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About Us -inhouse bulletin of Rotary Mysore Midtown.

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Issue 43

  1. 1. ISSUE : 43 VOLUME : 31 23-05-2012 PAGES - 4 HOMEOPATHY DOSE TO MIDTOWNERS Homoeopathy, a unique style of treatment of human body, is popular since ages and there are many doctors who have embraced this as their profession. Born at Tezpur, a small town in upper Assam, Dr. Supriya Kumar Das did his schooling and college education from Gauhati University. He is a grandson of Mr.Chandra Kanta Das, a socialist, renowned lawyer in whole of Assam. Dr. Supriya took up the profession of Homoeopathic treatment after getting inspired from his maternal uncle Dr.Chtta Ranjan Guha whose treatment level was unparallel in the field. Dr.Supriya did his D.M.S. in homoeopathy in the year 1972 from Calcutta Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, the oldest in Asia. During 1979 Dr.Das attended “The International Homoeopathic Conference” in Hamburg West Germany as an Indian delegate where he presented his paper “CARICA PAPYA – THE UNIQUE LIVER MEDICINE”. His paper was published in the official journal of the conference. Besides other articles like “Homoeopathy in Industrial Diseases”, “ Homoeopathy in Children Diseases”, “Miasm, the Homoeopathic way of treatment” etc were published in various journals. 1980-1991 Dr. Supriya worked as Medical advisor for Sharada Plywood Industries. Now Dr. Das is authorized Medical Attendant of National Airport Authority, Panel doctor of Indian Airlines and ONGC. He is practicing at Kolkata. Married to Smt Madhuchhanda Das, a renowned classical singer and teacher from A.I.R. Calcutta who expired in 2010. His only son Supratim Das is a graphic designer is now working for Gammon India Ltd. A former Rotarian and past president of Rotary Club of Hooghly, West Bengal Dr. Supriya is a very soft spoken person, shy and lovable human being. His hobbies include reading, listening to music and playing with his best friend – his grandson. Midtown extends a warm welcome to Dr. Supriya Das
  2. 2. 23-5-2012 Presidents MessageMy Dear Rotarians, Last week we had Report on RI Convention held at Bangkok by Rtn. Sundar Raja Rao Chairman on to convention. Hemade the evening very special with his jovial style of presentation. The evening became more colourful when a fewRotarians shared their experience along with Rtn. Sundar. I thank all of them for their informative presentation. On 26th & 27th of May we are having District Assembly & Awards Night. Inaugural Session will start at 5pm & awards presentation will start from 7pm. Since it is happening at Mysore let us go in large number & enjoy the fellowship. On 18th we had a Inauguration of our ongoing project “SAHELI”, Tailoring Training Programme for new batch consisting of 60 Womens from Jyothinagar slum area & we also distributed sewing machines to two women from poor background & also we distributed course completion certificates to trainees of previous batch. Today it is my pleasure to welcome Dr.Supriya Das form Kolkatta to our Club. Let us here from him about “Profile of Homeopathic Medicine & Treatment” Bye till next week…. Thank You Rtn. Raghavendra AWARDS GALORE FOR MIDTOWN Rotary International District 3180 District Awards 2011-2012 Large Clubs – 51 Members Above : 21clubs Rotary Club of Mysore Mid Town : 21 Awards (1st Place-11, 2nd Place-7, 3rd Place-3) Ÿ Fellowship- 1st Place Ÿ Career Guidance- 1st Place Ÿ Vocational Awarness & Vocational Awards- 1st Place Ÿ Aids Awareness & Prevention- 1st Place Ÿ Gift Of Life- 1st Place Ÿ Partnering With Other Service Organisations - 1st Place Ÿ The Rotary Foundation- 1st Place Ÿ Matching Grants – 1st Place Ÿ Youth Activities- 1st Place Ÿ Club Bulletin - 2nd Place Ÿ Senior Citizens- 2nd Place Ÿ International Understanding- 2nd Place Ÿ Women Empowerment - 2nd Place Ÿ Sponsored Organizations- 3rd Place Ÿ Service To Handicapped & Mobility Training- 3rd Place Ÿ Best Club Under Club Service-3rd Place Ÿ Best Club Under Vocational Service- 2nd Place Ÿ Best Club Under Community Service-2nd Place Ÿ Best Club Under International Service- 1st Place Ÿ Best Club Under New Generations -2nd Place Ÿ Best Club Under All Avenues Of Service & District Projects- 1st Place
  3. 3. 3 23-5-2012 Lingering Bangkok Memories¨ÁåAUÁÌPï C¯Áè UÀÄgÀÄ ¨ÉAUÀÆîgï Alagappan Papa...... KumarannaPattayadalli patingaru Vishwa Flag exchange BheemannaMidtowners at 103rd RI convention Vishwa “Chandoo” ki mama ChanduMidtowners at the house of friendship Vishwa Engrossed in convention PrahladAll black and white Chandu Baa nalle madhuchandrake Harish
  4. 4. Happy Birthday Receiving a new heart Rtn. PHF. Ganesh .V.A from Gift of Life 30-05-2012 The seven-year-old star of an (Mobile: 9845123071) award-winning Indian film earned his role not because of a screen test, but a medical test. Rishikanta, who had two holes in his Rtn. PHF. Manickam heart, underwent open-heart surgery, 30-05-2012 sponsored by the Rotary Club of Imphal, (Mobile: 9342184801) in 2009. Last year, his story, titled Heart to Heart, won for Best Science and Technology Film in the National Film Awards, Indias equivalent to the Academy Awards. “Miracles do happen,” says executive producer Wedding Anniversary Radhesyam Oinam, a member of the Imphal club. At a September ceremony, Indias president, Pratibha Devisingh Patil, presented him with the honor. The genesis of Heart to Heart was Imphal Rotarians decision to document one of their projects: providing treatment to children with congenital heart defects whose families couldnt afford corrective surgery. More than 180,000 babies Rtn. PHF. R. Nagaraj & Vimala Nagaraj are born with such defects annually in India, and one-third 29-5-2012 Cell : 9845540506 require treatment within their first year. Members of the Imphal club, located in the far northeastern state of Manipur, raisedMidtowners & Thai Friends funds to send children to New Delhi, 1,500 miles away, for surgery. “Pediatric heart care is costly and rare in Manipur,” Oinam says. Open-heart surgery costs about US$5,000 – an impossible sum for a family like Rishikantas, who survive on $25 a month. In September 2009, the first three children underwent operations through the project, and as of August 2011, the club had sponsored 47 recipients. Last year, Gift of Life in Delhi, part of an international organization founded by Rotarians to provide free medical services to children with heart conditions, began sponsoring youth from Manipur. Participating hospitals provide the surgeries at half the usual cost.President was co –anchor for the cruise show The 37-minute film is helping the club spread the word about congenital heart defects. “We had no intention of winning awards or anything of the sort,” Oinam says. “We wanted people to know what we were doing.” Vicky Wallace, of the Rotary Club of Lake Elsinore, California, USA, saw a screening in 2009 while she was in Imphal for a district conference. “When the movie was over, several people came forward and committed funds to help with more surgeries,” she recalls. “I was never more proud to be a Rotarian.” The film, which was released in 2010, also has increasedCome I will Rock you!!! Rock awareness of Rotary in India. “In Manipur, we are known as the heart people,” says Pramod Kumar Chhabra, president of Next Week in Midtown the Imphal club. “It has improved our image in our state.” The clubs relationship with Rishikanta did not end with his BUSINESS MEET surgery. Before the procedure, his illness kept him from Theme : Celebration Time attending school, but today, the Imphal Rotarians are Date: 30-05-2012 at 6.30pm sponsoring his education. Chhabra reports that the young student is earning good grades. Venue : RCL Hall, JLB Road