Operation Management-1


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Operation Management-1

  1. 1. INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT Submitted to Dr. Rajesh K. Jain Submitted By Name: Pramod Paswan Roll No.: 092137
  2. 2. 1) What constitute OM in your work area? Brief introduction about the organization and the project which I am handling I am working for Gujarat Infotech Ltd., a leading IT services company in Gujarat. The organization has basically deals with software development, consulting, outsourcing, training and IT service providing. It head office is at Ahmedabad and corporate office is at Mumbai, along with the one US office. I am associated with this organization since 9 months. Since from the beginning I am working on a project known as e-courts. In this project I have to work at client office for daily activities. The project, e- courts consists of computerization of courts. This includes providing laptops to judicial officers, computer hardware to all staff, server installation, broadband, Wi-Fi, maintenance, backup, training, digital signature, bio-metric scanning along with the online case details, judgment, hearing, orders etc, on the web based application prepared by NIC. Processes involved in job activities As a project coordinator our role and responsibility are very critical. We have to coordinate with the client’s heads, who are policy and guideline maker for the whole project. We have to follow strictly those policy and guidelines. As per the guideline we have take care of the activities of each and every task to get it done within the stipulated time. All the related hardware is ordered by project committee. Soon after receiving these we have to follow up with the hardware manufacturer for installation. Similarly for printers, scanners, multifunctional devices, servers, networking etc., we have to coordinate with the vendor of complete installation. We have also to provide broadband and Wi-Fi internet services to all judicial officers to court premises as well as their residence. We have also look after and coordinate with the ISP’s for better connectivity and smooth functioning.
  3. 3. After installation on all the hardware, the next main task is to deliver or execution, which consists of training to judicial officer and staff of various departments. Training include basic training to beginners, customized application for case entry, daily activity report generation, judgment, orders, account data entry, payroll, admin application, proper and optimum utilization of hardware resources. The main challenges which I am facing currently are: training for beginners, i.e., as they are government employee, so most of them are computer illiterate. The second main and extensive challenge is technology compatibility of computer known employees. Most of the employees are known of only Microsoft technology, but in this project we are using open-source technology, i.e. Linux. In the meanwhile in daily activities we have also deal with the daily solution, support and maintenance, which is one of the main tasks. In the below diagram, it shows the processes involved the in the project which I am currently working on. Guidlines, policies, coordination, Training, hardwares, communication, maintenance, softwares, processes, upgradation deadlines installation INPUT PROCESS OUTPUT Review, progress report, satisfaction level report Feedback FIGURE 1
  4. 4. 2) What are the problems in current working? Below are some brief descriptions of the problem involved in current scenario: (a) Input delivery: Since we are in service delivery, so each and every input which is needed should be reached to us on time. Any delay will lead to delay in output. Many times we face this issue of late receiving of hardware, networking materials and orders for implementation. Basically, all input hardware or any guideline comes from e-committee, which consists of government authorities, which have very steady rate of execution leads to delay in delivery. This causes delay in our execution and effect our planning. The orders for hardware and other materials or any kind of training orders comes very late. This cause delay in delivering our services and support along with the solution. (b) Rigid attitude: Most of the government employees think that the process that they were following was much better than current scenario. They believe in manual work rather than through computer or technology. Some of them are in retirement stage of having 2-3 years of retirement, so they believe that they doesn’t require to adopt the technology or computer are they are no more after few year. Even few employees who are younger and unknown of computer they also deny to accept changes in work environment. This is the major issue which we face and it is very difficult to convey them to use new technology. (c) Task driven authority: One of the major issues in our current project is that there are many authorities who are involved in this project. There is always possibility of mismatch in decision making, planning and execution. This also lead lack of coordination and communication or concurrency. If the decision taking authority/process is simplified than it could make great difference in process and output. Many a times this is the major factor to delay our process. Decision taking, monitoring and execution should be take care by different person/team. This will lead us to execute in time and efficient way.
  5. 5. (d) Late delivery/execution: Due to input delay, we always face problem while delivering services on time. Some time due to delay in orders or permission leads to delay in execution. (e) Customer Dissatisfaction: The in-house users are the customer in my organization. As we deal with the client side so their employees are our customer. Their main factor of dissatisfaction is the delays form the top management for any orders, decision, planning and any kind of information and updates. Lack of proper channel of delivery leads to customer dissatisfaction. 3) Given the authority to you to tackle problem, what would you recommend? If I would be authorize for handling the process and execution I would recommended following suggestion in the desired department. Procurement (Purchasing) Practices There should be proper guidelines for the purchase from suppliers and vendors for materials like computers, networking materials, printers etc. These should deliver to the respective location with in the stipulated time. A very strict and rigid SLA should be needed to follow on the process. Management Control and Coordinating Function Keeping goal of the organization we should focus on the proper and optimum utilization of technological resources in effective and efficient fashion. This can be only achieving by proper monitoring and reviewing. Taking feedback from the customer will enhance the utilization of recourses. Proper training and involvement will also lead to improve the utilization. Service Management
  6. 6. Since we are in service industry so we mainly focused on customers and their satisfaction. Innovative creation, development, distribution and involvement leads to better service delivery. Creative sessions, trainings, questionnaires, reviews will help us to serve better. I would make these changes and involve customers by proper communication and feedback. Quality Management Benchmarking and Total Quality Management will result in advancement in operation service management. Continuous improvement and re-engineering will also help us to deliver services in time and effective and efficient. This can be only achieved by proper guidelines and benchmarks for monitoring. I would take scheduled feedback from customers for quality improvement and delivering. Inventory Management This can lead better service delivery. Some time we require urgent hardware need for fluent processes, that time we don’t have proper stock of that required materials. If we can manage some hardware material for stock, that can be used in crises moment. Apart from the above IT service management can also help to improve process. There are three kinds of IT management frameworks: 1. Service Management - models describing how the pieces of an organization can "fit together" to deliver better IT services; 2. Project Management - Process descriptions of how to deliver new services - applications, processes, services; 3. Improvement Models - Descriptions of how best to deliver new services, etc given the current state of the organization. These models outline sequenced representations of the organizational capabilities necessary to obtain the described framework at various maturity levels. IT Service
  7. 7. Management is usually used with other types of management systems including Total Quality Management (TQM), Six Sigma, CMMI (Capability Maturing Model and Integration), and Business Process Management. 4) What would you see that solution suggested by you will not work? I. The wrong group is targeted. This means if we selecting those employees who are not willing to adopt or opposes the change in environment. It will make our services and input waste. This will be the major cause of failure of my recommendations. II. A weak positioning strategy is used. Any weak policy or strategy will also lead to failure of the project delivery and services. It may be good or better strategy for me but may not for all. III. A less-than-optimal "configuration" of product or service attributes and benefits is selected. Less effective service or we can say less productive service can also lead to failure. As they are not for long run. IV. The advertising campaign generates an insufficient level of new product/new service awareness. Generating awareness and advertizing can lead to success else can lead worse. Loose or lack of awareness will make me failure. V. Over-optimism about the marketing plan leads to a forecast that cannot be sustained in the real world. VI. The marketing plan for the new product or service is not well implemented in the real world. VII. The marketer believes that the new product and its marketing plan has died and cannot be revived, when, in fact there is the potential for resurrection.