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  1. 1. present
  2. 2. one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube every second. YouTube traffic from outside US Localized over 4 billion videos are viewed a day
  3. 3. Years of YouTube video are watched every day on Facebook YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute An auto-shared 100 Million results in 6 new sessions (Likes,Shares,comments) on average, and we see more than 500 Every week tweets per minute containing a YouTube link
  4. 4. Stands out in their category because they publish content about subject matter that is relevant to their brand without being over-the-top in promoting the specific products that they sell Establishes Home Depot as a trusted expert resource for Home repairs and renovation projects Humanizes a faceless corporation: Home Depot has a long history of featuring employees in its advertising campaigns: The tutorials online are hosted by the same straight-talking, orange-apron-wearing folks who work in their stores.Promotes the products and tools that they sell by using“product placement” instead of outright commercial-stylepitches.
  5. 5. + Practical knowledge Saving TipsKey point of distinction between The Home Depot and other players -Not over-designed their YouTube pageproduction values of the videos are not slick and overdone–they feel native to theInternet instead of “made for TV.Demonstrate Display your culture Direct
  6. 6. Nike• Nike has produced a successful YouTube strategy with its “Show Your 5” 12 campaign• Recorded 20 professional clips• Gave regular submitters to YouTube the opportunity to upload their own clips.• Entire campaign ended up with about 1,000 clips.
  7. 7. Ford Models• 1. Publishing multi-lingual content: Broadens their potential audience to include an international contingent. Also, by widening their appeal, they are working the system and increasing their chances of appearing on the lists of “Most Viewed” Channels on YouTube.• 2. Offering a wide range of practical infotainment: From vlogs of models traveling to exotic locations, to tips from pro stylists, to behind the scenes videos of photo shoots and fashion shows, the content on the Ford Models YouTube page provide valuable information to their target audience.• 3. Patience is a virtue: Since 2006, Ford Models has uploaded over 554 videos. With so many videos produced, Ford Models has learned what works for their brand and what doesn’t. By constantly producing and uploading videos, they have learned to tailor their messaging and have also created a large archive of searchable content that continues to accumulate view• The smart tactics employed by Ford Models have led to the slow and steady growth of their large subscriber base but they have invested a significant amount of effort to get to this point