Market access brazil


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Market access brazil

  1. 1. Market AccessBrazil: Unlocking PharmaPotential
  2. 2. SummaryWith this year’s election of president Dilma Rousseff, Brazil has indicated awillingness to encourage long-term foreign investment in the pharmaceuticalindustry. Yet while Rousseff has set three critical path priorities to ensureinvestment flows into the country, there are serious concerns. Price setting, the‘big stick’ of the compulsory licenses, burdensome tax laws, slow productapprovals and linguistic barriers have all emerged as key issues. Complicatingmatters is competition from government-favoured generics and a high volume inillegally-traded drugs, which represent 25 percent of all pharmaceuticals sold. Yetwhile those issues may seem insurmountable, gaining access to the fast-growingand potentially rich Brazilian market is not impossible—with the right information.Report overview Market Access Brazil: Unlocking Pharma Potential lays bare theotherwise complex operations of the Brazilian health industry. From anexamination of health care responsibilities and the role of the National HealthSurveillance Agency (ANVISA) to consumer trends, the latest patent protectionissues, the role of generics and ongoing battle over intellectual property, thereport provides clear insight into an evolving landscape. Containing interviewswith experts, financial comparatives and updates from multinationals in theregion, the report offers a compelling overview of Brazil’s pharmaceuticalindustry. Key features Breakdown of market trends and where opportunities exist
  3. 3. SummaryExamination of intellectual property and price controls and their impact on foreignpharmaceutical manufacturers Role of generics, their phenomenal success and itsimpact on market share for the top ten producers Explanation of licensingagreements, their loopholes and legislation to close them Outline of investingwithin a protectionist environment, with a look at agreements that impact thepharma industry Company updates on Pfizer, sanofi-aventis, Laboratorios Silanesde Mexico, Amgen, Hypermarcas de Brazil and GlaxoSmithKline amongst othersKey benefits Clear insight into the complex and evolving regulatory landscape inBrazil A roadmap to the barriers and potholes facing multinationals Expert analysisof key issues facing the industry Key questions asked How is the political situationin Brazil impacting overseas investment by pharma? What barriers exist to marketaccess and how can they be overcome? What are the emerging trends inintellectual property, licensing agreements and patent protection? What responsehas been made to questions about price control? Expert Views Marin Osorio,Senior Secretary, Brazilian Ministry of Health Odinir Finotti, President, PróGenéricos Patrice Grand, Latin American affairs, Bristol-Myers Squibb RicardoMendes da Silva, President, Aché Laboratórios Farmacêuticos MaximilianGorissen, Compustream Consultoria Ltda Ricardo Ruiz, Adjunct Professor, FederalUniversity of Minas Gerais Emilio Wien, Health Economist, Brazilian Ministry ofHealth
  4. 4. Table Of Contents :Investing within a protectionist environmentEstablishing a presence in BrazilThe Brazilian market in comparative perspectivePharma sector competitive infrastructure index in Latin Americanmarkets (June 2010)Latin American pharmaceutical market sizes: Estimates and forecasts,2009-14Latin American agreements influencing Brazil’s pharma industryCompany UpdatesThe Brazilian pharmaceutical market: Some recent dealsAchéAmgenBristol-Myers SquibbEurofarmaNovartisRoche
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