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Lecture 2 history_of_c Presentation Transcript

  • 1. History of C www.eshikshak.co.inwww.eshikshak.co.in
  • 2. ‘C’ Language● It is most popular language because ○ Structured Programming Language ○ High Level Language ○ Machine Independent Language or Portable or Platform Independent www.eshikshak.co.in
  • 3. History● History of C and UNIX operating system are intertwined● Seeds of UNIX system began in 1965, at MIT after the completion of project called Project MAC● MAC – It is was first time-sharing computer systems● MAC as joint with Bell Labs, began a project called MULTICS (Multiplexed Information and Computing Servies) www.eshikshak.co.in
  • 4. Continue - History● IBM had not yet built time-sharing into their computers.● Trio MIT, General Electric & Bell Labs worked for a few years in 1969● Bell Labs decided to discontinue the project● Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie smart programmer were frustrated www.eshikshak.co.in
  • 5. Continue - History● They continue with project with an intense “To develop a product that would simplfy the dialog between human and machine.” Thus named the project as UNIX● PDP-7 machine was not eligible to start a implementation of UNIX● B language was used to develop the UNIX system on GE -635 machine www.eshikshak.co.in
  • 6. Continue - History● Insufficient features of B Language● B and BPCL Languages are typeless● In 1971, Dennis Ritche decided to improve B and BCPL● He called it as NB “New B”, by adding data type features● Enhancement worked continue and Dennis Ritchie graced it with a name ‘C’ www.eshikshak.co.in
  • 7. Continue - History● UNIX Kernel was developed using ‘C’ Language● It was provided to universities● In 1980 it was most popular language and its compiler were available for all the platforms and machines● American National Standard Institute define ‘C’ Language● In year 1989 ANSI C was released www.eshikshak.co.in
  • 8. C History● Developed between 1969 and 1973 along with Unix● Dennis Ritchie – Father of ‘C’● Designed for systems programming ○ Operating systems ○ Utility programs ○ Compilers ○ Filters● Evolved from B, which evolved from BCPL www.eshikshak.co.in