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List of Internet Acronyms: See our video and full blog post at

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  • List of Internet Acronyms: See our video and full blog post at
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List of Internet Acronyms

  1. 1. A-Z 1FTR One For The Road 24/7 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 5PT Pee Poor Protoplasm Poorly Put Together A/S Age/Sex A/S/L Age/Sex/Location AA Adios Amigo AA Alcoholics Anonymous AAAAA American Association Against Acronym Abuse AAMOF As A Matter Of Fact AATK Always At The Keyboard ABCD Any Bozo Can Do ABT About ACD Alt Control Delete ACK Acknowledge ACK Acknowledged
  2. 2. ACRONYM Abbreviated Coded Rendition Of Name Yielding MeaningADN Any Day NowAFAIAA As Far As I Am AwareAFAIC As Far As Im ConcernedAFAICS As Far As I Can SeeAFAICT As Far As I Can TellAFAIK As Far As I KnowAFAIR As Far As I RecallAFAIR As Far As I RememberAFAIUI As Far As I Understand ItAFAYC As Far As Youre ConcernedAFAYK As Far As You KnowAFB Away From BrainAFC Away From ComputerAFCPS Any Fool Can Plainly SeeAFDA A Few Days Ago
  3. 3. AFDB A Few Days BackAFK Away From KeyboardAFOCL Almost Fell Off Chair LaughingAFTP Anonymous File Transfer ProtocolAFU All Fucked UpAI As IfAICMFP And I Claim My Five PoundsAIH As It HappensAIIC As If I CareAIR As I RecallAIR As I RememberAIS As I SaidAISB As I Said BeforeAISI As I See ItAIUI As I Understand ItAIW As It Was
  4. 4. AIW As It WereAKA Also Known AsALA As Long AsALAP As Late As PossibleALG Aint Love GrandAMAP As Many As PossibleAMAP As Much As PossibleAMD Air Movement DeviceAMF Adios Mother FuckerAMF Adios My FriendAMF All My FaultAMIGA A Merely Insignificant Game AddictionAML All My LoveANFAWFOS And Now For A Word From Our SponsorsANFSCD And Now For Something Completely DifferentANSI American National Standards Institute
  5. 5. AOL America On a LeashAOL America On-LineAOL Army Of LamersAPAC All Praise And CreditAPPLE Arrogance Produces Profit-Losing EntityARE Acronym-Rich EnvironmentASAFP As Soon As Fucking PossibleASAHP As Soon As Humanly PossibleASAP As Soon As PossibleASB Amazing Story BroASB Attention Seeking BehaviourASCII American Standard Code for Information InterchangeASF And So ForthASL Age/Sex/LocationASO And So OnATB All The Best
  6. 6. ATLA Another Three Letter AcronymATM At The MomentATM Automatic Teller MachineATP At The PoolATSL Along The Same LineATTN AttentionATTYOB Anything That Turns You On BabyAUDI Accelerates Under Demonic InfluenceAWCIGO And Where Can I Get OneAWGTHTGTATA Are We Going To Have To Go Through All This AgainAWGTHTGTTA Are We Going To Have To Go Through This AgainAWHFY Are We Having Fun YetAWOL Absent Without LeaveAWS As We SpeakAWYR Awaiting Your ReplyAYBABTU All Your Base Are Belong To Us
  7. 7. AYCOOYM Are You Completely Out Of Your MindAYF All Your FaultAYK As You KnowAYOR At Your Own RiskAYPI And Your Point IsAYT Are You ThereB/C BecauseB4 BeforeB4N Bye For NowBAB Build A BridgeBAC Back At ComputerBAC By Any ChanceBAD Bad As DesignedBAF Brain Already FriedBAIC Boy, Am I ConfusedBAK Back At Keyboard
  8. 8. BAMF Bad Assed Mother FuckerBANANA Built Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near AnybodyBAS Big Ass SmileBASIC Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction CodeBASIC Bills Attempt to Seize Industry ControlBB Be BackBBFN Bye Bye For NowBBIAB Be Back In A BitBBIAF Be Back In A FewBBL Be Back LaterBBN Bye Bye NowBBR Burnt Beyond RepairBBS Be Back SoonBBS Bulletin Board SystemBBSL Be Back Sooner or LaterBBW Big Beautiful Women
  9. 9. BC Basket CaseBC BecauseBCC Blind Carbon CopyBCNU Be Seeing YouBEG Big Evil GrinBF BoyfriendBFBI Brute Force and Bloody IgnoranceBFD Big Fucking DealBFFL Best Friends For LifeBFG Big Fat GrinBFG Big Friendly GiantBFG Big Fucking GrinBFG Big Fucking GunBFH Big Fucking HammerBFI Brute Force and IgnoranceBFI Bunch of Fucking Idiots
  10. 10. BFM Big Fucking MagicBFMI Brute Force and Massive IgnoranceBFN Bye For NowBFOG Blouse Full Of GoodiesBG Big GrinBGUTI Better Get Used To ItBH Better HalfBHB Big Hairy BollocksBIBO Beer In, Beer OutBIC Back In CharacterBIC Best In ClassBICBW But I Could Be WrongBIL Brother In LawBION Believe It Or NotBIOYA Blow It Out Your AssBIOYIOP Blow It Out Your I/O Port
  11. 11. BITD Beaten It To DeathBK BecauseBKA Better Known AsBKAM Between Keyboard And MonitorBLT Bacon, Lettuce, & TomatoBLTN Better Late Than NeverBM Bite MeBMB Bite My ButtBMF Bad Mother FuckerBMOC Big Man On CampusBMTIPG Brilliant Minds Think In Parallel GuttersBMW Big Money WastedBMW Bikes Made WonderfulBMW Bought My WifeBNF Big Name FanBNI Batteries Not Included
  12. 12. BOC But Of CourseBOF Birds Of A FeatherBOF Boring Old FartBOFH Bastard Operator From HellBOHICA Bend Over, Here It Comes AgainBOL Best Of LuckBOOMFM Bored Out Of My Fucking MindBOOYFM Bored Out Of Your Fucking MindBOS Big Orange SwitchBOT Back On TopicBOTE Back Of The EnvelopeBOTEC Back Of The Envelope CalculationBRB Be Right BackBRBDGA Be Right Back, Dont Go AwayBRBGTGP Be Right Back Got To Go PeeBRGDS Best Regards
  13. 13. BRS Big Red SwitchBRT Be Right ThereBS Big SmileBS Bull ShitBSEG Big Shit Eating GrinBSF But Seriously FolksBSG Big Smiling GrinBSG Broad Sweeping GeneralizationBSOD Blue Screen Of DeathBSOM Beats the Shit Out of MeBST But Seriously ThoughBTA But Then AgainBTAICBW But Then Again I Could Be WrongBTAIM Be That As It MayBTC Biting The CarpetBTDT Been There Done That
  14. 14. BTDTGTS Been There Done That, Got the T-ShirtBTDTGTTS Been There, Done That, Got The T-ShirtBTFT Been There Fixed ThatBTHOM Beats The Hell Outta MeBTK Back To KeyboardBTLSOM Beats The Living Shit Out Of MeBTOBD Be There Or Be DeadBTSOOM Beats The Shit Out Of MeBTU Back To YouBTW By The WayBTWBO Be There With Bells OnBUAF Butt Ugly ASCII FontBUAG Butt Ugly ASCII GraphicBUGS Bloody User Generated SymptomsBUICK Big Ugly Indestructible Car KillerBWDIK But What Do I Know
  15. 15. BWFH Bastard Webmaster From HellBWK Big Wet KissBWL Bursting With LaughterBWQ Buzz Word QuotientBYKT But You Knew ThatBYKTA But You Knew That AlreadyBYOB Bring Your Own BoozeBYOB Bring Your Own BottleBYORL Bring Your Own Rocket LauncherC CoolC&G Chuckle and GrinC/O in Care OfC4N Ciao For NowCADET Cant Add, Doesnt Even TryCANFU Combined Army-Navy FuckupCAPTCHA
  16. 16. Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans ApartCATCH Come Again, That Cant HelpCAUL Complete And Utter LazinessCB Call BackCBA Cant Be ArsedCBL Come Back LaterCC Carbon CopyCCOC Crosley Car Owners ClubCD Compact DiscCD-ROM Compact Disc - Read Only MemoryCD-ROM Consumer Device, Rendered Obsolete in MonthsCE Creative EditingCF Charlie FoxtrotCF Cluster FuckCFD Call For DiscussionCFV Call For Votes
  17. 17. CHEVROLET Can Hear Every Valve Rap On Long Extended TripsCIC Christ, Im ConfusedCICO Coffee In, Coffee OutCID Crying In DisgraceCIO Cut It OutCIS Compuserve Information SystemCLAB Crying Like A BabyCLI Command Line InterfaceCLM Career Limiting MoveCLOAKA Canonical List Of All Known AcronymsCLSP Cheap Little Sex PoodleCMIIW Correct Me If Im WrongCNG Chuckle And GrinCNP Continued in Next PostCO ConferenceCOB Close Of Business
  18. 18. COBOL COmmon Business-Oriented LanguageCOBOL Compiles Only By Odd LuckCOBOL Completely Obsolete Burdensome Old LanguageCOBOL Completely Obsolete Business Oriented LanguageCOBOL Completely Over and Beyond Obvious LogicCOD Cash On DeliveryCOI Come On InCOO Come On OverCOTFL Crawling On The Floor LaughingCOTFLGOHAHA Crawling On The Floor Laughing Guts Out and Having A Heart AttackCP Chat PostCP Copy ProtectionCPF Can Pigs FlyCRAFT Cant Remember A Fucking ThingCRBT Crying Real Big TearsCRPG Character Role Playing Game
  19. 19. CRPG Computer Role Playing GameCRS Cant Remember ShitCS Cop ShopCSG Chuckle Snicker GrinCSS Cant Stop SmilingCSS Cascading Style SheetCSW Cant See WhyCSY Cant Stop YawningCTTD Cute Things They DoCTTS Cute Things They SayCU See YouCU2 See You, TooCUA Common User AccessCUA Commonly Used AcronymCUIAL See You In Another LifeCUIC See You In Church
  20. 20. CUL Catch You LaterCUL See You LaterCUL8R See You LaterCUL8TR See You LaterCUS See You SoonCW Complete WankCW Current WeightCWYL Chat With You LaterCYA Cover Your AssCYA See YouCYAL8R See You All LaterCYAL8R See You LaterCYL See You LaterCYM Check Your MailCYPUWIPD Can You Pick-Up What Im Putting DownD&C Duck And Cover
  21. 21. D/L DownLoadDAMHIKIJKOK Dont Ask Me How I Know, I Just Know OKDAP Parents Against DyslexiaDARFC Ducking And Running For CoverDBA Doing Business AsDBAI Designed By An IdiotDBBO Difficult Bits By OthersDBN Doing Business, NotDD Darling DaughterDD Dear DaughterDD Dreaded DiseaseDDD Deliberate Design DecisionDEC Digital Equipment CorporationDEC Do Expect CutsDEGT Dont Even Go ThereDEU Dumb End User
  22. 22. DFI Dumb Fucking IdeaDFN Dedicated Frogans NetworkDFTTOM Dont Forget To Think Of MeDFU Dont Forget UnitsDGT Dont Go ThereDH Deaf HubbyDH Dear HubbyDH Dear HusbandDH Dick HeadDH Dumb HubbyDHCP Dynamic Host Configuration ProtocolDHTML Dynamic Hyper Text Markup LanguageDIAF Die In A FireDIIK Damned If I KnowDIIN Damned If I KnowDIL Daughter In Law
  23. 23. DILLIC Do I Look Like I CareDILLIGAD Do I Look Like I Give A DamnDILLIGAF Do I Look Like I Give A FuckDILLIGAFF Do I Look Like I Give A Flying FuckDINK Double Income, No KidsDINK Dual Income, No KidsDINS Double Income No SexDITUIHIBMSL Did I Tell You I Hate IBMS LatelyDITUILIBMSL Did I Tell You I Love IBMS LatelyDIY Do It YourselfDK Dont KnowDKU Drop Kick UglyDL DownloadDLG Devilish Little GrinDLN Dont Leave NowDLTBBB Dont Let The Bed Bugs Bite
  24. 24. DLTDHYWTGLSY Dont Let The Door Hit Ya Where The Good Lord Split YaDMML Dont Make Me LaughDNA Did Not AnswerDND Do Not DisturbDND Drag N DropDNPM Damn Near Pissed MyselfDNPM Darn Near Pissed MyselfDNS Domain Name ServerDNS Domain Name ServiceDNS Domain Name SystemDOA Dead On ArrivalDOB Date Of BirthDODGE Drips Oil, Drops Grease EverywhereDOM Dirty Old ManDOS Dead Operating SystemDOS Defective Operating System
  25. 25. DOS Disk Operating SystemDOS Dozing Off SoonDRA Dont Recognize AcronymsDS Darling SonDS Dear SonDSH Desperately Seeking HelpDTD Document Type DefinitionDTHT Delighted To Hear ThatDTOKAB Drop To One Knee And BlowDTP DeskTop PublishingDTRT Do The Right ThingDUCT Did You See ThatDUCWIC Do You See What I SeeDUK Dead Upon KeyboardDVD Digital Versatile DiscDW Dear Wife
  26. 26. DW Dont WorryDWAI Dont Worry About ItDWIM Do What I MeanDWIMC Do What I Mean, CorrectlyDWIMNWIS Do What I Mean, Not What I SayDWISNWID Do What I Say, Not What I DoDWOL Drunk while on lineDYE Damn Your EyesDYHABF Do You Have A BoyfriendDYHAGF Do You Have A GirlfriendDYHWIH Do You Hear What I HearDYJHI Dont You Just Hate ItDYJHIW Dont You Just Hate It WhenDYJHIWTH Dont You Just Hate It When That HappensDYODW Do Your Own Dirty WorkDYSWIS Do You See What I See
  27. 27. DYT Dont You ThinkDYTS Dont You Think SoE2EG Ear To Ear GrinECP Excessive Cross PostingED Emotionally DisturbedEDP Emotionally Disturbed PersonEG Evil GrinEGBOK Everythins Going To Be OkayEGC Extrememly Gruntled CustomerEIF Exercise In FutilityEMML E-mail Me LaterEMP Excessive Multiple PostingEMS E-Mail ShorthandEMSG Email MessageENQ EnquireEOB End Of Business
  28. 28. EOD End Of DebateEOD End Of DiscussionEOF End Of FileEOL End Of LectureEOM End Of MessageEOQ End Of QuestionEOQ End Of QuoteEOS End Of ShowEOS End Of StoryEOT End Of ThreadEOT End Of TransmissionEPBKAC Error Persists Between Keyboard And ChairEPU Evil Parallel UniverseES&D Eat Shit & DieES&LTHI Eat Shit & Live To Hate ItESAD Eat Shit And Die
  29. 29. ESADMF Eat Shit And Die Mother FuckerESAL Eat Shit And LiveESBAM Eat Shit, Bark At MoonESOSL Endless Snorts Of Stupid LaughterESP EspeciallyETA Edited To AddETA Estimated Time of ArrivalETD Estimated Time of DepartureETLA Extended Three Letter AcronymEZ EasyF2F Face To FaceF2F Flesh To FleshF4T Food For ThoughtFA Fuck AllFAAK Falling Asleep At KeyboardFAFWOA For A Friend Without Access
  30. 30. FAO For Attention OfFAQ Frequently Asked QuestionFAQ Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQL Frequently Asked Question(s) ListFAWC For Anyone Who CaresFBH Federal Bureau of HackersFBH Fucking Butter HeadsFBI Federal Bureau of InvestigationFBI Female Body InspectorFBI Full Blown IdiotFC Fingers CrossedFCFS First Come, First ServedFCOL For Crying Out LoudFD Fuck DatFDA Food & Drug AdministrationFDA Fucking Dumb Ass
  31. 31. FDROTFL Falling Down Rolling On The Floor LaughingFF French FryFFRD Flying Fuck In A Rolling DonutFFS For Fucks SakeFFT Food For ThoughtFGS For Goodness SakeFIAT Finds It Appalingly TastelessFIAT Fix It Again, TonyFICCL Frankly, I Couldnt Care LessFIFO First In, First OutFIGJAM Fuck Im Good, Just Ask MeFIGMO Fuck It, Got My OrdersFIIK Fucked If I KnowFIIN Fucked If I KnowFIL Father In LawFIOFYF Figure It Out For Yourself, Fucker
  32. 32. FISH First In, Still HereFISHDO Fuck It, Shit Happens, Drive OnFITB Fill In The BlankFIWOBATLAAI Fucking Idiot With Out Brains And Talking Like An Addicted IRCerFKMFATIFKYB French Kiss My Furry Ass Til It French Kisses You BackFLE Four Letter ExpletiveFM Fucking MagicFMH Fuck Me HarderFML Fuck My LifeFMN Forget Me NotFMTEYEWTK Far More Than Everything Youve Ever Wanted To KnowFNC Frogans Network CertificateFNS Frogans Network SystemFNSL Frogans Network System LanguageFO Fuck OffFOAD Fuck Off And Die
  33. 33. FOAF Friend Of A FriendFOAFOAG Father Of A Friend Of A GirlfriendFOAG Father Of A GirlfriendFOC Free Of ChargeFOCLMAO Fell Off Chair Laughin My Ass OffFOD Finger Of DeathFORD Fast Only Rolling DownhillFORD Fatally Obese Redneck DriverFORD Fix Or Repair DailyFORD Found On Road DeadFOS Freedom Of SpeechFOS Full Of ShitFOT Full Of TripeFOTCL Falling Off The Chair LaughingFOTM Flavour Of The MonthFPS First Person Shooter
  34. 34. FPS For Petes SakeFPS Frames Per SecondFRE Frequently Requested EnhancementFRED Fucking Rediculous Electronical DeviceFRED Fucking Ridiculous Electronic DeviceFRZ Fruitin Religious ZealotFSDL Frogans Slide Description LanguageFTASB Faster Than A Speeding BulletFTBOMH From The Bottom Of My HeartFTDS Fuck The Dumb ShitFTF Face To FaceFTL Faster Than LightFTLOG For The Love Of GodFTP File Transfer ProtocolFTS Fixin To StartFTSAATSFDNORUAOTDA
  35. 35. Fuck These Stupid Ass Acronyms, Theyre So Fuckin Dumb, No One Really Uses Any Of Them, Dumb AssFTTT From Time To TimeFTW For The WinFTW Fuck The WorldFU Follow-UpFU Fucked UpFU Future UseFUA Frequently Used AcronymFUA Fucked Up AgainFUBAB Fucked Up Beyond All BeliefFUBAR Fucked Up Beyond All RecognitionFUBAR Fucked Up Beyond All RepairFUBAR Fucked Up Beyond Any RecognitionFUBARWHOF Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition Without Hope Of FixingFUBB Fouled Up Beyond BeliefFUD Fear, Uncertainty and Disinformation
  36. 36. FUD Fear, Uncertainty and DoubtFUMTU Fucked Up More Than UsualFUP Follow UpFUP2 Follow Up ToFURTB Full Up Ready To BurstFUT Follow-Up ToFWIW For What Its WorthFWMAYOR Fuck With Me At Your Own RiskFY Fuck YouFY&TSYRIO Fuck You & The Sysop You Rode In OnFYA For Your AmusementFYATSYRIO Fuck You And The Sysop You Rode In OnFYDITM Fuck You Directly In The MouthFYE For Your EntertainmentFYEO For Your Eyes OnlyFYG For Your Guidance
  37. 37. FYI For Your InformationFYP Fixed Your PostG GrinG1 Good OneG2G Got To GoG4U Good For YouG4Y Good For YouGA Go AheadGAC Get A ClueGAFIA Get Away From It AllGAFM Get Away From MeGAL Get A LifeGALL Get A Life, LoserGAP Girls Against PregnancyGASP Go Away, Silly PersonGB God Bless
  38. 38. GBH Great Big HugGBH&K Great Big Hug & KissGBH&K Great Big Hugs & KissesGBH&KB Great Big Hugs & Kisses BackGBKU God Bless and Keep YouGBTM Get Back To MeGBU God Bless YouGBY God Bless YouGC Garbage CollectGD&H Grinning, Ducking & HidingGD&R Grinning, Ducking & RunningGD&RF Grinning, Ducking & Running FastGD&RVVF Grinning, Ducking & Running Very Very FastGD&W Grinning, Ducking & WeavingGD&WVVF Grinning, Ducking, And Walking Very, Very FastGDNR Grinning, Ducking And Running
  39. 39. GDNRVVF Grinning, Ducking And Running Very Very FastGF Girl FriendGF GirlfriendGFAK Go Fly A KiteGFC Going For CoffeeGFN Gone For NowGFR Grim File ReaperGFU General Fuck UpGFU Good For YouGFY Good For YouGG Go GirlGG Good GameGG Good GoingGG Gotta GoGGC Goo Goo ClusterGGG Giggle
  40. 40. GGN Gotta Go NowGGP Gotta Go PeeGGP Gotta Go PissGH Getting HardGIGO Garbage In, Garbage OutGIGO Garbage In, Gospel OutGIM Great Idea ManGIRO Garbage In Rubbish OutGIWIST Gee, I Wish Id Said ThatGJ Good JobGL Good LuckGLG Good Looking GirlGLG Goofy Little GrinGLGH Good Luck And Good HuntingGM General MaintenanceGM Good Morning
  41. 41. GM Got MilkGMAB Give Me A BreakGMAFB Give Me A Fucking BreakGMBO Giggling My Butt OffGMC Garage Mans CompanionGMC Gotta Mechanic Coming?GMT Greenwich Mean TimeGMTA Great Minds Think AlikeGN Good NightGO Get OutGOB GoodOl BoyGOI Get Over ItGOK God Only KnowsGOLD Getting On Limp DickGOOH Get Out Of HereGOOMF Get Out Of My Face
  42. 42. GOOML Get Out Of My LifeGOTFIA Groaning On The Floor In AgonyGOWI Get On With ItGPF General Protection FaultGPF Go Puke, FastGPY GrumpyGR Get RealGR&D Grinning, Running & DuckingGR&D Grinning, Running, And DuckingGR8 GreatGRUIT Get Real You Impudent ThingGSHIWMP Giggling So Hard I Wet My PantsGTABO Get That Ass Back OnGTBOS Glad To Be Of ServiceGTFO Get The Fuck OutGTFOOMF Get The Fuck Out Of My Face
  43. 43. GTG Got To GoGTH Go To HellGTP Gone To PeeGTS Going To StarbucksGTSY Glad To See YouGTTB Gee Thats Too BadGUI Graphical User InterfaceGW Getting WetGW Goal WeightGWATCDR God Willing And The Creek Dont RiseH HugH&K Hug and KissH&K Hugs And KissesH2 How ToH8 HateHAB Hot Asian Babe
  44. 44. HABU Have A Better UnHAGN Have A Good NightHAGU Have A Good UnHAK Hugs and kissesHAND Have A Nice DayHB Happy BirthdayHB Hug BackHB2U Happy Birthday To YouHBTY Happy Birthday To YouHCB Holy Cow, BatmanHF Have FunHGTTG Hitchhikers Guide To The GalaxyHH Holding HandsHHGTTG Hitchhikers Guide To The GalaxyHHIS Hanging Head In ShameHHO 1/2 K Ha Ha, Only Half Kidding
  45. 45. HHOJ Ha Ha, Only JokingHHOK Ha Ha, Only KiddingHHOS Ha Ha, Only SeriousHHTYAY Happy Holidays To You And YoursHIB Have I BeenHIG Hows it GoingHIH Hope It HelpsHILIACACLO Help I Lapsed Into A Coma And Cant Log OffHIWTH Hate It When That HappensHLOL Hysterically Laughing Out LoudHLOLARAWCHAWMP Hysterically Laughing Out Loud And Rolling Around While Clapping Hands And Wetting My PantsHLV Hasta La VistaHLVB Hasta La Vista, BabyHMFG Holy Mother of Fucking GodHMFIC Head Mother Fucker In ChargeHMFWIC
  46. 46. Head Mother Fucker Whats In ChargeHMOFG Holy Mother Of Fucking GodHMP Help Me PleaseHMT Heres My TryHNONA Hot Nerd-on-Nerd ActionHOF Hell Of FunnyHOMPR Hang On, Mobile Phones RingingHONDA Had One Never Did AgainHORU How Old Are YouHP Home PageHPB High Ping BastardHSIBHHUB Holy Shit Its Batman Holding His Utility BeltHSIK How Should I KnowHSP Highly Sensitive PersonHTB Heavens To BetsyHTFSIK How The Fuck Should I Know
  47. 47. HTH Happy To HelpHTH Hope That HelpsHTH Hope This HelpsHTML Hyper Text Markup LanguageHTSI Hope That Sinks InHTTP HyperText Transfer ProtocolHUA Head Up AssHUA Heads Up AssholeHUA Heard, Understood, AcknowledgedHUB Head Up ButtHUF Horny Unattached FemaleHUM Horny Unattached MaleHW HardwareHWMBI He Who Must Be IgnoredHWP Height Weight ProportionalHWS(PEST) Husband Wants Sex (Please Excuse Slow Typing)
  48. 48. HWUA Head Way Up AssHYUNDAI Hope You Understand Nothings Driveable And Inexpensive...IAAA I Am An AccountantIAAL I Am A LawyerIAC In Any CaseIAD Internet Acronyms DictionaryIAE In Any EventIAIYH Its All In Your HeadIANAA I Am Not An AccountantIANAC I Am Not A CrookIANAL I Am Not A LawyerIANALBIPOOTV I Am Not A Lawyer, But I Play One On TvIANYM In A New York MinuteIARTPFWTSIOWIM I Am Repeating This Parrot-Fashion Without The Slightest Idea Of What It MeansIASH I Am So HornyIAW
  49. 49. In Accordance WithIBB Ill Be BackIBBV Impossible Bits By VendorIBC Inadequate, But CuteIBM I Blame MicrosoftIBM Idiots Bought MeIBM Inadequate, But MarketableIBM International Business MachinesIBN Im Buck NakedIBTD I Beg To DifferIC I SeeICB I Care BecauseICBW I Could Be WrongICHC I Can Has Cheezburger?ICIHICPCL I Cant Imagine How I Could Possibly Care LessICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
  50. 50. ICTYBTIHTKY I Could Tell You But Then Id Have To Kill YouICUR I See You AreICYDK In Case You Didnt KnowICYI In Case Youre InterestedIDBI I Dont Believe ItIDBY I Dont Believe YouIDC I Dont CareIDD IndeedIDGAD I Dont Give A DamnIDGAS I Dont Give A ShitIDGI I Dont Get ItIDK I Dont KnowIDM It Doesnt MatterIDMM It Doesnt Matter to MeIDMTM It Doesnt Matter To MeIDT I Dont Think
  51. 51. IDTS I Dont Think SoIDTT Ill Drink To ThatIDU I Dont UnderstandIE Internet ExploderIE Internet ExplorerIE That IsIFF If and only IfIGG I Gotta GoIGGNLTL I Gotta Go Now Lets Talk LaterIGGTOT I Gotta Go To Other ThingsIGP I Gotta PeeIGTP I Get The PointIHA I Hate AcronymsIHATCFYB I Have A Terrible Craving For Your BodyIHTBS It Has To Be ShownIHTFP I Hate This Fucking Place
  52. 52. IHTFP I Have Truly Found ParadiseIHTG I Hate To GoIHTG I Have To GoIHYUWIM I Hope You Understand What I MeanIIABDFI If It Aint Broke, Dont Fix ItIINM If Im Not MistakenIIR If I RecallIIRC If I Recall CorrectlyIIRC If I Remember CorrectlyIITYWIMIWHTKY If I Tell You What It Means, I Will Have To Kill YouIITYWIMWYBMAD If I Tell You What It Means Will You Buy Me A DrinkIITYWTMWYKM If I Tell You What This Means Will You Kiss MeIITYWYBAD If I Tell You, Will You Buy Another DrinkIITYWYBMAB If I Tell You, Will You Buy Me A BeerIIUC If I Understand CorrectlyIIWII It Is What It Is
  53. 53. IIWM If It Were MeIIWM If It Were MineIJLS I Just Like SayingIK I KnowIKBA I Know Bugger AllIKYBYUWYTISBINSYRTWYHINWIM I Know You Believe You Understand What You Think I Said, But Im Not Sure You Realize That What You Heard Is Not What I MeantIKYN I Kid You NotILI I Like IkeILIC I Laughed, I CriedILICISCOMK I Laughed, I Cried, I Spat Coffee On My KeyboardILICISCOMK I Laughed, I Cried, I Spat Coke On My KeyboardILIWTPCT I Love It When The Plan Comes TogetherILN It Looks NiceILN Its Looking NiceILSHIBAMF I Laughed So Hard I Broke All My FurnitureILSHIBATF
  54. 54. I Laughed So Hard I Broke All The FurnitureILTNMMAMOTCHYCFAPMSFTJ Id Like To Nominate Mike Meyers As Moderator Of This Conference. Honestly, You Couldnt Find A Person More Suited For The JobILU I Love YouILY I Love YouIM Instant MessageIM Instant MessagingIMAO In My Arrogant OpinionIMBO In My Biased OpinionIMBO In My Bloody OpinionIMBW I May Be WrongIMCAO In My Completely Arrogant OpinionIMCDO In My Conceited Dogmatic OpinionIMCO In My Considered OpinionIME In My ExperienceIMHBCO In My Humble But Correct OpinionIMHO In My Holy Opinion
  55. 55. IMHO In My Honest OpinionIMHO In My Humble OpinionIMMOR I Make My Own RulesIMNSCO In My Not So Considered OpinionIMNSHO In My Not So Humble OpinionIMNSVHO In My Not So Very Humble OpinionIMO In My OpinionIMOBIHO In My Occasionally But Infrequently Humble OpinionIMOBO In My Own Biased OpinionIMOHO In My Occasionally Humble OpinionIMPE In My Personal ExperienceIMPE In My Previous ExperienceIMPOV In My Point Of ViewIMS I Am SorryIMS I Must SayIMU I Miss You
  56. 56. IMVHO In My Very Humble OpinionINGSI Im Not Gonna Say ItINL Im Not LaughingINPO In No Particular OrderINT Ill Never TellIOKIYAR Its OK If You Are RepublicanIOTTMCO Intuitively Obvious To The Most Casual ObserverIOU I Owe YouIOW In Other WordsIOWTBT I Only Want To Be ToldIRC Internet Relay ChatIRL In Real LifeIRMFI I Reply Merely For InformationIROOC Ive Run Out Of CigarettesIRSTBO It Really Sucks The Big OneISAGN I See A Great Need
  57. 57. ISBAB I Should have Bought A BookISDN Integrated Services Digital NetworkISDN It Still Does NothingISIRTA Im Sorry Ill Read That AgainISO In Search OfISO In Support OfISP Internet Service ProviderISTM It Seems To MeISTR I Seem To RecallISTR I Seem To RememberISWYM I See What You MeanITA I Totally AgreeITAH Is There Anybody HereITBUYSIFY Impossible To Believe Unless You See It For YourselfITD In The DarkITFA In The Final Analysis
  58. 58. ITGLW&TCDR If The Good Lords Willin and The Creek Dont RiseITRO In The Region OfITRW In The Real WorldITSFWI If The Shoe Fits, Wear ItITWSBT I Think We Should Be ToldITYM I Think You MeanIUIATT I Use It All The TimeIUTHALORFH I Used To Have A Lot Of Respect For HerIUTHALORFH I Used To Have A Lot Of Respect For HimIUTKATS I Used To Know All That StuffIWALU I Will Always Love YouIWBIWISI I Will Believe It When I See ItIWBN It Would Be NiceIWBNI It Would Be Nice IfIWBS I Was Being StupidIWIK I Wish I Knew
  59. 59. IWSN I Want Sex NowIYD In Your DreamsIYDM If You Dont MindIYF Its Your FaultIYFEG Insert Your Favorite Ethnic GroupIYKWIM If You Know What I MeanIYKWIMAITYD If You Know What I Mean And I Think You DoIYL If You LikeIYO In Your OpinionIYSWIM If You See What I MeanIYW If You WishJ/K Just KiddingJ4F Just For FunJ4G Just For GrinsJ4SAG Just For Shit And GrinsJ6P Joe 6-Pack
  60. 60. JAFO Just Another Fucking ObserverJAFU Just Another Fuck UpJAM Just A MinuteJAM Just A MomentJANFU Joint Army-Navy Fuck UpJAS Just A SecondJASE Just Another System ErrorJAWS Just Another Windows ShellJBL Junk But LoudJFA Just Fucking AroundJFC Jesus Fucking ChristJFF Just For FunJFG Just For GrinsJFGI Just Fucking Google ItJFTR Just For The RecordJFYI Just For Your Information
  61. 61. JGI Just Google ItJIC Just In CaseJK Just KiddingJMHFOOC Just My Humble Fucking Opinion Of CourseJMO Just My OpinionJMOOC Just My Opinion Of CourseJPW Just Plain WeirdJSNM Just Stark Naked MagicJTLYK Just To Let You KnowJTYWTK Just Thought You Wanted To KnowJW Just WonderingK KissK OkayKB Kiss BackKBD KeyboardKCBIWIYWI Keep Coming Back, It Works If You Work It
  62. 62. KDW Keep Digging, WatsonKEAH Kill Everyone After HoursKHYF Know How You FeelKIBO Knowledge In, Bullshit OutKIQ Keep It QuietKISS Keep It Simple, StupidKIT Keep In TouchKITA Kick In The AssKITB Kick In The ButtKMA Kiss My AssKMG Kiss My GritsKMYF Kiss Me You FoolKOC Kiss On CheekKOL Kiss On LipsKOTC Kiss On The CheekKOTL Kiss On The Lips
  63. 63. KTCOOTN Keep This Crap Out Of This NewsgroupKUTGSAWYAD Keep Up The Good Spirit And Whatever You Are DoingKUTGW Keep Up The Good WorkKWIM Know What I MeanKYHOOYA Keep Your Head Out Of Your AssL LaughL2BS Licence To BSL2P Learn To PlayL2R Learn To ReadL8R LaterL8R G8R Later GaterLAB&TYD Lifes A Bitch & Then You DieLABTYD Lifes A Bitch, Then You DieLAGNAF Lets All Get Naked And FuckLAN Local Area NetworkLART Luser Attitude Re-adjustment Tool
  64. 64. LASER Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of RadiationLAY Looking At YouLBS Laughing But SeriousLDD La Dee DaLEO Law Enforcement OfficerLG Lets GoLGT Link Goes ToLHM Lord Help MeLHO Laughing Head OffLHU Lord Help UsLIFER Lazy Incompetent Fucker Evading ResponsibilityLIFO Last In First OutLIHOP Let It Happen On PurposeLIRGAS Like I Really Give A ShitLIS Lost In SpaceLISP Lost In Stupid Parenthesis
  65. 65. LISP Lots of Infuriating & Silly ParenthesisLJBF Lets Just Be FriendsLLAL Laughing Like A LunaticLLAP Live Long And ProsperLLTA Lots and Lots of Thunderous ApplauseLMA Leave Me AloneLMAO Laughing My Ass OffLMAO Lick Me All OverLMAOROTF Laughing My Ass Off Rolling On The FloorLMC Let Me SeeLMC Lost My ConnectionLMCOA Lost My Connection Once AgainLMFAO Laughing My Fat Ass OffLMFAO Laughing My Fucking Ass OffLMHO Laughing My Head OffLMIRL Lets Meet In Real Life
  66. 66. LMK Let Me KnowLMS Let Me SeeLMSO Laughing My Socks OffLMTFA Leave Me The Fuck AloneLMTO Laughing My Tampon OutLMTO Laughing My Tits OffLMWIS Lick Me Where I SweatLOA List Of AbbreviationsLOA List Of AcronymsLOA Love On ArrivalLOIS Laughing On The InsideLOL Laughing Out LoudLOL Little Old LadyLOL Lots Of LoveLOL Lots Of LuckLOLA Laughing Out Loud Again
  67. 67. LOLOL Laughing Out Loud On-LineLOLOL Lots Of Laughing Out LoudLOMBARD Lots Of Money But A Real DickheadLOML Light Of My LifeLOOL Laughing Out Outrageously LoudLOQ Laughing Out QuietlyLOTUS Lots Of Trouble Usually SeriousLOWNBTD Laid Off With Nothing Better To DoLPB Low Ping BastardLSFIAB Like Shooting Fish In A BarrelLSHIPMP Laughing So Hard I Peed My PantsLSHMBB Laughing So Hard My Belly is BouncingLSHMBH Laughing So Hard My Belly HurtsLSHMBIB Laughing So Hard My Belly Is BouncingLSHMCIS Laughing So Hard My Computer Is ShakingLSHMSH Laughing So Hard My Side Hurts
  68. 68. LSHTTARDML Laughing So The Tears Are Running Down My LegLSP Less Sensitive PersonLTBF Learn To Be FunnyLTF Leap To FrogansLTIC Laughing Till I CryLTIP Laughing Till I PukeLTNC Long Time, No SeeLTNS Long Time No SeeLTNT Long Time, No TypeLTP Learn To PlayLTR LaterLTR Learn To ReadLTS Laughing To SelfLTUAE Life, The Universe, And EverythingLU4E&A Love You For Ever And AlwaysLUB Laughing Under Breath
  69. 69. LULU Locally Unwanted Land UseLUSER Loser UserLUWAMH Love You With All My HeartLWR Launch When ReadyLY Love YouLYL Love You LotsLYLAB Love You Like A BrotherLYLAS Love You Like A SisterLYLY Love You and Leave YouLYMI Love You Mean ItLZ LoserM$ MicroSoftM8 MateMAC Media Access ControlMAC Most Applications CrashMACINTOSH Most Applications Crash If Not, The Operating System Hangs
  70. 70. MARINE My Ass Riding In Navy EquipmentMAYB Mad About You, BabyMAZDA Most Always Zipping Dangerously AlongMBUC Mind Bogglingly Unlikely CoincidenceMCIBTY My Computer Is Better Than YoursMD More DirtMDA Mail Delivery AgentMEG Mega Evil GrinMFG More Friendly GarbageMFIC Mother Fucker In ChargeMFN Main Frogans NetworkMFTL My Favourite Toy LanguageMFWIC Mother Fucker Whats In ChargeMGB May God BlessMGD My Gameboy DiedMH Mostly Harmless
  71. 71. MHBFY My Heart Bleeds For YouMHDC(A) My Hard Drive Crashed (Again)MHOTY My Hats Off To YouMHYG Mind How You GoMIASGB Make It A Short GoodByeMICROSOFT Most Intelligent Customers Realize Our Software Only Fools TeenagersMIL Mother In LawMILF Mothers Id Like to FuckMIPS Meaningless Indication of Processor SpeedMIPS Meaningless Information Per SecondMIPS Million Instructions Per SecondMIRL Meet In Real LifeML More LaterMLA Multiple Letter AcronymMMF Make Money FastMMHS Make My Heart Sing
  72. 72. MMIF My Mouth Is FullMNT Medical Nutrition TherapyMOF Male Or FemaleMOF Matter Of FactMORF Male Or FemaleMOS Member of the Opposite SexMOT Moment Of TruthMOT Mug Of TeaMOTAS Member Of The Appropriate SexMOTD Message Of The DayMOTH Humorous Collectibles Forum Variation On Member Of The MonthMOTM Member Of The MonthMOTO Master Of The ObviousMOTOS Member Of The Opposite SexMOTOS Member Of The Other SexMOTSS Member Of The Same Sex
  73. 73. MP My PleasureMPTY More Power To YouMS Masters DegreeMS MicroSoftMS More Of The SameMS More ShitMSCEA My Southern Comforts Empty AgainMSG MessageMSMD Monkey See Monkey DoMSS Member of the Same SexMTA Mail Transfer AgentMTBF Mean Time Between FailureMTF More To FollowMTFBWY May The Force Be With YouMUA Mail User AgentMUD Multi User Domain
  74. 74. MUD Multi User DungeonMUG Multi User GameMUNG Mash Until No GoodMUNG Mung Until No GoodMUSH Multi User Shared HallucinationMYOB Mind Your Own BusinessN/A Not AcceptableN/A Not ApplicableN/A Not AvailableN/M Never MindN1 Nice OneN2S Needless 2 SayNADT Not A Darn ThingNAFAIK Not As Far As I KnowNAGI Not A Good IdeaNAHM Not A Happy Man
  75. 75. NAHW Not A Happy WomanNAJASC Not Affiliated Just Another Satisfied CustomerNAJASCYYY Not Affiliated Just Another Satisfied Customer Yadda Yadda YaddaNAK Not AcknowledgedNALOPKT Not A Lot Of People Know ThatNAVY Never Again Volunteer YourselfNAYYY Not Affiliated Yadda Yadda YaddaNB Nota BeneNBD No Big DealNBFD No Big Fucking DealNBL Not Bloody LikelyNBTD Nothing Better To DoNC No CommentNDA Non-Disclosure AgreementNDLWSMB Nearly Died Laughing While Shaving My ButtNE1 Anyone
  76. 76. NEM Nothing Else MattersNERD National Establishment For Real DorksNFG No Fucking GoodNFI No Fucking IdeaNFIAA No Fucking Idea At AllNFS Need For SpeedNFS Network File SystemNFW No Fucking WayNFWM No Fucking Way ManNFY No Fuck YouNG New GuyNG News GroupNG No GoodNHOH Never Heard Of HerNHOH Never Heard Of HimNHTOB Never Heard That One Before
  77. 77. NIAA No Idea At AllNIC Network Interface CardNICBDAT Nothing Is Certain But Death And TaxesNIDWTC No I Dont Want To ChatNIFOC Nude In Front Of ComputerNIH Not Invented HereNIMBY Not In My Back YardNIME Not In My ExperienceNIMFYE Not In My Front Yard EitherNIMTO Not In My Term Of OfficeNINO Nothing In, Nothing OutNIT Not In TherapyNITS Nervous In The ServiceNK New KidNLI Not Logged InNM Never Mind
  78. 78. NM Not MuchNMI No Middle InitialNMJ Not My JobNMN No Middle NameNMP Not My ProblemNN Night-NightNNTP Network News Transfer ProtocolNONA Nerd-on-Nerd ActionNONYA None Ya BusinessNOPE Not On Planet EarthNORWICH Knickers Off Ready When I Come HomeNOYB None Of Your BusinessNP No ProblemNPAA No Problem At AllNPF No Problem FoundNPI No Pun Intended
  79. 79. NPLU Not People Like UsNPNG No Pain No GainNQA No Questions AskedNQOS Not Quite Our SortNQWI Not Quite With ItNRN No Reply NecessaryNSFW Not Suitable For WorkNSS No Shit, SherlockNT No TextNTDW Nothing To Do WithNTDWI Nothing To Do With ItNTG Not Too GoodNTH No Therapy HelpfulNTIBOA Not That Im Bitter Or AnythingNTIM Not That It MattersNTIMM Not That It Matters Much
  80. 80. NTK Need To KnowNTK Nice To KnowNTL NeverthelessNTL NonethelessNTTAWWT Not That Theres Anything Wrong With ThatNTTFLS Not Till The Fat Lady SingsNTYMI Now That You Mention ItNUI Network User IdentificationNW Next WeekNW No WayNWOBHM New Wave Of British Heavy MetalNYCTMI Now You Come To Mention ItNYM New York MinuteNYP Not Your ProblemO OverOACB Offensive As Can Be
  81. 81. OAO Over And OutOATUS On A Totally Unrelated SubjectOAUS On An Unrelated SubjectOB OBligatoryOBE Overcome By EventsOBO Or Best OfferOBTW Oh, By The WayOD Oh DearOD OverdoseOEM Original Equipment ManufacturerOFS One Finger SaluteOIC Oh, I SeeOJ Obligatory JokeOJ Only JokingOJ Orange JuiceOL Old Lady
  82. 82. OLDSMOBILE Overpriced, Leisurely Driven Sedan Made Of Buicks Irregular LeftoverOM Old ManOMDB Over My Dead BodyOMFG Oh My Fucking GodOMG Oh My GodOMKC On My Knees CryingOMKP On My Knees PrayingOMW On My WayONNA Oh No, Not AgainONNTA Oh No, Not This AgainOO Over and OutOOC Out Of CharacterOOI Out Of InterestOOM Out Of MemoryOOP Out Of ProductionOOS Out Of Sight
  83. 83. OOSOOM Out Of Sight, Out Of MindOOT Out Of TownOOTB Out Of The BoxOOTC Obligatory On Topic CommentOP Original PosterOPL Obvious Panty LineOPM Other Peoples MoneyORN Oh Really nowOS Operating SystemOS/2 Obsolete Soon, TooOS/2 Operating System 2OSIF Oh Shit, I ForgotOSIM Oh Shoot Its MondayOSLT Or Something Like ThatOSOM Out of Sight Out of MindOSU Officially Sanctioned User
  84. 84. OT Off TopicOT On TopicOT1H On The One HandOTBE Over Taken By EventsOTC Over The CounterOTD Out The DoorOTF On The FloorOTF On The PhoneOTK Over The KneeOTL Out To LunchOTOH On The Other HandOTOOH On The Other Other HandOTOS On The Other SideOTP One True PairingOTT Over The TopOTTH On The Third Hand
  85. 85. OTTOMH Off The Top Of My HeadOTTOMHAROO Off The Top Of My Head And Rolling Out Of BoundsOTTOMHAROOB Off The Top Of My Head And Rolling Out Of BoundsOTW On The WayOTW On The WholeOUSU Oh, You Shut UpOW Oh WellOWTTE Or Words To That EffectOYKKAA On Your Knees Kissing Ass AgainOYW On Your WayPABG Pack A Big GunPAW Parents Are WatchingPBD Programmer Brain DamagePBM Play By Mail (Games)PBUH Peace Be Upon HimPCB Please Call Back
  86. 86. PCMCIA People Cant Memorize Computer Industry AcronymsPCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card International AssociationPCO Please Carry OnPCYLIHOONL Please Cross Your Legs, I Have Only One Nail LeftPD Public DomainPDA Public Display of AffectionPDE Puppy Dog EyedPDF Portable Document FormatPDF Pretty Damn FunnyPDF Pretty Darn FunnyPDN Public Data NetworkPDQ Pretty Damn QuickPDS Please Dont ShootPEBCAK Problem Exists Between Chair And KeyboardPEBKAC Problem Exists Between Keyboard And ChairPENTIUM
  87. 87. Produces Erroneous Numbers Through Incorrect Understanding of MathematicsPEST Please Excuse Slow TypingPF&HOMW Printed, Framed & Hanging On My WallPFM Pure Fucking MagicPFT Pause For ThoughtPG Pretty GoodPGP Pretty Good PrivacyPGY Post Graduate YearPHA Perfectly Hopeless AssPHB Pointy Haired BossPHD Piled Higher And DeeperPHD Push Here DummyPICNIC Problem In Chair, Not In ComputerPIMP Pee In My PantsPITA Pain In The AssPITBY Put It In Their Back Yard
  88. 88. PITFU Pick It The Fuck UpPKB Pot, Kettle, BlackPLBKAC Problem Lies Between Keyboard And ChairPLMK Please Let Me KnowPLMKO Please Let Me Know, OkPLOKTA Press Lots Of Keys To AbortPLS PleasePLUR Peace Love Unity RespectPLUTO Pipe Line Under The OceanPM Personal MessagePM Private MailPM Private MessagePMBI Pardon My Butting InPMETC Pardon Me EtcPMFBI Pardon Me For Butting InPMFJI Pardon Me For Jumping In
  89. 89. PMFJIH Pardon Me For Jumping In HerePMIGBOM Put Mind In Gear, Before Opening MouthPMJI Pardon My Jumping InPML Pissing Myself LaughingPMP Peed My PantsPMP Peeing My PantsPMS Pretty Much SucksPMSL Pissing Myself LaughingPMYMHMMFSWGAD Pardon Me, You Must Have Mistaken Me For Someone Who Gives A DamnPMYMHMMFSWGAS Pardon Me, You Must Have Mistaken Me For Someone Who Gives A ShitPOAHF Put On A Happy FacePOC Peeping Other ChattersPOC Prisoner Of ChatPOD Piece Of DataPOETS Piss Off Early, Tomorrows SaturdayPOETS Piss On Everything, Tomorrows Saturday
  90. 90. POITS Piss On It Tomorrows SaturdayPOLA Principle Of Least AstonishmentPOLA Principle Of Least AuthorityPOLP Principle Of Least PrivilegePOM Phase Of The MoonPOP Point Of PresencePOP Post Office ProtocolPOQ Piss Off QuicklyPOQADCB Piss Off Quickly And Dont Come BackPOS Parent Over ShoulderPOS Person Over ShoulderPOS Piece Of ShitPOS Point Of SalePOSSLQ Person Of Opposite Sex Sharing Living QuartersPOTC Peck On The CheekPOV Point Of View
  91. 91. PPL PeoplePPN Programmer Project NumberPPP Pee Poor ProtoplasmPPP Petty Pet PeevePPP Point To Point ProtocolPPPP Previous Paragraph Was Polemical PositionPPPPPT Pee Poor Protoplasm Poorly Put TogetherPPTSPAHS Please Pass The Salt, Pepper And Hot SaucePRW Parents R WatchingPS PhotoshopPS Pit StopPS Post ScriptumPS PostscriptPT Physical TrainingPTB Powers That BePTL Praise the Lord
  92. 92. PTM Please Tell MePTMM Please Tell Me MorePTO Patent And Trademark OfficePTO Please Turn OverPW Pathetic WankerPW Pow WowPYS Pack Your StuffQ&A Questions & AnswersQDPSH Quick and Dirty Perl Solution HackerQDSM Quick and Dirty Solution ManagerQED Quite Easily DoneQED Quod Erat DemonstrandumQFT Quoted For TruthQRT Quit Receiving/TransmittingQSL ReplyQSO Conversation
  93. 93. QT CutieQT QuietR AreRA Research AssistantRA Resident AssistantRAEBNC Read And Enjoyed, But No CommentRAK Random Act Of KindnessRAW Rules As WrittenRBS Really Big ScreenRD Registered DietitianRE RegardingREMF Rear Echelon Mother FuckersRFC Request For CommentsRFD Request For DiscussionRFI Request For InformationRFT Request For Thinking
  94. 94. RGDS RegardsRHIP Rank Has Its PrivilegesRIP Rest In PeaceRL Real LifeRLCO Real Life ConferenceRMA Return Merchandise AuthorizationRNA Ring, No AnswerROFFNAR Rolling On the Floor For No Apparent ReasonROFL Rolling On the Floor LaughingROFLABAOTP Rolling On the Floor Laughing And Barfing All Over The PlaceROFLAHMS Rolling On the Floor Laughing And Holding My SidesROFLAHMSL Rolling On The Floor Laughing And Holding My Sides LaughingROFLASC Rolling On The Floor Laughing And Scaring The CatROFLASTC Rolling On the Floor Laughing And Scaring The CatROFLBSAOTP Rolling On the Floor Laughing Blowing Snot All Over The PlaceROFLBTC Rolling On the Floor Laughing Biting The Carpet
  95. 95. ROFLBTCUTS Rolling On the Floor Laughing Biting The Carpet Unable To StopROFLGO Rolling On Floor Laughing Guts OutROFLGO Rolling On the Floor Laughing Guts OutROFLHOLCBF Rolling On the Floor Laughing Hysterically Out Loud Collecting Bird FeathersROFLHOLCCF Rolling On the Floor Laughing Hysterically Out Loud Collecting Cat FurROFLHOLCDF Rolling On the Floor Laughing Hysterically Out Loud Collecting Dog FurROFLMAO Rolling On The Floor Laughing My ASCII OffROFLMAO Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass OffROFLMAOAPMP Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off And Peeing My PantsROFLMAOAY Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off At YouROFLMAOOL Rolling On The Floor Lauging My Ass Off Out LoudROFLMAOPIMP Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off Peeing In My PantsROFLMAOWPIMP Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off While Peeing In My PantsROFLMAOWTIME Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off With Tears In My EyesROFLMBO Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Butt OffROFLMHO Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Head Off
  96. 96. ROFLOL Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out LoudROFLOLPIMP Rolling On the Floor Laughing Out Loud Peeing In My PantsROFLOLVH Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud Very HardROFLOLWS Rolling On the Floor Laughing Out Loud Without StoppingROFLSHIPMP Rolling On the Floor Laughing So Hard I Peed My PantsROFLSTC Rolling On the Floor Laughing Scaring The CatROFLSTCIIHO Rolling On The Floor Laughing Scaring The Cat If I Had OneROFLTC Rolling On the Floor Licking The GlueROFLUTS Rolling On the Floor Laughing Unable to SpeakROFLWMK Rolling On The Floor Laughing Wet My KnickersROFPML Roll On Floor Pissing Myself LaughingROFTTPOF Rolling On The Floor Trying To Put Out FlamesRON Remain OvernightROTBA Reality On The Blink AgainROTF Rolling On The FloorROTFFNAR Rolling On The Floor For No Apparent Reason
  97. 97. ROTFL Rolling On The Floor LaughingROTFLABAOTP Rolling On The Floor Laughing And Barfing All Over The PlaceROTFLACGU Rolling On The Floor And Cant Get UpROTFLAHMS Rolling On The Floor Laughing And Holding My SidesROTFLAPMP Rolling On The Floor And Peeing My PantsROTFLASTC Rolling On The Floor And Scaring The CatROTFLASTC Rolling On The Floor Laughing And Scaring The CatROTFLBSAOTP Rolling On The Floor Laughing Blowing Snot All Over The PlaceROTFLBTC Rolling On The Floor Laughing Biting The CarpetROTFLBTCASTC Rolling On The Floor Biting The Carpet And Scaring The CatROTFLBTCASTCIIHO Rolling On The Floor Biting The Carpet And Scaring The Cat If I Had OneROTFLBTCUTS Rolling On The Floor Biting The Carpet Unable To StopROTFLBTCUTS Rolling On The Floor Laughing Biting The Carpet Unable To StopROTFLGO Rolling On The Floor Laughing Guts OutROTFLHOLCBF Rolling On The Floor Laughing Hysterically Out Loud Collecting Bird FeathersROTFLHOLCCF Rolling On The Floor Laughing Hysterically Out Loud Collecting Cat Fur
  98. 98. ROTFLHOLCDF Rolling On The Floor Laughing Hysterically Out Loud Collecting Dog FurROTFLMAAOBPO Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass And Other Body Parts OffROTFLMAO Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass OffROTFLMAOAPMP Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off And Peeing My PantsROTFLMAOAY Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off At YouROTFLMAOPIMP Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off Peeing In My PantsROTFLMAOWPIMP Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off While Peeing In My PantsROTFLMAOWTIME Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off With Tears In My EyesROTFLMBO Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Butt OffROTFLMHO Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Head OffROTFLMTO Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Tail OffROTFLOL Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out LoudROTFLOLPIMP Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud Peeing In My PantsROTFLOLWS Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud Without StoppingROTFLSHIPMP Rolling On The Floor Laughing So Hard I Peed My PantsROTFLSTC Rolling On The Floor Laughing Scaring The Cat
  99. 99. ROTFLSTCIIHO Rolling On The Floor Laughing Scaring The Cat If I Had OneROTFLTC Rolling On The Floor Licking The GlueROTFLUTS Rolling On The Floor Laughing Unable to SpeakROTFSTCLMAAOBPO Rolling On The Floor Scaring The Cat Laughing My Ass And Other Body Parts OffROTM Right On The MoneyRPG Really Pathetic GamerRPG Rocket Propelled GrenadeRPG Role Playing GameRPG Role Playing GamesRSN Real Soon NowRT Real TimeRTA Read The ArticleRTD Read The DocumentationRTFA Read The Fucking ArticleRTFAQ Read The FAQRTFD
  100. 100. Read The Fucking DocumentationRTFF Read The Fine FaqRTFF Read The Fucking FAQRTFFAQ Read The Fucking FAQRTFI Read The Fucking InstructionsRTFM Read The Fine ManualRTFM Read The Fucking ManualRTFM Read The Fucking MessageRTFMS Read The Fucking Manual, SirRTFQ Read The Fucking QuestionRTFS Read The Fucking SourceRTFS Read The Fucking StandardRTI Real Time InterruptionRTM Read The ManualRTM Read The MessageRTS Read The Screen
  101. 101. RTSM Read The Stupid ManualRTSM Read The Stupid MessageRUMF Are You Male Or FemaleRUMOF Are You Male Or FemaleRUOK Are You OKRWT Repeat Whole ThingRYFM Read Your Fucking ManualS SighS SmileS&N Smile And NodS/O SomeoneS/TH SomethingS2BX Soon To Be ExS4C Sorry For CapsSAAB Swedish Automobiles Always BreakdownSAHM Stay At Home Mom
  102. 102. SAMF Sad Ass Mother FuckerSAMFU Self-Adjusting Military Fuck UpSAMFUTU Situation Abnormal, More Fucked Up Than UsualSAPFU Surpassing All Previous Fuck UpsSAR Smart Ass RemarkSASB Sobbing And Sniffing BitterlySAYOR Speak At Your Own RiskSB Smiles BackSBB Stupid Beyond BeliefSBCN Sitting Behind The Computer NakedSBD Silent But DeadlySBID Shitty But Itll DoSCNR Sorry, Could Not ResistSCSI Small Computer System InterfaceSCSI System Cant See ItSCUBA Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
  103. 103. SDIHTT Someday Ill Have The TimeSEC SecondSED Said Enough DarlingSEG Shit Eating GrinSEP Somebody Elses ProblemSETE Smiling Ear To EarSF Science FictionSF Speculative FantasySFAIAA So Far As I Am AwareSFC Sorry For CapsSFLA Stupid Four Letter AcronymSFSG So Far So GoodSFT Sorry For ThatSGML Standardized General Markup LanguageSH Shit HappensSHID Slaps Head In Disgust
  104. 104. SHIT Sure Happy Its ThursdaySHIT Sure Happy Its TuesdaySHLH Sitting Here Lauging HystericallySHM Shit Happens, MateSHTS Spit Hitting The SpamSHTSI Somebody Had To Say ItSICS Sitting In Chair SnickeringSIG Special Interest GroupSIIC See If I CareSIIN Stuffed If I KnowSIL Sister In LawSIL Son In LawSIMCA Sitting In My Chair AmusedSITD Still In The DarkSIU Suck It UpSIUYAS Stick It Up Your Ass Sideways
  105. 105. SIYH Sooner If You HelpSLATFATF So Long, And Thanks For All The FishSLIP Serial Line Internet ProtocolSLIP Single Line In ProtocolSLJ Shitty Little JobSLJO Shitty Little Job OfficerSLV Cest la vieSMAO Showing My Ass OffSMAR Suck My Ass RawSME Subject Matter ExpertSMO Serious Mode OnSMOF Secret Masters Of FandomSMOFF Serious Mode OffSMOP Small Matter Of ProgrammingSMTP Simple Mail Transfer ProtocolSNAC Sitting Naked At Computer
  106. 106. SNAFU Situation Normal, All Fucked UpSNERT Snot-Nosed Egotistical Rude TeenagerSNFIAA Still No Fucking Idea At AllSNR Signal to Noise RatioSO Significant OtherSOB Son Of a BitchSOI Stink On IceSOI Stunk On IceSOL Shit Out of LuckSOL Shit Outta LuckSOP Standard Operating ProcedureSOP Standing Operational ProceduresSOP Stay Off the PipeSOS Same Old ShitSOS Same Old StorySOS Sibling Over Shoulder
  107. 107. SOS Someone SpecialSOSDD Same Old Shit Different DaySOSO Same Old, Same OldSOT Short Of TimeSOTMG Short Of Time Must GoSOVS Someone Very SpecialSOW Speaking Of WhichSP sorry for bad SPellingSPAM Slang Name For Unsolicited Commercial EmailSS Smiling SweetlySS So SleepySSB Smiling Sweetly BackSSDD Same Shit, Different DaySSDD Same Stuff, Different DaySSEWBA Someday Soon, Everything Will Be AcronymsSSIA Subject Says It All
  108. 108. ST So ThereST Star TrekST Starting WeightST Such ThatSTBY Sucks To Be YouST-DS9 Star Trek, Deep Space 9STF Search The ForumSTFU Shut The Fuck UpSTFW Search The Fucking WebSTS So To SpeakST-TNG Star Trek, The Next GenerationST-TOS Star Trek, The Original SeriesST-VOY Star Trek, VoyagerSTW Search The WebSUCDIC Situation Under Control, Dickheads In ChargeSUFID Screwing Up Face In Disgust
  109. 109. SUNOILTY Shut Up, No One Is Listening To YouSUQ Stupid User QuestionSUQs Stupid User QuestionsSUSFU Situation Unchanged, Still Fucked UpSUYP Shut Up You PervertSW Says WhoSW So WhatSW SoftwareSW StarwarsSWAG Scientific Wild Ass GuessSWAG Simple Wild Ass GuessSWAK Sealed With A KissSWALK Sealed With A Loving KissSWDYRTW Since When Do You Rule The WebSWL Screaming With LaughterSWMBO She Who Must Be Obeyed
  110. 110. SWPL Stuff White People LikeSW-SE Star Wars Special EditionSWWPACUWELA Still Wondering Why People Are Coming Up With Eleven Letter AcronymsSWYP So Whats Your ProblemSYDWBY See Ya, Dont Wanna Be YaSYIC See You In CyberspaceSYITFP See You In The Funny PagesSYL See You LaterSYS See You SoonSYSOP System OperatorSYT See You TonightSYT Sweet Young ThingTA Thanks AgainTADT They All Do ThatTAF Thats All, FolksTAFN Thats All For Now
  111. 111. TAFT Thats A Frightening ThoughtTAM Tenner A MonthTANJ There Aint No JusticeTANSTAAFL There Aint No Such Thing As A Free LunchTANSTAASQ There Aint No Such Thing As A Stupid QuestionTARFU Things Are Really Fucked UpTBC To Be ContinuedTBDL To Be Discussed LaterTBDML To Be Discussed Much LaterTBE To Be ExpectedTBH To Be HonestTBNT Thanks But No ThanksTBYB Try Before You BuyTC Take CareTC Telephone CallTCB Taking Care Of Business
  112. 112. TCB Trouble Came BackTCBY Taking Care Of Business, YallTCD The Cats DeadTCOY Take Care Of YourselfTCOYF Taking Charge of Your FertilityTDD The Dogs DeadTDM Too Damn ManyTE The EndTEOTWAWKI The End Of The World As We Know ItTFB Too Fucking BadTFDS Thats For Damn SureTFE Too Fucking EasyTFM The Fucking ManualTFN Thanks For NothingTFS Three Finger Salute (Ctrl-Alt-Del)TFTT Thanks For The Thought
  113. 113. TFTT Thanks For The TipTGAL Think Globally, Act LocallyTGFTCL Thank God For The Chat LineTGIF Thank God Its FridayTGTF Thank God Tomorrows FridayTHHGTTG The Hitchhikers Guide To The GalaxyTHNX ThanksTHO Titty Hard OnTIA Thanks In AdvanceTIASIRGOOH This Internet Acronym Shit Is Really Getting Out Of HandTIATLG Truly, I Am The Living GodTIC Tongue In CheekTIE Take It EasyTIFIFY There, I Fixed It For YouTILII Tell It Like It IsTIMTOWTDI There Is More Than One Way To Do It
  114. 114. TINALO This Is Not A Legal OpinionTINAR This Is Not A RecommendationTINC There Is No CabalTINSTAAFL There Is No Such Thing As A Free LunchTINWIS That Is Not What I SaidTIP To Insure PromptnessTIWTGLGG This Is Where The Goofy Little Grin GoesTJATAW Truth, Justice, And The American WayTLA Three-Letter AcronymTLC Tender Loving CareTLD Top Level DomainTLG The Living GodTLTB Thank you Linesmen, Thank you BallboysTM Thread ManglerTM TomorrowTM Trust Me
  115. 115. TMI Too Much InformationTMIKTLIU The More I Know, The Less I UnderstandTMSHTF Too Much Shit Hit The FanTMTLTBMG Theres More To Love Than Boy Meets GirlTMTOWTDT Theres More Than One Way To Do ThisTN TelnetTNLNSL Took Nothing, Left Nothing, Signed LogbookTNOTB The Number Of The BeastTNOTVS Theres Nothing On Tv SoTNSO Temptingly Naked Significant OtherTNT Till Next TimeTNTC Too Numerous To CountTNX ThanksTOBAL There Oughta Be A LawTOBG This Oughta Be GoodTOY Thinking Of You
  116. 116. TOYOTA Too Often Yankees Overprice This AutoTPAE The Possibilities Are EndlessTPS This Program SucksTPSS This Program Sucks SeverelyTPTB The Powers That BeTQM Total Quality ManagementTRATEOTU The Restaurant At The End Of The UniverseTRDMC Tears Running Down My CheeksTS Tough ShitTSIA Title Says It AllTSJD Texas Size Jelly DonutTSOHF Total Sense Of Humor FailureTSR Terminate And Stay Resident ProgramTSR Totally Stupid RulesTT Take ThatTTBE Thats To Be Expected
  117. 117. TTBOMK To The Best Of My KnowledgeTTFN Ta Ta For NowTTL Time To LiveTTL4N Thats The Lot For NowTTLFN Thats The Lot For NowTTM To The ModeratorTTS Tiny Tit SyndromeTTT To The TopTTTH Talk To The HandTTUL Talk To You LaterTTUL Type To You LaterTTYL Talk To You LaterTTYL Type To You LaterTTYRS Talk To You Real SoonTTYRS Type To You Real SoonTTYS Talk To You Soon
  118. 118. TTYS Type To You SoonTTYT Talk To You TomorrowTUFD The User File DiedTVM Thanks Very MuchTWAIN Technology Without An Interesting NameTWIMC To Whom It May ConcernTWIWI That Was Interesting, Wasnt ItTWYAS Thats What You All SayTWYT Thats What You ThinkTX ThanksTY Thank YouTYCLO Turn Your Caps Lock OffTYLE Took You Long EnoughTYP Thank You PartnerTYVM Thank You Very MuchU You
  119. 119. U/L UploadU2 You TooUA Unauthorized AbsenceUAE Unrecoverable Application ErrorUBD User Brain DamageUCCOM You Can Count On MeUCE Unsolicited Commercial E-mailUDS Ugly Domestic SceneUIAM Unless I Am MistakenUL UploadUNA Use No AcronymsUNCLE Unified Nuclear Coalition Of Latvian EmigrantsUOK Are You OkayUOK You OkUOM$ You Owe Me MoneyUPGS Unfinished Project Guilt Syndrome
  120. 120. UR You AreUR YourURI Uniform Resource IdentifierURL Uniform Resource LocatorURLCM You Are WelcomeUSAFU Un-Serviceable, All Fucked UpUSB Universal Serial BusUSU UsuallyUTC Under The CounterUTSL Use The Source, LukeUTT Under The TableVBEG Very Big Evil GrinVBG Very Big GrinVBS Very Big SmileVBSEG Very Big Shit Eating GrinVC Virtual Community
  121. 121. VEG Very Evil GrinVES Very Evil SmileVETLA Very Enhanced TLAVFM Value For MoneyVH Virtual HugVHS Video Home SystemVLSTGLOI Vodka, Lime, Soda, Tall Glass, Lots Of IceVOLVO Very Odd Looking Vehicle OwnersVOLVO Very Odd Looking Vehicular ObjectVPH Visible Panty LineVPN Virtual Private NetworkVR Virtual RealityVT Virtual TimeVW Very WastedVW Virtually WorthlessVWD Very Well Done
  122. 122. VWG Very Wicked GrinVWS Very Wicked SmileW WhateverW WinkW/ WithW/O WithoutW8 WaitW8ING WaitingWAB What A BummerWAB What, Another BillWAC What A CrockWAD Without A DoubtWADR With All Due RespectWAEF When All Else FailsWAF Wife Acceptance FactorWAFWOT What A Fucking Waste Of Time
  123. 123. WAG Wild Ass GuessWALOC What A Load Of CrapWAM Wait A MinuteWAMKSAM Why Are My Kids Staring At MeWAN Wide Area NetworkWARS World Acronym Reference StandardWATB Whiney Ass Titty BabyWAUF Where Are You FromWB Welcome BackWB Write BackWBASAP Write Back As Soon As PossibleWBMBF Wanna Be My Boy FriendWBMGF Wanna Be My Girl FriendWBS Write Back SoonWCAGA What Comes Around, Goes AroundWCTYBTWHTKY We Could Tell You, But Then Wed Have To Kill You
  124. 124. WCUWTELANIGTKWTM Who Came Up With Those Eleven Letter Acronyms, Nobody Is Going To Know What They MeanWD Well DoneWDF What Da FuckWDO Well Done OpponentsWDOI Wouldnt Dream Of ItWDYC Who Do I CallWDYLL What Do You Look LikeWDYM What Do You MeanWDYMBT What Do You Mean By ThatWDYT What Do You ThinkWDYW What Do You WantWEFT Wrong Every Fucking TimeWEM Whatever, ManWFF Warm Fuzzy FeelingWFHIT What Fresh Hell Is ThisWFM
  125. 125. Works For MeWFO Wide Fucking OpenWG Wicked GrinWGACA What Goes Around Comes AroundWGAS Who Gives A ShitWGBTY Will Get Back To YouWGO Whats Going OnWGTG Well, Got To GoWH Whats HappeningWIBAMU Well, Ill Be A Monkeys UncleWIBNI Would It Be Nice IfWIBNIF Wouldnt If Be Nice IfWIIFM Whats In It For MeWIMP Windows, Icons, Mouse, PointingWINDOWS Will Install Needless Data On Whole SystemWISP Winning Is So Pleasurable
  126. 126. WIYGW Write If You Get WorkWLYK Will Let You KnowWMMOWS Wash My Mouth Out With SoapWNOHGB Where No One Has Gone BeforeWOA Work Of ArtWOB Waste Of BandwidthWOCAB Who, Of Course, Are BastardsWOE Way Of EatingWOE World Of EntertainmentWOFTAM Waste Of Flaming Time And MoneyWOL Wake-On-LANWOL Way Of LifeWOL Win Or LoseWOLF Witless One Line FollowupWOM Word Of MouthWOMBAT Waste Of Money, Brains, And Time
  127. 127. WOTAD Worship Of The Almighty DollarWOWF Witless One Word FollowupWRATGAS Who Really And Truly Gives A ShitWRT With Regard ToWRT With Respect ToWRU Who Are YouWSD Willing Suspension Of DisbeliefWSLS Win Some, Lose SomeWT Without ThinkingWTF What The FuckWTFDIC What The Fuck Do I CareWTFDIK What The Fuck Do I KnowWTFDYTYA Who The Fuck Do You Think You AreWTFO What The Fuck, OverWTFRU Who The Fuck Are YouWTFRUTA What The Fuck Are You Talking About
  128. 128. WTFWT What The Fuck Was ThatWTG Way To GoWTH What The HellWTHDTM What The Hell Does That MeanWTMKF Welcome To My Kill FilterWTTC Welcome To The ClubWTTM Without Thinking Too MuchWTY Waving To YouWU Whats UpWWS Wife Wants SexWWW World Wide WaitWWW World Wide WasteWWW World Wide WebWWW World Wild WebWWYL When Will You LearnWYGIWYAF What You Get Is What You Asked For
  129. 129. WYGIWYG What You Get Is What You GetWYGIWYG What You Got Is What You GetWYGIWYPF What You Get Is What You Pay ForWYLABOCTGWTR Would You Like A Bowl Of Cream To Go With That RemarkWYLASOMWTC Would You Like A Saucer Of Milk With That CommentWYMOWS Wash Your Mouth Out With SoapWYP Whats Your PointWYR When Youre ReadyWYSBANRTWYG What You See Bears Absolutely No Relation To What You GetWYSBYGI What You See Before You Get ItWYSIOSALLLWYMG What You See Is Or Should At Least Look Like What You Might GetWYSIWYD What You See Is What You DeserveWYSIWYG What You See Is What You GetWYSIWYM What You See I What You MeanWYSIWYN What You See Is What You NeedWYSOH Wheres Your Sense Of Humor
  130. 130. WYTTIWTK What You Tell Them Is What They KnowWYTYSYDG What You Thought You Saw, You Didnt GetX&O Hugs and KissesXAO Hugs and KissesXYL Ex Young LadyXYZ Examine Your ZipperY WhyY2K Year 2000Y3 Yada Yada YadaYAA Yet Another AcronymYABA Yet Another Bloody AcronymYABSA Yet Another Bloody Stupid AcronymYAC Are You Available To ChatYADS Yet Another Dos ShellYAFA Yet Another Fucking AcronymYAFIYGI You Asked For It, You Got It
  131. 131. YANETUT You Are Not Expected To Understand ThisYAOTM Yet Another Off-Topic MessageYAP Yet Another PloyYAS Young And StupidYAW You Are WickedYBS Youll Be SorryYBTMFML You Belong To Me Forever My LoveYBYSA You Bet Your Sweet AssYCDBSOYA You Cant Do Business Sitting On Your AssYCDBWYCID You Cant Do Business When Your Computer Is DownYCLIU You Can Look It UpYD YesterdayYD Youre DeadYFTR Yust For That ReasonYG Young GentlemanYGIAGAM Your Guess Is As Good As Mine
  132. 132. YGLT Youre Gonna Love ThisYGM Youve Got MailYGTBK Youve Got To Be KiddingYGTBSM Youve Got To Be Shitting MeYGWYPF You Get What You Pay ForYHBM You Have Bin MailYHBT You Have Been TrolledYHBW You Have Been WarnedYHGASP You Have Got A Serious ProblemYHGASPL You Have Got A Serious Problem, LadYHGMTPO You Have Greatly Misunderstood The Purpose OfYHL You Have LostYHM You Have MailYHMOAU You Have Messed One Acronym UpYHTBT You Had To Be ThereYIB Yeah, Ill Bet
  133. 133. YKIYEI You Killed It, You Eat ItYKWIM You Know What I MeanYKYARW You Know Youre A Redneck WhenYKYB You Know Youve BeenYKYBOTLW You Know Youve Been On-line Too Long WhenYL Young LadyYM You MeanYM Young ManYMMD You Made My DayYMMV Your Methods May VaryYMMV Your Mileage May VaryYOMMFSWGAS Youve Obviously Mistaken Me For Someone Who Gives A ShitYOYO Youre On Your OwnYR Yeah RightYS You SuckYSS You Suck Severely
  134. 134. YSW Yeah, Sure, WhateverYTM You The ManYTMND Youre The Man Now, DogYW Youre WelcomeYWHOL Yelling "Woo Hoo" Out LoudYWSYLS You Win Some, You Lose SomeYYY Yeah, Yeah, YeahZA Zero AdministrationZIP Zoning Improvement Plan