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Choosing your PEARL in JOCEAN
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Choosing your PEARL in JOCEAN


Today we have a plethora of JavaScript frameworks to choose from. Each framework comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. For sure the concept “one size fits all” doesn’t work in this context. …

Today we have a plethora of JavaScript frameworks to choose from. Each framework comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. For sure the concept “one size fits all” doesn’t work in this context.

Traditionally scripting languages are notorious when it comes to writing modular maintainable applications and end up in a big ball of mud.

If the chosen framework doesn’t match the business requirement, the problem of rewriting applications will be on the cards for sure.

In this Session, I want to take an example scenario, Look at the various options available and choose the framework which will fit a business Requirement.

We will take a look at
1. Full Stack Vs Non Full Stack Frameworks
2. Frameworks Vs Libraries
3. What are the bare minimum categories of these libraries/frameworks required to do a simple application?
4. Take a look at each category and select a framework which supports the business requirement.

As always, Technology Selection is always based on the Business context/requirement.

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  • Client has an Application built in DelphiNever ever thought Web Application can replace his desktop and didn’t want to migrate so farRecently had a look at outlook.com and got really impressed. Started getting a feeling if Hotmail can do this, why not us?Did some initial research and figured out about HTML5/JavaScript. Strongly believes it’s the way to move forwardWants to do a PoC and showcase it to the board to get the budget approvalWants to do enough research to understand the pros and cons before finalizing the technology stack
  • Layer Diagram which involves all these components and what technologies we have chosen.
  • Talk about the Choices and what we coveredWhy Technology Selection always based on ContextWhat is in store for you?If you are a DeveloperIf you are an ArchitectIf you are an ManagerIf you are a Business Person


  • 1. Choosing yourPEARL in JOCEAN Prakash Jhttp://devmanagement.wordpress.com
  • 2. StoryLegal Case Management Application
  • 3. Choose Technology Stack Show Case a working appGet Approvals and Move forward
  • 4. Choosing Technology Framework Tech Stack Frameworks Non Full Stack Full Stack Frameworks Monoliths Modular Micro Macro Meteor DOJO FlatIron Monoliths Modular JQuery
  • 5. Framework vs. Library Framework vs. Library Framework Library Ember, Backbone, Angular, Knockout, Meteor, Spine, CanJS Batman Introducing Enforce New Fits inside Features in aStructure and Application your Existing Phased Architecture Development Architecture Manner
  • 6. Bare Minimum Required Categories Structure the CodeRouting & History Bind Data Templates to Render Views Communicate with the Server to fetch and update data
  • 7. Structuring Code - Modularity• Divide and Conquer• Goals – Do not pollute the global namespace • To avoid namespace conflicts – Load modules fast (even out of order) – Execute modules in the right order• Examples: REQUIREJS, CURLJS
  • 8. Structuring Code – Separation ofConcerns Backbone, Spine,Separation of Angular, Ember Concerns MVC MVVM Knockout Unit Tests
  • 9. Template Engine Templates DOM String Based Based Handlebars,Knockout Mustache, Dust.JS Logic Less Supports Execute inDeclarative Polyfills Templates SEO both Server and Client What happens to my UI Designer?
  • 10. Data Binding Input Intensive Type of Application Mostly Read 1 way or 2 way Client Binding Developer Skills RESTful Server DDP
  • 11. Client Side Architecture Diagram Templat Templat Templat Templat Template Engine Templat es Templat es es es Templates Knockout es Rendered es ViewsEnd to end Tests Module Library Route Definitions Route Definitions Routing Engine Route Definitions Route Definitions Data-binding Sammy Route Definitions Route Definitions URLs / User Actions View Knockout Unit Tests Knockout View Model REQUIREJS Model JSON JSON over REST Server API
  • 12. Parameters• Is it an Enterprise Application or an External Facing application?• Am I developing something from scratch or trying to use it in an existing application?• Do I need SEO Support?• Do I have Accessibility requirements?• Do I need to Support Older Browsers?
  • 13. Parameters• Is Readability and Maintainability a key aspect?• Am I going to use JavaScript in the Backend?• What are my requirements on Performance?• Do I need near real time updates in my Application?• Do I need an UI Designer to work on my project?• What are my current developers skillset?
  • 14. Parameters•How long is it in the Market?•Documentation and Samples•Is there any Editor support available?•Can I Debug?•Do I have Community Support?•What are the dependencies?•How much time does it take to learn?•Will this improve my application performance?•Can I write automated unit tests?
  • 15. Summary
  • 16. Useful Pointers Rich JavaScript Applications – the Seven Frameworks Choosing a JavaScript Framework The Pros And Cons Of JavaScript Micro-Frameworks Large-scale JavaScript Application Architecture The Top 10 JavaScript MVC Frameworks Reviewed