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Enterprise social media mgmt tools
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Enterprise social media mgmt tools


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Here are some free internet marketing tips, Video Lessons and books for you. …

Here are some free internet marketing tips, Video Lessons and books for you.

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  • 1. Market Intelligence Report:Enterprise Social MediaManagement SoftwareA Digital Marketing Depot Research Report
  • 2. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management SoftwareScope and MethodologyT his report was written for enterprise marketers who are looking to buy or upgrade a social media management software (SMMS) platform, but are overwhelmed by the options for publishing, moderating, monitoring and measuring multiple social media channels. The goal is to help the reader navigate those choices in order to makea more informed decision about the current market for SMMS platforms and what features and capabilities are mostimportant to their organizations.The report uses the following definition of SMMS from Altimeter Group: a software tool that uses business rules andapproved employees and partners to manage multiple social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Thissystem contains features such as governance, workflow, intelligence, and integration capabilities across the enterprise.The report presents the key trends impacting the SMMS market, as well as detailed information about the leading SMMSvendors, including the functions and capabilities that are most important to marketers.We use the term “social media management software” to describe the tools included in this report. Those tools assist usersin managing: • content creation, scheduling, publishing and moderation • collaboration, workflow and permissions • data analytics and reportingOther SMMS capabilities may include: • sentiment analysis • vertical-specific compliance • marketing campaign automation • integration with legacy marketing and analytics platforms • strategic social media consulting servicesOur focus is on the leading SMMS vendors that provide a package of multichannel capabilities, which are available on asoftware-as-a-service (SaaS) basis. The space is rapidly evolving and features many sub-segments (see Diagram 1). Socialanalytics, sentiment, collaboration and other single function or “point solutions” that provide only one of these or othercapabilities are beyond the scope of this report.Our purpose is to look at SMMS platforms for large enterprises managing multiple social media accounts and channelsacross disparate locations – with a particular eye toward how they are managing and integrating a growing number of socialmarketing channels. This report is not a directory of all available solutions.Tools that allow users to manage PPC advertising on social media platforms are beyond the scope of this report; they arecovered in our report PPC Campaign Management Tools in the Facebook Era.Digial Marketing Depot conducted numerous in-depth interviews with leading vendors and industry experts. Interviewstook place in January and February 2012. These, in addition to third party research, form the basis for this report.We would like to thank our editorial advisor, Tamar Weinberg, digital media strategist and owner, Techipedia; as well asJeremiah Owyang, partner, Altimeter Group, for their valuable contributions to this report. In addition, we would like tothank the executives at all of the profiled SMMS vendors who agreed to be interviewed.Consulting Editor: Tamar Weinberg, Techipedia ( Analyst: Karen BurkaEditor: Claire Schoen ( Research provided by the Altimeter Group (© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 1 Email:
  • 3. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Diagram 1: The Social Media Marketing Software Landscape Source: LUMA Partners LLC© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 2 Email:
  • 4. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management SoftwareTable of ContentsIntroduction................................................................................................................................................................................... 4 SMMS Platform Use Explodes............................................................................................................................................ 4Leading Trends Shaping the SMMS Market................................................................................................................................. 5 Trend #1: The Increasing Number of Prominent Social Networks, plus Google............................................................... 5 Trend #2: Emergence of “Crowdsourcing” Means More Consumers are Using Social Media to Make Purchase Decisions......................................................................................................................... 6 Trend #3: The Use of Mobile Devices to Access Social Media is Growing........................................................................ 6 Trend #4: The Free Flow of Capital and Consolidation are Shaping the SMMS Market................................................... 7Choosing an SMMS Platform...................................................................................................................................................... 10 Is it time for an SMMS?..................................................................................................................................................... 10 SMMS Platform Capabilities............................................................................................................................................. 12 Assessing Internal Resources............................................................................................................................................ 14 Pricing............................................................................................................................................................................... 14Conclusion.................................................................................................................................................................................. 16Vendor Profiles Adobe............................................................................................................................................................................... 17 Awareness......................................................................................................................................................................... 19 Buddy Media..................................................................................................................................................................... 21 Emailvision........................................................................................................................................................................ 23 Engage121........................................................................................................................................................................ 25 Hearsay Social................................................................................................................................................................... 27 HootSuite.......................................................................................................................................................................... 29 Involver.............................................................................................................................................................................. 32 Shoutlet............................................................................................................................................................................. 34 SocialVolt........................................................................................................................................................................... 36 Spredfast........................................................................................................................................................................... 39 Sprinklr.............................................................................................................................................................................. 41 Syncapse........................................................................................................................................................................... 44 Vitrue................................................................................................................................................................................. 46 Wildfire Interactive............................................................................................................................................................ 49© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 3 Email:
  • 5. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management SoftwareIntroductionSocial media has become ingrained in the fabric of our global community. Consider these statistics taken from Facebook’s2012 IPO filing: • Facebook ended 2011 with 845 million users, a 39% increase over 608 million in 2010. • More than half of the Facebook audience logs into the network daily. • In Q4 2011, Facebook users recorded a daily average of 2.7 billion “likes” and comments.Consider also that the number of daily Tweets has grown to 250 million, up from two million per day in 2009. Blogpublishing platform Tumblr has more than 42 million active blogs today compared to one million in 2009.For brand marketers of all sizes, social marketing has become an integral component of marketing programs and budgets.It is no longer enough to have a Facebook brand page, WordPress blog or Twitter account. Marketers have become smarterand more organized about social marketing and connecting their social content and campaigns to sales conversions andROI.Enterprises now have an average of 11 social marketing staff positions, including social marketing managers, strategistsand analysts, according to a January 2012 survey by Altimeter Group. Social marketing has become an enterprise-wideendeavor, with departments including HR, legal, engineering and product development actively involved in creating,approving and distributing social marketing content.Social media management often spans multiple locations and geographies. Large companies like Intel publish, analyze andmeasure the impact of localized social content in 35 countries, for example.SMMS Platform Use ExplodesThe result is that more enterprises are using integrated SMMS platforms to create, publish, measure and make actionabletheir social media marketing initiatives. Adoption of SMMS tools (including freemium software) reached 64% in 2011, upfrom 52% in 2010, according to Altimeter Group, which also found that enterprises are already managing an average of 178discrete social media accounts – not including employee accounts. Enterprises that have relied on standalone freemiumtools recognize that they need to implement solutions that can manage social media across the organization.SMMS platform providers are the beneficiaries of this enlightenment, as demonstrated by their rapid growth. In January2012, Buddy Media announced that its staff doubled in size in 2011, growing from 100 to 225 employees. The companyopened international offices in London and Singapore and increased monthly licensing revenues an average of 250%among its top 20 clients. Shoutlet’s revenue increased 300% in 2011, as the company opened eight new sales offices andgrew its staff 250%.Yet, the SMMS solution market is still in its infancy and continues to evolve. There are hundreds of social marketing “pointsolutions” that offer a range of specific tools from social media publishing and collaboration to social monitoring andanalytics. Many of the current SMMS platform providers, including Involver, Emailvision and Engage121, were founded aspoint solutions and expanded their capabilities either through organic growth or acquisition. With relatively low barriersto entry and plenty of investment capital available, market participants will shape the field through both start up andacquisitions.For their part, marketers are still learning how to harness the vast reach and power of social networks. Brands are adept atbroadcasting messages to consumers but less knowledgeable about engaging in successful two-way social dialogues withprospects and existing customers.Social media marketing is less about running timed one-way campaigns and more about building ongoing, interactivecustomer relationships.© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 4 Email:
  • 6. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management SoftwareLeading Trends Shaping the SMMS MarketA number of macro consumer trends and social media technology trends are shaping the evolution and growth of theSMMS market, including: 1. An increasing number of prominent social networks, now including Google+. 2. The emergence of “crowdsourcing” and the growing number of consumers using social media to make purchase decisions. 3. The growing use of mobile devices to access social networks and content. 4. The free flow of capital into – and the consolidation of – the SMMS market.The following sections discuss each of these trends in more depth.Trend #1: The Increasing Number of Prominent Social NetworksFor digital marketers, it is no longer a matter of choosing one social network over another but having a well-managed andcoordinated presence on all relevant social channels.While Facebook remains the predominant social network both in terms of consumer use and brand marketing pages, thenumber of social marketing channels with critical mass is growing.Table 1: Social Networking & Forum Site Share, Week Ended 1/7/12 Facebook, YouTube and Twitter topped the list of social networking and forums sites (ranked YouTube by number of visits) in the first week of January 19.6% 2012 (see Table 1), according to competitive intelligence provider Experian Hitwise. Twitter 1.5% Facebook 64.3% Google’s made its much-anticipated entry into Yahoo! Answers 1.0% social networking in October 2011 with the Tagged official launch of Google+. Google+’s share .8% of the market is small but rapidly growing and drawing loyal users. During the first two weeks LinkedIn of November 2011, Google+’s average share .7% of returning visitors increased 18% over the first Other two weeks in October – the first full month it was 1.7% live. During the same time, total Google+ traffic increased 25%. SEO platform provider BrightEdge found Note: Other includes Google+, Pinterest, MySpace and myYearbook that 61% of the top 100 U.S. brands already Source: Experian Hitwise had Google+ pages in November 2011. Comparatively, 93% of those same brands had Facebook pages at that time.Many marketers are banking on the probability that Google+ will turn into a leading social network, given the company’sstature and resources., Google+ content is already being integrated into its search results. Integration with other Googledigital marketing tools, including Gmail, Chrome, AdWords and Google Maps, is highly likely.To facilitate marketers’ Google+ adoption, Google partnered with six SMMS vendors – HootSuite, Vitrue, Buddy Media,Hearsay Social, Involver and Adobe (formerly Context Optional) – to create Google+ page management tools. Several ofthese and other SMMS vendors have evolved from Facebook app developers and repositioned themselves as multichannelplatforms.© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 5 Email:
  • 7. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management SoftwareThe rapid rise of the network Pinterest demonstrates just how quickly the social media and networking landscape isexpanding. In January 2012 alone, Pinterest added 7 million users, jumping from 10 million to 17 million users overall.Diagram 1, prepared by Luma Partners LLC, shows the visual landscape of social media, including networks and relatedsoftware and services.Trend #2: Emergence of “Crowdsourcing” Means More Consumers are Using Social Media toMake Purchase DecisionsAs more users signed on to social networks, the phenomenon of “crowdsourcing” emerged. Rather than searching forconsumer product information, users turned to friends within their trusted network. With one post, you ask friends: “What’sthe best beach in Florida?” or “Which camera should I buy?” These types of queries reflect a new way to research andmake purchase decisions that marketers cannot ignore.Recent research shows that the influence of social media on consumer purchase decisions is increasing. According to a June2011 consumer survey jointly sponsored by Knowledge Networks and MediaPost’s Center for Media Research, 38 millionU.S. adults said they discover new products and brands or refer to social media before making purchase decisions – a 14%increase in just six months (see Table 2). These figures include: • 23.1 million people who said they discover new brands or products through social media, up 22% from 18.9 million in 2010; and • 15.1 million people who said they make sure to refer to social media before making a purchase decision, up 29% from 11.7 million at the end of 2010.In addition, 17.8 million consumers said social media has “strongly influenced” their purchase decisions, up 19% from 15.0million in December 2010. Among mobile social media users (users who access social media through a mobile device), 27%use social media to compare or check prices, 24% refer to social media for product reviews, and 16% use social media tofind coupons, discounts, or special offers for local businesses.These statistics bode well for marketers that are investing more in their social marketing initiatives and the technologyplatforms that support them.Trend #3: The Use of Mobile Devices to Access Social Media is GrowingU.S. consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices – including smart phones, tablets and PDAs – to access socialmedia. About 40% of all adult and teen social media users – some 80 million consumers – accessed social media through amobile device in June 2011, up 12 percentage points over 28% at the end of 2010, according to Knowledge Networks andMediaPost’s Center for Media Research. Table 2: Social Media Influence on Purchase Decisions Table 3: What Do People Use Their Mobile Phones For?Source: Knowledge Networks, MediaPost’s Center for Media Research Source: Microsoft Tag© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 6 Email:
  • 8. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management SoftwareIn terms of the overall population of mobile phone users, Microsoft Tagreported that 49% use their mobile phones to access social networks (see Table • More than 1/3 of3). Only gaming, weather and maps/search were more frequently used mobile consumers on Facebookphone applications. use Facebook Mobile • 200 million-plus YouTubeThese numbers are projected to grow dramatically. Mobile social media userswill reach 1.3 billion by 2016, more than the total number of social media users views occur on mobileacross all platforms today, according to Juniper Research. devices • 49% of smart phone usersIn response, SMMS vendors such as Shoutlet, Awareness and Vitrue are using access social networks viaa variety of approaches to optimize their social content publishing tools for the mobile browsermobile experience (see Diagram 2). Shoutlet, for example, offers its customersHTML-compatible apps for creating easily deployable iPad apps. The company Source: Microsoft Tagis currently examining technology to render native iPhone or Android codethrough its SMMS platform. Others, like Buddy Media, Vitrue and Involver, are optimizing their existing social publishingtools for mobile content. Involver’s Audience Management Platform is built on a proprietary front-end development toolto allow marketers to distribute similar social experiences across channels including websites, social networks and mobiledevices.Diagram 2: Vitrue’s Facebook Tabs Application Optimized for Mobile AccessTrend #4: The Free Flow of Capital and Consolidation are Shaping the SMMS MarketThe SMMS space is experiencing explosive growth. The number of vendors is increasing rapidly, fueled by rapid brandmarketer and advertising agency adoption and an eager investment community.SMMS vendors including Awareness, Engage121 and Involver have expanded their platforms and rebranded to capitalizeon marketers’ and agencies’ growing social media interest and budgets. Engage121, for example, was founded in 1998 asENR Services, a PR and communications software platform. Due to customer demand to add social media managementfunctionality, the company rebranded as Engage121 in August 2010. Awareness started out as iUpload, a white labelonline community platform, in 2005. After spending two years developing SMMS capabilities, the company re-launched asAwareness in July 2007.Investors have been attracted to the opportunity as well. Four leading SMMS vendors – Buddy Media, Vitrue, HearsaySocial and Syncapse – have received nearly $150 million combined in just two years (see Table 4). The majority of these© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 7 Email:
  • 9. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management SoftwareTable 4: Selected Venture Capital Funding of SMMS Vendors Company Date Funding Source(s) Awareness Inc. September 2011 $3.0MM Unattributed February 2010 $9.9MM Unattributed July 2007 $7.0MM Greylock Partners; North Bridge Venture Partners Buddy Media August 2011 $54MM GGV Capital, Institutional Venture Partners, Bay Partners, Insight Venture Partners October 2010 $28MM Institutional Venture Partners, Softbank Capital, Greycroft Partners, Bay Partners April 2008 $6.5MM Softbank Capital, Greycroft Partners, European Founders Fund, Ron Conway September 2007 $1.7MM Peter Thiel Hearsay Social July 2011 $18MM New Enterprise Associates, Sequoia Capital January 2010 $3MM Sequoia Capital HootSuite September 2011 $3MM Hearst Ventures, Blumberg Capital, Millennium Technology Value Partners, Geoff Entress December 2009 $1.9MM Blumberg Capital, Hearst Ventures, Geoff Entress Involver October 2010 $8.0MM Bessemer Venture Partners, Western Technology Investment, Cervin Ventures September 2010 $1.6MM NA September 2008 $1.44MM Preetish Nijhawan, Neeraj Gupta Shoutlet December 2010 $6MM American Family Insurance, Origin Ventures, Leo Capital Holdings Origin Ventures, Leo Capital Holdings January 2010 $2MM Seed funding 2007 $1.2MM SocialVolt May 2011 $1.07 MM Archer Capital January 2011 $250K Angel funding Spredfast September 2011 $12MM InterWest Partners, Austin Ventures April 2010 $3.6MM Austin Ventures Syncapse February 2011 $25MM ABS Capital Partners, Michael Scissons May 2010 $3.3MM Angel funding Vitrue February 2011 $17MM Scale Venture Partners, Advent Venture Partners, General Catalyst Partners, Dace Ventures, Comcast Interactive October 2007 $10MM Comcast Interactive, Dace Ventures, General Catalyst Partners October 2006 $3.8MM Comcast Ventures, Turner Broadcasting, General Catalyst Partners General Catalyst Partners May 2006 $2.2MM Wildfire Interactive April 2010 $4MM Summit Partners, Jeff Clavier, Avdin Senkut, Gary Vaynerchuk November 2009 $100K Seed fundingSource: Third Door Media© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 8 Email:
  • 10. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Softwarefunds have been used to expand research and development, staffing and operations and marketing.The SMMS market has also begun to experience significant consolidation, as vendors seek to shorten their time to marketand lower development costs through acquisitions and partnerships. When Buddy Media acquired Spinback in May 2011,the company quickly rebranded the social analytics tool as Conversion Buddy, a module in its SMMS platform. Similarly,HootSuite’s acquisitions of What the Trend and TwapperKeeper immediately boosted its platform’s Twitter data analysiscapabilities. London-based Emailvision entered the SMMS market with its January 2011 acquisition of Objective Marketer,which has now been rebranded as Campaign Commander Social, and is available as a standalone tool as well as acomponent of the Enterprise Edition of the company’s email and mobile marketing platform.Consolidation is also being driven by customer demand to streamline the number of vendor relationships they aremanaging as well as well the number of software platforms that must be integrated into existing back-end systems. AdobeSystems was the first software giant – and very likely, not the last – to enter the SMMS field with its January 2012 acquisitionof Efficient Frontier, which bought Context Optional for a reported $50 million in May 2011 (see Table 5). Context Optionalbecame part of Adobe and the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite as a result of the acquisition. The Adobe Digital MarketingSuite provides customers with the ability to create, manage, execute, measure and optimize digital marketing andadvertising campaigns.As marketers focus more closely on monetizing their social marketing investments with measurable bottom-line results,more consolidation and integration in the CRM, BI (business intelligence) and marketing automation fields will likely occuras well.Table 5: Selected Social Media Management Mergers & Acquisitions Acquirer Acquired Date Notes Adobe Systems Efficient Frontier January 2012 Acquisition included Context Optional Buddy Media Brighter Option February 2012 Facebook Ads integration Spinback May 2011 Social analytics & commerce Context Optional Unwrap June 2010 Facebook apps (Buzzeo) Efficient Frontier Context Optional May 2011 Social media management Emailvision Objective Marketer January 2011 Social media management smartFOCUS June 2011 Social analytics HootSuite Geotoko October 2011 Location-based marketing What the Trend September 2011 Twitter context TwapperKeeper September 2011 Twitter data analysis TwitterBar April 2011 Browser add-on Swift App March 2010 Mobile apps Syncapse Nudge Social September 2010 EMEA expansion Media Vitrue Games That Give July 2011 Social gaming platform UGENmedia June 2008 Social advertising1 Techcrunch.com2 Quora.comSource: Third Door Media© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 9 Email:
  • 11. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management SoftwareChoosing an SMMS PlatformSMMS platforms have become must-have toolsets as digital marketers and agencies recognize the impact that socialconversations have on every part of the enterprise, from engineering and product development to marketing and sales.Adoption of SMMS tools in enterprises reached 64% in 2011, up from 52% in 2010, according to the Altimeter Group,which also found that enterprises are already managing an average of 178 discrete social media accounts – not includingemployee accounts.The platforms being used range from freemium services such as HootSuite, which provide free basic capabilities includingpublishing and measuring up to five social profiles, to enterprise-wide solutions like Syncapse, Buddy Media and Sprinklrthat can cost tens of thousands of dollars per month. Many enterprises license more than one SMMS platform and use onlythe most robust features available from their vendors (see Table 6).There are numerous benefits to licensing a SMMS platform, particularly for enterprises managing hundreds or eventhousands of social media accounts. Virtually all current SMMS platforms provide: • structured workflow management • permissions and compliance tools that allow customers to monitor and control all social media content and campaigns emanating from the enterprise.Platforms such as SocialVolt and Hearsay Social cater to regulated industries including insurance and banking. SocialVoltprovides a rigorous tonality dictionary that can be customized and set to five levels of strictness, while Hearsay Social’scustomizable hierarchy and entitlement tools capture “rogue” social media accounts that try to represent the brand outsidethe platform.Enterprise SMMS platforms are a significant investment, with typical customers spending tens of thousands of dollars eachmonth in licensing fees. Many customers adopting SMMS platforms also require considerable training and integrationwith existing technology systems. Few vendors position their platforms as self serve, leading to additional and ongoingpremium services costs to successfully run them.Choosing an SMMS platform calls for the same evaluative steps involved in any software adoption:1. Do we need it?2. What capabilities do we need?3. Do we have the internal resources to integrate and manage it effectively?4. Does the investment make financial sense?The following section explores these four questions in more depth.Is it time for an SMMS?Enterprises deciding whether or not to license a SMMS platform or to upgrade from their existing freemium platform need tofirst consider the following: • Does the enterprise have multiple social accounts and utilize multiple social channels, including Facebook, Twitter and blog publishing platforms such as WordPress? • Does the enterprise operate in a regulated industry, such as insurance or real estate, where a lack of compliance can result in legal or regulatory problems? • Does the enterprise rely on a sales network of local dealers, agents or franchisees that may be operating hundreds of Facebook pages or Twitter accounts not controlled by the corporate marketing department?If the answer to one or more of these questions is “yes,” it may be time to consider using a SMMS platform.© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 10 Email:
  • 12. Adobe &social marketingA complete solution for socialBy bringing together the social engagementcapabilities of publishing, moderation, andapplication creation with analytics andmeasurement from Adobe, brands and agenciesbenefit by having a complete social marketingsolution—Adobe® Social.Get greater insight into how social campaigns areimpacting business results and take meaningfulaction to improve ROI.Learn more© 2012 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved.Adobe and the Adobe logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporatedin the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
  • 13. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management SoftwareTable 6: Vendor Comparison of Selected Capabilities Standard Sentiment SaaS Standard Strategic Social Networks & Custom Open Analytics& Pricing& Vendor & Custom Consulting Supported Content APIs Custom Custom Reporting Services Creation Reporting Reporting Awareness FB, Tw, YT, In, WP, Yes Yes Yes Yes PC/PS No FL, SS, FS, email publishing Buddy Media FB, Tw, YT, G+, Yes Yes Yes No PC Yes In, FS, FL, Tu, WP, open web blogs Campaign FB, Or, Tw, In, YT, Yes Yes Yes Yes PS Yes Commander Social WP, SFC, FS, SS Context Optional FB, Tw Yes No Yes Yes PC Yes (Adobe) Engage121 25 social platforms/ Yes Yes Yes Yes PS Yes publishing tools; 42 consumer review sites1 Hearsay Social FB, Tw, In, G+, YT Yes Yes Yes No NA Yes (basic) HootSuite FB, Tw, In, G+, FS, Yes Yes Yes No PS Yes WP, MS, Mixi Involver FB, Tw, YT, FL, Sc, Yes No Yes No PC/PS No Kl, GS Shoutlet FB, Tw, YT, open Yes Yes Yes No PS/PL Yes web blogs SocialVolt FB, Tw, In, G+, YT, Yes No Yes Yes PL/PS Yes open web blogs Sprinklr FB, Tw, In, YT, FS, Yes Yes Yes Yes PL/PS Yes SS, WP, Tu Spredfast FB, Tw, YT, In, G+, Yes Yes Yes No PS/PL Yes FS, FL, SS, WP and other open web blogs, Syncapse FB, Tw, YT, WP, Yes Yes Yes Yes PS/PL Yes Vitrue FB, Tw, G+, YT Yes No Yes No PC Yes Wildfire FB, Tw, In Yes No Yes No PC YesNotes:1See Engage121 profile for complete list.SM network abbreviations as follows: Facebook (FB), Orkut (Or), Salesforce Chatter (SFC), Twitter (Tw), LinkedIn (In), YouTube (YT), MySpace (MS), WordPress(WP), Dropal (DR), Google+ (G+), Tumblr (Tu), Flickr (FL), Foursquare (FS), Slideshare (SS), Scribld (Sc), Klout (Kl), Get Satisfaction (GS).SaaS pricing abbreviations as follows: Per channel/page (PC); Per seat/user (PS); Per brand/location/department (PL)NA = Not availableSource: Third Door Media© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 11 Email:
  • 14. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management SoftwareIt is equally important to evaluate the type of SMMS vendor that will provide the best fit for the enterprise’s unique and specificsocial marketing needs. For example, enterprises with skilled in-house social marketing practitioners and resources may prefer aplatform such as Involver’s Audience Management Platform, which is built on a proprietary Social Markup Language (SML) andallows internal developers to build completely customized social content and applications.Enterprises with fewer in-house skills and resources may be better served by a vendor such as Vitrue, Hearsay Social, orSyncapse, which provide a plethora of social media consulting and program execution services.Many SMMS vendors serve specific vertical markets by offering strengths such as regulatory and compliance monitoring ofsocial media marketing content and campaigns or specific platform for enterprises with a large network of dealers, agentsand franchisees. Hearsay Social, Engage121 and SocialVolt all cater to regulated industries, while Syncapse provides a dealer/franchisee edition of its enterprise platform. Five Steps to SuccessfulSMMS Platform Capabilities Social Marketing StrategyVirtually all enterprise SMMS platforms available today offer a core set of & Executionsocial media tools and capabilities that focus on: Foundation. Begin with a firm • content creation, scheduling, publishing and moderation organizational foundation. Create a • collaboration, workflow and permissions comprehensive business plan and • data analytics and reporting governance procedures that include objectives, policies, staff education andThe platforms begin to differentiate by offering additional capabilities, often access guidelinesrequiring additional investment, that include but are not limited to: Safety. Prepare the organization for • sentiment analysis the risks involved in social marketing. • vertical-specific compliance Create a dedicated SM team (the current • marketing campaign automation average is 11 team members including • integration with legacy marketing and analytics platforms an SM manager, analyst, web developer, • strategic social media consulting services unit liaison and strategist), workflow rules and crisis preparedness.The following section discusses some of the key considerations involved inchoosing a SMMS platform. Formation. Connect the SM unit to the entire organization to increase coordination and reduce duplication.Social Networks Supported This should include sharing bestWhile Facebook still represents the lion’s share of social media traffic and practices, asset inventories and perhapsbrand pages, the majority of SMMS platforms are expanding the depth and centers of excellence.breadth of social media networks they support. Engage121, for example,supports 25 social networks and blog publishing platforms; Spredfast Enablement. Give business units thesupports 14 social networks and blog publishing platforms. support and flexibility to reach goals through empowerment, cross-learningIt is equally important to distinguish between a SMMS platform’s ability to opportunities and clear measurementpublish to social networks versus its ability to listen to or monitor social media standards.conversations. For example, Spredfast supports monitoring or listeningcapabilities on Google+ but does not yet enable customers to publish Enlightenment. Weave real-time,content or respond to conversations on the network. SocialVolt supports both predictive (based on what comes next,publishing and monitoring capabilities for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, not what already happened) marketbut only brand monitoring for YouTube, Yelp, Foursquare and blog publishing responsiveness into SM businessplatforms. This means that SocialVolt customers can see and listen to processes and planning.conversations on those networks, but can’t post content or respond to specificmessages or conversations from within the application. Source: Altimeter Group© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 12 Email:
  • 15. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management SoftwareSocial Content CreationThe vast majority of SMMS platforms provide marketers with the ability to create customized social content for applicationssuch as Facebook Pages, polls, or sweepstakes as well as to utilize pre-built application templates in which users drop inbranding and specific promotional language. Some platforms such as Wildfire allow users to design the template, lockcertain content elements, and allow other elements to be customized by local or regional offices.Many platforms, including Spredfast, Campaign Commander Social and Engage121 feature a centralized content librarythat allows users to pull pre-approved content pieces or assets for their specific campaigns or promotions.Open or Flexible APIsA platform’s Application Programming Interface (API) is a source-code based specification that allows other softwaresystems to communicate with it. In other words, the API is the key that can either lock or unlock the platform for integrationwithin other platforms.Several current SMMS vendors including Awareness, Buddy Media, Emailvision, HootSuite and Syncapse have opened theirplatforms’ APIs to provide more seamless integration with customers’ existing CRM, web analytics and email platforms.Many marketers are seeking this type of integration to eliminate data silos within the enterprise and to create a moreholistic approach to customer relationship marketing as well as a better understanding of the impact of social media onother marketing initiatives.Standard & Custom ReportingAnalytics and reporting have become some of the most important functions of any SMMS platform. The volume of socialmedia data available to marketers today is overwhelming, and without strong analytics and reporting capabilities, is unusable.Virtually all SMMS vendors provide a pre-packaged set of social data reports that focus on quantitative metrics such as numberof Facebook fans, likes and comments, as well as number of Twitter followers and retweets. User engagement, which looksat how often and how many times specific users engage with brand social content, is becoming more critical, as are metricsinvolving reach and virality or “true” reach, which measure how often and how much content is shared by followers, fans andother users. Reports can then be customized in any number of ways, including by social media channel, brand and location forenterprises with multiple locations.The availability of more qualitative data, which measures the tone or sentiment of social media content, varies widely. Manyvendors, including Spredfast and Syncapse, rely on their platforms’ open APIs to integrate with existing social listening ormonitoring tools including Radian6, Crimson Hexagon and Social Mention. Other platforms, such as Sprinklr, Engage121,Adobe and SocialVolt, provide proprietary sentiment engines usually driven by keyword filtering to determine if user content ispositive, negative or neutral.Strategic Consulting ServicesThe importance of strategic consulting services, defined as services that help marketers set goals, develop content, executeand analyze their social media content initiatives and campaigns, varies according to the needs of the enterprise. Somemarketing organizations have strong in-house staffing and skills to operate a self-serve platform, such as Involver, Shoutletor Awareness, which primarily provide training and consulting on the use of the platform. The majority of SMMS vendors,however, offer a range of add-on social media consulting services designed to help educate customers but keep thevendor’s customer account staff involved in the strategy, execution and analysis of their social media efforts. These vendorsinclude Adobe/Context Optional, Hearsay Social, Sprinklr, Syncapse, Vitrue and Wildfire.© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 13 Email:
  • 16. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management SoftwareAssessing Internal Six Questions to Ask Any SMMS VendorResources Do you have access to the Facebook Insights and/or Twitter API? Facebook and Twitter still dominate socialSocial media has made its way into all aspects of most media and generate a huge volume of trackable contententerprises, from the HR department to the marketing and user data. With open API access to these two socialand PR departments. Before investing in a SMMS system, networking giants, the platform can provide a strongmake sure you understand who and where you will be foundation of analytics and reporting.using the software. Know how many accounts exist, andwhere and which ones are critical to your social media How frequently do you provide real-time alerts? Socialstrategy. media users communicate in real time and require real-time responses. Even if a post is “only” a customer complaint, it’s • Do we have a social media strategy in place – or will critical to answer it in a timely manner. If customer service is we need social media consulting services as part of a priority for your company, then you’ll want the opportunity the SMMS package? to address customer questions or confusion as soon as it’s • Do we have a social media staff in place that can discovered. handle the new software or will there be a need for training? Can the system integrate with other applications? For • If so, who among them is best qualified to evaluate an sales-driven organizations, this move holds great promise of SMMS platform? moving customers down from the sales funnel into legitimate • Do we have an organizational plan to integrate the use sales opportunities. Ask whether the platform has an open of SMMS software into our social media strategy? If API, and if not, how it integrates with existing CRM and web not, who will create the plan? analytics platforms. • How will we define success? • Can we absorb the additional cost of the SMMS and What kind of reporting capabilities does the tool still meet our business objectives? provide? This is one of the most important questions and • How will we benchmark success? may vary based on company size, level of social media activity and the organization’s specific goals and objectives. Two critical roles of reporting for any organization are first,Pricing the ability to demonstrate progress or change over time (i.e., more website traffic driven by social media); and secondly,Virtually every SMMS platform licenses its technology the ability for the analytics to trigger a marketing action.on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis; the technologyis hosted by the vendor and customers log into a web- How much will this cost and what kind of service isbased dashboard to utilize the system. Customers license included? There are many different SaaS-based pricingthe use of the technology on a monthly basis although models in this field, including per user, per location andthe majority of vendors require an annual contract to be per channel. Whatever the pricing model, ensure that thesigned. pricing is reasonable and will remain consistent. At the same time, service after the sale is critical. Does the vendor havePricing varies among vendors in terms of whether the a help desk? Will you have a dedicated account manager orlicensing fees are charged by the user or seat, by the representative who will be responsible for working to resolvesocial media channel or page, or by the location, brand or issues quickly and satisfactorily? These are all importantdepartment (also called a subaccount by some vendors). questions to ask.As such, pricing can range from $25 per user per monthto several hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, What enhancements have been released in the past year?depending upon the scope of the enterprise’s social What’s in the development pipeline? The SMMS market ismedia marketing programs (See table 7.) evolving and constantly changing. Vendors are being acquired regularly and innovation is essential to break free of what’s fast becoming a commodity market. Ask for a track record of what improvements have been made in the past year to better understand how the platform will continue to be upgraded. Source: SmartData Collective, ReachLocal© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 14 Email:
  • 17. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management SoftwareTable 7: Pricing Summary of Selected SMMS Vendors Company Base Software License Add-ons Adobe $3,000-$100,000/month based on volume of SM NA (Context Optional) pages and number of fans/followers Awareness $500/month for 10 SM accounts and 5 users $70/month for additional channels; $20/month for additional users. One-time $250 setup/training fee Buddy Media Minimum in the four figures per month based on NA number of SM accounts or channels Emailvision $830/month for two users Variable one-time set up and training fee Engage121 Engage121 NA Hearsay Social Undisclosed but based on number of seats or locations Hootsuite Free for up to five social profiles; $5.99/month Pro $15/month per additional Pro plan users. $21/ plan covers one user and unlimited social profiles. month for Hootsuite University SM strategy, Customizable Enterprise pricing for unlimited users platform training and certification program and channels available at an average $1,000/month Involver Free for one user and 9 Facebook apps. $2,749/ Variable per user and account fees apply to larger month for 10 users and 40 publishing networks enterprises Shoutlet $20k to $300k annually based on number of users NA and locations SocialVolt $100/brand and $5/user per month for 1 channel; Customized quotes available for enterprises with $600/brand and $5/user per month for 3 channels; more than 6 SM channels and multiple locations $1,800/brand per month for 6 SM channels Spredfast Starts at $30k annually based on number of users and NA brands or groups Sprinklr $75-$200/user per month based on number of users NA and workgroups Syncapse Averages five figures per month based on number of Undisclosed one-time setup fee SM accounts, customization and reporting frequency Vitrue $4,000/month for 2 SM accounts and 2 Facebook tabs Variable fees for additional accounts and locations Wildfire Four to five figures/month for three packages based Standalone SM promotions tool available from $5 - on number of SM accounts and promotions $5,000/promotion based on branding and number of entrantsBefore talking to any vendors, just as you would for any business investment, ask others who may be in a similar situationfor recommendations and suggestions. Involve those in your company who will be working day-to-day with the SMMS.Interview several vendors. Refine your questions as you go along, and don’t hesitate to ask for additional information andrecommendations.Source: Third Door Media© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 15 Email:
  • 18. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management SoftwareConclusionThis report presents a snapshot of a fast-changing market. The impact of social media on consumers, digital marketers andtheir technology partners will continue to evolve and grow dramatically.Digital marketers will become more adept at harnessing the vast reach and power of social networks through successfultwo-way social dialogues with their prospects and existing customers. As the volume of social media data continues toexplode, data storage and analytics will become increasingly important components of any SMMS platform. Marketers arealready demanding the ability to link social media data to ROI and bottom-line results. They will seek SMMS partners thatcan provide strong data storage, integration, analytics and reporting capabilities. n© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 16 Email:
  • 19. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor ProfilesAdobe(formerly Context Optional)30 Maiden Lane, 6th FloorSan Francisco CA 94108P: 415-738-7997www.contextoptional.comKey ExecutivesBrad Rencher, SVP Digital MarketingKevin Barenblat, Sr. Director of Social Strategy (Co-Founder,Context Optional)Craig Stoe, Director of Social Product ManagementScott J. Kleper, Principal Scientist (Co-Founder, ContextOptional)Key CustomersAcerExpediaHyattKohl’sLive NationOffice MaxSonyCompany Overview • Founded in March 2006 • Acquired Unwrap and its Buzzeo Facebook apps platform in June 2010 • Acquired by Efficient Frontier in May 2011 • Efficient Frontier subsequently acquired by Adobe in January 2012Product Overview • Developer of the first branded page application and moderation tools for Facebook • Multi-platform publishing tool (Facebook, Google+ & Twitter) • Broad set of in-stream, Page (Canvas) and Open-Graph appsAs an early entrant in the social marketing space, Context Optional closely aligned itself with Facebook, creating the firstbranded Facebook page application as well as the first moderation tools for brand pages on Facebook. Currently, ContextOptional supports Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. The solution features the following modules and tools: • Publisher: Gives administrators the ability to create, preview, approve, schedule and deploy targeted social media content. • Moderation: Streamlines community management across multiple social media accounts. Includes keyword filtering to monitor content tone. • Admin: Creates robust roles and permissions to streamline administrator and stakeholder roles and creates workflow around access.© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 17 Email:
  • 20. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor Profiles • Apps: Provides a broad set of in-stream, Page (Canvas)) and Open-Graph apps including contests, sweepstakes, promotions, catalogs and more. • Analytics: Integrates the latest Facebook Page Insights API and features proprietary industry benchmarks.Context Optional integrates with existing CRM, ESP and campaign management platforms including Adobe SiteCatalystand through APIs. As part of Adobe, Context Optional provides seamless integration with Adobe’s admanagement and optimization platform (formerly Efficient Frontier) and is in the process of becoming part of the AdobeDigital Marketing Suite.Analytics & Reporting • One of three beta partners for the latest Facebook Page Insights API • Total Reach analyzes viral impact of brand page fans • Keyword filtering provides modest sentiment analysisContext Optional’s standard analytics capabilities include over 140 unique metrics. One of three beta partners forFacebook’s latest Page Insights API, Context Optional provides detailed metrics for Like Growth, People Talking AboutThis and Total Reach on Facebook – all of which help brands deeply analyze the interaction between brand posts and fans.Application metrics include numbers of visitors, entries and votes, as well as the number of existing fans and how many newfans a sweepstakes or contest attracts. A conversion funnel metric helps marketers determine how well an app is performingand where conversion can be optimized. Post analytics include numbers of user posts, user engagement by brand post andviral reach (user shares with friends). Admin user stats help brands manage internal and external stakeholders. Advancedmetrics are also available for Google+ brand pages.Context Optional provides moderation tools for brands to engage and respond to conversations and issues on Facebook.This includes keyword filtering of discussions that allow for highlighting of positive, neutral and negative mentions. As a partof Adobe, Context Optional will be able to expand moderation of conversations to the entire social web.Target Customer & Strategy • Large enterprises and agencies with global operations • Pricing based on volume of social accounts and fans/followers • Strategy, design and community engagement consulting servicesContext Optional targets large enterprises and agencies with global operations and/or agent/franchisee organizations.The platform has customers in a wide range of verticals including financial services, retail, consumer packaged goods,automotive, entertainment/hospitality and government/non-profit. Pricing is based on volume of social pages and fans/followers and can range from $3,000 to $100,000 per month. Customers are required to sign an annual contract.Customers work with an account management team for on-boarding and training. Product support is available throughemail and phone as well as an online knowledgebase of articles and videos. Context Optional complements its solutionwith comprehensive support services, including strategy, design and community engagement consulting.Context Optional became part of Adobe and the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite as a result of Adobe’s acquisition ofContext Optional’s parent company Efficient Frontier in January 2012.The Adobe Digital Marketing Suite provides customers with the ability to create, manage, execute, measure and optimizedigital marketing and advertising campaigns. The acquisition of Efficient Frontier added cross-channel ad campaignforecasting, execution and optimization capabilities to the Suite, along with a social marketing engagement platform andsocial ad buying capabilities.© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 18 Email:
  • 21. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor ProfilesAwareness, Inc.25 Corporate Drive, Suite 390Burlington, MA 01803United StatesP: 866-487-5623www.awarenessnetworks.comAwareness Canada5050 South Service Road, Suite 100Burlington, ON L7L 5Y7P: 905-635-3134Key ExecutivesBrian Zanghi, CEODavid Carter, CTOMike Lewis, VP, Marketing and SalesMelissa Leffler, VP, EngineeringStephen Tremblay, VP, FinanceKey CustomersAmerican Cancer SocietyComcastCox CommunicationsMLBStarwood Hotels and ResortsCompany Overview • Founded in 2005 as iUpload, a white-label community platform • Rebranded as Awareness, Inc. in July 2007 • Raised $20 million from Greylock Partners, North Bridge Venture Partners and several unnamed investors • Research and development headquartered in Burlington, Ontario CANADAProduct Overview • Social Marketing Hub platform collects individual social media user profiles based on engagement • Open APIs for integration with analytics, CRM platforms • Built-in email publishing app allows brands to connect with social networks not native to the Hub.Awareness has evolved from providing a white-label community platform that allowed clients such as McDonald’s andSony to create branded, exclusive online customer communities, to becoming a SMMS platform with its Social MarketingHub. The Hub’s strength is its ability to publish content to multiple social channels, engage with social media audiencesand capture comprehensive user profiles to make social marketing data actionable. This is done by capturing andtracking all publicly available social network data, including user names, likes, posts, brand interactions and transactionswhen individuals engage with content published by a brand. Additional profile details can be gathered when usersgrant permission through an opt-in box on Facebook to collect personally identifiable information such as names, emailaddresses and work history.© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 19 Email:
  • 22. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor ProfilesThe Social Marketing Hub currently supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, Foursquare, Slideshare andWordPress-based content blogs and forums. The platform’s open APIs provide out-of-the-box integration with existinganalytics, CRM and Business Intelligence (BI) platforms including, Google Analytics and Adobe SiteCatalyst.The Hub also has a built-in email publishing application that doesn’t require an API allowing brands to publish to additionalsocial networks not available natively.Analytics & Reporting • Approximately 100 standard report templates • Customized dashboard integrates additional data sources • Cloud-based storage enhances integration The Social Marketing Hub’s dashboard features approximately 100 report templates including reach, amplified reach,engagement and number of comments/posts. All captured data is stored in a “report cloud,” which can be seamlesslyintegrated and used in customer CRM, analytics, BI and other internal systems. Awareness also offers a premium-pricedcustomized analytics dashboard, called Social Analytics, which allows customers to plug in other data sources and highlightengagement, performance and overall success.Awareness has partnered with text analysis engine Lexalytics to create a built-in sentiment analytics tool. All social content isscored by individual channel and individual user to gauge tone and influence.Target Customer & Strategy • B2C and B2B customer base • Pricing starts at $500/month • Consulting services focused on onboardingThe Awareness Social Marketing Hub targets both mid-sized and enterprise-level organizations and agencies and has astrong customer base in the hospitality, broadcast/communications and B2B high-tech verticals.Pricing starts at $500/month for 10 social media accounts/channels and five users with no limits on workflow, permissioningand tasks. There is a one-time set-up and training fee of $250. Additional channels cost $70/month and additional users are$20/month. The pricing includes 24/7 web-based support. Every Awareness customer has a dedicated services managerfor onboarding and training. Consulting services are limited to training on the use of the platform, rather than social mediastrategy and execution.With a strong focus on connecting social marketing data to sales results, Awareness plans to enable the Social MarketingHub to capture more above-the-funnel user data. The company also is looking to increase it B2B customer base, whichcurrently includes Computer Associates, Nuance and DemandWare, among others.© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 20 Email:
  • 23. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor ProfilesBuddy Media360 W. 31st Street, 12th FloorNew York, NY 10001P: 646-380-7331www.buddymedia.comKey ExecutivesMichael Lazerow, CEOKass Lazerow, COOJeff Ragovin, Chief Strategy OfficerMichael Jaindl, Chief Client OfficerKen Mandel, Managing Director, AsiaLuca Benini, Managing Director, EuropeKey CustomersESPNFord Motor Co.L’OrealNFLStarwood Hotels & ResortsThe HartfordVirgin Mobile USACompany Overview • Founded in September 2007 • Raised $90 million from GGV Capital, Institutional Venture Partners, Insight Venture Partners, Softbank Capital, Greycroft Partners, Bay Partners, WPP Digital and PayPal founder Peter Thiel • Acquired Spinback in May 2011 which added analytics and social currency capabilities • Acquired Brighter Option in February 2012 to integrate Facebook AdsProduct Overview • A Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ preferred developer partner • Software connects brands and customers via major social networks and open web • comScore partnership adds demographics to social dataBuddy Media’s social marketing suite is one of six initial Google+ page management tool developers and also supportsFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Foursquare, Tumblr, YouTube and open web blog publishing platforms such asWordPress. The suite includes four products that can be licensed separately: • ConversationBuddy: Publish, moderate and analyze content for Facebook, Twitter. LinkedIn and Google+. • ProfileBuddy: Provides more than 50 social apps, including sweepstakes and contests. Allows existing Twitter, Amazon, Flickr and Foursquare content to be leveraged through open APIs. • ConversionBuddy: Enables consumers to share content across Facebook, Twitter, email and blogs and tracks revenue or conversion per share. • ReachBuddy: An open web tool that generates a line of embeddable code that can be used to create social functionality on brand websites, blogs and landing pages.Buddy Media’s social marketing suite is tailored to connect customer websites to their social properties and metrics. For© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 21 Email:
  • 24. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor Profilesexample, ConversionBuddy tracks user website purchases and how they share or like those products through a social mediabutton right on the website allowing the brand to own the data. The tool follows through on conversion, tracking how manyof those “likes” turn into additional buyers. ReachBuddy’s embeddable code makes it easier for customers to dynamicallyrepublish content across social media properties without having to cut and paste templates or designs. To support globalcustomers, the platform provides one-click access to change languages.Buddy Media is fully integrated with Google Analytics; customers can export data into their existing email, analytics andcampaign management tools through open APIs. The company acquired London-based Brighter Option, a Facebook AdsAPI partner, to more tightly integrate user engagement data with social media advertising. Buddy Media also is integratingcomScore consumer panel data into its dashboard to add demographics, reach and frequency to their social media data.Analytics & Reporting • Dashboard features drag-and-drop widgets • C-Rank index provides industry benchmarksThe Buddy Media dashboard is completely customizable using a library of drag-and-drop widgets. The dashboard features20 standard reports and a preprogrammed hierarchy of report views with a built-in permission structure. Metrics include thenumber of impressions, link clicks and destinations, fan growth, traffic sources, user engagement and revenue or conversionper share.Buddy Media offers a proprietary benchmarking index called C-Rank, which allows customers to compare their brandengagement across social networks to their specific industries. Brands are assigned a numerical score up to 100 in theareas of social communication, community, content and creative. C-Rank is included with the suite’s standard analytics andprovides benchmarking for 15 verticals including automotive, consumer packaged goods, entertainment, finance, retail,publishing and telecom.Target Customer & Strategy • License based on number of social media accounts • Minimum spend of four figures per month • Non-exclusive partnership with WPPThe Buddy Media social marketing suite targets large, global enterprises that can spend a minimum of four figures permonth on their social marketing activities. Buddy Media’s monthly licensing fee is based on the number of social mediachannels or accounts. The suite is modularized allowing customers to initially license specific modules (i.e., Profile Buddyand/or Conversation Buddy) and scale to the entire platform as their social media programs increase or become moresophisticated.Standard customer support includes a 24/7 dedicated account manager and access to Buddy Media University, theplatform’s online and in-person certification program. The company offers premium-priced consulting services but does notactively promote them as a core competency, particularly since it works with many agencies including WPP, Edelman andPublicis.Buddy Media has been an active consolidator, acquiring Spinback in May 2011 to grow its analytics and social commercecapabilities. The company’s CEO has not ruled out more growth through acquisition. Buddy Media also is actively courtingpartnerships – the company is working with comScore for third-party data overlays to help customers scale their socialmarketing efforts. Through its relationship with global agency WPP, Buddy Media’s social marketing suite is integrated intothe work of many WPP agencies.© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 22 Email:
  • 25. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor ProfilesEmailvision(Campaign Commander Social Edition)Lynton House7-12 Tavistock SquareLondon, England WC1H 9LTP: 44(0)20-7554-4500www.emailvision.com545 5th Ave., Suite 1000New York, NY 10017P: 212-257-6018Key ExecutivesNick Heys, Founder and CEO, EmailvisionCharles Wells, Chief Product OfficerLeah Anathan, Product Marketing DirectorAmita Paul, Product Management Director, Social MediaKey CustomersCisco Live EventsCMO.comZN MarketingPumaFuture ElectronicsCompany Overview • Markets Campaign Commander, a SaaS-based solution available in Email/Mobile, Social and Enterprise editions • Acquired Objective Marketer in January 2011 to add social media to its portfolio • Acquired smartFOCUS Group PLC in June 2011 to integrate SaaS-based customer intelligence into Campaign Commander Enterprise EditionProduct Overview • Objective Marketer rebranded as Campaign Commander Social Edition • Out-of-the-box content development in 16 languages • Open APIs for seamless integration with existing CRM, analytics and ERP softwareFormerly Objective Marketer, Campaign Commander Social (CCS) has a global reach, supporting social media contentdevelopment in 16 languages and several foreign social networks, including Orkut (Latin America) and Renren (China,available in Q3 2012) out of the box. U.S.-based networks CCS currently supports include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,YouTube, WordPress blogging and content publishing platforms, Chatter (, Foursquare and Slideshare.The platform includes community and campaign management; workflow and collaboration tools by initiative or group/individual roles; and an integrated media library allowing users to upload pre-approved content, messages and images. Anintegrated content editor is also available to create custom apps for Facebook pages and community polls. Customized© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 23 Email:
  • 26. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor ProfilesRSS feeds control content scheduling automatically in real time across geographies. The user rights controls provide multi-account management to support agency execution of customer campaigns. CCS features open APIs to provide seamlessintegration with existing CRM, ERP, SFA and web analytics platforms such as Coremetrics, Google Analytics, AdobeSiteCatalyst and Webtrends.Analytics & Reporting • Real time geographic, campaign and channel metrics • Klout integration tracks key influencers and amplifiers • Customer Intelligence add-on provides more sophisticated campaign targetingCCS’s dashboard displays geographic, campaign and channel activity in real time. Reports measure clickthroughs by time,traffic, tags and location; response rates by channel; and cross-channel campaign performance. CCS is fully integrated withTwitter analysis tool Klout, which allows customers to track key influencers and amplifiers as well. Customers can link anysocial marketing data to web traffic and conversions through the platform’s open API. CCS does not provide sentimentanalytics.Campaign analytics enable users to set up social marketing campaigns and goals at the outset and measure actualperformance against pre-set objectives. For example, a Twitter campaign can be set to generate a specified number ofretweets. During the campaign, actual numbers can be compared to the original goals and changes made in real time.CCS also features branded URL shorteners to provide more recognizable links between social media messages and thecustomer’s brand.Emailvision also offers a more sophisticated set of online analytics through an add-on module called Customer Intelligence(a result of its June 2011 acquisition of smartFOCUS). The software enables customers to slice and dice customer data tobetter target, up-sell and cross-sell customers and prospects.Target Customer and Pricing • Mid-sized and large agencies and brands • Pricing starts at $700 per month per user • Enterprise Edition combines all three Emailvision marketing toolsCampaign Commander Social targets mid-sized to large agencies and brands in the retail, publishing, financial services,travel and hospitality industries. Headquartered in London, Emailvision has a large non-U.S. customer base, while ObjectiveMarketer had a strong existing set of U.S.-based customers.Pricing for CCS starts at $700 per month per user. There is a one-time set up and training fee that varies according tocustomer need. Customers receive a dedicated account manager plus online and phone customer support.Campaign Commander’s Enterprise Edition, which includes the Email, Mobile and Social modules, is a key growth areafor the company. The package is priced at $5,000 per user/seat per month and also includes the value-added CustomerIntelligence analytics.© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 24 Email:
  • 27. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor ProfilesEngage121, Inc.20 Glover Avenue, 2nd FloorNorwalk, CT 06850P: 888-607-9101www.engage121.comKey ExecutivesJon Victor, President and CEOKurt Strumpf, Chief Technology OfficerJack Serpa, EVP, Sales & MarketingJennifer Tayntor, ControllerKey CustomersAmtrakJaguarMercedes BenzMotorolaPhilipsCompany Overview • Founded in 1998 as ENR Services, a PR and communications software platform • Received undisclosed funding from BEV Capital in 2002 • Rebranded as Engage121 in June 2010, and launched flagship SMMS application in August 2010Product Overview • Ten years’ experience as PR and communications management platform • Focused on global enterprises with geographically diverse local sales networks • Monitors 42 customer ratings and reviews sites • Integrates 25 social media platforms and publishing toolsAfter ten years as a PR/communications management software platform, Engage121 entered the SMMS space in June2010, in response to customer demand for social media marketing capabilities. The company still offers PR platforms, calledMediaQ, GrassRoots PR and AP Planner.Engage121 focuses on enterprises with a distributed sales presence, such as a restaurant chain or automotive dealernetwork, which needs to manage communications between the corporation and local outlets. The workflow andpermissions hierarchy allows enterprise users and administrators to pre-approve social content and limit or enable access atthe local level.Engage121 provides three ways to localize corporate social content: 1. Pre-approved content assets can be stored in a centralized, unlimited content library that can be accessed by local managers.© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 25 Email:
  • 28. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor Profiles 2. Corporate users can create content and insert localized information to make it suitable for local users. With one click, the localized content is pushed to the local social platform of each local outlet. 3. Local managers can create customized content using the outlet edition of the platform.Engage121 supports Facebook (including Facebook Ads), Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Foursquare, Tumblr, Flickr,Vimeo, SocialFlow and Traackr, as well as all open web blogging, forums and wiki applications. In addition, the platformmonitors 42 consumer ratings and review sites including Epinions, Kelley Blue Book, Kudzu, Ripoff Report, TripAdvisor andTrusted Reviews. Through the platform’s open API, existing CRM, ESP and web analytics platforms (i.e., Google Analytics,Adobe SiteCatalyst) can be seamlessly integrated with Engage121.Analytics & Reporting • Evaluate module includes dozens of standard reports • Sentiment engine reports industry share of voiceEngage121’s standard reporting module, called Evaluate, features dozens of reports, including (but not limited to) numbersof fans and followers, true reach (retweets in response to posted tweets), engagement by tag (i.e., identifying users asinfluencers vs. detractors vs. competitors) and links.The platform includes a proprietary keyword-driven sentiment engine with a built-in tonality dictionary that can becustomized for vertical industry jargon and nuances. Sentiment reports include share of voice, allowing customers to tracktheir mentions against competitive brands in social media conversations.Target Customer & Strategy • Enterprises with dealer/agent/franchisee networks • Pricing starts at $1,000 per corporate seat and $25 per local seatEngage 121 targets global enterprises with dealer/agent/franchisee networks, including financial services/insuranceproviders and automotive manufacturers. About half of Engage121’s 1,250 PR and communications customers license theSMMS platform. The platform includes both a corporate and local edition, with pricing based on the number of users/seats at both the enterprise and local level. Corporate seats cost $1,000 per month, which includes three users for a typicalcustomer. The per-seat license for local users is $25 per month. An annual contract is required and volume discounts areavailable.Customer engagements begin with an orientation call with the client services team led by an account director to discussand set social marketing program goals. Training is provided through a series of webinars for both corporate and localusers; Engage121 will also present at corporate franchisee conferences. Consulting services are limited to training on theuse of the platform, rather than social media strategy and execution. Potential customers should consider the strength oftheir in-house SM expertise and available budget.© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 26 Email:
  • 29. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor ProfilesHearsay Social185 Berry St., Suite 3800San Francisco, CA 94107P: 888-990-3777www.hearsaysocial.comKey ExecutivesClara Shih, CEOSteve Garrity, CTOAmy Kelman, VP, Customer SuccessAmy Millard, VP, MarketingRob van Es, VP, Global SalesKevin Zellmer, VP, Business DevelopmentKey CustomersState FarmFarmers Insurance24 Hour FitnessCompany Overview • Founded in 2009 • Raised $21 million from Sequoia Capital and New Enterprise Associates in two rounds of fundingProduct Overview • Specializes in corporate-to-local enterprise social media • Robust compliance tools to manage brand and regulatory standards • Sole compliance tool developer for Google+Hearsay Social is positioned as the premiere SMMS platform for “corporate-to-local” enterprises that rely on sales networksof agents, stores, franchises or dealers. The platform’s strengths include its content distribution and compliance standards,which allow customers to manage and regulate content flow and campaigns to local outlets or locations. Administrativeaccess is built to the district level with customizable hierarchies, roles and entitlements to monitor and control contentaccess for local outlets. “Rogue” social media pages or accounts that represent the customer’s brand but are outside itscontrol are tracked and reported.Hearsay Social is the only compliance tool developer for Google+ among the six initial Google+ page developers, and alsosupports Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The platform provides some basic YouTube integration as well. Hearsay Socialoffers out-of-the box integration with existing content archiving and analytics platforms such as LiveOffice and Symantec,and can plug in to open ID and SSO standards for single sign on.Analytics & Reporting • 12 Out-of-the-box reports • FT data analytics support team© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 27 Email:
  • 30. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor Profiles • Corporate and local dashboardsHearsay Social features 12 standard reports, which monitor social user actions, engagement and lead generation. Theplatform also tracks internal enterprise adoption rates by geographic region to allow customers to evaluate company useof the tools. Customers can generate an infinite number of customized reports that roll up at the local, regional and/ornational level. The platform offers dynamic hierarchies that report data automatically to the customer’s internal hierarchiesvia LDAP as well as automatically update hierarchies to match any organizational changes. There also is a full-time dataanalytics team that gathers requested or more customized customer reports. The platform does not currently measurecontent sentiment.The platform features two sets of dashboards, one for corporate users, including CMOs, district marketing managers andcompliance officers; and one for local users such as franchise agents and store managers. Corporate administrators controlmessage archiving, keyword flagging and filtering and permissions, allowing the enterprise to deliver content that can belocalized and results that can be analyzed by the agents.Target Customer & Strategy • Global enterprises with extensive dealer/agent/franchisee networks • Undisclosed pricing structure based on seats and locations • Customer Success organization offers strategic servicesHearsay Social targets large, global enterprises with extensive dealer, agent or franchisee networks. The company isbuilding upon its current financial services and insurance customer base to reach out to the hospitality, real estate andautomotive verticals. Pricing is on a per-user or per-location basis and varies according to the functionality included. Thecompany would not disclose its average customer monthly fee.Customers are supported by Hearsay Social’s Customer Success organization, which provides training, product support andstrategic services to build awareness and use of social marketing within the customer’s organization.© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 28 Email:
  • 31. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor ProfilesHootSuiteHootSuite Media, Inc.37 Dunlevy Ave.Vancouver, V6A3A3 CANADAwww.hootsuite.comKey ExecutivesRyan Holmes, CEOSteve Johnson, CROSimon Stanlake, CTOGreg Gunn, VP, Business DevelopmentDave Olson, VP, CommunityDarren Suomi, VP SalesMatt Switzer, VP, Corporate DevelopmentBen Watson, VP, MarketingKey CustomersFOXThe NBAPepsiCoTIME magazineThe Martha Stewart ShowThe OnionCompany Overview • Founded in November 2008 • Raised $5 million from Hearst Ventures, Blumberg Capital, Millennium Technology Value Partners, Social Concepts and Geoff Entress • Acquired mobile app developer Swift App in March 2010 to boost Android capabilities • Acquired TwitterBar to expand platform messaging in April 2011 • Acquired Twitter data analysis tool TwapperKeeper and Twitter context provider What the Trend in September 2011 • Acquired location-based marketing tool Geotoko in October 2011Product Overview • The HootSuite Platform had three million users as of January 2012 • Flexible API and seamless integration with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ • Secure Profiles flag content and campaigns targeting key influencersThe HootSuite platform is used by a wide variety of marketers, from individuals and small businesses with five or fewer usersto large enterprises like PepsiCo and the National Basketball Association. The company announced in January 2012 that itsplatform reached the three-million-user mark.HootSuite currently supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ Pages, Foursquare, WordPress, MySpace and Mixi(Japan). A key HootSuite strength is its approach to integration with third party platforms within the enterprise. HootSuite isa preferred development partner for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ Pages, providing seamless integration with© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 29 Email:
  • 32. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor Profilesthose networks. HootSuite’s platform also features a flexible engagement API that allows customers to integrate HootSuitewith applications such as (streamlines social sharing), Digg, Constant Contact, Flickr, Get Satisfaction, InboxQ, Orkut(Brazil),, Trendspottr, Tumblr, YouTube and more.HootSuite’s web dashboard can be used to localize social marketing content and campaigns in English, Japanese, French,Spanish, Portuguese and Italian through a crowd-sourcing initiative called the HootSuite Translation Project, allowing usersto build social communities in their native languages. HootSuite users can create, approve, schedule, geo-target and setprivacy options for all content assets. A feature called Secure Profiles protects key influencers or journalists (known as socialprofiles in the HootSuite system) from receiving errant or non-approved messages by flagging all content scheduled forthose profiles. All messages flagged through this feature must be reviewed twice before being published. HootSuite userscan also assign incoming social network queries and comments to specific team members for follow up.Analytics & Reporting • Includes Google Analytics, Google+ Pages Analytics and Facebook Insights integration • URL shortener and Vanity URL shorteners for end-to-end tracking • Reports accessible through mobile devicesHootSuite provides four out-of-the-box report templates that mimic the look of third-party analytics dashboards such asGoogle+ Pages analytics and Facebook Insights. Key metrics include number of Twitter followers, tweets and retweets, aswell as engagement metrics such as links and links followed and shared. Customers can drill down or roll up and summarizeany metric by region, referral and day/time., HootSuite’s custom URL shortener, allows users to track and monitor linkclickthroughs. HootSuite does not provide algorithmically generated sentiment analysis but its custom search streams allowusers to monitor brand mentions, industry keywords and competitor names.Users can create customized reports through a drag-and-drop report builder tool that features 30 individual report modules.All reports can be shared with any HootSuite user (not just team members); report sharing can be scheduled daily, weekly,biweekly and monthly. The HootSuite dashboard can be accessed by iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android mobile devices.Target Customer & Strategy • Targets individuals, small businesses and enterprises • Pricing ranges from free to an average $1,000 per month • HootSuite University is an add-on social media educational serviceHootSuite targets individuals, small businesses (five users or less) and enterprise users with the following three-tiered pricingstructure: • Freemium: Includes five social profiles, two RSS/Atom feeds and basic reports that track retweets and clicks. • Pro: Priced at $5.99 per month, the Pro plan includes one user, unlimited social profiles, one enhanced analytics report, integration with Google Analytics and Facebook Insights, unlimited RSS feeds, opting out of Ads and tweet archives. The fee for additional users is $15 per month per user. According to company officials, Pro users are its fastest growing segment and provide the bulk of the company’s revenue to date. • Enterprise: Pricing is customized according to client need, but averages about $1,000 per month. The Enterprise plan includes an unlimited number of users and channels.Customer support for Freemium and Pro users focuses on online educational tools, including a #HootTip series, and aHootSuite Library of white papers, case studies and learning guides. For $21 per month, customers can also enroll in Hoot-Suite University, which provides online education on social media strategy and thought leadership, as well as platform train-ing, testing and certification. Enterprise level customers can access HootSuite University free and receive VIP account set upand training from a dedicated HootSuite educator and social media coach.© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 30 Email:
  • 33. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor ProfilesHootSuite is committed to serving the individual-level and small business markets, but is adding agency and enterprisecustomers, including Pepsi and Palms Hotels, at a rapid pace. The company recently announced a Solution PartnerProgram to attract agencies that will sell the HootSuite platform to their clients. HootSuite plans to develop deeperanalytics and better reporting to attract and keep this type of customer base. In addition, the company plans to deepen itsintegration capabilities with CRM, marketing automation, analytics and web management systems, to appeal to enterprisesthat want their social marketing efforts to be part of a larger marketing strategy.© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 31 Email:
  • 34. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor ProfilesInvolver611 Mission St., 7th FloorSan Francisco, CA 94105P: 877-309-8293www.involver.comKey ExecutivesDon Beck, CEORahim Fazal, Chief StrategistNoah Horton, CTORoland Smart, Sr. Director of Product MarketingDominic Zuccarini, VP, ChannelsKey CustomersBest BuyFacebookSymantecJack DanielsOgilvyRazorfishZimmermanCompany Overview • Founded in March 2007 as RapOuts • Rebranded as Involver in April 2008 • Raised $11 million from Preetish Nijhawan, Neeraj Gupta, Bessemer Venture Partners, Western Technology Investments and Cervin Ventures • Additional U.S. offices in Austin, Portland and New YorkProduct Overview • Proprietary SML development language enables brand customization • Offers a broad range of publishing, monitoring, application and analytics solutionsInvolver was founded as RapOuts, a turnkey Facebook app suite for brands looking to bring YouTube video content toFacebook. Today, the company’s Audience Management Platform provides social content creation, management andmoderation as well as analytics. The Audience Management Platform includes both a turnkey solution, which marketersand designers can implement, as well as a technical solution called Social Markup Language (SML). SML provides thefoundation for front-end developers to build customized social content and apps. To leverage SML, customers must haveadequate in-house development resources and expertise or a relationship with an agency that has these resources. Assuch, Involver is a pure technology platform that enables its customers without significant services offerings.Involver’s Audience Management Platform currently supports Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr, YouTube, RSS, WordPressand other social applications. Basic integration with allows for forms to be embedded intosocial properties. The Audience Management Platform has more seamless integration with customer support platform Get© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 32 Email:
  • 35. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor ProfilesSatisfaction, which enables customers to monitor and synchronize Facebook content to provide one-click service responses.With built-in moderation and email functionality, Involver can support complex contest applications that notify users as tothe status of their entries.Analytics & Reporting • Exploratory analytics track over 30 metrics • Distributed analytics seeks to optimize social campaignsInvolver segments its analytics capabilities into two buckets: exploratory and distributed. The exploratory analytics trackover 30 metrics around numbers of posts, likes, comments, video plays, fan page views and user engagement. Distributedanalytics help customers optimize campaigns by slicing and dicing data around where users are going to act or interact withthe brand. Involver customers can also set custom metrics and reports. All data tables can be converted and exported tothird party analytics platforms such as Adobe SiteCatalyst or Google Analytics.Target Customer & Strategy • Mid-sized to large digital agencies and sophisticated brands • Freemium service includes one user and nine Facebook apps • New visual authoring tool to appeal to marketing usersInvolver’s Audience Management Platform targets mid-sized and large digital and traditional agencies such as Edelman,Razorfish and Pollinate as well more sophisticated brand marketers. The platform appeals to agencies and brands withthe internal technical and marketing expertise to build completely customized social marketing apps and experiencesusing SML. Involver plans to build its brand-direct business with a new visual authoring tool that will sit on top of the SMLlanguage and appeal more to marketing users.The platform’s tiered pricing structure ranges from a basic freemium service, which includes one user, nine Facebook appsand online community support, to a $2,749/month enterprise package that starts at 10 users, 25 apps, 40 publishingoutlets, advanced monitoring and analytics, and a dedicated account manager with 24-hour turnaround on customersupport questions. SML training is included in the fees. Additional per-user and per-account fees apply for largerenterprises, which are required to sign an annual contract.© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 33 Email:
  • 36. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor ProfilesShoutlet1 Erdman Pl., Suite 102Madison, WI 53717P: 608-833-0088www.shoutlet.comKey ExecutivesJason Weaver, CEOAaron Everson, President & COODavid Prohaska, VP, MarketingEric Christopher, VP, SalesKey CustomersFour Seasons Hotels & ResortsBurt’s BeesAmerican Family InsuranceCiscoCloroxReader’s DigestCompany Overview • Launched January 2010 • Raised $9.2 million from American Family Insurance, Origin Ventures and Leo Capital Holdings • Opened a U.K.-based office in December 2011Product Overview • Supports Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, sharing to more than 100 social sites, and custom apps for anywhere on the web • Social Switchboard “trigger-based” campaign publishing tool • Social Canvas drag-and-drop design tool • Open API offers CRM, ESP, and web analytics integrationShoutlet is positioned as an enterprise social marketingplatform that helps brands build customer relationshipsthrough social marketing campaigns. The platform’sprofessional-level design tool, called Social Canvas,allows customers to create Facebook custom tabs,HTML5 pages and custom web apps, which can belinked to trigger-based marketing automation softwarethat automatically launches additional promotions.The platform’s workflow and permissions structureenables corporate account holders to pre-approve© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 34 Email:
  • 37. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor Profilescontent for subaccounts; every subaccount has an additional three levels of permissions or roles to control content accessand use.Shoutlet currently supports Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as well as social sites driven by RSS feeds. The company isplanning to add Google+, Foursquare and LinkedIn publishing and app capabilities in the near future. Through its openAPI, Shoutlet provides drag-and-drop integration with CRM solutions such as, ESPs like BlueHornet, andweb analytics platforms such as Adobe SiteCatalyst.Analytics & Reporting • 50+ standard reports • Built-in CRM tool tracks individual user data • Trigger-based marketing automation toolShoutlet features more than 50 standard reports including numbers of likes, fans, followers and views, and includesFacebook Insights data, Twitter and YouTube to generate hundreds of customizable reports. Shoutlet’s Influencer Scoreranks Facebook fans according to post frequency; a “Shop and Share” Facebook tab allows customers to promote specificproducts or pages then track user shares and conversions. Shoutlet does not provide sentiment analysis of social networkcontent.All social marketing data (posts, videos, contests) is correlated to user activity, i.e., video plays, page clicks or shares,through Shoutlet’s built-in CRM tool to track the relationship between specific campaigns and fan or follower growth orcontraction. Shoutlet tracks data to the individual user level to create social profiles that can be used to better segment andtarget social media users. Users can be targeted through a trigger-based marketing automation tool that lets customers setbusiness rules or criteria to automatically launch social campaigns. For example, if a user with a particular profile clicks on aFacebook message, it triggers an email with an electronic coupon attached.Target Customer & Strategy • Fortune 1,000 companies and large agencies • Pricing based on number of users and accounts • Seeking exclusive partnerships for growthShoutlet’s platform targets large brands and large agencies. Pricing is based on both the number of users and the numberof subaccounts (brands or locations) and ranges from $20,000 to more than $300,000 annually. Shoutlet encouragescustomers to commit to annual licenses.A training portal with videos and user guides is available to all customers. Customer service includes a 24/7 online supportdesk. Shoutlet stresses the ease of using its platform, claiming most customers can master it within 30 minutes of training.Shoutlet is seeking exclusive partnerships with major software companies to expand its capabilities in the next 12 months.The company is actively looking at broadening the application by integrating with other digital marketing tools andexpanding into other areas of social including ads and listening.© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 35 Email:
  • 38. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor ProfilesSocialVolt10851 Mastin Blvd.Overland Park, KS 66210P: 415-800-3534www.socialvolt.comKey ExecutivesScott Oppliger, CEODerrek A. Harter, COO, Director of Business DevelopmentKey CustomersKauffman FoundationYouCastCompany Overview • Founded 2009 • Received $250k in angel funding in January 2011 and $1.07 million in series A funding in May 2011Product Overview • The SocialVolt platform provides strong risk management for regulated brands • Five-level “filth” filter flags and blocks objectionable terms • Google+ monitoring enabled in February 2012 releaseSocialVolt’s platform caters to agencies and brandsoperating in regulated industries, specifically financialservices, real estate and healthcare, to manage risk relatedto social media marketing. The platform allows customers tocreate custom keyword dictionaries to monitor the contentof all outbound social messages, as well as archive andaudit all social media accounts on the system. The standarddictionary features a “filth filter” that flags or blocks profanityand other objectionable terms at five levels of strictness.The dictionary is set to the strictest setting out of the box;customers can dial down the level if necessary. SocialVoltmonitors all FCC, FDA, FINRA and SEC regulationsregarding social media to maintain customer compliance.Agencies represent half of SocialVolt’s customer base. Assuch, the platform features a menu that separates accountsinto containers or silos. Agency users can switch back andforth between client accounts without having to re-log in orout. All analytics and reports are self-contained within eachaccount.SocialVolt currently supports both publishing and brand© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 36 Email:
  • 39. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor Profilesmonitoring on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn; the platform supports brand monitoring only on YouTube, Yelp, Foursquareand open web blogs, as well. SocialVolt anticipates including Google+ publishing within the next year. The platform doesnot currently feature an open API, therefore integration with existing CRM, ERP, ESP and web analytics platforms are doneon a custom basis.Analytics & Reporting • February 2012 release incorporated 25 new Facebook data points • Report frameworks include auditing, scheduling and share of voice • Sentiment engine provides unlimited listening agents within channelsSocialVolt includes dozens of metrics out of the box, including numbers of wall posts, likes, comments, mentions, followersand retweets. In its February 2012 release, Studio added 25 Facebook data points to its existing 13 Facebook metrics,including user demographics.SocialVolt reports are divided into four data frameworks: • Auditing (tracks internal user posts and content by date, time and IP address) • Content calendar and scheduling • Share of Voice (competitive brand monitoring and listening) • Status (more granular data slicing and dicing, i.e., by individual brands or accounts)Sentiment analysis is a key feature of SocialVolt’s brand monitoring capabilities. Users customize the keyword filter for termsto locate and identify as positive, negative or neutral. Users can override the sentiment setting for distinct brand terms ortone. SocialVolt’s sentiment engine uses machine learning to automatically learn from manual adjustments and incorporatethe changes in the platform. Listening is organized by channel or brand, with an unlimited number of listening agents withineach channel. For example, a pharmaceutical brand can choose any number of competitive brand names to monitor orlisten for.Target Customer & Strategy • Mid-sized and large agencies and organizations in regulated industries • Tiered pricing structure based on number of users, brands and mentions • Add-on services provide accelerated launch and brand architectureSocialVolt targets mid-sized and large agencies as well as organizations in regulated industries, including financial services(i.e., banks and credit unions, insurance and mutual fund companies), real estate and healthcare. The company’s business iscurrently split evenly between agencies and brands in those industries.SocialVolt’s tiered pricing structure is based on the number of brands, users and social network mentions as follows: • Team Edition: $100 per brand and $5 per user per month for both publishing content and brand monitoring. Brand monitoring includes one channel, unlimited listeners and 1,000 mentions. • Business Edition: $600 per brand and $5 per user per month for both publishing and brand monitoring. Includes three channels, unlimited listeners and 20,000 mentions. • Professional Edition: $1,800 per brand per month includes six channels and 160,000 mentions per brand. Additional mentions can be purchased in increments of 20,000 for $200 per month. • Enterprise Edition: Custom quote for organizations with multiple locations and more than six channels.Onboarding and customer training through online tutorials, videos and webinars are included in all pricing. Telephonesupport is handled by SocialVolt’s customer service team. SocialVolt uses Get Satisfaction to manage its customercommunity, allowing users to search the company’s online knowledgebase, provide product feedback and vote onenhancements.© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 37 Email:
  • 40. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor ProfilesSocialVolt offers several premium-priced services, including a Rapid Launch methodology to provide customers withaccount set up, user roles and permissions and brand architecture. Additional strategic consulting services are available todefine business processes, goals and social media content development.© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 38 Email:
  • 41. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor ProfilesSpredfast412 Congress Ave., 2nd FloorAustin, TX 78701P: 512-538-0460www.spredfast.comKey ExecutivesRod Favaron, President and CEOKen Cho, Chief Strategy Officer and co-founderJim Rudden, CMOKeith Zoellner, CTORandy Potts, Chief Sales OfficerDan Doman, VP, Business DevelopmentVirginia Miracle, EVP, Professional ServicesJay Harry, VP, FinanceKey CustomersAARPBayerCNNIBMNokiaOracleWells FargoWhole FoodsCompany Overview • Founded in early 2008 • Raised $15.6 million from Austin Ventures and InterWest Partners • Partnered with Austin-based Dachis Group in December 2011 to expand social analytics and benchmarking capabilitiesProduct Overview • Horizontal multi-channel social media integration • Supports 14 social media networks and blogging apps • Focus on facilitating social marketing campaignsBranded as a social CRM platform (SCRM), Spredfast’s strength is building multi-channel social media integration andanalysis horizontally across the enterprise. The platform allows customers to organize, audit, execute and track socialmarketing content and campaigns by department, brand or geography. For example, built-in functionality allows tweets tobe tagged as an open issue and delegated or escalated to the appropriate expert or department in the organization to beaddressed.Spredfast SCRM currently supports Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Flickr, Slideshare, Foursquare and Google+© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 39 Email:
  • 42. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor Profiles(listening only), as well as blogging apps Drupal, WordPress, Lotus and Blogger. The platform features an open APIfacilitating integration with existing analytics, CRM and other campaign management platforms, and provides seamlessintegration with can create original content or choose assets from a central “pre-approved content” library, a feature designedto appeal to national/local enterprises with many sales agents or dealers. For customers in regulated industries such aspharmaceuticals and financial services, Spredfast SCRM is industry compliant and offers a suite of audit trail, approval path,workflow, permissioning and archiving capabilities.Customizable workflow tools allow customers to assign any number of approval groups throughout the content/campaign development process. Users can tag and assign content assets to other users and track their response times.Spredfast SCRM is increasingly focused on facilitating social marketing campaigns and conversations; social ad publishingfunctionality (Facebook Ads) is being developed.Spredfast is available to mobile users through the Spredfast iPhone application in the iTunes store. Users must be licensedcustomers to use the iPhone application.Analytics & Reporting • Two levels of social analytics • 45 configurable widgets/reports • Social ranking and benchmarkingSpredfast SCRM features two levels of social analytics. The first pulls data directly from all supported social platforms totrack aggregated metrics such as social activity (posts, tweets, retweets), reach (fans, followers, shares) and engagement(likes, comments). The second level includes 45 configurable reports or widgets to allow users to drill deeper into data,including measuring the top 10 content posts by audience or engagement, or best engagement days and times.Customers with existing web analytics platforms (i.e., Google Analytics, Adobe SiteCatalyst or Webtrends) can leveragethe central SCRM dashboard to create an attributed view of how their social media campaigns are driving web traffic andconversions. All analytics reports can be downloaded to a CSV file for export.Through a partnership with Austin-based Dachis Group, announced in December 2011, Spredfast SCRM’s analytics includereal-time brand ranking, analysis and benchmarking for common customers. Spredfast SCRM features a sentiment engine,allowing users to see sentiment scores for individual comments, as well as aggregated data to evaluate conversations overvariable timeframes. Customers using Crimson Hexagon or Radian6 can also integrate these sentiment analytics into theSCRM dashboard to view sentiment analysis on a 24-hour delay. Spredfast is planning to add sentiment capabilities throughkeyword filtering in 2012.Target Customer & Strategy • Large enterprises with multiple brands and locations • Brand customers spend between $30,000 - $250,000 annually • UI for local users coming in 2012Spredfast SCRM targets large enterprises with multiple brands and locations in a wide range of vertical markets. Pricing isbased on the number of users and brands or groups; enterprise Spredfast customers spend between $30,000 and $250,000annually. Most Spredfast customers sign annual or multi-year contracts.Spredfast provides 24/7 customer support and standard training through its Customer Success team. More customized on-boarding and implementation services such as in-person training or consulting on goals, workflow and system configurationare also available.© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 40 Email:
  • 43. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor ProfilesSprinklr115 W. 30th St.New York, NY, 10001P: 707-276-6362www.sprinklr.comKey ExecutivesRagy Thomas, CEOMurali Swaminathan, SVP, OperationsJeremy Epstein, VP, MarketingElizabeth Closmore, Director of Client Services and StrategyChris Kieff, Director of Business DevelopmentKey CustomersAmerican ExpressCiscoDuPontNikePfizerTargetCompany Overview • Founded in September 2009© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 41 Email:
  • 44. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor ProfilesProduct Overview • SIREn platform features compliance, governance, workflow and enterprise-wide campaign management capability • Multi-channel audience management and engagement with associated reporting in singular user interface • Open APIs provide integration with CRM, analytics and other legacy platformsSprinkr’s SIREn (Social Intent Revelation Engine) platformis an organizational tool for large enterprises seeking tomanage social media within a strong compliance andoperational framework. SIREn manages multi-channel socialconversations, content, audiences and campaigns acrossdepartments and functional teams where accountability andpermission hierarchy are important. Every message on theplatform has the option to go out attached to a campaignas well as the option for pre-publishing approvals andnotifications. All user profiles show internal and external messages, conversations and recent tweets. Sprinklr supports in-platform custom URL shortening and links for clearer brand recognition.SIREn currently supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Foursquare, Slideshare and blog publishing platformssuch as WordPress and Tumblr. The platform is integrated through open APIs with analytics and CRM tools includingCoremetrics, Google Analytics and Adobe SiteCatalyst.Analytics & Reporting • 150 out-of-the-box metrics • Unlimited user dashboards • Automated sentiment analysisSIREn’s reporting dashboard provides 150 out-of-the-box metrics offering views by campaign, channel or message. Userscan create and share an unlimited number of dashboards. Screen widgets can be moved or exported into Excel in one click.Sprinklr provides homegrown automated sentiment analysis through its internally developed Natural Language Processing(NLP) engine. NLP automatically detects and flags questions, complaints and compliments through three types of sentimentanalytics: • Influence Index: Algorithm that measures the impact of the brand conversations with their audience • Engagement or Participation Index: Rates sentiment related to individual accounts • Quality Index: Looks at the type and frequency of user messagingTarget Customer & Strategy • Global enterprises • Average cost in the tens of thousands per month • Beta testing customized Facebook tabsSprinklr’s SIREn platform targets large, global enterprises and offers add-on strategic consulting services for the retail,financial services, travel and publishing verticals. Pricing is based on the number of users and the number of partitions orwork groups on the platform and typically ranges from $75 to $200 per user per month. For example, HR, Marketing and© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 42 Email:
  • 45. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor ProfilesLegal departments that have different access and permissions on the platform would be separate work groups. The averageSprinklr customer spends in the low five figures per month and has a dedicated account manager.Sprinklr is currently beta testing customized Facebook tabs that will allow customers to target Facebook users by a numberof segments, such as by language or fan vs. non-fan using centrally approved templates and permissions. The integratedFacebook pages will automatically feed other internal platforms, such as web analytics or CRM.© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 43 Email:
  • 46. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor ProfilesSyncapse20 Duncan St.Toronto, Ontario M5H 3G8P: 416-593-3773www.syncapse.comKey ExecutivesMichael Scissons, President and CEOClaude Galipeau, Chief Operating OfficerStephen England-Hall, Chief Client OfficerSarah Johnston, SVP, Managing Director, Client SolutionsSarah Long, VP, Global MarketingKey CustomersBlackberryNationwide InsuranceAnheuser-Busch InBevCompany Overview • Founded in November 2007 • Raised $30.3 million from ABS Capital Partners, BDC (Canada’s business development bank) and CEO Michael Scissons, Ian Giffen and Rob Burgess • Acquired London-based Nudge Social Media in September 2010 to expand into EMEAProduct Overview • A highly customized platform that serves global enterprises • Includes corporate and dealer/franchise editions • Plug-in integration with CRM and listening toolsThe Syncapse platform is geared toward Fortune 500enterprises whose social marketing programs need a highdegree of customization to serve multiple regions andbusiness units. The platform includes both corporate anddealer/franchise editions to allow local outlets to leveragepre-approved social content that can be customizedthrough local dashboard management. To help customersmaximize the success of their social media marketingcampaigns, Syncapse offers a wide range of social mediastrategic services, such as enterprise strategy assessments,and custom workflow design, keyword moderationimplementation, content and community planning.Syncapse customers can use the platform to build all oftheir social apps and page tabs, publish and schedulecontent across time zones, multiple languages (30 total)© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 44 Email:
  • 47. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor Profilesor regions, and archive content for up to seven years.Syncapse’s workflow, collaboration and approval toolsfeature a single-user log on, allowing administratorsand high-level users to manage compliance as well asperformance across the system.Syncapse currently supports Facebook, Twitter andYouTube as well as WordPress and MoveableType.orgblogging applications. The platform’s open APIs provideseamless integration with CRM and listening platformsincluding Radian6, Buzzient and Crimson Hexagon.Analytics & Reporting • Dashboard customized by KPIs, geography, roles • Proprietary metrics focus on earned media and reach • Sentiment and segmentation availableThe Syncapse platform features a central reportingdashboard that users can customize by KPIs, brands, globalvs. regional views, and roles and data access. Syncapseincludes Facebook Insights and all of its key metrics(number of fans, likes, shares, community growth) as well asproprietary metrics such as earned, owned and paid mediavalue; consumer engagement; and earned impressions andreach.Syncapse provides sentiment and CRM analysis through plug-in integration with Radian6 and other listening platformssuch as Buzzient and Crimson Hexagon, allowing customers to track conversation tone and influence on the Syncapsedashboard. The platform measures social behaviors including demographics and activities or events, and segments socialuser data to track the number of producers, engagers, participants and lurkers.Target Customer & Strategy • Global enterprises with dealer/agent networks • Customized pricing structure based on numbers of users and accounts • Wide range of strategic social media consulting services availableSyncapse targets Global 1,000 enterprises with large dealer/agent networks and has a strong customer base in theconsumer electronics, financial services, consumer packaged goods and insurance industries. The platform’s tiered pricingstructure is highly customized and based upon the number of social marketing accounts, the number of users that needtraining, dashboard customization and reporting frequency. There is also an undisclosed one-time setup fee. The typicalSyncapse customer spends five figures per month and has access to 24/7 customer support.As a tailored solution, Syncapse provides a wide range of strategic consulting services, including social media strategyassessments and educational training, and social performance studies that can track KPIs such as Facebook fan value. Thecompany is focused on enhancing the flexibility of the platform’s user workflows as well as the range of add-on vs. standardmeasurement tools.© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 45 Email:
  • 48. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor ProfilesVitrue101 Marietta St., Suite 1700Atlanta, GA 30303P: 888-9VITRUEwww.vitrue.comKey ExecutivesReggie Bradford, CEOJim Anderson, COOMichael Strutton, Chief Product OfficerChris Hackney, VP, Strategic AlliancesBrian Blond, Chief Revenue OfficerErika Brooks, VP, MarketingKey CustomersIntelAmerican ExpressLowe’sP&G BrandsMcDonald’sCase MateSamsungCompany Overview • Founded in April 2006 • Raised $33 million from General Catalyst Partners, Comcast Ventures, Turner Broadcasting, Dace Ventures, Scale Venture Partners, Advent Venture Partners • Acquired social gaming platform Games That Give in July 2011 • Acquired social advertising platform UGENmedia in June 2008Product Overview • Social Relationship Management (SRM) platform • Provide publishing, content creation, monitoring, analytics and other capabilities to manage SM across the social Web • Integrates with Javascript-based analytics platforms such as Google Analytics, Webtrends and Adobe SiteCatalystVitrue was one of Facebook’s first Preferred DeveloperConsultants, and the focus of its Social RelationshipManagement (SRM) platform continues to be on helpingbrands harness the marketing potential of social andmanage their expanding and sophisticated social© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 46 Email:
  • 49. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor Profilescommunities on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube andemerging platforms.The SRM platform features Publisher, Tab and Analyticsmodules that provide the following capabilities: • Publisher: Provides 24/7 automated publishing, scheduling, moderation and administration capabilities for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Automated content moderation and community management is algorithmically driven, and flags inappropriate content by keyword, criticism and hate speech. The module includes more than 10 apps for coupon, poll, quiz and video development and publishing. Customers can centrally create and manage pre-approved social content that can be distributed and customized by local agent or franchisee sales networks. • Tabs: Features an app library that allows customers to create and publish more than 50 out-of-the-box customizable Facebook apps, which can be targeted by region, city, zip code, language, brand and products. A Vitrue Games module offers 25 Facebook gaming apps that customers can license to drive deeper user engagement. • Analytics: Delivers more than 120 different metric types that allow customers to measure engagement, understand global perspectives of fan demographics, time navigation abilities and visibility across the Web.Vitrue is one of six Google+ page management tooldevelopers and also supports Twitter and YouTube videointegration with Facebook (not YouTube publishing). TheSRM platform integrates with Javascript-based analyticsplatforms such as Google Analytics, Webtrends and AdobeSiteCatalyst but does not yet feature an open API.Analytics & Reporting • Multiple reporting dashboards provide real-time data • Customizable widgets drill down into social user engagement • Developing UI integrated with Facebook InsightsVitrue’s SRM platform features multiple reportingdashboards providing real-time data by channel,geography and level of user. For example, a CMOdashboard aggregates high-level Facebook KPIs. Otherkey metrics include engagement by fans and country,demographics, post effectiveness and Klout scores, which© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 47 Email:
  • 50. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor Profilesare integrated into the platform to identify social mediainfluencers.Currently quantitative metrics such as number ofimpressions, clicks, likes, shares and comments aredisplayed on the platform’s Publisher dashboard but willbe moved to its Analytics dashboard in 2012. A set ofcustomizable widgets also drill down into engagementsby day, fan growth over time, top influencers and top10 Facebook fans. Vitrue is planning to release a new UIintegrated with the Facebook API to capture and downloadFacebook Insights data in 2012. All Vitrue reports can beexported as CSV files.Vitrue’s SRM platform does not currently provide machine-based sentiment analysis. Instead, customers set businessrules around negative and positive keywords, phrasesand brand names, which set off red and green flags in thesystem, respectively.Target Customer & Strategy • Upper mid-market and Fortune 1,000 enterprises and agencies • Base price of $4,000 per month includes two social media accounts and two Facebook tabs • Focus on optimizing tabs for mobile devicesVitrue targets upper mid-market and Fortune 1,000enterprises and agencies, and has customers in the retail,hospitality, automotive, consumer packaged goods,consumer electronics and travel/leisure verticals. Theplatform’s base price is $4,000 per month, which includestwo social media accounts and two Facebook tabs. Theprice increases as more social accounts or geographiclocations are added. On-boarding (installation and in-person/online training) and a 24/7 help desk are includedin the base price. Vitrue also offers an array of premiumservices focused on best practices, technical services forglobal implementations, advanced analytics and strategicplanning.Vitrue is seeking to capitalize on the growth of mobileusage by optimizing the platform’s tabs for mobile devices.The company will continue to support custom Facebookapps and migrate more of those capabilities to createcustom, compelling experiences on other social networks.© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 48 Email:
  • 51. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor ProfilesWildfire Interactive1600 Seaport Blvd., Suite 500Redwood City, CA 94063P: 888-274-0929www.wildfireapp.comKey ExecutivesVictoria Ransom, CEOAlain Chuard, Head of Product ManagementTom Rikert, Director of Product ManagementKey CustomersFacebookPepsiSonyUniversalOgilvyCompany Overview • Founded in July 2008 • Raised $4 million in Series A funding from Summit Partners, Jeff Clavier, Aydin Senkut and Gary Vaynerchuk in April 2010 • Foreign offices in London, Munich, Paris and SingaporeProduct Overview • Supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn • Customers can build custom Facebook pages or choose from over 70 pre-built page templates • Wide selection of promotion formats, including sweepstakes, coupons and contestsWildfire has its roots in Facebook promotions but now offers acomplete suite of four social marketing tools: • Promotion Builder: A publishing tool to build custom sweepstakes, coupons and contests. • Page Manager: Custom pages or more than 70 pre-built promotion templates. • Messenger: Allows customers to view, manage and moderate social media messages across networks. Messages can be targeted by geography (language or country) or demographics. • Analytics: Tracks audience growth and engagement across social properties.Promotion Builder is the only one of the four that is availableas a standalone application, allowing customers to buy and© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 49 Email:
  • 52. M A R K E T I N T E L L I G E N C E R E P O R T:Enterprise Social Media Management Software Vendor Profilesbuild sweepstakes, coupons and contests a la carte. The toolset currently supports Facebook and Twitter, and is one of fourcertified LinkedIn developers for publishing promotions.The company prides itself on making social marketing simple and effective for brands and agencies, from SMBs to thelargest global enterprises. Customers can build customized Facebook pages either completely from scratch or using one ofover 70 pre-built templates. They can choose to run a variety of plug-ins on their page to grow, engage or monetize theiraudience, including polls, twitter feeds, video or photo galleries, or contests.Once customers customize their template, they can lock certain elements, and allow other elements to be customizedby local or regional offices. Wildfire customers can also create completely customized apps and share them across theorganization. Permissions are based on roles within the organization.Wildfire is integrated with several email service providers, including Constant Contact and Email Monitor, to allowcustomers to act quickly upon leads generated through brand promotions. A synching feature automatically exportspromotion data to customer accounts with these ESPs.Analytics & Reporting • Page, post and promotion analytics • Sentiment analysis based on keyword filteringWildfire segments its reporting capabilities into three buckets: page, post and promotion analytics. Page analytics trackssuch metrics as total Facebook likes – broken out by tab or aggregated across tabs – total reach, number of storytellersand engaged users. Post analytics measures the impact of messages posted with Messenger by tracking organic reach,viral reach, viral growth rate and visibility (the number of users viewing a message on the brand page). Promotion analyticsreports on sweepstakes and other contests and tracks referral sources, entrant demographics (i.e., gender, age, education)and entrant likes and follows.The dashboard allows customers to drill down and customize reports and sharing. Wildfire provides basic content orsentiment analysis using keyword filtering according to business rules set by the customer.Target Customer & Strategy • Mid-sized to enterprise brands and agencies • Tiered pricing for enterprise use • Promotion Builder available from $5 up to $5,000Wildfire targets mid-sized brands and agencies but also counts many Fortune 500 enterprises, including Cisco Systems,among its customers. Pricing for the Wildfire suite ranges from four to five figures per month for one of three tieredpackages: Starter, Pro and Enterprise. The Starter package includes one social property/account, unlimited promotions,no permissions or audience targeting and standard support. The Enterprise package includes multiple social properties/accounts, unlimited custom promotions, branding control, audience targeting, advanced permissions and analytics. Allsuite customers are assigned account managers and strategists to help with social marketing campaigns and goals. Add-oncreative consulting services are also available.Customers can also purchase Promotion Builder as a standalone tool starting at $5/promotion and $1/day for unbranded,standard entry forms, and rising to $5,000/promotion for custom branded, unlimited participants, any type of promotion,customized entry forms and personal account management. Monitor, Wildfire’s free analytics tool to track the growth ofFacebook fans and Twitter followers, is also included.Wildfire continues to invest significantly in analytics to provide customers with deeper understanding of Facebook userengagement at both the individual and group level. The company is also seeing more interest from customers in theLinkedIn platform and continues to fine tune its capabilities for that network.© 2012 Third Door Media, Inc. • 50 Email: