Environmental and Social Due Diligence ESG Assessments


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Leading player in Energy and Sustainability Services

Led more than 500 sustainability service offerings( CSR, EIAs, LCAs, CDM, Environmental Finance etc.)
Sectors( Energy and Infrastructure, Mines and Metals, Manufacturing, Habitats, Forestry, Agriculture) and
Geographies (India, Srilanka, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania)
Clients (Governments, Multilaterals, UN, Business groups, NGOs)
Delivered more than 500 million USD benefits to clients

Operating across India, South East Asia and Africa

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Environmental and Social Due Diligence ESG Assessments

  1. 1. Environmental and Social Due Diligence/ESG Assessments
  2. 2. About Us  Leading player in Energy and Sustainability Services  Led more than 500 sustainability service offerings( CSR, EIAs, LCAs, CDM, Environmental Finance etc.) • • • Sectors( Energy and Infrastructure, Mines and Metals, Manufacturing, Habitats, Forestry, Agriculture) and Geographies (India, Srilanka, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania) Clients (Governments, Multilaterals, UN, Business groups, NGOs)  Delivered more than 500 million USD benefits to clients  Operating across India, South East Asia and Africa
  3. 3.  RSM International is the 7th largest network of independent audit, tax & advisory firm in the world with over USD 4 billion in fee income and presence in over 700 offices in 103 countries  RSM Astute is the 6th largest accounting and consulting group in India has 1000 people strength and located in 19 offices in 13 cities with delivery capabilities in 90+ cities  Some Clients of RSM Astute
  4. 4. Towards Sustainable Business..phase wise approach : Growing with clients , Partnering at all stages of business ,Handholding to address Energy, Environment and Social functions Business development that meets the needs of the present generation without Sustainable business compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs* Focus on triple bottom line. Balancing value - sustainability value generation Derive competitive advantage and brand reputation Sustainability Business Transformation Responsible practices along the supply chain and deliver fair value to suppliers Green products, meeting consumer preferences, increase in customer loyalty Risk Management Supply chain capacity building, reduced risks, extended producer responsibility to manage risk Sustainability management & reporting systems Reduced GHG / waste / water footprint, reduced operating costs, low impact manufacturing. Trade - offs Anticipate SEEG risks and proactively addressing these Compliance ESG due diligence Total complianc e *World Commission on Environment & Development
  5. 5. Our Service Offerings CSR – Companies Act 2013 Energy Audit / Energy Management Systems [ISO 50000) Renewable Energy Purchase Obligation (RPO) / Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) Advisory and Trading Energy PAT Advisory and ESCerts Trading Environmental and Social Assessments Carbon and Water Foot printing & International Certifications [ ISO, CDP ] Sustainability Carbon Credits [CDM, VCS, PoA, GS] Business Responsibility Reporting [Under SEBI Regulations] Sustainability Reporting[GRI etc. ] RE Power Contracting and Trading Sustainability ERP Tools and Performance Improvement 5
  6. 6. ESG: Signatories and FIs www.general-carbon.com
  7. 7. Principles for Responsible Investment(UN PRI) 1 2 3 4 5 6 • We will incorporate ESG issues into investment analysis and decision-making processes. • We will be active owners and incorporate ESG issues into our ownership policies and practices. • We will seek appropriate disclosure on ESG issues by the entities in which we invest. • We will promote acceptance and implementation of the Principles within the investment industry. • We will work together to enhance our effectiveness in implementing the Principles. • We will each report on our activities and progress towards implementing the Principles. Source: 6 Principles of Responsible Investment www.general-carbon.com
  8. 8. ESG Issues Environmental Social Governance Emissions Shareowner rights Climate Change Equality & Diversity Business ethics & Transparency Renewable Energy Human Rights Anti-bribery & Corruption Toxic Depletion www.general-carbon.com Community Relations Labour Conditions Staggered Boards
  9. 9. ESG values for companies Risk management Business opportunities Revenue growth Cost savings Innovation Productivity License to operate Brand Enhancement Risk Management Need for Responsible Investment Interest from investors Opportunities for cost savings Top management commitment Regulations www.general-carbon.com Market Access Capital Access
  10. 10. ESG Management Systems Initial screening Due diligence Investment decision Staying ahead of competition Accessing right expertise Adopting best practise approaches Measuring the financial value generated Reporting www.general-carbon.com Investment agreement Investment monitoring Exit
  11. 11. Key Findings Leading companies have showed that businesses benefit from embedding sound ESG management into their operations. Mainstream analysts are beginning to understand, accept and incorporate ESG aspects into their capital allocation recommendations. Company directors are increasingly recognising the need to take ESG matters seriously at board level. Private equity fund managers have a long-term investment horizon and are ideally placed to implement improvements in ESG management over time in their portfolio companies, which add value to their investments. Climate change poses numerous opportunities for forward-looking companies as well as risks for those that fail to adapt. www.general-carbon.com
  12. 12. Benefits of sound ESG plan Margin Improvement Profits Pricing Powers Cost Savings Employee Recruitment & Engagement Total Shareholder Return Revenue Growth Market Share Free cash flow New Market Entry Valuation Multiple www.general-carbon.com Risk Premium Potential impact of sound ESG management • A stronger brand and greater pricing power • Greater operational efficiencies • More efficient use of resources • Supply chain optimisation • Lower costs • Enhanced ability to attract, retain and motivate employees • Greater employee productivity • Improved customer loyalty • Enhanced ability to enter new markets • New potential sources of revenue • Lower market, balance-sheet, and operational risks • Lower costs of capital • Greater access to capital, financing and insurance
  13. 13. ESG compliance- Our Service Offering 1. Compliance with all applicable environment and social regulations, guidance and good practices 2. Developing management systems which effectively address ESG risks and realize ESG opportunities as a fundamental part of a company/project’s value. 3. Assistance in continuous improvements with respect to management of the environment, social matters and governance 4. Assist in preparing ESG action plan 5. Monitoring & progress of ESG action plan www.general-carbon.com
  14. 14. About us www.general-carbon.com 14
  15. 15. Advantage RSM GC Advisory Leadershi p Team • Leadership team with expertise and extensive consulting experience, more than 500 sustainability service offerings; developed over 250 emission reduction projects with a potential of >400 million CERs; assisted and advised over 8000 MW power project portfolio & over 2000 MW wind power projects, over 350 MW REC projects; delivered value of over US$ 500 Million to businesses in India Policy Formulati on • Active participation in policy formulation and thought leadership Strong Track Record Diverse Work Experienc e www.general-carbon.com • Strong track record of project delivery, combined with risk mitigation and structuring capabilities • Working experience in diverse geographies & sectors, and a potent combination of technical & financial resources 15
  16. 16. Clientele Sustainability Disclosure Engagements Our Global Footprint www.general-carbon.com Carbon Disclosure Engagements External Assurances for Sustainability Reports
  17. 17. Clientele www.general-carbon.com
  18. 18. www.general-carbon.com
  19. 19. www.general-carbon.com
  20. 20. www.general-carbon.com
  21. 21. ……………..and some more www.general-carbon.com
  22. 22. Team Profile  Rambabu Paravastu, Ph D, CEO Dr. Rambabu has been a thought leader in the Asian Sustainability and Climate Change movement, his previous roles include Managing Director at CantorCO2e Asia and Head of Sustainability and Climate Change practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Asia. Dr. Rambabu has over 25 years of experience in consulting, research and teaching in governance, sustainability, and climate change. He has led over 200 assignments sponsored by the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST), World Bank, UNDP and various national and international organizations.  Satish Kashyap, Co-Founder & Director Satish has over a decade of experience in Capital Markets, M&A and Strategy. Satish led product development for equity, commodity and derivative markets at the National Stock Exchange of India Group. Satish was Director, SunGard and investment manager for a USD 400 million private equity fund investing in Infrastructure and Real Estate. Satish Kashyap is a post-graduate in Management from the ISB, Hyderabad and holds a BE from the University of Mumbai.  R P Sharma (RP), Director – New Delhi RP holds a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering with 36 years of experience in the field of energy and environmental management. He has worked in past for Hindustan Zinc Limited, Triveni Engineering Works Ltd, Hindustan Dorr-Oliver Ltd, Tata Steel & CantorCO2e. He has been the Chief of Environmental Management in Tata Steel. www.general-carbon.com
  23. 23. Team Profile • Anupam Das-Purkayastha , Director Anupam is a post-graduate in Physics. He has been involved in CDM projects and entrepreneurial initiatives wherein he has successfully set up an environmental consultancy organization and led transaction services. Anupam has twenty years of work experience including heading multiple profit centers working with European, U.S. and Indian clients. • Betsy Vincent, Vice President Betsy has 12 years of experience with the corporate and nonprofit sectors. Betsy has worked with Bennett Coleman & Co. & International Resources for Fairer Trade(nonprofit institution) she was responsible for marketing of the fair trade concept, fund raising, training, and business development services. She has also developed GHG emission reduction projects in the community and agriculture sector. Betsy holds a Master’s degree in Management Studies. She has extensively worked with communities across India. • Pravin Jadhav, Asso. Vice President Pravin is a post graduate chemical engineer with more than Eight years of experience across research and industry. He pursued his research at the National Chemical Laboratory and National Environmental Engineering Research Institute. Pravin has published eight research papers ;has contributed to India’s Initial National Communication to the UNFCCC and has registered about 25 CDM projects with UNFCCC working across the globe in India, Thailand, Indonesia and Africa. • Akash Mokhriwale – Manager Akash holds a post graduate diploma in Industrial Safety & Environmental management(PGDISEM) from NITIE and Bachelor of Engineering(Electronics & Communications). Akash has collective work experience of over 3 years, designing safety systems in plant engineering, energy and environmental management. He is also an certified internal auditor for OHSAS 18001:2007. www.general-carbon.com
  24. 24. Sustainability. Value. Delivered. 10 January 2014 Partner for Sustainability Transformation RSM GC Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. www.general-carbon.com 5th floor, Great Social Building 60, Sir Pherozeshah Mehta Road, Fort Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001, India