Therapy Trends: Multiple Sclerosis -- KOL Insight and Consensus Outlook Modules


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Aarkstore announce a new report "Therapy Trends: Multiple Sclerosis -- KOL Insight and Consensus Outlook Modules" through its vast collection of market research report.

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Therapy Trends: Multiple Sclerosis -- KOL Insight and Consensus Outlook Modules

  1. 1. Therapy Trends: MultipleSclerosis -- KOL Insight and ConsensusOutlook Modules
  2. 2. SummaryCharting the Future Multiple Sclerosis Market LandscapeOver the next five years, the global multiple sclerosis (MS) market is set to grow from$12.3 billion in 2011 to $17.3 billion in 2016. Primary drivers of this growth will be theentry of new pipeline therapies, satisfying the unmet needs of convenientadministration and more efficacious therapy, and continued uptake of existingtherapies.Therapy Trends Consensus Outlook: Multiple Sclerosis analyses the global MS marketplayers and products of today and tomorrow. Start mapping your market parameterswith access to the following comprehensive resources:An in-depth 5-year forecast report based on analyst consensus, mapping the impact offuture events to predicted product performanceA detailed forecast data analysis spreadsheet model comparing critical marketparameters includingTimely event-driven market forecast report and data analysis updates over the next 12monthsMapping Future Events to Product Sales ForecastsThe forecast analysis report component of Consensus Outlook: Multiple Sclerosisdelivers a rich analysis of product-level sales forecast data and of the future eventsthat underpin the forecasts. The product of meticulous FirstWord research, itshistorical sales data (2006–11) is based on company information, and the five-year(2012-16) product level sales forecasts are consensus projections derived from acomprehensive selection of continually assessed equity research reports.The report combines independent, unbiased, accurate forecasts with invaluableinsights into factors that impact future product performance, backed-up by research ofanalysts who have an unrivalled level of intimacy with the market, the players, theirproducts and their strategies.
  3. 3. SummaryReport features:Historical MS sales from 2006–2011Forecast MS sales from 2012-2016Key competitors and drug developersPredicted product positioningCurrent and late-stage pipeline drugsFuture event mapping to forecast data pointsComparative clinical trial resultsInteractive Product and Market Forecast Data ModelFirstWord’s MS forecast data model allows to you examine detailed Excelspreadsheets to quickly compare various market parameters.Market sizeProduct salesCompany forecastsCompany, brand, and drug classMechanism of actionFuture eventsForecasts and Analysis Updated Within Days of Major Market EventsStay a step ahead with Therapy Trends Consensus Outlook updates. Over thenext 12 months, you will receive updated market analysis and forecast reportseach time a major market event breaks. Updates will be delivered straight intoyour inbox within days of each event’s occurrence.
  4. 4. Table of Contents : Forecast Data Model (Excel) Tabs: Market size Product sales Company forecast Mechanism of action Events Forecast Analysis Report (PDF) Contents: Analysis Highlights Multiple Sclerosis Marketplace Key Multiple Sclerosis Developers Multiple Sclerosis Class Dynamics Gilenya (fingolimod; Novartis Mitsubishi Tanabe) Forecast Tysabri (natalizumab; Biogen/Elan) Forecast
  5. 5. Table of Contents :Copaxone (glatiramer acetate; Teva) ForecastAvonex (interferon beta-1a; Biogen) ForecastBetaseron (interferon beta-1b; Bayer) ForecastRebif (interferon beta-1a; Merck) ForecastExtavia (interferon beta-1b; Novartis) ForecastBG-12 (dimethyl fumarate; Biogen) ForecastAubagio (teriflunomide; Sanofi) ForecastLaquinimod (Teva/Active Biotech) ForecastLemtrada (alemtuzumab; Genzyme/Sanofi) ForecastDaclizumab HYP (Biogen/Abbott) ForecastOcrelizumab (Biogen/Roche/Biogen) Forecast
  6. 6. List of Figures:Figure 1: Average Online Sales Revenue by Sector (%)Figure 2: Chinas Third Party Payment Providers by Market ShareFigure 3: Chinas Late Start: Banking and e-Commerce Milestones 1950-2011Figure 4: Chinas Bankcard Circulation, 2002-2011 (M)Figure 5: Chinas Credit Card Circulation, 2006-2011 (M)Figure 6: Cash Payments in China (%)Figure 7: Internet Users in China, 2001-2011 (M)Figure 8: China Online User Income Distribution, 2011 (RMB per Month)Figure 9: Alibaba Group StructureFigure 10: Online Merchants Interviewed by SectorFigure 11: Sales Channels Used by Online Merchants in China (%)Figure 12: Average Online Sales Revenue by Sector (%)Figure 13: Online Sales Revenue Share by Sector (%)Figure 14: Payment Options Offered by Online Merchants in China (%)Figure 15: Average Transaction Volume by Payment Channel (%)Figure 16: Transaction Volume Breakdown by Payment Channel (%)Figure 1: Average Online Sales Revenue by Sector (%)Figure 2: Chinas Third Party Payment Providers by Market Share
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