N360i Enterprise AppGen Engine Overview


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Develops 70% Enterprise Apps faster, without any technical knowledge
Complete 360° perspective
Very structured, built-in hooks for easy integration
Reusable and Easily Configurable User-Interface
Build Apps Quickly + Low Cost = Low Risk

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N360i Enterprise AppGen Engine Overview

  1. 1. N’360iAppGen 6.0I n f i n i t y inFINITE Form!Envision Engage EvolveMaker: www.MindOnDemand.com
  2. 2. Technology InfrastructureApplication HighlightsOverview – Design & ArchitectureRoadmap
  3. 3. Product Philosophy – Self-Control1• Design2• Integrate3• PersonalizeSoftware Doesn’t DeliverBusiness Improvements,PEOPLE DO!We empower them to drivethat change usingn360i Engine!
  4. 4. Complete 360DegreecustomizationN-Dimensions &Networkedi - Personalized &CollaborativeA truly Flexible ERP Solution only can enable yourBusiness to stay ahead of its competitorsManufacturingSalesFinanceServiceN’360i is a simple & cost-effective frameworkto accelerate your ERP Launch!HR/AdmIndustry Specific
  5. 5. Combines Best of both the worlds – Customized yetDelivered like a complete Enterprise Product suiteTraditional ERP systems lock your business intelligenceinto Custom-code. Maintaining these hard-coded systemsis costly and prevents you from changing your processesto new business dynamics in time.Explore the Smartest, Fastest & Easiest way toCreate your App!Ready-MadeCustom-MadeN360i-Made ++Instant++Cost-Effective++Customized++Evolved- Risky- Expensive-Time-Consuming- Cannot RespondTo New BusinessChallenges
  6. 6. What You NEED Is…What You GET (WYN-I-WYG) A Customized State-of-the-art Enterprise-ready web app options: Deploy on Private cloud In LAN environment Our Hosted Cloud Workflow Customized with any business process: Request to Ordering Approval Order to Sales Billing to Cashier workflow HR – leave Approval Integrated System - Financials, Inventory, HR, Sales, Purchases,Production or any customized sub-module Collaborative ERP Solution withPartners, Employees and Customers Secure, efficient and controlled role-based data flow
  7. 7. 3 Must-have Designers to Manage Change Forms DesignerWorkflow Process DesignerReports Designer
  8. 8. Common Challenge: Longer time to implement
  9. 9. Challenge 2: Higher Costs
  10. 10. Business Risk:
  11. 11. X MonthsX Weeks
  12. 12. Main Causes for Failures Poor project management and control, Little or no change management, Poor training, Significant custom coding, or Poor consultants from the SAP/Oracle system implementation partnersor vendors.
  13. 13. Complete 360 to traditional development cycleVery structured, built-in hooks for easy integrationReusable and Easily Configurable FunctionsDevelops 70% EnterpriseApps faster, without any technical knowledgeBuildApps Quickly + Low cost = low riskN360I Differentiators“Ask business people what thebest and most useful productmade by n360i platform is, andyou may be surprised to hearmany skip past the moreobvious choices – and go rightto n360i.”“We will save more than $1 millionover several years by combiningour portal, ERP, and collaborationsystems into IT systems.”
  14. 14. WHY ERPs FAIL? – SURVEY RESULTSA recent survey reported by ZDNet cited that, on average:61% of ERP projects take longer than expectedFor 74% of ERP projects, costs exceed budgetOnly 48% of ERP projects cited a benefits realization greater than50%Root Causes:- Unable to visualize the controls upfront- No workflow-based ERP framework- Costly & Time Consuming Customizations- Time-intensive manual operations are not prioritized- Missing-out must-have Business controls & Focus on ProjectManagement
  15. 15. Why n360i? Eliminates prolonged implementation lifecycle due to changes,coding and testing efforts Reduces costs and mistakes Improves Quality of Work Improves Communication with the clients as to their expectedcourse of completion Identify Problems early and correct them avoiding expensiverework Facilitates and focus on faster realization of the end-product
  16. 16. N360i and Traditional ERPs Other ERPs are often based on a programming framework ratherthan a configurable meta-data based architecture ERPs are often focused on gap analysis and suggesting work-arounds rather than tailoring the workflow to suite an organization’sbusiness In contrast to n360i, other ERPs cannot be easily evolved after asign-off.
  17. 17. Advance Controls – Automated & PreventiveException-based controls – Effectively use manpower bandwidthAlerts unauthorized changes of master setup Vendor/Product setup approval-based workflow. Quickly enforce a new pricing policy, without changes inprocesses Duplicate Vendor payments are avoided – Payment check againstpending Invoices only. Expiring Cash Discounts’ Limits alerts or Excessive CashDiscounts Block Orders or Control Data Lists Drill-down to the root causeIntelligent Business Process – Flow of Information based on eventand role
  18. 18. N360i ERP workflow Engine guides users with:What they need to know: Prioritized events Exceptions and Deviations TrendsWhat they need to do Contextual choices Rule-based processingWho can help Online messenger How to get it done Completion status notification – SMS/Email Escalation rules trigger appropriate action
  19. 19. N360i : Set Goals -> Define Process -> Working Solution1- week [Conceive>Configure>Collaborate>Control] 6 WeeksWelcome to n360i Workbench!Experience a new world of:CODE-LESS Development,EFFORT-LESS Integration andTIME-LESS Realizationof Customized, Collaborative and PersonalizedAccelerated Enterprise-ready Web-Apps.Accelerate yourBusinessSuccess withN360i
  20. 20. N360i: Create ERP with Ease, Power & PrecisionRich set of RAD tools for every aspect of the applicationWant to add /removeexisting FieldsWith new validation?Want to add /removeexisting Module? Want to add/ removeexisting Tabs?Want to integrate to Stock or/andAccounting /Workflow?Want to add/remove existingForm?
  21. 21. Case StudiesPharma A Major Retail Pharma-chain CutsCosts with Online CentralizedInventory and Auto-Indentingsystem across retail outlets.Manufacturing A Mid-size car alloy wheels salesmanufacturing unit managesOrdering and Stores connectswith financials and shows a highROI & customer satisfaction inits’ initial few weeks!HealthCare A completely customizable work-flow-based HIS to suit eachhospital’s requirement in a veryspecial and unique way. Apremier hospital with 1000+bedded has replaced theirexisting legacy app.CRM Workflow N360i Business Automation andWorkflow Software Drives RapidResponse to Customer SupportNeeds. It monitors and alertssales about newbusiness potential, their relativepriority status, repeatablebusiness etc.Logistics & Courier Services A Leading courier player hasimplemented n360i tostreamline its operations andgain control on its deliveriesthrough the customer end-point. Also provided aconfigurable rating engine tomaintain a very dynamic tariffplan plugged into Billingmodule.Jewellery ERP A major multi-store brandedjewellery company has gonelive with all modules -Procurement to POS on Cloud.The high point of the solutionis the Intelligent Costingmodule, Manufacturing BOM,Configurable MRP Calculator,Bar-Coding interface and Job-work Tracking System.Campus Management System A major college ImprovesPerformance Standards withOnline Campus ManagementSystem. n’360i Campussystem connects Students,Faculty, Management &Finance departments withintegrated Campus MIS.
  22. 22. N360i Product MatrixHuman ResourcesLogisticsFinancialsCode-Free Design StudioCustom ModulesJasper-Powered Reporting And Data Navigation CapabilitiesModule Designer | Workflow | Alerts Manager | SMS/Email Rules EngineChart of Account General Ledger Journal Entries Journal Vouchers Multi-currency Fixed Assets Financial Reports Cash Flow Data G/L Accounts & BusinessPartners Aging Reports TaxBanking Incoming Payments Credit Card Management Payment Engine Bank Statements ReconciliationCost-Center Analysis Profit Centers Departments Locations/DivisionsSales Enqyuiry/Order Estimation Sales Order Tracking Delivery Note Sales Analysis ReportProcurement Indent Quotation Purchase Order Tracking MRN & QC AcceptanceDealer NetworkManagement Dealer Performance Inventory TrackingInventory Batch Management Customer/Vendor CatalogNumbers Continuous StockManagement Costing – LIFO/FIFO/AvgPre-salesManagement Leads/Opportunities Opportunity AnalysisReports Opportunities PipelineService Management Service Call Customer Service Card Service Contract Solutions Knowledge Base Service ReportsProject/SiteManagement Project Planning/Control Estimation/Tender Mgt Inspections/AuditsReminder/CalendarOffline DataSynchronizationDashboardsWorkflow Role/user based SMS/Email IntegrationPayroll User-defined Salary Heads Professional Tax Slabs Pay Slip Generation Salary Formulas Custom Salary StructuresEmployee DataManagement Employee Human Resources ReportsRecruitment Job Requisitions Resume Database Interviews/Offer LettersPerformanceAppraisal Self Appraisal Manager Appraisal Configurable ParametersAdmin/Security Front Office Facilities /TasksUtilities/Data Synch Reminders/BackupFinal Accounts Trial Balance P&L and Balance Sheet
  23. 23. N360i – Transform Idea (XLS) to Real (N360i Module)Integrated ModuleRequirement Spec (XLS)Code-Free App Conversion Engine with just one clickDirect Requirements to Live Module Acceleration within Minutes!
  24. 24. Technical Landscape Standard Look and feel across Role-specific Custom Modules/Dashboards Very easy to navigate/drill-down Custom validations/alerts/Notifications Quick Search with custom filters Adobe Flex – Leading RIA/AJAX Player Open Source J2EE App Server MySQL DatabaseEaseof useCutting-edgearchitecture Customizing App Modules/Menus Forms & Reports Views or Queries User defined Fields/Validations User-defined Forms User-defined Tabs100%ConfigurationsOnPre-BuiltEnginesWeb & MobileintegrationExcel, Flat files, XML (HTTP/SOAP),ODBC/JDBC, WebserviceExternalInterfacesJ2EE AppServerWorkflowSecurityBusinessIntelligenceAnyBrowserClientComponentsIntegration Any N360i Form as an URL Mobile device renderingRDBMS
  25. 25. 4C Mantra: Conceive, Configure, Collaborate & Control! Cost Saving : 70% Customization: 100% Fit Scalability Self-Control: 100% Deployment Options: Internet or Intranet Low upfront costs Ease of Implementation: Zero coding involved No Hidden additionalsoftware licenses orImplementation costsFinally it is YOUR:Software > Specification > Solution > Strategy
  26. 26. N360i: Simple, Yet Deep CustomizabilityN360i is an affordable, integrated business managementsolution that helps you increase profitability and gainbetter control of your business.Multiple Offerings: Deliver solution On-Cloud Deliver it On-Premise or on a shared serverCustomized vertical flavor in 3-6 weeksChanges with no additional coding, cost and timeNo hidden application server or database serverlicenses costsFastest Go-to-Market ERP Strategy Standalone or Integrated ModularApps
  27. 27. 4-Dimensions:Balance Controls with Process Improvement• Role-based• Event-based• EmailIntegrated• Scalability• Enablement• Cost• Speed• Cost• Easy to adopt• Mgt by-Exceptions• Audit-Trail• PreventiveControls ProcessWorkflowTechnology
  28. 28. Benefits of Improved ControlsReduced manual ControlsEnhanced VisibilityReduced Cost of Testing ControlsCentralized ControlIncreased data ReliabilityFeature Reduced Cost of operationEliminates Duplicate ControlsAudit Trail to test ControlsReduced errors/ corrective costsQuicker & Faster responseBenefitControls – New means of Managing Risks & Identifying opportunities forBusiness Improvement
  29. 29. EnterpriseProfessionalBasicN360i Let’s ERP “Evolve” beyond the “Basics”N360i BasicN360i EnterpriseN360i ProfessionalBase Modules: Financials& LogisticsModule ExtensionsIndustry-specific Add-on solutionsThanks to the Evolve-on concept, n360i can be flexible to customer andmarket requirements without losingits easy-to-use and easy-to-scale-up architecture
  30. 30. Technology InfrastructureSubsidiary IntegrationOverviewApplication Salient FeaturesRoadmap
  31. 31. Easy Design of Your Business Documents Powerful and easy to use design tool over custom views Flexible output management and export capabilities(PDF, e-mail and fax support) N360i provides ready-to-use marketing templatesN360i offers extended editing and printing functionality for allmarketing documentsDesigner Output
  32. 32. Seamless Integration with external Master data Offline Synchronization of data in N360i and MS Excel/CSV filesN360i can be integrated with legacy data, enabling quick ramp-up of BusinessProcess
  33. 33. Technology InfrastructureSubsidiary IntegrationOverviewHighlightsRoadmap
  34. 34. n360i Software Accelerator Tool-KitServerData Interface ServerN360i Business-Specific IntelliServerApp DesignerForms DesignerAdd-on ComponentsTabs DesignerFields DesignerFieldFunction/Validation
  35. 35. n360i Software Accelerator Kit Built-in
  36. 36. N360i Design Workbench easily migrates Requirements inton360i App without time-consuming SDLCAccelerated Implementation Methodology (AIM)Architecture: (XL-2-REAL)XL2REAL ModelXLRequirementTemplate360iDesignerEngine360i REALEnterpriseApplicationPortalDashboardWorkflowIntegrationData/DeviceIntegrationPersonalizationCollaborateSMS/EmailFormReportModR.E.A.LAppXL
  37. 37. N360i Design Work-Bench CapabilitiesAdvantagesCapabilities Module Designer Transaction Designer 100+ Custom Functions Financial Integration Hooks Inventory-aware Transactions Workflow Designer Personalize Reports Designer Create your own menu items Create your own web-forms Embed your own validations Automate Financial Integration Automate Stock Integration Rules Create custom alerts and inbox Create custom Roles & Access Create Custom Views/Reports
  38. 38. Technology InfrastructureSubsidiary IntegrationOverviewHighlightsRoadmapTechnology InfrastructureOverviewHighlights
  39. 39. Development Roadmap 2013 + 2014Q42012Q12013Q22013Q32013Q42013Q12014Q22014Q32014Q42014N360i B2C PortalJuly 2013N360i 6.0 Email Collab FrameworkMarch 2013N360i Enhanced DashboardsAug 2013N360i BI 3.02014Planned*N360i Add-ons are planned for Q4 2014N360i Audit Trail FrameworkApril 2013N360i Open Integration FrameworkQ4 2013
  40. 40. Going Forward>> What are our Main Goals?Further Strengthen the foundation for achange-ready agile N360i solution anddeliver it with high cost savings!N360i helps you Grow over time and solve theproblems cost-effectively
  41. 41. Our Model2Real Accelerator Framework:Creating a Foundation for Faster Time to MarketStrategyN360i provides best of everything that you can possibly imagine froman Enterprise Management Software.3 great returns in form of being: Customized : Ready-to-use business templates yet100%customizable instantly to your business process. Collaborative : Cost-effective & Timely Connectivity withCustomers, Suppliers, Partners & Employees using SMS/Email. Cost-Saving : No more waiting to see your Enterprise solution up& running and no hidden overhead costs of Development, Testing& Integration.Now Just strategize your business 24x7 over 360 degrees!
  42. 42. So are youChange-OnDemand?Email:pradeep@MindOnDemand.com