Would You Pass a CLE Audit?


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Taking continuing legal education is crucial in ensuring that clients are assisted properly, but can be neglected and has serious consequences for legal professionals.

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Would You Pass a CLE Audit?

  1. 1. ParalegalAre you in compliance?
  2. 2. Attorneys failed CLE audit• Did you know that last year the State Bar of CA conducted a random audit on 635 attorneys?• The 635 attorneys that were audited were only 1% of the attorneys that had minimum continuing education requirements due• Out of the attorneys that were audited only 2% were in compliance• Read more about this year’s proposed audit in the California Bar Journal
  3. 3. Would you pass an audit?• All paralegals in CA are required to have 8 hours of CLE every two years• AAPI certified paralegals are required to have 18 hours of CLE every three years• NALA certified paralegals are required to have 50 hours of CLE every five years• NALS professional paralegals are required to have 75 points of CLE credits every 5 years• NFPA registered paralegals are required to have 12 hours of CLE credits every 2 years
  4. 4. Typical CLE activities• Publication of scholarly articles• Speaking at seminars, workshops & conferences• Teaching a group of legal professionals• Attending seminars• Taking college courses
  5. 5. Tracking your CLE activities• Some paralegal associations provide tracking forms for paralegals to use to track CLE activities• Some law firms have internal tracking systems for their staff• A physical or electronic file can be created to track CLE activities
  6. 6. Paralegal Rainmakers Membership• We offer all of our members access to our electronic CLE tracking system• This system can be used for various purposes: 1. To register for CLE courses offered by Paralegal Rainmakers and Rainmakers Virtual College 2. To monitor CLE activities not offered by Paralegal Rainmakers 3. To alert members of approaching CLE deadlines
  7. 7. Remain in compliance• Although, California is the only state that requires all paralegals to take continuing legal education, everyone in the legal field should aspire to be a continuous learner. When a client entrusts their matter to a firm they are not just handing over that matter they are oftentimes handing over their freedom, financial future, and business success to that firm. It is every legal professionals responsibility to their clients to stay up to date and current with changing laws and trends in order to assist them properly.
  8. 8. Contact Paralegal Rainmakers www.prainmakers.com info@prainmakers.com 888-734-5554Click here to learn more about membership plans
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