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RoboHelp 2002 - overview
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RoboHelp 2002 - overview


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This PPT provides overview of RoboHelp wiht pros and cons of RoboHelp.

This PPT provides overview of RoboHelp wiht pros and cons of RoboHelp.

Published in: Self Improvement, Technology
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  • 1. RoboHelp - Overview 01/23/12
  • 2. Agenda
    • What is Online Help?
    • What is a Help-authoring tool (HAT)?
    • Different Help-authoring tools available
    • Features available in Robohelp
    • Difference between Robohelp and Webworks Publisher
  • 3. Help-authoring tool
    • Online Help: Documentation/Help in electronic format
    • A help-authoring tool or HAT is a software program to create online help manuals
    • Online Help file formats:
      • Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)
      • Hypertext Markup Language ( HTML )
      • Microsoft WinHelp (.HLP) – based on Rich Text Format
      • Microsoft Compressed HTML Help (.CHM)
      • Mac OS X Help (.HELP)
      • Sun JavaHelp (.js)
  • 4. 01/23/12
    Help-authoring tool
    • The basic functions of help-authoring tools are: File Input/Create => Edit => Help Output
    • File Input Formats : HATs obtain their source text either by importing it from a file produced by another program, or by allowing the author to create the text within the tool using a text editor. File formats that can be imported include HTML , Microsoft Word , MIF ( FrameMaker Interchange Format) and compiled help formats such as Microsoft WinHelp and Microsoft Compressed HTML Help . The ability to import compiled help formats is useful when the source text for those files has been lost.
    • Help Output Formats : The output from a HAT can be either a specialised help file in a format such as WinHelp or Microsoft Compiled HTML (CHM), or a general-purpose document file such as Adobe PDF or HTML .
  • 5. 01/23/12
    Help-authoring tool
    • Some HATs provide extra functions like:
      • Automatic or assisted index generation
      • Automatic table of contents
      • Spelling checker
      • Image editing
      • Image hotspot editing
      • Import and export of text in XML files, for exchange with computer-assisted translation programs
  • 6. Common Help-Authoring Tools(HAT)
    • Some common help authoring tools include:
    • RoboHelp: An easy-to-use tool to create professional Help systems and documentation for desktop and web-based applications
    • AuthorIT : A collaborative authoring tool used for single-source content management.
    • Chm maker : An easy-to-use help authoring tool for creating help files in CHM format.
    • Doc-To-Help : An authoring tool that creates various online Help formats and printed manuals from Microsoft Word or HTML source documents.
    • Webworks Publisher in association with Adobe FrameMaker : The most common tool for large technical documents.
    • Epic Editor : An XML -based authoring tool.
  • 7. About RoboHelp
    • RoboHelp is a Help authoring tool (HAT) created by the eHelp Corporation and now owned by Macromedia.
    • Used by technical writers to create help files in various formats, including:
        • FlashHelp
        • Microsoft WinHelp
        • Microsoft Compressed HTML Help
        • Sun JavaHelp
        • WebHelp
        • Oracle Help for Java
        • XML
        • Microsoft Word
        • PDF
  • 8. System Requirements
    • RoboHelp Office - System Requirements :
      • Pentium 300 MHz or faster
      • 128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended)
      • 32-bit operating system - Windows XP, ME, 2000, 98, or NT 4.0
      • MS Word 2003, 2002, 2000, 97 for authoring in MS Word-based environment
      • Internet Explorer 5.0 or later
      • 200 MB available disk space
  • 9. Features in RoboHelp
    • Help Topics
    • Easily create Help topics using WYSIWIG editor to individually explain the features in your application.
  • 10. Features in RoboHelp
    • Graphics
    • Integrate graphics, such as screenshots of particular application features, into your Help topics.
  • 11. Features in RoboHelp
    • Hyperlinks, Pop-Ups & Image Maps
    • Add links to text and graphics that go to other topics, roll-over messages, customized pop-up windows, or URLs.
  • 12. Features in RoboHelp
    • Table of Contents & Index
    • Easily add comprehensive navigation features so end-users can quickly find the information they need.
  • 13. Features in RoboHelp
    • Search Function
    • Include a powerful natural language search or full-text search. (Natural language requires RoboHelp Office Pro.)
  • 14. Features in RoboHelp
    • Glossary
    • Define unfamiliar terms for your end-users without requiring them to leave the topic they are viewing .
  • 15. Features in RoboHelp
    • Context-Sensitive Help Add context-sensitive Help links to your application that connect directly to specific Help topics.
    • Importing Content
      • Import content from HTML, Microsoft Word, Adobe FrameMaker, PDF documents, XML, or existing Help projects .
  • 16. Features in RoboHelp
    • Automated Wizards
      • Table of Contents Composer
      • Index Designer
      • Glossary Wizard
      • Browse Sequence Editor
      • Related Topic Wizard
  • 17. Features in RoboHelp
    • Single Sourcing
    • Generate multiple online formats from a single project, including
      • FlashHelp
      • WebHelp
      • HTML Help
      • WinHelp
      • JavaHelp
      • Oracle Help for Java
      • HTML
      • XML
  • 18. Difference b/w RoboHelp & Webworks Publisher
    • Webworks Publisher generates files that are ready to be compiled in the Microsoft Help Compiler. Unlike RoboHelp, you do not modify the source files directly.
    • RoboHelp provides an easy-to-use interfaces, but the problem is that you have to export the information out of FrameMaker to RTF, and you lose a lot of formatting this way.
      • Spend weeks in cleaning up the RTF output from RoboHelp before you can really develop the help.
      • If you use in your Online Help, look at direct conversion alternatives from FrameMaker to WinHelp to avoid redoing all your formatting.