Digital communication audit


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Digital communication audit

  1. 1. It’s not about more digital; It’s about smarter digital Digital Communication Audit Strategy | Execution | Value
  2. 3. Purchase journey analysis Simple and generic 6 phase model Non-Interest Casual Interest Intensive Research Approval/ endorsement Final deal & purchase Customer service & repeat order <ul><li>Digital marketing should be….. </li></ul><ul><li>Working at each step in the purchase journey </li></ul><ul><li>Working for the primary purchaser, the influencer and other stakeholder </li></ul><ul><li>Working in partnership, integrated with all other marketing </li></ul>
  3. 4. Digital Communication Audit Strategy | Execution | Value Audit External digital communications
  4. 5. Digital Strategy Assessment Approach Are we in growth, profit-taking, or defensive mode? Do we occupy a premium or low cost go-to-market position? How much are we spending on marketing, who are we selling to, and how are we prioritizing target audience? What is the role of acquisitions versus awareness building? What is the effective balance of offline versus online marketing to achieve our goals? How much do we need to allocate to digital to be competitive? Are we integrating offline and digital programs when appropriate? Hoe are we measuring performance vis-avis the competition and best practices? What is our optimization strategy? Corporate /Unit/Products Strategy Marketing Strategy Offline Marketing Digital Marketing Advertising, PR, Events Etc Digital Infrastructure Digital Promotion Integrated Programs Research User Experience Website Website Website
  5. 6. Digital Asset Audit Interactive Tactics What digital marketing and infrastructure tools, tactics and technique is the organization deploying to meet its strategic goal? Is the digital marketing ecosystem working in a cohesive manner to optimize ROI? Offline Tactics TV, Radio, Print, Direct Marketing, Analyst Relations, Public Relations Measurement and Metrics Analysis software and systems, User testing, Closed loop management Tools Nuts and Bolts Website, Microsite, Landing page, Blog, Social media, Multimedia Assets Traffic Generation Search marketing, Social media, Email marketing, Online Advertising, thought leadership, PR Online conversation Social networking, message board, Web based conversations enablers. Digital Platform/Website Offline Tactics Analytics Infrastructure Promotion Community Interactive Tactics
  6. 7. Digital Marketing Mix Planning Component Corporate Strategy Marketing Strategy What are the company or business unit revenues ? What percentage of revenue have been allocated to marketing ? Is this in line with industry average? Will the organization be operating in a position of strength and weaknesses ? Digital Marketing Digital Operations Offline Marketing What is the effective balance of offline Vs online marketing to achieve our goals? How much do we need to allocate to digital to be competitive? Where will the organization realize the optimal ROI? Infrastructure, staff, Vendor, software, Hosting Search Marketing Paid listing/Organics Outbound Marketing Display ads, public relations, Webinars, Social media Relationship Marketing Community, email, Online events Optimization Analytics, Measurement and refinement How is the organization distributing its digital marketing budget among the different categories? What is insourcing Vs outsourcing philosophy?
  7. 8. Prakash Ranjan Digital Marketing Consultant [email_address]