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  • 1. ASummer Internship Project Synopsis On “Options Strategies” Submitted To:- Prof. ------------------- Under The Guidance Of Mr. ---------------- City Sales Manager Share Khan Bangalore Submitted By:- Pradeep Singha (PGDMA-1135)Dayananda Sagar Business School
  • 2.  Company Introduction: Sharekhan is the retail broking arm of SSKI, an organization with morethan eight decades of trust & credibility in the stock market. Sharekhan isone of the top retail brokerage houses in India with a strong online tradingplatform. It has one of the largest networks in the country with more than800 outlets in more than 400 cities and India’s premier online trading company offers:  Broking in Equities & Derivatives on NSE & BSE  Depository Services  Commodities Trading on MCX & NCDEX  IPO Services  Portfolio Management Services  Distribution Services  Structured Products with Fixed Returns Dayananda Sagar Business School
  • 3.  Introduction Of Study:  What is Options? • Options are contracts that give the buyers the right (but not theobligation) to buy or sell a specified quantity of certain underlying asset at aspecified price on or before a specified date. On the other hand, the seller isunder obligation to perform the contract (buy or sell the underlying). Theunderlying asset can be share, index, interest rate, bond, rupee-dollarexchange rate, sugar, crude oil, soybean, cotton, coffee etc. The options that give their buyer the right to buy are called "CallOptions" and those which give their buyer the right to sell are called "PutOptions".  What is an Option Trading Strategy? • Option Strategies, or Options Based Investment Strategies, are calculated ways of using options singly or in combination in order to profit from one or more market movements. Option Strategies are a direct alternative to traditional buying and selling of stocks and offers greater profit potential with limited risk. Choosing which option strategy to use starts from your opinion on the underlying stock. Option strategies are merely the means through which you transform your "prediction" of future stock movement into money through option trading. Option Strategies give options traders the versatility to profit from any opinions that they have on an underlying stock and to limit risk even if that opinion moves against them. The Dayananda Sagar Business School
  • 4. creative use of Options Strategies makes stock options the most versatile financial instrument in the world today. Objective Of The Study:  To explore the knowledge of applying different types of Option Trading Strategies.  To study Option Strategies in the Stock Market in deeper sense.  To analyze the market fluctuation of nifty in future and Option contract.  To make Stock holders purchase a protective put to hedge against losses from a declining stock. Importance Of The Study:-  It is helpful in future to know more about sensex and Nifty of stock exchange and to explore the knowledge in stock market.  To work as a successful technical analyzer or investment executive in this sector in Stock market. Research Methodology:  Type of research design: Descriptive Research  Data collection method: Secondary method  Sources of secondary data: Websites, Magazines, Newspapers, Official website, past records of Stock markets, etc….  Analysis of the data: By preparing charts and tables from the data and compare them to find out which fund is giving high return and making profit. Dayananda Sagar Business School
  • 5.  Limitations Of The Study:  Stock Market is very wider and complex market and there are lots of strategies and techniques so it is difficult to interpret deeply.  It is difficult to find out the return on the basis of one indicator or instrument because there are many instrument are being used which are different from each other. Scope Of The Study:  To learn how a balanced understanding of options can help protect you against the risks inherent in a volatile stock market.  Through careful research and analysis you can gain the skills and confidence necessary to plan a winning strategy. Dayananda Sagar Business School