Program development cyle

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Program Development Cylce

Program Development Cylce

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  • 1.
  • 2. Program Development Cycle ● Define the problem ○ Careful reading of the problem. ○ We are not focusing on solution part here. ● Analyze the problem ○ Determine all possible solutions and select the best from them. ○ We can break whole problem into sub problems. ● Design the solution ○ Create an outline on how the program should execute. ○ Expand it into steps (algorithm) which describe the order of tasks to be carried out.
  • 3. Program Development Cycle (Cont) ● Code the program ○ Begins only after we have clear idea about algorithm of solution. ○ We can use appropriate language and editor to write the code. ● Compilation of code ○ Find the syntax and semantic errors. ○ Compiler or Interpreters of corresponding language can be used. ○ If error occurs, we need to change the code to solve errors. ○ After successful compilation, object code is generated that a machine can understand.9 February 2012
  • 4. Program Development Cycle (Cont) ● Linking of object code ○ Linker links the libraries and object code then puts all objects into correct order in the executable. ○ If error occurs during linking, it might be a problem in writing code of linking. ● Loading of program ○ Loader loads the program into main memory and control is passed to processor. ○ Loading includes reading an executable, checking permission, initializing registers.9 February 2012
  • 5. Program Development Cycle (Cont) ● Program execution and testing ○ Execution of program is done by processor. ○ Debugger can be used to trace the error. ○ We verify the output. If the desired output is not achieved, we need to revice the whole process.9 February 2012
  • 6. Program Development Cycle Problem Analysis Algorithm Design Coding Error Library Compilation Error Linking Loading Error Execution Results9 February 2012