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Odd sem 2013 final shubham and nishit
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Odd sem 2013 final shubham and nishit


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  • 1. SPQC Quiz Masters : Nishit Kagalwala Shubham Godshalwar
  • 2. Differential Round 1. 2. 3. 4. +10 if all teams answer +15 if 3 teams answer +20 if 2 teams answer +30 if 1 team answers
  • 3. This is a business card. Identify the CEO and the firm.
  • 4. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook Inc.
  • 5. What am I talking about? Red is a chaser, alternately called Macky, Shadow or Blinky. Pink is an ambusher, also known as Micky,Speedy or Pinky. Cyan is fickle, nicknamed Mucky, Bashful or Inky. Orange is stupid, a trait noticable by his slow movement, and is affectionately referred to as Mocky, Pokey or Clyde. They aren't really very helpful when you meet them, nor are they useful in any way, except four times for about 10 seconds. Collectively they are also called "ghosts","goblins or "octopi". Who/what are they?
  • 6. What does the I’m feeling lucky button do ?
  • 7. Google's homepage includes a button labeled "I'm Feeling Lucky". When a user types in a search and clicks on the button the user will be taken directly to the first search result, bypassing the search engine results page. The idea is that if a user is "feeling lucky", the search engine will return the perfect match the first time without having to page through the search results. However, with the introduction of Google Instant, it is not possible to use the button properly unless the Google Instant function is switched off
  • 8. X is a 2005 comedy sitcom .The show has 70 episodes. The show received a positive response from the critics and public alike and enjoyed one of the best TRPs for a comedy show. In the final episode, the principal characters are seen stating that there would be another season of the series. However, in 2012, the director Y denied that the series would return. Identify X and Y
  • 9. X = Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai Y = Deven Bhojani
  • 10. According to a legend there were 18 forts on either side i.e, north and south of river Shivnath in the area of Southern Kaushal(Kosal). What was the implication of this?
  • 11. This is how Chhattisgarh gets its name.
  • 12. Which practice, from the world of games, gained prominence during the French revolution as a symbol of lower classes rising in power above the royalty?
  • 13. In early games the kings were always the highest card in their suit. During the 18th century, games began being played "ace high"
  • 14. 38 – 27 – 36 These are the figures of which incredible mom?
  • 15. Bharat Mata. This was the Indian medal tally at the CWG 2010... 38 Gold, 27 Silver, 36 Bronze.
  • 16. X was co-founded by two former Facebook employees ,Initials A.D. and C.C. Official iPhone app was released on September 29, 2011 and an official Android app on September 5, 2012. The company was founded in June 2009, and the website was made available to the public on June 21, 2010. ID ‘X’ and bonus for A.D and C.C
  • 17. Quora A.D. = Adam D'Angelo C.C. = Charlie Cheever
  • 18. Straight Questions +20 / No negatives
  • 19. Herzogenaurach is a town in Germany. During the 50's, it was called "the town of bent necks". The town is home to 2 rival household brands X and Y, whose histories are intertwined. Naturally, this brand rivalry split the city in terms of loyalties. Name X, Y and put funda behind the name.
  • 20. Adidas - Adolf Dassler Puma(RuDa) - Rudolf Dassler The initial name of PUMA was RuDa
  • 21. X Y was founded on April 23, 1970 by Alvin B. Phillips , a Motorola employee initially (and briefly) as manufacturer of MOS test equipment. It has a long history in the electronics industry as an integrated circuit maker and a storage products company. It rapidly became a speciality semiconductor maker, with start-up capital provided by several individual investors and industrial giant Emerson Electric Company. Initially the name of the the company was General Y. ID X & Y? HINT: The company is popularly known by the initials i.e. the first letter of X and Y
  • 22. X = Western Y = Digital The Company therefore Western Digital
  • 23. The start of the show ‘X’ begins with the participant showing his or her car off. After this segment, the host shows up at the participant's house makes wisecracks about the particular things that are wrong. The contract for the first four seasons was with ‘Y’ and for the last two seasons with ‘Z’. ID ‘X’ , ‘Y’ , ‘Z’ ?
  • 24. X=Pimp My Ride Y=West Coast Customs(WCC) Z= Galpin Auto Sports (GAS)
  • 25. X is the name of a video, uploaded in April 2011, which became an Internet Meme. The video merged a Japanese pop song with an animated cartoon flying through spacet. The video ranked at number 5 on the list of most viewed YouTube videos in 2011. ID X ?
  • 26. Nyan Cat
  • 27. How do we better know this person? Extra points for guessing the name
  • 28. Carlos Ramirez (Creator of troll face)
  • 29. Connect (Apart from them Following Islam)
  • 30. Cricketers who do not sport liquor brands on their jerseys Fawad Ahmed Hashim Amla Parvez Rasool
  • 31. Name the company?
  • 32. Google ..Derived its name from Googol which is 10 raised to 100.
  • 33. X is a stylised depiction of the person Y after whom X is named , the best-known member of the Gunpowder Plot, an attempt to blow up the House of Lords in London in 1605. The use of X on an effigy has long roots as part of Y night celebrations. Designed by illustrator David Lloyd , After appearing in Internet forums, the mask became a well-known symbol for the online hackivist group Anonymous, the Occupy movement, and other anti-government and antiestablishment protests around the world. X was a a major element of a 2006 Hollywood hit Identify X,Y and the movie
  • 34. X = Guy Fawkes mask Y = Guy Fawkes The movie = V for Vendetta
  • 35. X is the act of inserting oneself into the field of view of , often in order to play a practical joke on the subjects. X has received significant coverage since 2009.X has been known to get global exposure, mainly due to the bandwidth and ease of dissemination afforded by the Internet, and the abundance of smartphone cameras and other hand-held devices. A number of websites include sections on them, or are entirely devoted to X ID X?
  • 36. Photo Bombing
  • 37. Identify the list and the blank 1) Love 2) _________ 3) Me 4) Cute 5) Follow 6) Like 7) Girl
  • 38. Top 7 hashtags on instagram (as per 10th Oct , 2013) blank = instaGood
  • 39. Recently in May,2013 a meme became viral. The meme relates this scenario to an incident that happened about 5 years ago where one of the person involved was heavily punished while in May,2013 the other person involved was punished Identify the incident i.e. the meme?? Hint: Think Cricket
  • 40. The Only Police Officer Who Punished The Criminal Before The Crime
  • 41. What is the historic significance of this letter ?
  • 42. It led to the introduction of toilets on trains.There were no toilets inall classes of Indian railways by 1909. Babu Okhil Chandra Sen shot this complaint letter to the Transport Superintendent at Sahibaganj, following which railways were compelled to introduce toilets in all lower class coaches in trains running at a speed of more than 50miles per hour. This letter is on display at the Railway Museum in New Delhi.
  • 43. This is the only movie on wherein the rating goes upto 11. Which movie and why is it so (Put Funda)?
  • 44. This is Spinal Tap. A nod to the fact that the band's amps go up to11.
  • 45. Earlier in the Indianapolis 500 car race, it was a custom that all drivers should have a mechanic along with them in the car during the race for various reasons. In the 1911 Indianapolis race, Ray Harroun, a racer, could not find a mechanic to ride with him. So he did something which changed the world of automotives forever. What did he do?
  • 46. He tied a mirror to the car and thus the rear view mirror came into existence. The mechanics, apart from attending to any problem in the car, used to alert the drivers about the other approaching cars.
  • 47. Who is the first person ever to have scored a double century in a cricket ODI?
  • 48. Belinda Jane Clark 229* v/s Denmark Women 16/12/1997
  • 49. What did Outlook magazine humorously describe as "the biggest sex change operation in independent India" in 1995/96?
  • 50. The renaming of Victoria Terminus to Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai
  • 51. Identify the connect in the list 81 - 2000 83 - 2002 55 - 2004 86 - 2005 61 - 2006 86 - 2008 66 - 2010 90 - 2012
  • 52. Christian Bale’s Weight in different movies
  • 53. Id the Beer .The lady on the top plays a major marketing role in its sale
  • 54. Skinny Blonde .The Blonde strips her clothes off as the beer levels drop and the bottle warms up .. I have given half marks for Blonde Beer..
  • 55. What does this world map represent??
  • 56. The countries in red have right hand traffic and the countries in blue have left hand traffic
  • 57. A copying error in a popular indoor game several centuries ago has since been a topic of debate surrounding the appearance of one of the most renowned European kings of all time. Where can we see this error today?
  • 58. King of Hearts does not have a moustache (I'll kill anyone who suggests mustache). The King of Hearts is supposed to be Charlmagne (Charles the Magnificient). Due to a copying error several centuries ago, he was shown moustacheless in the cards, a feature that has carried forward to this day. So long have people associated the lack of a moustache with Charlmagne that he's widely considered to have not had a moustache, although there's plenty of evidence.
  • 59. Overall length:- 4 5/16 in/10.95cm Length of barrel:- 2 1/8 in/5.40cm Longer spigot:- 1 3/8 in/3.49cm Shorter spigot:- 13/16 in/2.06cm What are we talking about?? Hint : think sports
  • 60. The bails used in cricket.
  • 61. Connect:
  • 62. Biased coin
  • 63. Seen in the visual is St Brides Church, located on Fleet Street in London. Legend has it that a certain baker drew inspiration from the design of the church and created something which became a tradition across the world. What did he create? Visual on the next slide
  • 64. Multi-tiered wedding cakes
  • 65. This movie’s website didn’t give any details on the story line of the film. The site refreshes itself every fifteen minutes & irrespective of whichever section of the website you are on, it comes back to the homepage after fifteen minutes. Which movie’s website?
  • 66. GHAJINI
  • 67. Hal,Red,Chuck,Bomb,Matilda,Terrence,Bub bles and Stella are a part of my family. My brothers and and me were born as triplets. We are so immensely popular that Salman Rushdie and David Cameron are amongst our biggest fans. Identify me and my brothers. BTW We recently held a rebellion against the EMPIRE! Congratulate us!
  • 68. Jay Jake and Jim! The Blue Birds in Angry Birds
  • 69. Which head of an airline served in full cabin crew uniform as a flight attendent on a competitor airline’s flight after losing a bet on F1?
  • 70. Richard Branson
  • 71. REVERSE
  • 72. What? Why? By who?
  • 73. Hitler in Disguise U.S intelligence officers feared the Nazi leader would be able to flee from Germany by assuming a disguise and - to prepare for this eventuality ordered his portrait to be cloned. The following pictures, released by the U.S. National Archives in Washington, show head shots of 'Der Fuehrer' in numerous guises.
  • 74. In an interview, acclaimed director X commented on the many rip-offs of his film Y. "I think it was fabulous. Of the many rip-offs (of Y) I loved this one, Z. The best part is, you have Indian guys coming to the US and looting a US bank. How cool is that! I was truly honoured. And these guys are played by the legends of Bollywood." In fact, X actually felt that Z had more flexibility in its narration, than Y. He says, "Here I am, watching a film that I've directed and then it goes into each character's background. And I'm like, 'Whoa'. For, I always write backgrounds and stuff and it always gets chopped off during the edit. And so I was amazed on seeing this. I felt, this isn't Y. But then it goes into the warehouse scene and I am like, 'Wow it's back to Y'. Isn't it amazing!" X had some special words of praise for "the big beard guy… the famous guy in Bollywood“ , who starred in Z. Identify X, Y and Z
  • 75. X-Quentin Tarantino Y-Reservoir Dogs Z-Kaante
  • 76. What significance does this logic gate diagram have in the field of English literature?
  • 77. This is indeed a geeky way of saying “To be or not to be…”
  • 78. Simply identify the gentleman who is being talked about here. Hint: Among his other ‘achievements’ is the fact that he has had a Pokemon named after him.
  • 79. Jackie Chan
  • 80. Which gentleman is being mourned here by an official release from Warner Brothers? Suffice to say that he was one of the most important people behind the scenes.
  • 81. Mel Blanc, who voiced most, if not all, of the famous Looney Tunes/Merry Melodies characters. In fact, there are anecdotes of Blanc slipping into a coma, and only responding when he was referred to as one of the characters he voiced! And even the response would be in character!
  • 82. Claim to recent (global) fame Identify the location
  • 83. Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur. Few scenes of The Dark Knight Rises were filmed here.
  • 84. How do we better know Tony Sampson, Samuel Vincent, and Matt Hill? Think Cartoons
  • 85. Ed, Edd , nd Eddy
  • 86. X was an early 20th century form of small, neighborhood movie theaters. X's in competitive markets had a piano or organ, playing whatever music the pianist or organist thought was appropriate to a scene (e.g. classic ragtime for a chase sequence, or what was called at the time "Eliza-crossing-the-ice" music during the scary moments). The name X itself was first used in 1888 by Austin's X, a dime museum located in Boston, Massachusetts. Now, we know X for something different. Give me X.
  • 87. Nickelodeon
  • 88. Scheduled to release on Eid this year, 'Main Hoon ______ ________' is one of the first sportbased films from this film industry. The titular personality was first approached to act in the movie, but refused, saying that it was against his family traditions. However, he readily consented to allow the use of his name for the film. Apart from the usual story of an underdog who becomes successful (similar to ______ _______), the film also supposedly touches on the scandals that have affected sportspersons from the region.
  • 89. Main Hoon Shahid Afridi
  • 90. The Cuckoo's Calling is an absolutely unremarkable murder mystery set in London. It stars a one-legged private detective called Cormoran Strike, who is hired to investigate the death of a supermodel called Lula Landry. It is said to be written by Robert Galbraith, an ex Royal Military Policeman and Special Branch agent. It was published under the imprint of Sphere Books in April 2013. However after a certain explosive reveal on 14 July 2013, the book surged from 4,709th to the No. 1 best-selling novel on Amazon, with sales going up 150,000%. Why?
  • 91. This is JK Rowling pretending to be someone else to write new book. Because getting recognition under one name is too mainstream.
  • 92. Two questions on this one 1) This tree has become a sort of place of pilgrimage for the fans of a popular work of fiction. Just tell me why has it become intimately related to that work of fiction? 2) Why is the name of the place where this tree stands ironic?
  • 93. 1) The scene where Malfoy is transformed into a ferret in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was shot under this tree. 2) This tree is in New College, Oxford. New College is one of the oldest colleges of Oxford University, though its name is 'new'.
  • 94. X is an Italian name that was not especially common in the middle ages, whose meaning had long since been forgotten by the late 1400s. In fact, the most famous person to ever be named X got it for no more profound reason than that it was his grandfather's name. This person was invariably known, during his lifetime and beyond by his first name, in stark contrast to other public figures of his generation. There are a few theories regarding the origin of X. The most commonly cited one is that it is a variant of Enrico, the Italian form of Henry, and derives from the Old German Haimirich (in later German Emmerich), from 'haimi', meaning home, and 'ric', meaning power, or ruler. Another suggestion is that it may come from the old German Amalricus, from 'amal', meaning work in Hebrew, plus 'ric'. X shows up in Italian writing from around the 12th century and may have been introduced by the Ostrogoths six centuries earlier after they established a kingdom in Rome under the rule of King Theoderic the Great. What is X? Who/What is X?
  • 95. America/Amerigo Vespucci
  • 96. Identify
  • 97. Ko Tapu a.k.a James Bond island and Lichtenstein Castle
  • 98. "A combination of grassy notes with a tang of acids and a hint of vanilla over an underlying mustiness." - This is how an international team of chemists describes the smell of _______________.
  • 99. Old books
  • 100. A famous landmark in California which was earlier named X - has been vandalised a multiple times and hence undergone restoration a lot of times as well. In 1970s it was said to have reached its worst condition only to be restored completely in 1978. However it recently came into the news because a movie Y that's set in 1979/80 depicted this landmark in its dilapidated state which is historically inaccurate. This landmark is fashionably known as X. Put X,Y
  • 102. What game are we talking about? Many incidents of juvenile crime surrounded the release of X. A girl was caught stealing $5000 from her parents and gangs of youths were reported to have robbed grocery stores just so they would have money to play X. This became so popular, that 100,000 machines were produced by Y for the Japanese market for the next few years. 60,000 machines were sold in the US as well. It became so popular that Japan needed to quadruple its 100 yen production just to keep up with demand. By 2007, it had generated almost US$500 million in revenue. X is the game Identify X & Y
  • 103. X = Space Invaders Y = Taito
  • 104. X and Y are two racing drivers related to each other but actually registered under different nationalities with the FIA. X's first win in formula 1 was at the last ever A Grand Prix. Incidentally, this Grand Prix was not actually held in the country A. Y's first win was also his constructor's first win after their return to formula 1. Both X and Y won the B Grand Prix once each exactly thirty years apart becoming the first related pair of drivers to do so. Name A, B, X and Y.
  • 105. X is KeKe Rosberg (sweedish born Finnish driver) Y is his son Nico Rosberg (German born driver) A was the Swiss GP which was actually held in dijon France due to the Swiss ban on motor racing in 1955. Nico's first win was Chinese GP (In a Mercedes). B is the Monaco GP
  • 106. April 1, 1972: The Veterinary Record, the weekly journal of the British veterinary profession, contained an article about the diseases of Brunus edwardii, which was described as a species "commonly kept in homes in the United Kingdom and other countries in Europe and North America." The article warned: Pet ownership surveys have shown that 63.8 percent of households are inhabited by one or more of these animals, and there is a statistically significant relationship between their population and the number of children in a household. The public health implications of this fact are obvious, and it is imperative that more be known about their diseases, particularly zoonoses or other conditions which might be associated with their close contact with man. For months afterwards the correspondence section of the Veterinary Record was dominated by letters about Brunus edwardii, most of which offered new observations about the species. The article proved so popular that it was eventually published in a special edition by Whittington Press, although it was reported that the British Library later had difficulty deciding how to classify it, as fact or fiction. Brunus edwardii is more commonly known as _________?
  • 107. Teddy bears !
  • 108. Shown here are several trophies awarded to various pilots belonging to the US Air Force during the 1920s and 1930s, who plied their trade in the McCook Airfield and Wilbur Wright airfield in the state of Ohio. What are the names of these trophies, and why were they awarded?
  • 109. Blunder Trophies. They were awarded to bumbling pilots for actions like flying off without enough fuel for the mission or bungling easy landings.
  • 110. Put Funda
  • 111. FaceBook network across the globe This was the cover pic of Mark Zuckerberg’s wall
  • 112. England football team management sued Indian government due to some ads by them with this company. What were the reasons?
  • 113. The blurry photograph was used without the England captain’s permission and officials admitted they have no clue how he ended up on the Gold Flake packets. In the picture, the Chelsea defender’s image has a set of blackened lungs superimposed on it with the warning ‘Smoking Kills’.
  • 114. The previous record for the largest poster belonged to Michael Jackson's This Is It. However, the record was broken this month by a (58.87m)x(54.94m) poster at Little Gransden Airfield in UK. This was a poster of.......?
  • 115. The poster, which is 193 feet and 1 inch wide and 180 feet and 2 inches tall, has entered the Guinness World Records for the largest poster in the world. It has broken the earlier record held by the poster of Michael Jackson's "This Is It", a documentaryconcert film.
  • 116. X is a world famous landmark which served as a giant billboard from 1925 to 1934 for a European automobile company Y? the Y car company ‘rented‘ the X and had it’s brand name emblazoned on it with 125,000 glowing lights? The sign was erected in 1925 and remained there until Y went bankrupt for the first time in 1934. The ironic thing is, their bankruptcy was partly due to incredibly high electricity bills.
  • 117. 1 ) Lily Collins 2 ) Avril Lavigne 3 ) Sandra Bullock 4) Kathy Griffin 5 ) Zoe Saldana 6 ) Katy 7 ) Britney Spears 8 ) John Hamm 9 ) Adriana Lima 10 ) Emma Roberts list of what?
  • 118. McAfee: the most dangerous cyber celebrities
  • 119. Id this Movie?
  • 120. Names of famous dogs in cartoons 1. 2. 3. 4. Snowy Rocket Dollar Pluto
  • 121. In a cards pack, all the 4 Kings proposed to the Queens of their respective suits. All Queens agreed except the Queen of Diamonds. Why?
  • 122. Because the King of Diamonds never shows his full face.
  • 123. This an Indian company but what is its connection with our theme?
  • 124. They produce the RK brand of hockey sticks which uses condoms at the end of sticks to make them smoother n stronger
  • 125. Connect
  • 126. The Beatles
  • 127. The image above is that of a letter sent by Arnold Schwarzenegger to the California State Assembly sometime in March 2010, in opposition to a certain Assembly Bill. However, this letter ended up kicking up a controversy due to some apparently difficult-to-spot reasons.
  • 128. Mega Connect
  • 129. SCOOBY DOO 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Daphne Blake Fred Jones Super natural creatures in each episode (Scrap)py Doo The Mystery Machine Shaggy Rogers Scooby (Do)o Hanna Barbera Velma Dinkey
  • 130. That’s all folks!!!