Literature of region iv (southern tagalog)


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Literature of region iv (southern tagalog)

  1. 1. Literature of Region IV (Southern Tagalog) Prose
  2. 2. I. Tittle: Legend of Maria Makiling By Dr. Jose P. Rizal
  3. 3. II. Short account of the Author: José Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda Born on June 19, 1861 in Calamba, Laguna Died: December 30, 1896 (aged 35) Bagumbayan, Manila Cause of death: Execution by firing squad Monuments: Rizal Park, Manila, Calamba, Laguna Nationality: Filipino Other names Pepe Alma mater: Ateneo Municipal de Manila, University of Santo Tomas, Universidad Central de Madrid Organization: La Solidaridad, La Liga Filipina Religion: Roman Catholicism Spouse(s): Josephine Bracken (1896) Child: Francísco Rizal y Bracken (who died after birth) Parents:Francisco Rizal Mercado (father) Teodora Alonso (mother)
  4. 4. He went to Madrid at Universidad Central de Madrid and in 1885 at the age of 24; he finished his course in Philosophy and Letters with a grade of "Excellent". He took graduate studies in Paris, France & Heidelberg, Germany. He also studied painting, sculpture, he learned to read and write in at least 10 languages.
  5. 5. Rizal was a prolific writer and was anti-violence. He rather fight using his pen than his might. Rizal's two books "Noli Me Tangere" (Touch Me Not) which he wrote while he was in Berlin, Germany in 1887 and "El Filibusterismo" (The Rebel) in Ghent, Belgiun in 1891 exposed the cruelties of the Spanish friars in the Philippines, the defects of the Spanish administration and the vices of the clergy, these books told about the oppression of the Spanish colonial rule. These two books made Rizal as a marked man to the Spanish friars.
  6. 6. III. Setting: In the Province of Laguna (Region IV) is a steep mountain called Makiling.
  7. 7. IV. Character and Characterization: 1. Mariang Makiling - It is said in the old days she used to come to town with a basket full of fruits on her head which she sold in the market place. The money she got for the fruit she later distributed among the poor. Her face was soft and fair and her black hair flowed down to her ankles. 2. Young Farmer – who had fallen in love with Mariang Makiling.
  8. 8. V. Plot: A. Kind of plot: Linear Plot B. Summary of the Story: Exposition One day, a young Farmer who had fallen in love with her beauty followed her secretly into the woods. Complication However, she went so quickly through the forest growth that he lost her. He waited for her on the next market day, but she did not come to town that day nor did she come on any day thereafter.
  9. 9. Crisis The young man went into the woods to search for her but she never came back. Climax Some say he found her. Some say she was lost and that he died in the woods without seeing her again. To this day the old folks believe Mariang Makiling still haunts the mountain. Denouement The mountain is covered with many fruit-bearing trees. You may eat all the fruit you wish but do not bring any of it home. If you do, then you will lose your way. The insects will sting you. And the very trunks of the trees will play trick on your eyes.
  10. 10. Ending Mariang Makiling will lead you completely astray. If prudent, you will throw away all fruits you had intended to take out. Also, you will turn your clothes inside out to assure the good fairy that you are hiding none of her fruits on your person. Only then might Mariang Makiling relent and lead you back on the right trail.
  11. 11. VI. Literary Devices: - Foreshadowing VII. Point of View: - First-Person Point of View
  12. 12. VIII. Theme: No Tresspasing !