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Going global - Aurora Fashions

  1. 1. Aurora Fashions International OnlineStrategy20/05/2013 Aurora Fashions 1
  2. 2. Agenda International online strategy to date– Going global – what online models has Aurora chosen?– Why www.andotherbrands.com? More about our localised approach…– The localisation & translation process– Be realistic – Factors influencing performance– The website is in place – What happened next?– Lessons learnt…20/05/2013 Aurora Fashions 2
  3. 3. International Online Strategy to date20/05/2013 Aurora Fashions 3
  4. 4. Going global – what online models?20/05/2013 Aurora Fashions 44. Localised Language Sites• DE, AUS, US, SE, NL, FR, SP• Fully translated (product, contentetc.)• Localised payment methods• Localised customer services team• Localised marketing & PR activities• Managed by international team withlanguage skills• Criteria: High traffic volumes drivenby store presence, no franchiseoperation, opportunity for growth1. Central UK Website• Delivering to around 60 countries• One language• Currency: £, $, EUR• No proactive marketing besides UKnewsletter & onsite promotionalactivities• Managed by UK team• Criteria: Traffic already on site, nofranchise operation in that country2. Wholesale / Concession• Partners like ASOS, Zalando etc.• + : Help with brand awareness ininternational markets• - : Control marketing activities directlycompeting against own3. Franchise Online• Currently in the process of delivery• Five models to give franchise partnersthe opportunity to choose to beinvolved as little or as much as theylike
  5. 5. Why www.andotherbrands.com?20/05/2013 Aurora Fashions 5Hash Ladha, Deputy MD Oasis Fashions Ltd.:“The tabulated model is an exciting evolution of ourapproach to multi-channel and we’re already indiscussions with brands who are interested incollaborating with Aurora to offer the customer greatvariety of product in one single shop, basket anddelivery destination.”(Press Release, 12th August 2011)Benefits of AOB+ Full brand experience+ Single basket & checkout+ Share traffic & orders+ Share media costs+ Share resource+ Multi-Lingual+ Multi-Currency+ Platform for additional brands+ Cross promotional activities
  6. 6. Our localised approach…20/05/2013 Aurora Fashions 6
  7. 7. The localisation & translation process
  8. 8. Visitors Population size Broadband penetration Store presence Maturity of business online Marketing; online & offline Brand awareness / strength Brand loyaltyConversion Rate User experience Degree of localisation Level of online competition Store presence Delivery lead times Delivery / returns costs Payment methods offeredAOV Disposable income Items per order Order frequency ASP (Average selling price) Delivery charges / free threshold Ease & cost of returns Store presence Reliability of local postal serviceCheckout completion User experience Forced registration / guestcheckout Delivery charges Payment methods offered Ease / cost of returns Security concernsReturns rate Ease & cost of returns Reliability of local postal services Consumer habits e.g. Germancatalogue ordering history Store presenceCombination of yourspecific characteristicsand market factors willaffect KPI’sBe realistic – Factors Influencing performance
  9. 9. Website in place – what happened next?20/05/2013 Aurora Fashions 9Local Centre of Excellence – Replicate & localise• Marketing Communication• Newsletter• Website content• Promotions• PR• Online Marketing• Affiliates• Search / SEO• Retargeting• Social Media
  10. 10. Lessons learnt…20/05/2013 Aurora Fashions 10 Localisation– There is no halfway house! Sizing– Northern / Southern European Sizing– Labelling reflecting online sizing Prizing– UK pricing versus local pricing URL Structure– Local URL– Marketing URL versus Display URL Counter Seasonality– Flexibility of platform– Merchandising ResourceQuestions?