Marketing Plan                                   Dancer Ko Khoj                             Table Of Contents             ...
Marketing Plan                                                  Dancer Ko KhojEXECUTIVE SUMMARYThe following Marketing pla...
Marketing Plan                                                  Dancer Ko KhojOur program will broadly describe the benefi...
Marketing Plan                                                      Dancer Ko KhojCOMPANY DEESCRIPTION           Nayuma En...
Marketing Plan                                                    Dancer Ko KhojSituation AnalysisLifestyle and work habit...
Marketing Plan                                                  Dancer Ko KhojProfitability & future growth potentialRequi...
Marketing Plan                                                    Dancer Ko KhojDistributionThe current market for Nepali ...
Marketing Plan                                                     Dancer Ko Khoj   1. Informing the market about the need...
Marketing Plan                                                                Dancer Ko KhojSWOT Analysis                 ...
Marketing Plan                                                      Dancer Ko KhojObjectives and GoalsCompany is centered ...
Marketing Plan                                                   Dancer Ko KhojMARKETING STRETEGYSEGMENTATION    Segmentat...
Marketing Plan                                                      Dancer Ko Khoj                  Occasions        Regul...
Marketing Plan                                                   Dancer Ko KhojTARGETINGSegment identification:“Dancer Ko ...
Marketing Plan                                                       Dancer Ko KhojPOSITIONING STATEMENTDancer ko Khoj: Ma...
Marketing Plan                                                             Dancer Ko KhojPROMOTION STRATEGYObjective: To m...
Marketing Plan                                              Dancer Ko KhojAnother important tactic to reach our target mar...
Marketing Plan                                              Dancer Ko Khoj     ACTION PLANStep       Output              P...
Marketing Plan                                                                      Dancer Ko KhojBUDGETThe estimated cost...
Marketing Plan                                                                       Dancer Ko Khoj   Return on Investment...
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Mkt plan for nepali dance reality show 1


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Mkt plan for nepali dance reality show 1

  1. 1. Marketing Plan Dancer Ko Khoj Table Of Contents Page Sr. Particular No. 01 Executive Summary 02 02 Company Description 03 03 Situation Analysis & Market Summary 04 04 Trends 05 05 Profitability & future growth potential 06 06 Competition 06 07 Target Market 08 08 Distribution 08 09 Positioning & Advertising 09 10 SWOT Analysis 10 11 Objectives & Goals 13 12 Markerting Strategy 14 13  Segmentation 14 14  Targeting 16 15  Positioning 17 16  4 Ps 17 17 Action Plan 30 18 Budget 31 19 Control 32Pradhanbros Pvt Ltd
  2. 2. Marketing Plan Dancer Ko KhojEXECUTIVE SUMMARYThe following Marketing plan is about introducing the new Nepali DanceReality Show for Nepali audience in Sikkim & outside Sikkim by NayumaTelevision which is named as “DANCER KO KHOJ”. This will be a one of thekind entertainment program for Nepali speaking and understanding customersand will also give the best and the first entertainment program for viewers.The main characteristics of this dance reality show will be the Nepali contentinvolving the viewers to select the best dancer amongst the people of theNepali speaking region i.e. the program content will be versatile and willinvolve all form of dance but the interactions will be in Nepali & English. Theprogram intends to capture 20% market viewership in the category ofentertainment in the telecasted region.Nayuma Television has its operations only in Sikkim, but in regions likeDarjeeling, Kalimpong, Mirik, Kerseong & Siligiri, we intend to make a tie upwith regional cable operators for telecasting the show. The Market is stillunnerved for Nepali entertainment content and company will be going tointroduce a new market trend in Nepali entertainment and also will generatethe impetus for more Nepali entertainment content and will thereby challengenational channels for the primetime.This Dancer Ko Khoj program will lead the company to establish its presenceamong the nepali speaking viewers. The target market for the channel will beNepali speaking population in Sikkim and all across India.Pradhanbros Pvt Ltd
  3. 3. Marketing Plan Dancer Ko KhojOur program will broadly describe the benefits and give the pleasure ofhaving a regional and local flavour of entertainment. In the first year ofoperation Nayuma Television with the help of Dancer KO Khoj will beintroduced in India because there are more potential and enthusiasticcustomers and we can get result faster resulting in the success of Channel.Nayuma Television can increase its market share through targeted advertisingto increase the number customers who want convenience and are looking toview quality Nepali entertainment shows, which will give them a sense ofbelongings and will bring them, closer to the culture.Pradhanbros Pvt Ltd
  4. 4. Marketing Plan Dancer Ko KhojCOMPANY DEESCRIPTION Nayuma Entertainment is formed by enthusiastic and dedicated Sikkimese – possessing a determined and clear intention of providing the best of services to herald forth a new-novel trend to the Television- Screen-World of Sikkim. Nayuma, the only Television Network in the capital city of Sikkim having three Local Channels: Nayuma Television , Nayuma Movies and Nayuma Music through which Local News, Programs , movies and Music are presented regularly. We are serving lakhs of families and several corporate houses by providing High Digital Quality Cable Connections. We have OFC (Optic Fiber Cable) back bone through-out the city of Gangtok and suburbs. We are also providing platforms for many personnel and corporate houses to spring board unto the zenith of success. Also many opportunities for promoting and marketing various products and services through our advertising department shall enhance possibilities to reach out to numerous individual customers and industrial houses. Many retail and corporate houses are getting considerable benefits and substantial response by advertisements through our channel. At Nayuma Television, we promote Sikkimese talents and culture to progress towards a new dimension. We are committed to Tele-viewing growth, as it is a proven fact that virtually every household has a TV Set through which messages of manifold nature are conveyed. Our vision encompasses the need to reach out to every nook and corner of the state and bring awareness to everyone. In so doing our channels serves as a medium to take the people of Sikkim as well as the state of Sikkim towards further growth. channels towards further growth.Pradhanbros Pvt Ltd
  5. 5. Marketing Plan Dancer Ko KhojSituation AnalysisLifestyle and work habits in Sikkim & Darjeeling District have madeconvenience a necessity. So is the need for local Nepali entertainment contentprogrammes. Thus, any Nepali content that can fill the consumers need forconvenience and entertainment are almost automatically embraced into theregion life style. Nayuma television will help fill the gap and the necessity forNepali entertainment content to its consumers.Market SummaryFor Local entertainment programs there is no value for it, with some of thenepali entertainment comes through stage shows, drama, Nepali movies.There still is a consideration that Nepali content are not up to the mark in-spite of Nepal channels. It will be a challenge for Nayuma television togenerate the need and create a pull factor for Nepali speaking population toview its programs.TrendsFor the few years the only source of real mass local entertainment was withPrashant Tamang participating in the Indian Idol and the nepali speakingpopulation voting outrageously to make him the Indian Idol winner. Similarwas the case with Bhaichung Bhutia at Nach Baleya where similar viewing andvoting trends were witnessed.This provides us an opportunity to supply these viewers with Nepali contentand help build Nayuma Television as the foremost Chanel in Nepalientertainment.Pradhanbros Pvt Ltd
  6. 6. Marketing Plan Dancer Ko KhojProfitability & future growth potentialRequire current balance sheet on the revenue flow: will help predict the next5 years financial projections.CompetitionNayuma Television closest competition for Nepali / Regional contentDirect Competition 1. Nepal 1 channel 2. Krantipur channel 3. NE channel 4. Local cable operatorsIndirect competition: National channelsTARGET MARKETThere are two major target markets for Dancer ko Khoj. One group is the consumers on the go. o These are the employees, students, and other consumers .Men and women of age group 25-50 years o housewife’s ,Parents having an aspiration to see their kids on TV o Are keen on the local talents developmentThe other group is made up of Nepali literate who is keen to make the nepalilanguage and culture global and can voice their opinion.Pradhanbros Pvt Ltd
  7. 7. Marketing Plan Dancer Ko KhojDistributionThe current market for Nepali Entertainment programmes is scattered withlocal cable operators and producing some programmes.The way forward is to tie up with such operators and also in a later phase tomake the channel a satellite channel.Tie up:Darjeeling TVKalimpong TVPositioning“Dancer Ko Khoj” will be a quality reality shows involving contestants formSikkim and Darjeeling district; will be the first among its kind in Nepalientertainment. It will present itself as a funky and unusual alternative tonational channel programs providing the greater level of personal involvementand belongings.Advertising  Informative Advertising There will be Informative Advertising during market of Dancer Ko Khoj and that will help Nayuma Television:Pradhanbros Pvt Ltd
  8. 8. Marketing Plan Dancer Ko Khoj 1. Informing the market about the need of Nepali entertainment content 2. Describing available services 3. Correcting the false impression (Sikkim Vs Darjeeling) 4. Building a brand and company image 5. Communicating the rules of the show 6. Telling market about a new product 7. Explaining how the reality show works 8. Suggesting for making the show better 9. Creating awareness and attracting talent  Persuasive Advertising It will help marketers to: 1. Building brand preferences 2. Encouraging switching to your brand 3. Changing customers perception of product attribute 4. Persuading customers to purchase now 5. Convincing customers to tell others about productPradhanbros Pvt Ltd
  9. 9. Marketing Plan Dancer Ko KhojSWOT Analysis STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES  Nayuma TV has better • Nayuma lacking its network outside infrastructure and is among the Sikkim. most watched Nepali channel in Sikkim. • Lack in marketing and sales  Has the capital to produce and promote shows. Lack of capital  Lack of proper studios constraints (availability of large free cash flow). • Technological upgradation required  Strong distribution in Sikkim and innovative capabilities  Number one TV channel in Sikkim.  Has a vision to produce more Nepali entertainment programs. OPPORTUNITIES THREATS • NE TV increasing the base in North  Green pastures for nepali east India. entertainment programs  Competition lacks the coverage Nepal TV channels have experience on and programs to be the top of their side to produce and distribute mind channel entertainment shows  Untapped Nepali speaking population desires for quality Regional politics may hamper its plans nepali television for expansion  Can supply programs to national National channels are capable of and international nepali overshadowing the channel populationPradhanbros Pvt Ltd
  10. 10. Marketing Plan Dancer Ko KhojObjectives and GoalsCompany is centered on these objectives:With the existing need for local & regional entertainment contents Nayuma TVwants to use this Platform of “Dancer Ko Khoj” to establish itself as the onlyNepali TV channel in India.Short Term Goals:Improve market presence by 20% in the region.Short-Term ObjectivesWith Aggressive Marketing Strategy and programs Nayuma TV can takeadvantage of the positive mind set for local talent and local involvement.Improve Packaging the talent show should be focused in such a way so as tokeep the audience wanting for more.Improve Presence Nayuma television should be the foremost one to break thedilemma of Nepali Vs Gorkha and position itself as the” first Nepali television inIndia”Long-Term Goals:To be the “first Nepali TV channel in India”Long-Term Objectives:Product Innovation Improve the content of the program, either produce itselfor associate with the producers for developing programmers. It also intends tohire talent and generate endorsement through the medium of advertising.Pradhanbros Pvt Ltd
  11. 11. Marketing Plan Dancer Ko KhojMARKETING STRETEGYSEGMENTATION Segmentation variables for consumer market of Dancer Ko Khoj TYPE VARIABLES PARTICULARS Sikkim & Nepali speaking population in the Darjeeling region District City size 1-2 lakhs, 20-40 thousands Density Urban, suburban, village Climate Northeastern Himalayan Age 12-19,20-34,35-49,50-64,65+ Gender Male , Female Family size 1-2, 3-4,5+ Family Life Marriage at the age of 25, nuclear Cycle family, mostly Income Under 10,000 and over 100,000 Occupation Professional ,proprietors, clerical sales persons, housewives Education Grade school or less high school ,graduate and above Race Nepali speaking population Generation Social class Working class, middle class, upper middle class, lower uppers ,upper uppers Life style Achievers and strivers Personality Compulsive ,authoritarian, contentedPradhanbros Pvt Ltd
  12. 12. Marketing Plan Dancer Ko Khoj Occasions Regular occasion and Special occasion Benefits Delight and involved User Status Non viewers, & viewers Usage rate Regularly and not heard of Loyalty status None , medium , strong Readiness Un aware , aware ,interested , stage intended to view Attitude Positive, enthusiastic , indifferent towards and skeptical productPradhanbros Pvt Ltd
  13. 13. Marketing Plan Dancer Ko KhojTARGETINGSegment identification:“Dancer Ko Khoj” to be in the next happening thing in reality showentertainment categorySegment needs:The Show will have both psychological need (I can do it) and social needs(perception of a social, family entertainment)Segment trends:The current trends include a shift away from national entertainment shows toregional entertainment shows with a local flavor, language and taste.Segment growth potential:No data available. (Need to conduct a research)POSITIONNINGPositioning strategyDancer Ko Khoj to be the first Nepali Entertainment reality show to betelecasted in India. The youths of the hills are full of potential but with thelacking of opportunity. The People of the hills are also lacking localentertainment; we fill the gap by involving and inspiring local youths cateringto local viewers.Pradhanbros Pvt Ltd
  14. 14. Marketing Plan Dancer Ko KhojPOSITIONING STATEMENTDancer ko Khoj: Making dreams into realityPRODUCT STRATEGYThe coreo Dancer Ko Khoj: - A nepali reality dance competition.The actual productReality showo Emotional connect:  “ I can do it”  A chance to seek fame and recognition  An unforgettable memory of THOUSANDS OF people chanting your name  Because when we think of Nayuma TV, we think of its Nepali dance entertainment programso Branding: Challenge the limits of your potentialo Brand personality: Youthful, full of all emotions and sky is the limit & support your own talent. Make your own star.Pradhanbros Pvt Ltd
  15. 15. Marketing Plan Dancer Ko KhojPROMOTION STRATEGYObjective: To make Nayuma television the ultimate channel for Nepalicontent in entertainmentIssue: Nayuma television is only accessible within Sikkim. All Nepaliviewers are either watching Nepal channels or other Hindi andinternational channels.Insight: Make Nepali program interesting and engagingChallenge: To make this dance show provide a platform to increasethe telecast across regions outside Sikkim. (For the Nepali speakingpopulation)Concepts:  Be Bold, Be Original, Be Different, Be Yourself. Dancer ko Khoj - Making dreams into reality  “For the out-of-the-ordinary individuals who like to challenge themselves. Dancer ko Khoj- Making dreams into realityMedia selection:Before choosing the appropriate Medias, it is important to note thatconsumers only give partial attention to media. However, they can be reachedthrough integrated programs. They are typically using more than onecommunication media at a time; a behaviour that is often called“multitasking”. This group of consumers doesn’t give its full attention to onesingle message, but rather uses continuous partial attention to scan themedia. Marketers can still communicate with target audience by using avariety of targeted promotional tools.Pradhanbros Pvt Ltd
  16. 16. Marketing Plan Dancer Ko KhojAnother important tactic to reach our target market is through Dancer KoKhoj marketing, which Nayuma TV will heavily use in this campaign(Campus, contests).Advertising: Output Examples Television Nayuma TV, Local Cable Operators Radio Misty, 91.9 fm Magazines Sikkim Express, Himali darpan, Internet Banners on selected websites (Most viewed in the targated areas) Outdoors Billboards and prints in select areas including:  Campuses, transportation (bus, taxi)  Kiosk, Newspapers inserts and hand delivery Personal Direct contact with retailers, sales kit strategies to be selling explained later in the text. Public Stands or special displays and events in schools, malls, relations Publicity Conferences, press releases (print and online), marketing through TV coveragePradhanbros Pvt Ltd
  17. 17. Marketing Plan Dancer Ko Khoj ACTION PLANStep Output Period of time Arguments 2 Radio spots 3 Magazines ads 4 Television spots 6 Outdoors 7 Public Relations 8 Contest 9 Publicity All the timePradhanbros Pvt Ltd
  18. 18. Marketing Plan Dancer Ko KhojBUDGETThe estimated cost that will incurred while marketing of Dancer ko Khoj isabout 10 lakhs.The details are as follows: Media Explanation of estimated cost that will incurred for 1 year T.V NAyuma TV & associated cable on revenue sharing modality NEWS All leading regional daily. PAPER RADIO BILL BOARDS Kiosk INternet Measuring and Managing return on Marketing Investments After six months of operation we have to measure that whether our investment is being spent well or not? Are we getting targeted Return on Investment or not?Pradhanbros Pvt Ltd
  19. 19. Marketing Plan Dancer Ko Khoj Return on Investment The net return from a marketing investment divided by the costs of the marketing investment. It measures the profits generated by investments in marketing activities. (Source principles of marketing) The Audience purchase decision process Psychological Social Purchase variables influences situation Need motivation Routine problem Extensive solving problem solving Economic Needs Search for information Evaluate alternatives and decide on solution Postpone Purchase product decision Post-purchase evaluationPradhanbros Pvt Ltd