Post recession outlook of the electronics industry and connectors roadmap


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Post recession outlook of the electronics industry and connectors roadmap

  1. 1. AARKSTORE: Post-Recession Outlook of the ElectronicsIndustry and Connectors Roadmap 2009-2019 Report Links: The World Distribution Market for Connectors 2010 Top 100 Connector Manufacturers The World Market For Terminal Blocks World Connector Statistics Regions - Products - Market Sectors 2000 - 2010 & 2015Forecast North American Cable Assembly Manufacturers The World Consumer Electronics Market for Connectors Fiber Optic Connectors in Military and Commercial Applications Connector Industry Forecast World Cable Assembly Market Connector Types And Technologies Poised For Growth GPS Navigation Market - Portable Navigation Devices The World Connector Market for Renewable Energy - Wind and Solar Post-Recession Outlook of the Electronics Industry and Connectors Roadmap 2009-2019 The World Industrial Market For ConnectorsThis new report is a roadmap study of the electronics industry and connectors, with 90 tables andmany photos and illustrations. Taking off from work done on the 2009 iNEMI Roadmap, this studyanalyzes major elements of the electronics industry that parallel, intersect and influence connectors,and looks at the connector industry™s markets, technology and forecasts major product roadmapsfrom 2009-2019. Compiled during, and influenced by the 2008-2009 recession, the report analyzeshow the industry will move forward from the current point in time, and forecasts markets from 2007-2013 and gives a long-range outlook to 2019, including the impact of a slowing IC technology acritical driver for connector technology and demand.Deep recessionary forces facing electronics were caused by forces external to the industry not byboom and bust cycles in the industry such as happened in 2000. The 2008-2009 recession was causedby a crisis in the financial and housing sectors, followed by a credit crunch and stock market plungethat shut off demand for products and services.This crisis had been building in the economy for some time, brought on by cheap credit, speculation in
  2. 2. the housing market, and a lack of conservative financial management. As of this writing, the 2009downturn is still lingering, although it may have hit bottom in 1Q09. There are some signs ofimprovement, the connector confidence index™ is up, but positive changes are slow and painful forsome. Employment tends to lag recovery, and this recession is no different. We do not know forcertain when and how fast positive growth will resume. There remains abig hole™ to dig out of, whichmay result in a 3 year period of recovery.Many forecasters think the recession has or will soon end, and will be followed by a slow recovery in4Q09, picking up 2010. There is some improvement as of Sept 2009, but 1H09 was down 35 percentfrom 2008. There remains uncertainty due to the unprecedented situation we have faced:Unknown depth and breadth of the current credit crunch.Government response, which is exploding debt and will require tax increases.Continuing impact of huge hit on personal savings and investment.Continuing impact on discretionary purchases, i.e. electronic equipment, consumer electronics.The now greater exposure of the industry to consumer spending (> 60 percent of total semiconductordollars).Specific industry issues: automotive, consumer, computers/peripherals, and medical.Automotive, a most important connector market, is undergoing a massive restructuring.Government stimulus is mostly non-electronic: Infrastructure, social Programs.The connector industry forecast is conservative based on depth of current recession and issues inautomotive market. Growth rate 2008-13 is just 1.5 percent, indicating a slow recovery similar towhat occurred after 911. But growth rate 2009-13 is 9.5 percent/year. Possibility exists for a morerobust recovery, with pent up demand. This seems unlikely due to continued high levels ofunemployment, slow recovery in housing market, and other issues.Connector Market by Equipment Segment - 2007-2013This report will examine longer-term growth and opportunity in the electronics industry andconnectors, plus potential barriers to success.Table of Contents :Chapter 1 - Technology RoadmapsThe Roadmap ProcessAreas of FocusIndustry InputTechnology Roadmap for IC SubstratesIs it Worth The Time?Possible Outline for a Connector Company RoadmapMemory Socket RoadmapRoadmap Manuscript from Sandia LaboratoriesPhase II. Development of the Technology RoadmapPhase III. Follow-up ActivityAbstractExecutive SummaryFundamentals of Technology Road mapping IntroductionUses and Benefits of Technology Road mappingWhat is Technology Road mapping?What is a Technology Roadmap?Types of Technology RoadmapsPlanning and Business Development Context for Technology Road mappingKnowledge and Skills Required for Technology Road mappingTechnology Road mapping ProcessThe three phases in the technology road mapping process
  3. 3. Phase I: Preliminary ActivityPhase II: Development of the Technology RoadmapPhase III: Follow-up ActivityTechnology Roadmap ExampleConclusionsFuture WorkReferencesRoad mapping GlossaryChapter 2 - Electronics Industry RoadmapsIntroductionFinal Assembly Roadmap ExposureFactors that will Change, Improve, or Complicate Final AssemblyRationale for Final Assembly Outsourcing ProjectionsFinal Assembly Future - Connector IndustryPositiveMixedPotentially NegativeBoard AssemblyConnectorsSmallest Connector SizeIntegrated Passive Board AssemblyBuried Resistors and CapacitorsEMS Industry And Board AssemblyTop 100 EMS/ODM with Primary Manufacturing LocationTop 100 CM/EMS - World & US SummaryTop 100 SummaryBoard Assembly Future - Connector IndustryPositiveMixedPotentially NegativePrinted Wiring Boards (PWB)PWB Types and ApplicationsPastPresentFlexible CircuitryCurrent State of PWB TechnologyRoadmap of PWB Technology Conventional + Build Up MultilayerWorld Estimate PWB Marketplace by Region 2006-2019Roadmap Questions for Future PWB Applications and TechnologyStrategic IssuesTop 50 PCB Manufacturers & LocationElectronic PackagingPackaging MarketsFocus on IC PackagingPackage Types and GrowthSiP vs. SoCPackage Density and MiniaturizationSingle Chip IO Package Roadmap 2009-2015|Top 25 Semiconductor Companies + Estimated Connector UsageElectronic Packaging vs. High Speed Signal Integrity|High Speed interconnect 2004-2019DesignCon News
  4. 4. Semiconductors1999-2009:2009-2019:Top 25 IC Companies as of 2008Top 25 Rankings by iSuppiSemiconductor Roadmap Impact on ConnectorsFor ICs:IC-to-Connectors:Chapter 3 - More Electronics Industry RoadmapsEnvironmental ElectronicsMass Data StorageHDDs Types and CapacitiesExisting and new players in HDD, Memory Card Storage/SSD market:SSDs are Coming: Notebooks, Servers, Storage Equip, Telecom, Medical, GamingToshiba CommentSSD OEMsWorld Hard Disk Market 2003-2013Estimated Worldwide SSD Markets 2003-2013Worldwide Memory Card MarketOptoelectronicsTelecom ApplicationsDatacom ApplicationsLANsPlastic Optical Fiber POFElectronic Packaging & InterconnectFO Backplane SystemsFiber-to-the-HomeFiber-from-the-ChipChapter 4 - Connector TechnologyIntroductionFuture of Connector Technology2009 Recession Impact on Market:Recessionary Impact on Connector ResearchRecessionary Impact on Industry Research, Development and New ProductsImpact by MarketConnector Product DesignConnector TechnologyConnector Product CategoriesLevels of InterconnectMarket Forces Impacting TechnologyTechnology Roadmap and TrendsCore TechnologyTechnology RoadblocksTechnology Requirements & Challenges by Connector TypeRoadblock SummaryKey Areas for DevelopmentComment for Connector CustomersSome Recent Connector Development ExamplesChapter 5 - Connector Roadmap
  5. 5. Will the Electronics Industry and the Connector Industry Approach Maturity during the Next 10 Years?Industry Maturity Index 2009-2019Electronics Industry ContinuumConnector Technology TrendsView of the FutureWorld Connector Markets 2007-2013Connectors’ Major Market SegmentsConnector Share by Market Segment, 2009Some Major CustomersNominal/Optimist Connector Industry Forecast - Worldwide Sales 2007-2019Dynamics Impacting Future Industry DirectionConnector Technology FutureChanging Customers, RequirementsBarriers to be Overcome by the Connector IndustryKey Points about Changing Connector RequirementsChanging Outlook from 2009-2019Connector Market ReviewGlobal Sales 1981-2008Regional SalesConnector DescriptionTop 20 Connector Manufacturers 2008-2014ETrends in Regional Connector Markets Manufacturing and Consumption:Taiwan:Taiwan-ChinaEuropean Connector Differentiation vs. Global MarketManufacturing Movement in Europe East + AsiaEuropean Opportunities within 2009-19 TimeframeGlobalization ImpactEurope Engineering:Global Connector DesignGlobal Connector ManufacturingKeys for Connector Makers in Adjusting to this TrendKey Manufacturing ParametersEnvironmental RegulationsOngoing Questions:Issues as of 2009INEMI Position of Flame RetardantsKey Connector Industry Needs 2009-2014Connector Type SummaryCritical Issues Impacting the IndustryOther PointsMajor Development Work anticipatedConnectors Core CompetenciesTechnology Needs - ManufacturingBase MetalsContact FabricationParts ManufacturingConnector AssemblyManufacturing TrendsManufacturing AutomationAttributes of Levels of AutomationManufacturing SummaryConnector Challenges Going Forward
  6. 6. Key Areas For DevelopmentGaps in Existing Connector TechnologyAreas where Gaps to OEM/EMS Requirements Will OccurComputer & Peripheral, Office Equipment RoadmapPortable Systems Roadmap: Cell Phone, Notebook, ConsumerChapter 6 - Product RoadmapsIC SocketsProduction IC Sockets(LGA-PGA-other - for Processors, ASICs)Dual Inline Memory Sockets(JEDEC DIMM Sockets)Flash Memory ConnectorsMemory Card Receptacles(Flash Memory Sockets)PCB ConnectorsPCB Connectors(PCI Express example)Generic PCB ConnectorsPCB Connectors (100s of PNs) are the largest Connector CategoryUniversal Serial Bus ConnectorsMini USB & Firewire SLR Camera PortsUSB/IEEE1394 Connectors Roadmap DataFPC/FEC Cable to Board ConnectorsWire-to-Board(Miniature FPC/FEC Connectors)Board StackingMiniature Board Stacking ConnectorsBackplane Connectors2mm Backplane Connectors(Compact PCI Example)High Performance Backplane Connectors(Various OEM/Licensed Designs)Fiber Optic ConnectorsBottom Line:BackgroundFO DeploymentFormidable RoadblocksAvailable Elements of a Photonic SystemFuture BreakthroughsFiber Optic Connector Roadmap2009-2019Communication CablesConnector LinkageSome Types of CableTIA Part 568 Cat 5-7 CableIndustrial Ethernet CablePlenum/Riser Cable Commercial BuildingsBattery Application, Connector Projections 2000-2019Test & Burn-In SocketsCritical Issues:Test Socket Technology TrendsKey Design Issues
  7. 7. Key PointsBurn-In SocketsTest:Burn-InTest & Burn-In SocketsSome Industry RecommendationsChapter 7 - Forecast ScenariosRecessions, Recovery and Growth2001-20032008-2010Connector Company Rankings - Top 20 Connector Manufacturers 1998-2008Top 50 by Region - 199851-100 and Total Top 100 Sales - 1998Top 50 by Region - 200851-100 and Total Top 100 Sales - 2008Top 10 Summary by Region 1998Top 10 Summary by Region 2008Top 10 by Region 1998 2008Connector Industry ForecastWorldwide Sales by Region 2007-2013Connector Industry ForecastWorldwide Sales by Equipment Sector 2007-20132007-2019 Market ProjectionsMarket Bar Chart 2009-2014-2019Manufacturing ValueTable 7.19 Connector Industry by Region 2007-13Connector Manufacturing Value by Region 2007-2013Related Keywords:Post Recession, Outlook, Electronics, Industry, Connectors, roadmap, analyse, Connectors.For More details about above & other Reports plz contact :PranaliAarkstore.comContact: Marketing teamMob.No.918149852585Email: , discount@aarkstore.comURL: http://www.aarkstore.com