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Week5 advertising

  1. 1. Advertising Business English Week 5 Professor Hayashi
  2. 2. Today’s Class  attendance / homework  review  vocabulary  language review – articles  useful language  case study
  3. 3. Review – Change Multiple Choice Match the definition & the correct word: 1. To distribute the administrative functions or powers among several local authorities. (a) relocation (b) reorganization (c) decentralization 2. To reduce in importance, esteem, or value. To demote a person to a poorer job. (a) retrain (b) downgrade (c) deregulate 3. To make a basic change, alter the makeup or pattern of a given organization. (a) redevelop (b) restructure (c) downsize 4. To reduce expenditures by letting go of employees. (a) relocate (b) downgrade (c) downsize 5. To improve or enhance one’s skills or job. (a) upgrade (b) retrain (c) restructure
  4. 4. Review – PS & PP Would you use past simple (I visited) or present perfect (I have visited) or both with these time expressions? - in 2003 - yesterday - since 2007 - recently - six months ago
  5. 5. DEFINITION WORD A company that is at least half-owned by another company The main office or building of a company A place through which products are sold A building for storing goods in large quantities A large building (or group of buildings where goods are made (using machinery) Subsidiary Headquarters Outlet Warehouse Factory/Plant Review –Vocabulary
  6. 6. Review - Noun Combinations Which is the most suitable noun combination? 1. a) the class of yesterday b) yesterday’s class c) yesterday class 2. a) a note of absence b) an absence’s note c) a note’s absence 3. a) a 3-stars hotel b) a hotel’s 3 star c) a 3-star hotel 4. a) a letter’s head b) a letter of head c) a letterhead 5. a) a four-day week b) a week of four days c) a four week day
  7. 7. Shout out!  Name as many expressions from the useful language on: MANAGING MEETINGS Starting/Setting objectives/Asking for reactions/Dealing with interruptions/Keeping to the point/Speeding up/Slowing down/Summarising NETWORKING Greetings/Responding/IntroducingYourself/Introducing Someone Else/Talking about common interests/Talking about your company/Networking
  8. 8. VOCABULARY Page 44 – exercise B 1 = advertising media 2 = methods of advertising 3 = verbs to do with advertising cinema, exhibitions, Internet, outdoor advertising, point-of-sale, press, radio, television advertorials, banner ads, billboards/hoardings, commercials, free samples, leaflets/flyers, pop-ups, posters, product placement, sponsorship, viral advertising communicate, endorse, place, run sponsor, target
  9. 9. Vocabulary  Page 45 – exercise E 1. free samples 2. slogans 3. endorsement 4. word of mouth 5. mailshots
  10. 10. Articles
  11. 11. Language Review  Page 48 – ARTICLES  Do exercise C ANSWERS: 1.THE advertising code ….. THE advertising industry 2.OK! 3.THE most successful …. of THE 20th century 4.amongst THE UK adult population 5.THE USA.
  12. 12. Viral Advertising
  13. 13. Language Review  Exercise D – Page 48 …. People also started asking questions, like did it feature a real gorilla playing (the) drums? So what role did the extraordinary take-up of the gorilla ad on the Internet play…. And was the success ….. ‘viral’ distribution of its advertising on the Internet …. spoof versions of the gorilla campaign. The gorilla commercial is the most viewed….
  14. 14. Useful Language  Page 49 Prepare and deliver a short three-minute presentation that describes the method of creating a viral campaign for this product:
  15. 15. Homework!  Page 63 – 64 : Advertising review Vocabulary,Articles, Skills Exercises