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A presentation on different kinds of products offered and the various marketing strategies used by

A presentation on different kinds of products offered and the various marketing strategies used by

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  • 1. Business Studies Project SUBMITTED TO : PROF. ANJALI SUBMITTED BY : PRAKHAR GARG FY B (1113)
  • 2. History Lazy Ninja is a Pune based start-up which sell’s T-shirts Online. Lazy Ninja is is the one stop website for the Most CREATIVE and INNOVATIVE T-Shirts online. They Officially launched their website for public on 20th Feb, 2013 and starting taking orders on the same date. They have interesting t-shirts with captions from sitcoms, such as Big Bang Theory, Friends, etc. It was started by Mr. Mubaid Syed. Website :
  • 3. Product Range T-Shirts Laptop Skins Badges
  • 4. Marketing Strategy Lazy Ninja started marketing itself to the target audience from January 2013 using the AdVert facility of Facebook. Through this they were able to easily target their audience. Then they kept them engaged by organising contests in return of Free/ Discounted Tees. They were easily able to get more than 3,000 Likes on their FB page before the launch of their website. They also received 200 + orders on the day of their launch, i.e., 20th Feb, 2013. Then they realised the potential of Twitter and started having contests, etc to increase their Following and presence on twitter.
  • 5. OVERVIEW  Lazy Ninja Tees started up with another contest on their twitter handle @lazyninjatees.  Hash Tag for the day was- #iTurnNinjaWhen  The contest started with 350 followers and ended up with more than 500+ followers.  The Hash tag trended all over India and many other influential cites.
  • 6. Followers Count  Followers count before contest- 345.  Followers count after contest- 525.
  • 7. #iTurnNinjaWhen Analysis  The hash tag trended at 19th and 20th July.  The hash tag went viral all across the twitter with all the tweeples tweeting for it apart from the contest players  It was also covered by many prominent tweet analytics websites.  We got almost 200+ Followers in 2 Days.
  • 8. Hyderabad Trends
  • 9. Ahmadabad Trends
  • 10. India Trends
  • 11. Other Brands Using The HashTag.
  • 12. Tweeples Tweeting
  • 13. The Final Verdict  The contest went good overall.  Targeted audience was well achieved.  Lazy Ninja got promoted with use of Ninja in the hash tag.  Apart from the winners, also other users tweeted to come back with another contest.  The followers count and goodwill was well increased.
  • 14. Question – Answers The following are few of the Questions which were asked during my interview with their Owner Mr. Mubaid Syed at their corporate office : Arohi Dev. Building, 2nd Floor, Chatrapati Shivaji CK, Nr. Ganpati Temple, Opp. Hinjewadi Police Station, Hinjewadi.
  • 15. Q. How has the response to Lazy Ninja been?  The response has been stupendous. We are exhilarated as we had never even dreamt that we could make an impact in such a short span of time. We get orders worth 25-30 thousand per day on an average and growing. In terms of traction we get more than four thousand visitors per day on We are growing 100 per cent month on month. Q. There are existing sites like Inkfruit, w ho have the early mover advantage. Where do you see yourself among them?  We agree that these sites have an early mover advantage but we are a little different in the league. We are more into the humour space. They are made keeping the youth in mind. Our tees are wacky and have a different approach. Also unlike others we promise a 24 hour dispatch so our deliveries are quicker.
  • 16. Q. How is marketed? Q. What does the future behold?  Well, we have just begun and  To be frank we have hardly spent on marketing the site. We promote ourselves through Just dial and Facebook. In fact we have been able to garner 50 thousand fans on Facebook in less than a few months.  We use the benefits of features such as Advert, Boost, etc in FB to the fullest. there is a lot to achieve. We are working diligently towards our goal and the future looks bright. At one hand where we are looking to expand our portfolio which includes new categories and more alliances, we are also working on improving the user experience on the website. Also we are looking for investments and are looking to initiate talks with a few VC’s and angel investors. Let’s hope for the best.
  • 17. Conclusion Lazy Ninja is a recent start-up company which is based in Pune. Within no time it has been able to fight with the already established players in this segment. Thus, It is evident that we can even overcome the limitation of not having the Early mover advantage by practising innovation strategies and marketing.