Public relations in indian context


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Public relations in indian context

  2. 2. CONTENTS• Introduction• Importance• PR 2.0• PR & Brand Plan• PR Domain• PR: Long Way To Go• Conclusion• References
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION• What is Public Relations (PR) ? PR is the actions of a corporation, store, government, individual, etc ., in promoting goodwill between itself and the public, the community, employees, customers, etc.
  4. 4. IMPORTANCE• Provides an organization exposure to their audiences using topics of public interest• Build rapport with employees, customers, investors, voters, or the general public• Propaganda for the industry
  5. 5. PR 2.0• Emerging competitive trends• Rise of social media• Is India Inc ready ?• Are Indian PR firms ready ?
  6. 6. • Indiancorporations suffer from a huge lack of structured PR processes• Gone are the days when the job of a PR professional was just to maintain cordial relations with journalists & ensure positive coverage of the client in mainstream media
  7. 7. • The rise of various forms of media has has also resulted in making the PR department much more important in the overall marketing plans of a company• Entry of globally established PR firms
  8. 8. • 16% of companies invest heavily in social media while 34% of companies are still making average investments and 50% are yet to experiment much with the platform* (Social Media and Online PR report 2010)
  9. 9. • High degree of risk involved in the usage of social media in PR• Mis-orientation about social media PR
  10. 10. PR & BRAND PLAN• To have a clear image in the minds of the customers• Many brands do not have a clear positioning• Communication is not clear and consistent
  11. 11. PR DOMAIN• Communications is one of the basic functions of management in any organization• Instrumental in supporting the business objectives and creating a positive sentiment• Strengthen the corporate image and establish the brand in the heart of the stakeholders
  12. 12. • PRshould serve as an enabler to fuel the company’s growth by managing the image• Customers identify companies or products with the brand• The Indian IT and consumer product/service companies effectively use public relations as an important part of their marketing arsenal
  13. 13. • Indian brands have just recently begun realizing the potential of public relations• PR has become a critical part of media mix• Allocation of budgets are miniscule
  14. 14. • TheIndian PR landscape is undergoing a metamorphosis• TheIndian PR agencies are suddenly fighting the onslaught of their multinational counterparts
  15. 15. • ASSOCHAM projects the size of PR industry in India over $10.56 billion by 2012• Public Engagement includes content creation and communication across multiple channels
  16. 16. PR: LONG WAY TO GO• PR firms transformed from media relation agencies to strategic communication partners• Industry is facing a talent crunch and needs to attract and train talent at grassroots level• Manage brand & public image through in- house PR department
  17. 17. • Relationship between media and PR is no more like a cat-and-mouse game• Corporatelean on PR heavily to promote brand & product launch• In-house PR department for getting their basic PR work done
  18. 18. • Managepress and media relations across B2B and B2C media• In-housePR department a more efficient way to manage a company’s PR than choosing an outsourced PR agency or is it a mix of both that works best?
  19. 19. CONCLUSION• Very nature of communication with the general public has changed• As more & more companies hop on digital media the importance they place on PR is declining
  20. 20. • Abilityof the public to interact with each other and determine for themselves whether a product or service is good• Asthe importance of PR continues to grow, corporate hire PR firms to promote their brands and product launches
  21. 21. REFERENCES• Public Relations Consultants Association of India (• undp_modules/PublicRelationsNDLM.pdf• 062011/default.asp