Charting the biosimilar and biobetter development pipeline


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Aarkstore announce a new report "Charting the Biosimilar and Biobetter Development Pipeline" through its vast collection of market research report.

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Charting the biosimilar and biobetter development pipeline

  1. 1. Charting the Biosimilarand Biobetter Development Pipeline
  2. 2. SummaryBiosimilar development has failed to meet expectations in recent years, but thatis set to change.With a new U.S. biosimilars approval pathway imminent, and the expiration ofmany top-selling biologics on the horizon, existing biosimilar developers andnewcomers are highly motivated to invest in the biosimilar field and are turningtheir attention to more complex biologics, such as monoclonal antibodies. Globalsales of biologics are projected to reach $200bn in 2014 (from $138bn in2010), making it a potentially lucrative market for biosimilar developers.Originator, generics, and biosimilar companies alike need to be informed aboutthe latest development trends and to know the likely patent expiration ofmarketed products and status of products in development. However, marketintelligence has been widely dispersed, making it very difficult for companies toassess potential competition and areas of opportunity, until now.FirstWord has gathered the very latest intelligence from BIOPHARMA, theOrange Book, literature, industry associations, company websites, and manyother secondary sources to provide a single, authoritative guide to currentlymarketed and in-development biosimilar products.Report OverviewIn Charting the Biosimilar and Biobetter Development Pipeline , you’ll find detailsof currently marketed biosimilar and biobetter drugs, and all biosimilar andbiobetter drugs known to be in clinical development.Through more than 60 intuitive tables and charts, you will receive unique insightsinto high-level trends and significant
  3. 3. SummaryKey Report FeaturesMore than 60 exclusive tables and charts, offering a complete and illuminatingview of the biosimilar pipelineUp-to-the-minute details of ALL biosimilars/biobetters known to be indevelopment in US and EU markets, with their development status and earliestpotential launch datesInformation on international biogenerics that may seek approval asbiosimilars/biobetters in US and EU marketsComprehensive list of reference products, with key sales data and expectedpatent expiration datesDetailed analysis of the biosimilar pipeline and market by referenceproducts, therapeutic area, drug class, and compound classReports showing the most active companies, regions, and countriesInsights into areas of most intense competition and greatest potential opportunityConcise commentary highlighting key findings, and providing valuable marketintelligenceDefinitions of key terms and concepts
  4. 4. Table of Contents:Executive summaryIntroductionDefinitions and methodologyScope and coverageGlossaryMethodologyPatentsIndexing by indicationIndexing by phase of developmentNomenclatureReference productsTop20 Reference ProductsBiosimilars in developmentBiosimilars by earliest potential launch date — US & EUBiosimilars by class and earliest potential launch date in the US (total number)Biosimilars by class and earliest potential launch date in the EU (total number)Biosimilar developers countries and regionsBiosimilars in development by drug class
  5. 5. Table of Contents:Biobetters in developmentBiobetter developments by compound class and therapy areaBiobetter development by therapy area and stageBiobetters by class and earliest potential launch in the USBiobetters by class and earliest potential launch in the EUBiobetter developers by compound classBiobetter development pipeline by compound classImmunomodulatorsInterferonsmAb ImmunomodulatorsCytotoxic mAbsErythropoietinsOthers (Enzymes, Blood Clotting Factors)Other Hormones (excluding insulins)Biobetter development pipeline by therapy areaAutoimmune diseaseAutoinflammatory diseaseCardiovascular diseases
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