traning and development


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traning and development

  1. 1. PRESENTED BY-Pradeep $ingha
  2. 2. Need for TrainingThe dynamic nature of the software and IT industry requires its workforce toupgrade frequently in technology and skills. Companies were focusing oncontinuous training and development of their employees, which also helped inthe reduction of attrition rate.At Infosys, every new recruit underwent approximately three months oftraining before they were made billable to clients.
  3. 3. Achivements of Infosys training and development programThe American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) rated Infosys as theworld’s best in employee training and development and conferred Excellence inPractice Award continuously for three consecutive years 2002, 2003 and 2004. Theaward was conferred for its Global Business Foundation School. It was a program forall fresh engineering entrants to Infosys to equip them for the challenging softwarecareer ahead of them. The program ran around the year and was implemented overseveral global centers across the organization.The Global Business Foundation School comprised of generic conceptual courses,platform specific courses, mini projects for application, and an end term project tailoredfrom real life projects. In addition to technical courses, fresh entrants were alsoexposed to courses on communication skills, interpersonal skills, customer interactionetiquettes, management development, and quality systems.In 2005 Infosys established “Infosys U”, one of the largest corporate training centers inthe world.
  4. 4. INFRASTRUCTUREThe “Global Education Center “ was set up in 2005. It was one of the biggestcorporate training centers in the world. The Global Education Center would runa 14.5 week residential program, which would impart generic and work specifictraining in technology areas, along with soft skills and leadership programs tofreshers. 2,350 rooms spread across the campus 58 training rooms 183 faculty rooms state-of-the-art library cyber cafe food court, employee care centre, theatre, and education research block, beside the trainee hostelThe center had the capacity to train around 15,000 freshers in one year. Thelibrary had an online database of Infosys case studies to help the recruits.Mysore campus is the world’s biggest training centre.
  5. 5. Training and development departmentTeams:- Corporate training team Organisational development team Corporate training team caters to band B only-process executive & senior process executive OD team caters to band C and above Total number of people in T&D dept-30 Training department is divided across 5 verticals 1-communication service providers. 2-banking and capital market. 3-manufacturing vertical 4-insurance and health care 5-emerging markets
  6. 6. TRAINING METHODS Conference Lecture Seminar Demonstration Panel Role Playing Case Studies Simulations Self-Discovery Movies/Videos/Computer based Trainings Mentoring On the job training
  7. 7. VARIOUS METHODS FOR TRAINING OF INFOSYS PEOPLE Perform skits What-if scenario Practice smiling in front of mirrorAt the end of the training program, the freshers had to pass twocomprehensive exams before proceeding further. About 1% to 2% failin the exams.The Generic Training Course has been revised so as to reduce thestress on trainees. Now it has been taken care of that there will beonly 1 exam per week.The training is now divided into 3 stages and the new update is thatthere are some differences for CS/IT and non-CS/IT people.
  8. 8. For non-CS/IT Graduates:The first stage or the basic level of generic which contains PF,PT(C-Language) and RDBMS. The result is combined for PF,PT i.e it contains40% of PF,30% of PT and 30% for PT project. RDBMS has a separate test.In case they don’t clear any of the tests(PF,PT combined and RDBMStests) either in test or re-test, they need to take an Integrated test. In casethe trainee does not clear the Integrated test ,the trainee is sent backhome to prepare for about 20 days paid leave is under LOP (Loss of Pay).That is, you will lose your salary for those 20 days.When you come back, you have to reappear for these exams and if you failfor the second time, then you will be asked to leave the company.
  9. 9. In case of a CS/IT Graduate:The trainee will have a super fast basic generic course called as BridgeCourse, the result of which will not affect the training of the CS/ITgradates. After this, the trainee enters the Advanced generic coursesimilar to non-CS/IT graduates, but the difference here is that the exitprocedures are applicable for the trainee here in case of CS/ITgraduates. They need to clear that compare. There is a retest for thatalso.After this they enter the stream training. Java and Open System streamsare getting re-structured whereas Dot net and Mainframes are being re-defined
  10. 10. Types of training is divided into two parts:- For band B For band C and above . For a period of 2-3 yrs with the company theseemployees have to go through certain number of training.
  11. 11. For band “B” Induction Voice and accent training Process training 6 months training process recruits in band B have to go through the following training programs during a period of 2-3 yrs…1. Quality training-six sigma certifications2. Competency based training:- 1)Soft skills training:- communication, presentation, culturalsensitivity, client interface training. MIND-mentoring, innovating,negotiating, developing. It is for self-awareness and self evaluation, mainlyfocuses on EQ. Transactional analysis-for understanding their ownpersonality.3. Technical training:- e-mail etiquettes. excel training. presentation skills.
  12. 12. For band “C” Induction-1day, joining formalities Buddy program-one month -it is basically an assistance provided by a peer employee which helps the newrecruit understand the process, understand dynamics of the client, clientrequirement, culture, values. recruits in band C and above have to go through the following training programs during a period of 2-3 yrs… 1. Operations management:- Deal with operations complexity Focus on interpersonal evaluation Conflict management Confidence management
  13. 13. Continued……Operations management:- Deal with operations complexity Focus on interpersonal evaluation Conflict management Confidence managementQuality training:- six sigma:-green belt-black belt.Middle Management Leadership Program (MMLP):- For band C employees-team leads It harnesses their leadership qualities, available for high performers.
  14. 14. DEVELOPEMENTCareer pathing:- Chalk out career path for all Should have completed 18 months in Infosys. Provided by career counselor.Higher education:-MBA50% of the fees is reimbursed.
  15. 15. Evaluation of training program Performance Development Plan:-A sheet which the employee and manager has to fill where both of them have toprovide information which all areas the employee has improved in. Projects:-Small term projects like on Six Sigma, where at the end of it the employee has togive presentations to the training team. Questionnaire:-Feed back from the employees on the quality and content of trainingAnalysis is done on it and than it is scaled.
  16. 16.