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Public relations in indian context
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  • 2. CONTENTS• Introduction• Importance• PR 2.0• PR & Brand Plan• PR Domain• PR: Long Way To Go• Conclusion• References
  • 3. INTRODUCTION• What is Public Relations (PR) ? PR is the actions of a corporation, store, government, individual, etc ., in promoting goodwill between itself and the public, the community, employees, customers, etc.
  • 4. IMPORTANCE• Provides an organization exposure to their audiences using topics of public interest• Build rapport with employees, customers, investors, voters, or the general public• Propaganda for the industry
  • 5. PR 2.0• Emerging competitive trends• Rise of social media• Is India Inc ready ?• Are Indian PR firms ready ?
  • 6. • Indiancorporations suffer from a huge lack of structured PR processes• Gone are the days when the job of a PR professional was just to maintain cordial relations with journalists & ensure positive coverage of the client in mainstream media
  • 7. • The rise of various forms of media has has also resulted in making the PR department much more important in the overall marketing plans of a company• Entry of globally established PR firms
  • 8. • 16% of companies invest heavily in social media while 34% of companies are still making average investments and 50% are yet to experiment much with the platform* (Social Media and Online PR report 2010)
  • 9. • High degree of risk involved in the usage of social media in PR• Mis-orientation about social media PR
  • 10. PR & BRAND PLAN• To have a clear image in the minds of the customers• Many brands do not have a clear positioning• Communication is not clear and consistent
  • 11. PR DOMAIN• Communications is one of the basic functions of management in any organization• Instrumental in supporting the business objectives and creating a positive sentiment• Strengthen the corporate image and establish the brand in the heart of the stakeholders
  • 12. • PRshould serve as an enabler to fuel the company’s growth by managing the image• Customers identify companies or products with the brand• The Indian IT and consumer product/service companies effectively use public relations as an important part of their marketing arsenal
  • 13. • Indian brands have just recently begun realizing the potential of public relations• PR has become a critical part of media mix• Allocation of budgets are miniscule
  • 14. • TheIndian PR landscape is undergoing a metamorphosis• TheIndian PR agencies are suddenly fighting the onslaught of their multinational counterparts
  • 15. • ASSOCHAM projects the size of PR industry in India over $10.56 billion by 2012• Public Engagement includes content creation and communication across multiple channels
  • 16. PR: LONG WAY TO GO• PR firms transformed from media relation agencies to strategic communication partners• Industry is facing a talent crunch and needs to attract and train talent at grassroots level• Manage brand & public image through in- house PR department
  • 17. • Relationship between media and PR is no more like a cat-and-mouse game• Corporatelean on PR heavily to promote brand & product launch• In-house PR department for getting their basic PR work done
  • 18. • Managepress and media relations across B2B and B2C media• In-housePR department a more efficient way to manage a company’s PR than choosing an outsourced PR agency or is it a mix of both that works best?
  • 19. CONCLUSION• Very nature of communication with the general public has changed• As more & more companies hop on digital media the importance they place on PR is declining
  • 20. • Abilityof the public to interact with each other and determine for themselves whether a product or service is good• Asthe importance of PR continues to grow, corporate hire PR firms to promote their brands and product launches
  • 21. REFERENCES• Public Relations Consultants Association of India (http://www.prcai.org)• http://persmin.nic.in/otraining/UNDPProject/ undp_modules/PublicRelationsNDLM.pdf• http://www.4psbusinessandmarketing.com/16 062011/default.asp