• Can be a mix of specific professional, technical and personal skills:• Language skills: “English, French, Spanish” List fluency.• Computer skills: Windows/Mac/ MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel
    21. 21. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 21 21Memberships/Honors/Awards• Include memberships in campus and community organizations. Make special note if you held an office.• Certifications• Professional Memberships/Leadership• Academic Projects• Community Activities/Leadership• Publications/Presentations
    22. 22. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 22 22References• Never list your references on the resume. Employers may ask for your reference list. The list should include: reference name, job title, place of employment, phone number and email address.• You should have at least 3 people agree to be your reference.• Choose professional references rather than character references. Employers and professors who know you and your work are the best references.• Prepare your references. Give them a copy of your resume and keep them updated on your job hunt.
    23. 23. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 23 23The Cover Letter Part I• A cover letter or email usually • Don’t merely repeat what is on accompanies a resume and is the resume. an additional opportunity to sell • The cover letter must be yourself. tailored to the employer and the• Dont send form letters. job opening for which you are• When possible, address applying. correspondence to a specific • Realize that the employer may individual and spell his or her view this letter as a writing name and title correctly. sample, so your grammar,• Concentrate on the probable spelling, punctuation and style interests of the person who will must be perfect! read the letter; show why you a good match for the available position and organization
    24. 24. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 24 24The Cover Letter Part 2• 1st paragraph: Indicate the job title in question, and you might add how you found out about the job opening.• 2nd paragraph: Write about how you would be able to fit the job in question and bring special value to the workplace. Show your knowledge of the employer, and be enthusiastic about your career field and the job for which you are applying. Sell yourself!• 3rd paragraph: Sum yourself up, thank the reader, and let them know you will contact them directly if you don’t hear anything within a prescribed time period.• Use the same higher-quality paper you are using for your resume, and remember to submit it with your resume with no folds or staples.
    25. 25. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 25Sample Cover Letter For Internship• Pamela Jung 451 Highland Ave. #45 | Sometown, TX 75000 | (555) 555-5555 pamela@somedomain.com• Dec. 5, 2011 Mr. James Crowley Finance Manager Acme Inc. 555 W. Applegarth Blvd. Anytown, TX 75000 Dear Mr. Crowley: Two of your former interns, Brian Hodges and Martha Smith, suggested I contact you regarding finance internship opportunities. They are familiar with my background and felt I would be an excellent match for your summer internship program. Currently a junior majoring in finance at UNT, I have demonstrated strong academic performance in all finance courses, maintaining a 3.5 GPA in my major. The courses I have completed have given me a solid foundation in the tools, processes and methodologies involved in the successful analysis and management of portfolio-investment strategies. I have a proven ability to learn challenging concepts quickly and have developed competencies in diverse areas, including: • Industry research/information sourcing • Comparative analysis • Quantitative analysis • Pro forma analysis • Cash-flow analysis • Financial modeling and asset valuation • Portfolio and asset management • Insurance plans and mutual funds • Retirement and estate planning • Tax planning and investment strategies In addition to my analytical strengths, I bring to the table advanced computer skills (with cross-platform exerptise in Windows and Mac); expertise in the MS Office suite of products; and familiarity with programming languages including SQL, HTML and VB. Since starting college, I have worked part-time (summers/holidays/evenings) as a clerk at Wal-Mart. In this position, I have earned a reputation for consistently exceeding company and customer expectations. Wal-Marts store manager has asked me to return this summer, but I yearn to gain corporate finance experience. I am impressed by Acmes innovation and success, and I would very much like to be part of such a winning company. The enclosed resume provides more details of my skills and achievement track record. If you agree that I would make a valuable addition to your team, please feel free to call me at (555) 555-5555 or email me at pamela@somedomain.com. I know you are busy, so thank you for your time, and I look forward to speaking with you. Sincerely, Pamela Jung Enclosure: Resume
    26. 26. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 26 26Scannable Resumes and Keywords• Large companies may scan your resume, looking for what they call “keywords.”• You can identify keywords for your profession by reviewing job postings for your target jobs and noting qualifications, technical expertise, industry jargon and personality traits that are being sought after.• Here is an example of a keyword-laden summary statement for a Sales Representative: Achievement-oriented sales professional with five years of success in personal and commercial insurance. Skilled in developing marketing strategies and providing excellent customer service….bilingual – Spanish…team player…special projects…increased sales.• Keywords can be written in text or can be part of a list.
    27. 27. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 27 27Things to Know about E-mailable Resumes• Every job candidate needs a separate plain text document version of his/her resume ready to email to those employers requiring them.• Why not just email the traditional resume? Because the employer’s computer may not be able to fully translate it – and it could look like a muddled mess when opened.• This resume is left-justified with no enhancements – no bold, bullets or tabbing.• This version of your resume will probably be longer than a page but that’s OK – the reader just scrolls down.• When emailing this resume, always remember to put something specific on the subject line (such as, “Resume from Sue Scott for Museum Curator Opening”) or it might not be opened.
    28. 28. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 28 28Sample – Plain Text (E-mailable) Resume
    29. 29. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 29 29Key words from a Job Ad Job Description One of our clients, a large insurance company, has an opportunity for an HR Coordinator to support projects in the companys headquarters. - Support multiple commercial HR business partners through administrative and ad-hoc HR projects. - Administrative responsibilities will include but not limited to Outlook calendar management, scheduling conference calls, international travel itinerary, dealing with multiple time zones, and processing receipts and car services. - Manage strategic and demanding HR project involvement. - Meeting coordination - planning roundtable meetings with very quick turn-around time. Working hours: Standard Business Hours All candidates must meet or exceed all of the following minimum qualifications: - At least three years of experience in HR role in a corporate environment; global Banking, Finance, or Insurance exposure preferred. - Strong working knowledge of MS Office including Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. - Ability to multi-task effectively and be proactive with a sense of urgency in a very fast-paced dynamic environment. - Experienced in handling a wide range of administrative and project related support and will be able to work independently with little or no guidance. - Must be exceedingly well organized, flexible and enjoy the fast paced and demanding challenges of supporting/shadowing HR Business Partners in a globally complex organization. - Ability to interact with other HR Business Partners and high-level stakeholders under pressure is a must - including very high level executives. - Being resourceful and efficient, with a high level of professionalism and flexibility is also crucial to this role. An ideal candidate will be comfortable with change and ambiguity. - Expert level written and verbal communication skills, strong decision making ability and attention to detail are equally important. - Must be able to think quickly on the "go," and be nimble to changes. - Bachelors degree or equivalent training experience required.
    30. 30. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 30 30Using LinkedIn• LinkedIn is the leading professional network on the web, enabling you to connect with classmates, faculty, and family professionally• LinkedIn has reached a point where its almost unprofessional not to be on LinkedIn.• Members comprise hundreds different industries, and include thousands of hiring managers recruiters.• You can search the Jobs section of LinkedIn by keyword, company name, job title and location or use the Advanced Search option to search by more specific criteria.
    31. 31. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 31 31How to Use LinkedIn to Find aJob - Or Have a Job Find You• Create a Profile. Create a detailed • Search Jobs. Use the job search profile on LinkedIn, including section to find job listings. employment (current and past), • Join Groups. LinkedIn groups can education, industry, and websites. be used as a huge resource library.• Consider a Photo. You can add a If you want to continuously learn photo to your LinkedIn profile. from others, join the right groups.• Keywords and Skills. Include all • Use Answers. LinkedIn Answers is your resume keywords and skills in a category that gives people an your profile, so your profile will be opportunity to give and receive found. feedback. Respond to questions,• Build Your Network. Connect with and ask a question if you need other members and build your information or assistance. The network. The more connections you Answers section of LinkedIn is a have, the more opportunities you good way to increase your visibility. have.• Get Recommendations. Recommendations from people you have worked with carry a lot of weight.
    32. 32. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 32 32Summary of the most important points• Main purpose of the resume – to get • Use the cover letter to sell yourself an interview and add value to your resume.• Study the position description; Stay • Make sure to proofread your focused on the target job resume/cover letters to eliminate requirements all spelling, punctuation, and• Tailor your resume to the particular grammatical errors job you are applying for! • Use Social Media resources to• Required resume elements – supplement your job search. Personal Info, Summary • Remember – a good resume gets Qualifications, Education, you the interview! Experience • GOOD LUCK!• Know how an e-mailable resume differs from the traditional formats
    33. 33. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 33 33Resume Sample 1
    34. 34. Raghu Nair: Resume Workshop 34 34Resume Resources Links• http://career-advice.monster.com ( Good source for Sample Resumes )• http://newgradlife.blogspot.com/search/label/resumes• http://www.theladders.com/member/career-newsletters/our-46-best-tips-to-make-your-search-easier• http://jobs.aol.com/hub/resumes• http://blog.resume-help.org/category/resume-writing-articles/• http://www.careerbuilder.com/JobSeeker/Resources/CareerResources.aspx• http://jobsearch.about.com/od/resumes/u/resumesandletters.htm• http://mgt.buffalo.edu/career/students/prep/tools/correspondence/resume/mba