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Week5 change-money Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Week 5 –Business EnglishProfessor Hayashi
  • 2. Today’s Awesome Class!• attendance / homework check• review• vocabulary• useful language• skit time !BREAK TIME!• MONEY!!• vocab/language review• case study
  • 3. REVIEW - Question #1 – Vocab review DEFINITION WORDA company that is at least half-owned by another SubsidiarycompanyThe main building of an organization Head OfficeThe pyramid-like organization of a company HierarchyThe rigid structure of administration characterized Bureaucracyby rules, routine and concentration of authorityThe governing of an organization in which people Democracyhold the power and the majority rules
  • 4. REVIEW – Question #2 – Multiple ChoiceWhich is the most suitable noun combination?1.a) the class of yesterday 4. a) a letter’s head b) yesterday’s class b) a letter of head c) yesterday class c) a letterhead2. a) a note of absence 5. a) a four-day week b) an absence’s note b) a week of four days c) a note’s absence c) a four week day3. a) a 3-stars hotel b) a hotel’s 3 star c) a 3-star hotel
  • 5. Question #3 – Short AnswerImagine you are on a plane to Chicago.Introduce yourself to the person sitting besideyou.
  • 6. VOCABULARY – page 33Hey friends! Let’s partner up and do exercise A, B & C! YAY FUN!Answers: down- de- up- re-Exercise A grade centralize grade organize size regulate train regulate develop launch locate structure
  • 7. VOCABExercise B/C (page 33)1.relocating – suburbs2.downsize – workforce3.retraining – staff4.reorganized – seating plan5.relaunch – product6.decentralizing – decision-making process7.redevelop – site8.restructure - hierarchy
  • 8. LANGUAGE REVIEW – page 34
  • 9. Language ReviewPage 34 – exercise A, BEXERCISE Ain 2003 – PSthis week – PPrecently – bothsince 2003 – PPyesterday – PSlast year – PSyet – bothever – PPsix months ago - PS
  • 10. USEFUL LANGUAGE – page 35In groups, make up a HILARIOUS short skit using as manyof the ‘useful language’ expressions as you can.Keep a tally and the team with the most expressions WINSa prize!
  • 11. Money Week 5 Business English Professor Hayashi
  • 12. Useful Language Let’s review page 39! 3,450,402 0.006% $8.7 bn €392 m 8,093,209,445 17.29% 0.54% 1,337 2,028,394
  • 13. Our ‘fave’ friendly activity – VOCAB! In PARTNERS, please go to page 40 and do exercises A, B &C Exercise C:Answers: 1.pre-tax profitsExercise A: Exercise B: 2.forecast1.d 3.recession 1.b 4.earnings per share2.b 2.c 5.dividend3.a 3.e 6.shares4.e 4.a 7.investment5.f 5.f 8.profits6.c 6.d 9.gross margin 10.debt 11.bankruptcy 12.revenues
  • 14. Language Review Page 43
  • 15. PARTNER WORK  On page 43 and do exercise A & CANSWERS:EXERCISE A EXERCISE C1.decline, decrease, fall, drop 1.from, to2.double 2.by3.fluctuate 3.of4.gain, improve, increase, rise 4.at5.halve 5.of6.level off 6.of7.peak8.plummet9.recover10.rocket, jump11.triple
  • 16. YOUR TURN! In groups, make a small presentation on this chart about something CREATIVE!
  • 17. HOMEWORK! AWESOME!Visit the facebook group page: “Business English – Spring 2013”There will be “Business English Homework Questions” posted there.You should respond to a question for a homework point.Just click the ‘comments’ button under the post and write your response.Have fun!