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The moon
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The moon

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  • 1. The Moon… Pranabjyoti DasPranabjyoti Das
  • 2. The Moon is much smaller than the Earth, the diameter is just over a quarter of the Earth’s. It would sit on top of the USA or Australia. It’s smaller than most textbooks make it look.
  • 3. The Moon’s orbit is not a perfect circle but an ellipse. So it’s sometimes nearer and sometimes further. In Autumn it’s closer, larger and rises at sunset. This is called a Harvest Moon.
  • 4. phases of the moon… Why do you often see only part of the moon in the night sky?
  • 5. Full Moon We see the entire sunlit side of the moon Half Moon We can see half of the sunlit side of the moon New Moon We can’t see the sunlit side of the moon
  • 6. Position of moon What you see
  • 7. the side of the moon we always see
  • 8. The side of the moon we never see (except with spaceships) The far side of the moon
  • 9. High tide and Low Tide The Moon’s gravity gives coastal areas two high tides and two low tides a day
  • 10. Gravity pulls water towards the moon, while centrifugal forces push it away… … so as the Earth spins around in a 24 hour period, any point on Earth goes through two high tides and two low tides
  • 11. Sometimes the moon passes into the shadow of the Earth This is called an eclipse of the moon, or a lunar eclipse
  • 12. Lunar Eclipse
  • 13. Sometimes the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. This causes an eclipse of the sun. (solar eclipse) Only a tiny part of the Earth’s surface is affected, and not for very long.
  • 14. August 11 1999 The dark shadow saw a TOTAL eclipse Next one to pass over England… 24th April 2090 !!!
  • 15. Total Solar Eclipse
  • 16. PowerPoint presentation: Pranabjyoti Das