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Coe eim-introduction-2

  1. 1. Confidential Enterprise Information Center of Excellence Tenet Account: Office of Strategy & Governance
  2. 2. Services Office of Strategy & Governance (OSG) Confidential2 Facilitates the discussion of IT strategy and IT governance concerns between Dell Services and Tenet Healthcare Uses the practice of Enterprise Architecture to establish a framework of information and process resources that provides guidance on  IT Strategy & Enterprise Planning  IT Governance  Business & IT Capability Development  Technology Selection  Solution Design Enterprise Architecture Framework The OSG uses an Enterprise Architecture Development Method based on TOGAF - the industry standard for the practice of Enterprise Architecture
  3. 3. Services Office of Strategy & Governance (OSG) Confidential3  Led by the Tenet Account’s Chief Technology Officer  Composed of a small team of Architects  Works directly with Tenet’s ISD leadership team on strategy and governance concerns Chief Technology Officer Enterprise Architect Principal Business Architect Principal Information Architect Principal Integration Architect Principal Technology Architect Tenet Account Client Executive Office of Strategy & Governance (OSG) Strategy Governance
  4. 4. Services Centers of Excellence Confidential4 Each Center of Excellence (COE)…  is chaired by the Principal Architect for the corresponding Enterprise Architecture Domain  provides a forum for developing a shared vision for key enterprise capabilities - “Cornerstone Capabilities”  is composed of architects, technical leads, SME’s and product mangers from across the enterprise  provides bi-directional communication for strategy & governance concerns between the OSG and product / project teams The Office of Strategy & Governance (OSG ) sponsors four Enterprise-level Centers of Excellence Office of Strategy & Governance Business Process Center of Excellence Information Management Center of Excellence Application Services & Integration Center of Excellence Technology Services Center of Excellence Chaired by: Gabe Long Principal Technology Architect Chaired by: Venu Mallela Principal Business Architect Chaired by: Kevin Kline Principal Information Architect Chaired by: TBD Principal Application Integration Architect COE Sponsor: Jeff Blackmore Acting CTO & Enterprise Architect
  5. 5. Services Confidential5 Enterprise Cornerstone Capabilities Business Rules Management Enterprise Business Process Management Center of Excellence Business Process Orchestration Business Process Activity Monitoring Business Process Simulation & Optimization Business Process Design & Reengineering Business Process Analytics and Performance Reporting Business Process Integration Enterprise Technology Services Center of Excellence Automated Provisioning Platform Services Management Network Services Management Dynamic Resource ManagementService Monitoring & Performance Management Storage Services Management Data Architecture Management Data Development Data Operations Management Data Security Management Master Data Management Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Document & Content Management Meta Data Management Data Quality Management Enterprise Information Management Center of Excellence Enterprise Business Process Management Enterprise Information Management Enterprise Application Services & Integration Enterprise Technology Services
  6. 6. Services Enterprise Information Management Cornerstone Capabilities Confidential6 The EIM Cornerstone Capability Model…  is a heuristic model for better understanding fundamental EIM capabilities  provides a top-level representation of fundamental EIM capabilities from an industry perspective  establishes common industry-based vocabulary for discussing EIM inside and outside of the Dell / Tenet organization  provides a comprehensive structure for the assessment and planning of EIM capabilities  Defines key EIM concepts so that business and IT strategic goals can be aligned with current and future EIM capabilities The OSG uses an Enterprise Information Management capability model that is based on DMBOK - the industry standard for the practice of Data Management Enterprise Information Management Capability Model
  7. 7. Services Enterprise Information Management Center of Excellence (EIM COE) Confidential7 The Enterprise Information Management Center of Excellence…  is sponsored by the OSG  Is chaired by Kevin Kline - Acting Enterprise Information Architect & Dell Healthcare Informatics Practice member  develops a shared vision for enterprise information / data management  ensures the alignment of EIM “cornerstone capabilities” with the strategic goals of the business  provides a forum for information / data owners & stewards from across the enterprise to collaborate  promotes the establishment of a shared EIM platform able to support commonly occurring information management needs like ETL, EDW and BI  supports the creation of an Enterprise Data Governance Program by vetting standards, processes, and best practices for data governance Clinical Services Data Architects, DBAs & Platform SMEs Patient Services Data Architects, DBAs & Platform SMEs Financial Services Data Architects, DBAs & Platform SMEs Corporate Services Data Architects, DBAs & SMEs Extended Enterprise Conifer, Partners & Vendors Organization & Culture Technology Activities Roles & Responsibilities Methodologies & Techniques Models & Artifacts Selection Criteria Common Tool Sets Platform Roadmap Service Roadmap Enterprise-level Forum Collaborative Governance Cross-Function Concerns Guidance & Oversight Communication EIM Capability Development Shared EIM Platform Info/Data Governance Mentoring & Training Ownership & Stewardship Qualified Skill Sets Change Management Standard Procedures Solution Design Best Practices Methodologies Enterprise Conceptual Data Model Data Governance Practices Capability Assessments Architecture Patterns Technology Standards Enterprise Information Architect Enterprise Information Management Center of Excellence
  8. 8. Services EIM Center of Excellence Proposed Activities Confidential8 Activity Roadmap • EIM Platform & Infrastructure Inventory • EIM Platform & Infrastructure Configuration Management Processes & Procedures • EIM Capability Catalog • EIM Capability Assessment & Gap Analysis • EIM Capability Roadmap • EIM 2-year Technology Roadmap • EIM 5-year Strategic Plan • Information Governance Processes
  9. 9. Services Thank You Confidential9 Jeff Blackmore Office of Strategy & Governance Dell Services - Tenet Account