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Agency Family Tree 2010

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Profiles of world’s top 50 agency firms, part of premium content in’s AGENCY FAMILY TREES 2010 DataCenter Primary holdings of the world’s top four agency companies by 2009 worldwide revenue WPP $13.60B OMNICOM GROUP $11.72B PUBLICIS GROUPE $6.29B INTERPUBLIC GROUP OF COS. $6.03B NO. 1 WORLDWIDE REVENUE NO. 2 WORLDWIDE REVENUE NO. 3 WORLDWIDE REVENUE NO. 4 WORLDWIDE REVENUE U.S. REVENUE: $4.44 BILLION HEADQUARTERS: DUBLIN U.S. REVENUE: $6.18 BILLION HEADQUARTERS: NEW YORK U.S. REVENUE ESTIMATE: $2.72 BILLION HEADQUARTERS: PARIS U.S. REVENUE: $3.37 BILLION HEADQUARTERS: NEW YORK WORLDWIDE EMPLOYEES: 98,759 MARKET CAP: $13.7 BILLION WORLDWIDE EMPLOYEES: 63,000 MARKET CAP: $12.5 BILLION WORLDWIDE EMPLOYEES: 45,402 MARKET CAP: $8.7 BILLION WORLDWIDE EMPLOYEES: 40,000 MARKET CAP: $4.4 BILLION WORLDWIDE REVENUE BY DISCIPLINE GREY GROUP $912 MILLION WORLDWIDE REVENUE BY DISCIPLINE OTHER AGENCIES WORLDWIDE REVENUE BY DISCIPLINE STARCOM MEDIAVEST WORLDWIDE REVENUE BY DISCIPLINE LOWE & PARTNERS $543 MILLION Branding & identity, Advertising, media Specialty communications Traditional media Media Advertising GROUP $809 MILLION Constituency Management Advertising & media healthcare & investment Grey $505 MILLION $1.07 billion; 9.1% advertising Cline Davis & Mann $147 MILLION $1.32 billion; 21.0% $2.20 billion; 35.0% Group1 $4.14 billion; 68.7% Lowe & Partners $253 MILLION specialist management $5.20 billion; 44.3% communications $5.26 billion; 38.7% NETWORK LEAD AGENCY HEALTHCARE AGENCY Starcom MediaVest Group $749 MILLION $915 million; 15.2% AD AGENCY. REVENUE FOR LOWE OUTSIDE NORTH AMERICA Public relations MEDIA AGENCY $3.50 billion; 25.7% G2 $280 MILLION $1.08 billion; 9.2% Corbett Accel Healthcare Deutsch $177 MILLION MARKETING SERVICES AGENCY Healthcare Group $61 MILLION SMG PERFORMANCE MARKETING $31 MILLION $328 million; 5.4% AD AGENCY. NORTH AMERICAN HUB OF LOWE NETWORK MARKETING SERVICES AGENCY GROUP GHG $110 MILLION HEALTHCARE AGENCY Lowe Healthcare Worldwide $80 MILLION HEALTHCARE AGENCY Critical Mass $75 MILLION SMG Search $14 MILLION HEALTHCARE AGENCY. REPORTS INTO DEUTSCH DIGITAL AGENCY. OMNICOM OWNS 54% SEARCH MARKETING. PART OF PERFORMANCE MARKETING Batey $8 MILLION Huge $33 MILLION Marketing SINGAPORE-BASED AGENCY NETWORK Dieste $39 MILLION Spark Communications $13 MILLION services DIGITAL AGENCY. 51% OWNED BY INTERPUBLIC MEDIA AGENCY Wing $8 MILLION HISPANIC AD AGENCY SAMS (Specialized (excluding CMG) OTHER AGENCIES $646 million; HISPANIC AD AGENCY Direct Partners $17 MILLION Agencies and Tapestry $11 MILLION 10.7% Marketing Services) DIRECT MARKETING AGENCY STARCOM’S MULTICULTURAL MEDIA AGENCY Accentmarketing $11 MILLION $2.77 billion; 44.0% Public relations & public affairs Consumer insight UNITED GROUP $86 MILLION Customer relationship management Doremus $39 MILLION MV42 $6 MILLION 1. Interpublic discipline percentages are Ad Age estimates except for Constituency Management Group, which is actual. CMG HISPANIC AGENCY. INTERPUBLIC OWNS 49% houses PR agencies, Jack Morton Worldwide, Octagon, $1.25 billion; 9.2% $3.60 billion; 26.5% $4.38 billion; 37.4% BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS AGENCY Dentsu owns 15% of Publicis Groupe MEDIAVEST’S MULTICULTURAL MEDIA AGENCY Campbell-Ewald $161 MILLION Berlin Cameron United $15 MILLION Publicis owns 1% of Interpublic Group FutureBrand and certain other marketing services. AD AGENCY AD AGENCY Element 79 $24 MILLION GLOBAL NETWORKS GLOBAL NETWORKS AD AGENCY GLOBAL NETWORKS DIGITAS $550 MILLION GLOBAL NETWORKS Carmichael Lynch $41 MILLION Cole & Weber United $11 MILLION AD AGENCY AD AGENCY Footsteps $8 MILLION Digitas $443 MILLION YOUNG & RUBICAM DDB WORLDWIDE MULTICULTURAL AD AGENCY. OMNICOM OWNS 49% PUBLICIS $1.06 BILLION DIGITAL AGENCY MCCANN WORLDGROUP $2.67 BILLION Cubocc NA BRANDS $2.65 BILLION OTHER AGENCIES COMMUNICATIONS GROUP $2.22 BILLION GMR Marketing $78 MILLION Digitas Health $107 MILLION ADVERTISING AND MARKETING SERVICES AGENCY BASED IN BRAZIL. INTERPUBLIC BOUGHT CUBOCC IN MARCH 2010 EVENT MARKETING AGENCY. Publicis $875 MILLION DIGITAL HEALTHCARE AGENCY McCann Erickson Worldwide $1.42 BILLION Y&R $932 MILLION Hill & Knowlton $330 MILLION DDB Worldwide $1.11 BILLION NETWORK LEAD AGENCY NETWORK LEAD AGENCY Dailey $24 MILLION PR AGENCY Goodby, Silverstein AD AGENCY NETWORK LEAD AGENCY NETWORK LEAD AGENCY Publicis Modem & Dialog $170 MILLION OTHER VIVAKI Weber Shandwick $360 MILLION CommonHealth $156 MILLION & Partners $105 MILLION NA PR AGENCY. ALIGNED WITH MCCANN WORLDGROUP Sudler & Hennessey $126 MILLION Interbrand $195 MILLION AD AGENCY MARKETING SERVICES AGENCY DeVries Public Relations $18 MILLION HEALTHCARE AGENCY HEALTHCARE AGENCY BRANDING CONSULTANCY Publicis & Hal Riney $17 MILLION Razorfish $409 MILLION MRM Worldwide $260 MILLION PR AGENCY Tapsa $30 MILLION Grizzard Communications Group $32 MILLION DIGITAL AGENCY Landor Associates $121 MILLION Tribal DDB $188 MILLION DIRECT MARKETING AGENCY AD AGENCY DIGITAL AND DIRECT MARKETING AGENCY GolinHarris $109 MILLION MADRID-BASED AD AGENCY Medias & Regies Europe $84 MILLION PR AGENCY BRANDING CONSULTANCY DIGITAL AGENCY Momentum Worldwide $175 MILLION Brand Union $13 MILLION GSD&M Idea City $65 MILLION OUT-OF-HOME ADVERTISING Cohn & Wolfe $117 MILLION TracyLocke $104 MILLION AD AGENCY LEO BURNETT MARKETING SERVICES AGENCY Hill Holliday $160 MILLION PR AGENCY AD AGENCY PROMOTION AGENCY WORLDWIDE $1.10 BILLION Denuo $6 MILLION McCann Healthcare AD AGENCY Harrison & Star $55 MILLION CONSULTANCY. PART OF VIVAKI VML $91 MILLION Alma DDB $17 MILLION Worldwide $138 MILLION IW Group $11 MILLION DIGITAL AGENCY WPP DIGITAL $221 MILLION HISPANIC AD AGENCY. OMNICOM OWNS 74% HEALTHCARE AGENCY Leo Burnett Worldwide $777 MILLION Phonevalley NA HEALTHCARE AGENCY ASIAN-AMERICAN AGENCY. INTERPUBLIC OWNS 49% Javelin $46 MILLION NETWORK LEAD AGENCY MOBILE-MARKETING AGENCY Bravo Group $29 MILLION 24/7 Real Media $110 MILLION Rodgers Townsend $13 MILLION Martin Agency $112 MILLION Jack Morton Worldwide $95 MILLION HISPANIC AD AGENCY DIGITAL AD NETWORK AD AGENCY DIRECT MARKETING AGENCY Arc Worldwide $247 MILLION AD AGENCY EVENT MARKETING AGENCY LatinWorks $20 MILLION MARKETING SERVICES AGENCY HEALTHCARE AGENCIES Kang & Lee Advertising $16 MILLION Bridge Worldwide $49 MILLION Roberts & Langer DDB $8 MILLION HISPANIC AD AGENCY. OMNICOM OWNS 49% FutureBrand $56 MILLION Mullen $83 MILLION ASIAN-AMERICAN AD AGENCY DIGITAL AGENCY AD AGENCY Beacon Communications $61 MILLION BRANDING CONSULTANCY. ALIGNED WITH AD AGENCY LyonHeart $30 MILLION JAPANESE AD AGENCY. PUBLICIS OWNS 66%; PUBLICIS HEALTHCARE MCCANN WORLDGROUP SicolaMartin $7 MILLION Schematic $40 MILLION Spike DDB $3 MILLION HEALTHCARE AGENCY DENTSU OWNS 34% COMMUNICATIONS GROUP $452 MILLION MWW Group $36 MILLION AD AGENCY DIGITAL AGENCY AFRICAN-AMERICAN AD AGENCY. OMNICOM OWNS 49% Campbell Mithun $53 MILLION PR AGENCY Marketing Arm $102 MILLION Lapiz Hispanic Marketing $6 MILLION AD AGENCY Robinson Lerer & Montgomery NA Blue Interactive Marketing $11 MILLION RAPP $588 MILLION MARKETING SERVICES AGENCY GROUP HISPANIC AD AGENCY Medicus Lifebrands/ Octagon $121 MILLION PR AGENCY SINGAPORE-BASED DIGITAL AGENCY MARKETING SERVICES AGENCY AND NETWORK Publicis Lifebrands $111 MILLION TM Advertising $34 MILLION SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT MARKETING AGENCY Martin Williams Advertising $37 MILLION Vigilante $4 MILLION PART OF PUBLICIS HEALTHCARE AD AGENCY WUNDERMAN $828 MILLION HeathWallace $8 MILLION Kern Organization $18 MILLION AD AGENCY MULTICULTURAL AD AGENCY Siboney USA $5 MILLION MARKETING SERVICES AGENCY AND NETWORK U.K.-BASED WEB DESIGN FIRM. WPP OWNS 75% MARKETING SERVICES AGENCY. PART OP RAPP NETWORK Saatchi & Saatchi Avrett Free Ginsberg $19 MILLION HISPANIC AGENCY. INTERPUBLIC OWNS 49% Merkley & Partners $43 MILLION $47 MILLION AD AGENCY Blast Radius $55 MILLION Quasar Media $4 MILLION AD AGENCY SAATCHI & SAATCHI $759 MILLION Healthcare Advertising Tierney Communications $11 MILLION VANCOUVER-BASED DIGITAL AGENCY. INDIA-BASED DIGITAL AGENCY. WPP OWNS 75% BBDO WORLDWIDE $1.67 BILLION PART OF PUBLICIS HEALTHCARE Fitzgerald & Co. $18 MILLION AD AGENCY IN WUNDERMAN NETWORK Russ Reid Co. $26 MILLION Saatchi & Saatchi $650 MILLION Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness $27 MILLION AD AGENCY BBDO Worldwide $1.14 BILLION DIRECT MARKETING AGENCY NETWORK LEAD AGENCY Translation Consulting Zaaz $25 MILLION MEDIA AGENCIES PART OF PUBLICIS HEALTHCARE Gotham $17 MILLION & Brand Imaging $6 MILLION NETWORK LEAD AGENCY DIGITAL AGENCY. IN WUNDERMAN NETWORK Siegel & Gale $37 MILLION Team One $50 MILLION Williams Labadie $15 MILLION AD AGENCY AD AND BRANDING AGENCY. INTERPUBLIC OWNS 60% Proximity Worldwide $395 MILLION BRANDING CONSULTANCY AD AGENCY $10 MILLION RTC Relationship Marketing $25 MILLION GROUP M $2.06 BILLION DIGITAL AGENCY PART OF PUBLICIS HEALTHCARE Casanova Pendrill MEDIA AGENCIES DIRECT MARKETING AGENCY. IN WUNDERMAN NETWORK Targetbase $82 MILLION Saatchi & Saatchi X $41 MILLION Saatchi & Saatchi HISPANIC AD AGENCY Mindshare Worldwide $713 MILLION Organic $136 MILLION MARKETING SERVICES AGENCY PROMOTION AGENCY Healthcare Innovations $11 MILLION Designkitchen $11 MILLION DIGITAL AGENCY. IN WUNDERMAN NETWORK MEDIA AGENCY DIGITAL AGENCY Unit 7 $22 MILLION Conill $18 MILLION PART OF PUBLICIS HEALTHCARE DRAFTFCB $1.18 BILLION MEDIABRANDS $686 MILLION MEC $595 MILLION DIRECT MARKETING AGENCY HISPANIC AD AGENCY $885 MILLION BURSON-MARSTELLER $385 MILLION MEDIA AGENCY TBWA WORLDWIDE $1.52 BILLION PUBLIC RELATIONS & EVENTS DraftFCB UM $368 MILLION PR AGENCY AND NETWORK NETWORK LEAD AGENCY MEDIA AGENCY. ALIGNED WITH MCCANN WORLDGROUP Proof $12 MILLION MediaCom $570 MILLION TBWA Worldwide $1.02 BILLION MEDIA AGENCIES OTHER AGENCIES R/GA $132 MILLION Initiative $248 MILLION AD AGENCY. PART OF BURSON-MARSTELLER NETWORK MEDIA AGENCY NETWORK LEAD AGENCY MS&L GROUP $488 MILLION DIGITAL AGENCY MEDIA AGENCY. ALIGNED WITH DRAFTFCB Group M Search $90 MILLION Zimmerman Advertising $134 MILLION OMNICOM MEDIA GROUP $1.33 BILLION Bartle Bogle Hegarty $155 MILLION SEARCH MARKETING AGENCY LONDON-BASED AD AGENCY. PUBLICIS OWNS 49% MS&L $237 MILLION DraftFCB Healthcare $112 MILLION Wahlstrom Group $20 MILLION OGILVY & MATHER $1.75 BILLION AD AGENCY OMD Worldwide $730 MILLION PR AGENCY HEALTHCARE AGENCY DIRECTORY AGENCY. PART OF GEOMENTUM Maxus $90 MILLION Integer Group $127 MILLION Fallon Worldwide $68 MILLION MEDIA AGENCY Kekst & Co. $39 MILLION Hacker Group $32 MILLION Reprise Media $14 MILLION OgilvyOne Worldwide $683 MILLION MEDIA AGENCY PROMOTION AGENCY AD AGENCY PR AGENCY DIRECT MARKETING AGENCY SEARCH MARKETING AGENCY MARKETING SERVICES AGENCY Kinetic PHD $138 MILLION Kaplan Thaler Group $65 MILLION NA Tequila $110 MILLION MEDIA AGENCY Relay $16 MILLION Rivet $14 MILLION Magna NA Ogilvy & Mather Advertising $585 MILLION OUT-OF-HOME MEDIA AGENCY MARKETING SERVICES AGENCY AD AGENCY EVENT MARKETING AGENCY PROMOTION AGENCY MEDIA NEGOTIATION AND RESEARCH UNIT NETWORK LEAD AGENCY Resolution Media $14 MILLION Burrell TBWA/WorldHealth $70 MILLION Bates 141 $126 MILLION WPP INVESTMENTS HEALTHCARE AGENCY SEARCH MARKETING AGENCY Communications Group $22 MILLION HONG KONG-BASED MARKETING COMMS. NETWORK Novus Print Media Network NA AFRICAN-AMERICAN AD AGENCY. PUBLICIS OWNS 49% Asatsu-DK $451 MILLION $47 MILLION ABOUT AGENCY FAMILY TREES 2010 Ogilvy TOKYO-BASED AD AGENCY. WPP OWNS 24% DIGITAL AGENCY MEDIA AGENCY Bromley Communications $16 MILLION HISPANIC AD AGENCY. PUBLICIS OWNS 49% PUBLISHED APRIL 26, 2010. ORDER AD AGE’S AGENCY ISSUE, Public Relations Worldwide $122 MILLION BPG Group (Bates PanGulf) $50 MILLION PERCENT OF 2009 WORLDWIDE REVENUE BY REGION INCLUDING THE AGENCY FAMILY TREES POSTER: 1-888-288-5900. PR AGENCY DUBAI-BASED AGENCY NETWORK. WPP OWNS 40% OTHER AGENCIES PUBLIC RELATIONS Amazon Advertising $4 MILLION The poster shows 2009 revenue for key agency networks and AD AGENCY. PUBLICIS OWNS 35% OMNICOM PUBLICIS INTERPUBLIC Neo@Ogilvy $103 MILLION Brierley & Partners $24 MILLION 180 Amsterdam/180 LA $40 MILLION WPP1 GROUP GROUPE2 GROUP OF COS. agencies (advertising, marketing services, media and public DIGITAL MEDIA AGENCY CRM AGENCY. WPP OWNS 20% AD AGENCY. OMNICOM OWNS 51% PUBLIC RELATIONS $1.08 BILLION relations) owned by the world’s Big 4 agency companies. Agency networks are in orange; agencies are in black. Not all units are Ogilvy Healthworld $90 MILLION Chime Communications $193 MILLION Agency Rx $24 MILLION FLEISHMAN-HILLARD $405 MILLION MEDIA & DIGITAL AGENCIES: VIVAKI U.S. 34.7% 52.7% 43.3% 55.9% shown; network listings not comprehensive. Ad Age DataCenter HEALTHCARE AGENCY estimated revenue for networks and agencies. Figures are rounded. LONDON-BASED AGENCY COMPANY. WPP OWNS 16% HEALTHCARE AGENCY PR AGENCY AND NETWORK EUROPE 38.7 30.7 34.9 22.9 Total revenue for agency companies is from public OgilvyAction $45 MILLION HighCo $96 MILLION Alcone Marketing Group $37 MILLION GMMB $30 MILLION ZENITHOPTIMEDIA $779 MILLION documents. Revenue is worldwide except where indicated. MARKETING SERVICES AGENCY Market-cap figures are as of April 16, 2010. FRANCE-BASED MARKETING SERVICES FIRM. WPP OWNS 34.1% PROMOTION AGENCY POLITICAL AD AGENCY. PART OF FLEISHMAN-HILLARD NETWORK REST OF WORLD 26.7 16.6 21.8 21.1 ZenithOptimedia $673 MILLION Advertising Age’s DataCenter produced this poster and a STW Group $213 MILLION Arnell Group $16 MILLION Ketchum $218 MILLION MEDIA AGENCY. INCLUDES ZENITH MEDIA USA AND premium subscriber database, including details on holdings of the JWT $1.12 BILLION SYDNEY-BASED AGENCY COMPANY. WPP OWNS 20.6% AD AND BRANDING AGENCY PR AGENCY OPTIMEDIA INTERNATIONAL U.S. ASIA PACIFIC NA NA 11.0 9.5 world’s top 50 agency companies, as part of Agency Report 2010. See more detail, including agency descriptions, links and related JWT $1.07 BILLION UniWorld Group $22 MILLION Beanstalk Group $12 MILLION Porter Novelli $196 MILLION Moxie Interactive $60 MILLION LATIN AMERICA NA NA 4.8 5.1 Ad Age articles, in the Agency Family Trees 2010 database: NETWORK LEAD AGENCY MULTICULTURAL AGENCY. WPP OWNS 49% BRANDING CONSULTANCY PR AGENCY DIGITAL AGENCY ALL OTHER MARKETS NA NA 6.0 6.5 JWT Specialized Comms. $36 MILLION Bernard Hodes Group $57 MILLION Brodeur Partners $76 MILLION Performics $31 MILLION See rankings of more than 800 agencies by U.S. revenue and RECRUITMENT AND OTHER SERVICES MARKET RESEARCH RECRUITMENT AGENCY PR AGENCY SEARCH MARKETING AGENCY Source: Public documents. 1) Rest of world includes Central and Eastern Europe. 2) U.S. total is Ad Age DataCenter estimate. disciplines such as digital, direct marketing and public relations: Malone Advertising $18 MILLION Kantar $3.60 BILLION C2 Creative $12 MILLION Cone $10 MILLION Ninah $15 MILLION MARKETING SERVICES AGENCY MARKET RESEARCH GROUP EVENT MARKETING. PART OF RADIATE GROUP PR AGENCY ECONOMETRIC MODELING This document (published Aprl 26, 2010), and information contained therein, is the copyrighted property of Crain Communications Inc. and The Ad Age Group (© Copyright 2010) and is for your personal, non- commercial use only. You may not reproduce, display on a website, distribute, sell or republish this document, or the information contained therein, without the prior written consent of The Ad Age Group.