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Week4 organization
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Week4 organization


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  • 1. OrganizationWeek 4Business English 1Professor Hayashi
  • 2. Today’s Class Organizatio n• attendance & homework check• review• vocab• language review BREAK• networking – role play! YES!• case study
  • 3. Homework Organizatio nExercise B1. False – Mass unrest is less common than individual misbehaviour2. True – according to analysts, but many passengers blame the airlines.3. False – Many airlines routinely instruct their flight crews to run the air-conditioning systems on minimum settings.4. True5. False – There are some signs, in the US at least, that the airlines are at last attempting to respond to customer dissatisfaction.Exercise CReasons Given: 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 10
  • 4. Review OrganizatioQuestion #1 n Subway  Underground One Way  Single Rest Room  Public Toilet Downtown  City Centre Carry-on Baggage  Hand Luggage
  • 5. Review Organizatio n Question #2 - Fill-in-the-blankWe use _____ or _____ to talk about something Will ‘ll we have decided to do at the time of speaking. PCWe use _____ to talk about a fixed arrangement.We use ______ to talk about what we intend to do going to or have already decided to do.We use ______ to talk about a timetable or PS program.
  • 6. Review Organizatio nQuestion #32 volunteers in your group role play this situation:Student A and student B have organized a study session for the Business English midterm.Student A needs to call student B and cancel with a valid reason. Suggest an alternative day.
  • 7. VOCAB Organizatio nIn PAIRS, work on page 23,exercise A and D ANSWERS: Subsidiary – 8 Factory/Plant – 6 Call Centre – 5 Service Centre – 7 Head Office – 1 Distribution Centre – 3 Warehouse – 4 Branches/Outlets - 2
  • 8. VOCAB Organizatio nExercise D Answers:bureaucratic caring centralized conservativedecentralized democratic dynamic hierarchicalimpersonal market-driven professional progressive
  • 9. Language Review OrganizatioNoun Combinations n
  • 10. Language – Noun Combinations Organizatio nIn groups of 4, complete this chart:You can use examples from the book or your head‘s possessive 1 noun used phrases with compound as an ‘of’ words adjective
  • 11. I noun combinations Organizatio nComplete exercises B, C, D in your groupsANSWERS: exercise D: exercise C: cards/planexercise B: 1.a five-star hotel style/policy1. today’s meeting 2.a 3 million dollar 3.sales2. a letter of credit budget campaign/department 3.a 20-minute 4.labor force/market3. a business card 5.company4. a database presentation headquarters/logo 4.a 200,000 pound union/fair contract 7.consumer 5.a 150-year-old goods/awareness industrial empire 8.research project/findings 9.information technology/desk program/virus
  • 12. Let’s Role Play! Organizatio nCheck out the useful language on page 27You will make a role play card with an identityHAVE FUN, joke around and relax!
  • 13. Organizatio nYou are on a plane heading for Chicago. You have some business there. Introduce yourself and your business to the person sitting beside you. I work for _________. I specialize in _______. I am based in _______. My company has offices in ________. My job title is a _______.
  • 14. Homework Organizatio nPage 24-25Read the article and do exercise A~D