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Extending an invitation to all concerned citizens
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MobiliCity Brochure


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This is the brochure for the day of the event.

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MobiliCity Brochure

  1. 1. Panel Discussion Session 2: Multimodal Transportation: Seamless Session 3: Urban Planning And Sustainable Transit Transportation: Making It Easy A sound framework for sustainable mobility involves several aspects like: land use planning, integrated and inclusive How easily you can go from walking or taking your cycle Mobility requirements of citizens depend upon the choices public transport systems that incorporate non-motorized or car, parking it and switching to a bus or metro, then the city provides them. If you had the option, wouldn’t you catching an auto to your destination, all in single journey live closer to work, and in a neighborhood that not only has Bangalore has witnessed forms of transport, design and usage patterns of resources and amenities, energy efficiency and good economics – and in a reasonably good time, is a measure of the efficiency all the amenities you need within easy distance but is also and efficacy of a transport system. green and clean? explosive growth in the last the balance between welfare and profit. A panel of senior local administrators, young politicians, Attend this session to understand concepts of multi-modal This session brings together urban planning experts and few years. experts as well as eminent citizens will bring their diversity transportation and to see what our city’s thinkers and planners have to say on the subject. knowledgeable citizens for a constructive discussion on how urban planning impacts sustainable mobility. in opinions and real world experiences to this session to discuss the various aspects of the draft Transport Policy With this, we have also seen the for Karnataka. Intelligent and lively audience participation is Presenters: Presenters: expected to complete the picture. 1. Mr PK Garg, Director Projects, BMTC city’s infrastructure struggling to 1. Ms. Champaka TR, Principal Urban Designer at 2. Prof Ashish Verma, CiSTUP, IISc Groupe SCE India Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, India cope with the demands of a growing Panelists: 1. Mr. Shankar Linge Gowda, Principal Secretary, 3. Mr. Shashidhara, City Connect 2. Mr. HS Sudhira, Specialist Consultant (Land Use economy and population. Rising levels Transport Department, GoK and Transport) at DULT, and Research Associate, 4. Mr. Nate Stell, Architect Biome Solutions IISc of congestion, rapid motorization, 2. Mr. Gaurav Gupta, MD KSRTC Moderator: Vinod Shankar, Member Praja Panelists ecological degradation, urban sprawl 3. Mr. Praveen Sood, ACP Traffic, Bangalore Time: 1:30 PM 1. Ms. Brinda Sastry,Urban Design and Planning and social inequity are key challenges 4. Mr. Krishna Byregowda, MLA, Congress Consultant, Adjunct Faculty, RV School of to our present transportation system. 5. Prof. Ashwin Mahesh, Session 3: Aatakkuntu, Lekkakkuntu – Simulation Architecture Bangalore Transportation Expert and Professor IIM Bangalore 2. Mr. Vijayan Menon, Koramangala Initiative A sustainable transport model for 6. Prof T.G Sitharam, Chairman, CiSTUP Of Participation And Planning In The Evolution Of Bengaluru Moderator: Sanjay Vijayaraghavan, Member Praja Bangalore would mean decongestion of 7. Mr. S. Viswanath, Sustainability Expert In a city governed by multiple elected bodies and public Time: 3:30 PM streets, enhanced pedestrian and public Moderator: V. Ravichandar agencies, arriving at decisions always involves working transport infrastructure, integrated urban Time: 10:30 AM with multiple stakeholders. Documentary Screening and transport design, reduced pollution Sessions Bangalore-based think-tank CSTEP will display several demos and kick off discussions about how games could and inclusive planning. At Mobilicity, a be used for addressing mobility related challenges in E2 series from PBS: Four 30 minute documentaries on best Take this opportunity to engage with policy makers, citizen practices in sustainable transport from around the world diverse group of citizens and experts will leaders and experts through a highly interactive series of Bangalore. sessions on Sustainable Transport. Listen to what they engage in open dialogue, share ideas, have to say on topics ranging from road design to urban Panelists: Just Wheels: 30 minute documentary by Faizan Jawed planning simulation, share your ideas and provide direct on how methods of mobility shape an inclusive, equitable, and propose forward-looking strategies 1. Prof Rajeev Gowda, Professor Economics and sustainable and therefore humane habitat. feedback. The emphasis is on participation, collaboration Social Sciences IIM Bangalore and solutions for accessible, equitable, and synergy. Time: 12:30 PM Presenters: CSTEP efficient and environmentally sustainable Session 1: Road Design Standards: Getting There Time: 2:30 PM Roads need to be designed and engineered to transportation in Bengaluru. accommodate the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, hawkers, private vehicle users, utilities such as water and electricity, Unconference as well as environmental aspects such as tree cover in an optimal and efficient way. We invite citizens to present or speak on goal-oriented, forward-looking proposals or analysis on the subject of Participate in this session to understand how this is currently sustainable mobility for Bangalore. Such sessions must attempted, what the shortcomings of this approach are, cover focused areas of mobility, and have clear local and what needs to change. context and applications. Presenters: Slots are available, and you can even register on the day 1. Prof T.G Sitharam, Chairman CiSTUP, IISc of the event! For more information, please visit mobilicity. 2. Mr. Chikrayappa, Chief Engineer, Major Roads, BBMP, Or call Shekhar (+91- 9611115671) or 3. Mr. Basavaraj Kabade, Exec. Engr, BBMP Neha (+91- 9739099230) 4. Mr. Suhas Kulhalli, Member, Praja Moderator: Ravindra, Member, Praja Time: 1:30 PM
  2. 2. Extending an invitation to all concerned citizens of Bangalore, to join a common platform to Reclaim Bangalore Schedule Time Faculty Room Meeting Hall Transport Lab Conference Room 9:30 Registration for Unconference 10:00 Orientation (Faculty Room) 10:30 Panel Discussion on Karnataka's Draft Transport Policy 12:30 Lunch Documentary Road Design Multi-Modal UC 1 13:30 Standards Integration Screening (GS 1) (GS 2) UC 2 Evolution of UC 3 UC 4 UC 4 14:30 Bangalore (GS 3) UC 5 UC 6 15:30 City Planning & UC 7 UC 8 Join us at Bengaluru’s first Sustainable 16:00 Transportation (GS 4) UC 9 UC 10 Transportation Unconference 16:30 Final Comments and Vote of Thanks (Faculty Room) Date Nov 21, 2009 All Day Exhibition of Innovations in Transport Engineering Design Time 9:30am – 5pm Venue CiSTUP, IISc, Bangalore Website email SPONSORED BY