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  • 1. First official functional language on .net
  • 2. An introduction to Microsoft's newest official language, F#, geared toward C# and VB.net coders.
  • 3. See how functional programming, object-oriented programming and imperative programming can work together to provide untold expressiveness.
  • 4. If you wanna learn one new language in next year, other than Espanol & Hebrew …. F# ought to be the one.
  • 5. Imperative Programming • FORTRAN (1954) • COBOL(1960) • BASIC(1964) Functional Programming • LISP (1958) • ML(1970) OO Programming
  • 6. A Multi-Paradigm Language Procedural Prog Functional Prog OO Prog F#
  • 7. Genealogy of F# Theorem proving and ISWIM ML CAML OCAML F#
  • 8. F# Interoperability • F# is compiled on .NET 2.0 • You can use .NET libraries in F# – dot notation for working with objects. – “<-” operator for modifying values of properties. – delegates created using lambda functions. • You can use F# libraries in any .NET language – F# libraries fully accessible from C# – (sometimes a bit tricky, because of F# functional approach)
  • 9. demo
  • 10. F#Roadmap Roadmap F# April 2008 Microsoft Research • Improvements to the F# research release refresh release Just Released • Broadly improved VS 2008 integration September 2008 • Simplifications in language and libraries CTP • Full product-quality release 2009 • Fully stable and supported language Supported Release • Aligned with future VS releases
  • 11. http://fsharp.net
  • 12. Applications of F# •Map/Reduce over internets •Financial Analysis •In process SQL Data Mining •XNA Games Development •Web tools, Compile F# to Javascript
  • 13. http://fsharpnews.blogspot.com/ http://ocamlnews.blogspot.com/ http://flyingfrogblog.blogspot.com/
  • 14. D t  R Ft  R Bt D t  R Ft  R Bt T 1 D D T t 1 T D t 1 D T  (D D) t 2 T t t 1 D  t 1 T 1 D T S  (D D D) 2 THANK YOU t D  t 1 T 1 D S D