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About Us-inhouse bulletin of Rotary Mysore midtown

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Issue 42

  1. 1. ISSUE : 42 VOLUME : 31 16-05-2012 PAGES - 4 Srivatsa and his Ek Din ki Saltanat Rtn. Srivatsa could to take us through some very informative and thought provoking not have asked for a issues of Adolescence and the Challenges, Trails and Tribulations better Presidential for both the adolescent and their parents. We have had many debut. The meeting had speakers over the years sharing their experiences with us. But not a decent gathering, many could have matched Ann. Anupama. Not only has she the despite majority of the command over the subject; she has the language, the body regular Rotarians out in language and the skill to keep the audience interested. If ever there Bangkok for the Rotary is a lady with more Charm, Grace, Humility, Modesty and Convention, thanks to knowledge it must be our very own Ann. Anupama Ravindranath. the presence of some Thank you Madam for enlightening us with your knowledge and Inner wheel Sisters. While Rtn. Srivatsa had a very expertise. The topic was so well received that there was very active suave secretary Rtn. Dr. Raghu with his trade mark participation from everyone in general and parents of Adolescents smile (a great advertisement for his Dental Clinic) like Ann. Lavanya, Rtn. Raju Baliga, yours truly and many others. on the one side, he had the charming Inner wheel Our veteran Rtn. Balu shared his Dinner Diplomacy with us and President Ann. Shama Milton on the other side. added a lot of value with his experience. While the very pretty Ann. Lavanya Srinivas added At the end, it was the turn of Ann. Lavanya to do the vote of glitz anchoring the program, the cherry on the cake thanks and while doing so with her usual charm and grace, she also was of course Ann. Anupama Ravindranath informed us about the great time that her Husband is having in enthralling the gathering with her power packed Cambodia with Raghavavarma, Venkatavarma, Vishwavarma, presentation on “Managing Adolescence”. Srivatsa Sundaravarma, Gopalavarma and others in the land of Rajavarma. surely must have felt on cloud 9 and must be Those of us who could not make it to Bangkok and Cambodia will be wondering how he can keep Raghavendra out of banging our heads for having missed the bus. But let me tell you, the chair for a few more weeks to enjoy the those who were not there in this meeting missed an opportunity to Presidency. see how lucky Rtn. Srivatsa was with his “Ek din ki Saltanat”. The meeting started with the usual National Anthem in chorus and the Rotary President inviting the Inner Wheel President to the dais to conduct the joint meeting. The meeting started with the usual pleasantries and amongst it was the 60th birthday of PP Rtn. K. N. Srinivasan, and a cake was cut to celebrate the same. His wife and daughter made his day special with their presence. PP Rtn. Srinivasan thanked all for the nice gesture and shared his emotions and experiences with all. The passing away of Mrs. Haseebunissa, mother of Inner Wheel PP Niloufer Khuraishi, was condoled with a few moments of silence. May her soul rest in peace! KN’s 60th Happay Birthday Ann. Shama introduced Ann. Anupama with aplomb and then it was the turn of Madam Anupama - Rtn. Farooq
  2. 2. 16-5-2012 Presidents MessageMy Dear Rotarians, ELast week we missed Ann.Anupama Ravindranaths talk which I believe was one of thebest talks in midtown meetings. I heard that the speech, the meeting, the fellowship & theattendance was excellent. I hope you all enjoyed it. On this occasion I would like to thankRtn.Srivatsa for presiding and Rtn. Dr.Raghu for acting as Secretary & Rtn. Sulaiman Sait, theGuest Editor for the bulletin for making the meeting a success. Dear Friends, 20 of us attended 103rd Rotary International Convention at Bangkok. It was agreat experience. We all enjoyed it. Princess of Thailand Inaugurated the Convention and inher address she thanked & praised the Rotarians for their Service above self to mankind. Andour own Indian International President Rtn. Kalyan Banerjee in his Presidential address, briefed about theimmediate need of the society which should be addressed by the Rotarians as a priority. It is my pleasure tothank on to convention Chairman Rtn. Sundar Raja Rao & Co-Chairman Rtn. D .Srinivasan for making excellentarrangements for the trip to Bangkok. Today let us hear our own Rotarian friends about the RI convention. Today’s Tea is Hosted by Rtn. Umesh.Thanks Umesh ! Bye till next week…. Rtn. Raghavendra Thank You MIDTOWNERS AT 103RD RI CONVENTION-BANGKOK After her majesty had left, RI president Kalyan Banerjee delivered his speech in immaculate English followed by flags of 200 countries plus latest entrant countries were brought in style and displayed on the stage. Host country Thailand and RI Presidents country INDIA flags were the last to be displayed. National anthem of Thailand and India were sung by artistes on the stage. When our national anthem was played we had the wonderful feeling of achieving something greater than we could achieve. Tears were rolling down from the eyes of Sundar and Kumaraswamy, the feeling of achieving salvation was there. After the ceremony we all went to the house of fellowship followed by lunch at the venue. We left the venue at 3.00pm to our hotel and next Mysore v Bangalore ñ Bangkok v Pattaya, day morning we departed to Cambodia.two days of relaxing and fun in the beach city. Pattaya We came – We saw – We Conquered.v Bangkok on 5th may retiring to the comforts of thehotel. On 6th morning everybody was in elated spirits - Rtn. Srinivasanand was on time to the bus and off we went to RIConvention center. The IMPACT Center, venue of the THE EXPEDITION-COMBODIAConvention was a massive structure, you have to seeit to believe. Papers for the registration was all ready After attending the Rotary convention at Bangkok, aand registration was over quickly and then the fun group of thirteen midtown Rotarians started theirstarted when Midtowners had the name tag around journey to the land of khmer civilization (Cambodia).their necks. They were with euphoric feelings and they We all boarded the bus at 8.30 A.M on Monday , the 7thwere wearing their best smiles. Click-click of the May and proceed to Siem Reap at Cambodia. We hadcameras, sounds of laughter was at its peak. a stop at the Cambodian border to get our Visa for theMidtowners had the privilege of watching the 1st country and we were given warm welcome by the Asiansession as we had registered early for the Convention. Trial guide Mr. Sham and all of us proceeded to SiemThe hall was a colossal structure with a seating Reap in a bus. After tasting the Cambodian lunch encapacity of 25,000 people, well lit, good audio and route, we reached Siem reap in the evening 6 P.M. Afterhuge sized TV screen. Princess Chulabhorn Walailak a sumptuous dinner at the hotel all of us explored themarked open the Convention with a speech in Thai and night market of the town which had so many things toRI President greeted her Royal Highness with flowers. offer and we all bought various gift items.
  3. 3. 3 16-5-2012 Next day after falls. breakfast, we were Day 3 in the morning we went to see the fisherman village and taken to the to understand their lifestyle. We had opportunity to see floating archaeological houses and also a floating school. After having a good Asian lunch importance place, the we proceeded to phnom penh the capital of Cambodia and ANGKOR. It was reached the place in the evening. indeed a wonderful Next dayin Phnom Penh we visited the Royal palace and also experience for us to National museum. In the afternoon we went to Tuol Slendg witness that Hindu Genocide Museum. The museum was an old prison was created by culture had spread its the orders of Pol Pot designed for detention, interrogation, inhuman wings to a far of place torture, and killing after confession. The sight of prison rooms was like Cambodia and really horrifying and we also had the opportunity to see two marked its presence. survivors. In the evening we went to the Russian market to do our The architecture, purchasing. sculpture, construction We left Phnom Penh on 12th night by 7.30 P.M and reached and art form -all of them Bangalore via Bangkok . The entire trip to Cambodia was very breathtaking. We interesting and informative. Alagappan with Angkor wat Shiva walked through the - Rtn. Sundarraja raoplaces like Ta pram, Bayon and Ta Sam. We had wonderfulexperience of seeing one of the ancient worlds most powerful Malaysia-truly Asiacivilizations. After finishing our lunch at a local Indian restaurant,we proceed to see the Angkor Wat. The temple has three levelsand built almost 900 years ago. The carvings showing Asuras andDevas churning the sea of milk to obtain the Nectar, is carved onthe stones and looks grand. The temple is the biggest one in Asiaand had three levels. It took almost two hours to see all the threelevels of the temple. Later we went to see the National Museum,which was built in the year 2008, to reveal the legend of ANGKOR.The visit was worth and we had a good understanding of ancientKhmer civilizations. The museum had 8 galleries in chronicleorder. After a brief rest in the hotel we proceeded to see the show”SMILE OF ANGKOR”, a grand epic show to revive the greatAngkor kingdom and Legends. The show had state of the art lasertechnology and sound systems and dances, from the churning ofthe Ocean of milk to the Shiva and candle wish dances and Apsaradances. The show lasted for 90 minutes and was quite The Charminars at KLentertaining. Four of us –myself, Bhanu, Pavitran and Bheemesh spent one Next day after more day in Bangkok after the convention and took the flight tobreakfast in the Malaysia as none of had seen this country and this tour wasmorning, we comparatively shorter. After reaching Kuala Lumpur we spent half-proceeded to Kulen a-day seeing the city – the magnificent Twin towers, the warMountain where we memorial, the Jamek mosque, the Royal palace, the nationalsaw the river of monument etc. The in the evening we had an elaborate shopping atthousand lingams. Central market which was estd in 1888 and in China town in PetalingThe river bed had the street. In KL we had the luxury of having south Indian food threecarvings of Lord times a day. Next day we checked out of the hotel to GentingVishnu and thousand highland, en route we visited Batu caves and the Murugan temple.small lingams. We Genting Highland is truly out of the world experience for all of us. Thealso visited a infrastructure, the outer and indoor theme parks, the casinos, thereclining Buddha 24/7 entertainment activities all just amazing. We really enjoyed ourtemple and we had stay there and the 10 day tour was really getting us tired andlunch near a homesick and we were eager get back. And on 11th we boarded ourwaterfalls and also flights back home and reached Mysore by 10 pm.had fun bathing at the - Rtn.Prahlad All smiles at Angkor wat
  4. 4. Happy Birthday Speakers urge Rotarians Rtn. Pavithran .C.P. to fight global poverty 20-05-2012 Poverty and (Mobile: 9448554130) hunger were the targets of the second plenary session of the Wedding Anniversary 2012 RI Convention, as a variety of award- Rtn. PHF. PP. winning speakers M.S. Nanda Kumar encouraged & N. K. Anuradha Rotarians to use their 20-5-2012 ingenuity to solve Cell : 9945242822 these global challenges. Microcredit Muhammad Yunus pioneer Muhammad commends Rotarians Yunus, a Nobel Peace for their work in Prize laureate, developing microcredit c o m m e n d e d loans for the poor Rotarians for their during the second Rtn. PHF. Srivatsa .M.R & Sheela Srivatsa work in developing plenary session 7 May. 21-5-2012 Cell : 9886506206 microcredit loans for the poor. The founder of Grameen Bank also encouraged Rotarians to pursue social business enterprises that would work with microcredit- funded businesses not just to produce revenue but also to return profits to the communities where they operate. As an example, Yunus highlighted a joint venture Rtn. Milton & E. Shama Milton between Grameen Bank and Danone, a European food 22-5-2012 Cell : 9448369247 company, to produce high-nutrition yogurt for children in Bangladesh. The goal is to reduce malnutrition whileGift of life project (MG74139) creating manufacturing and distribution jobs. “In todays world, we use money to make money, not solve problems,” said Yunus. “If we use money creatively in a business framework, we can solve any problem.” Recently, Grameen Bank also joined forces with Adidas to produce shoes that cost less than US$1 per pair. The affordable shoes help prevent infection by foot parasites in poor communities. Ms. Madhumitha, aged about 8 years “My dream is to one day take poverty out of ourunderwent surgery for Congenital Heart Disease society and put it in a museum that our grandchildrenon 1-05-12 at Apollo BGS Hospitals. This surgery can visit to see what it was like,” Yunus said.was sponsored by Rotary Mysore Midtown under Antipoverty crusader Hugh Evans, cofounder andmatching grant project Gift of Life. This is the CEO of the Global Poverty Project, said Rotary can usefourth surgery under this project. its considerable influence to fight poverty. “Like Rotary, we believe that mass mobilization of Next Week in Midtown individuals can effect real change in the world,” Evans Dr. SUPRIYA DAS from Kolkata said. “When we focus on the needs of others, our own will speak on burdens become lighter. Our perspective sharpens.” PROFILE OF HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE “This idea, the same one that drives you as Rotarians, guides our work at the Global Poverty Date: 23-05-2012 at 6.30pm Project,” he said. Venue : RCL Hall, JLB Road