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Week3 making a start
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Week3 making a start



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  • PAST TIME – I drank last Saturday.
    RECENT TIME – I have taken that class before.
    PRESENT TIME – I work full time.


  • 1.  Making a Start Week 3 Public Speaking & Presentations Professor Hayashi
  • 2. Today’s Class  Attendance & Prep Sheet Check  Quick Review  Language Knowledge BREAK  Presentation Example  In-Class Presentation
  • 3. Quick Review
  • 4. REVIEW  DO’s and DON’Ts of presentations? (review the GOLDEN CHECKLIST on page 7)
  • 5. Language Knowledge
  • 6. LISTEN UP! pg. 15, exercise 1 Decide whether the excerpt is from an INTERNAL or EXTERNAL presentation Remember: INTERNAL – to members within the company EXTERNAL – to an audience outside of the company Presentation Extract
  • 7. ANSWERS Presentation Extract Internal a External b External c Internal d External e Internal f Internal g External h Internal i External j External k Internal l
  • 8. BUDDY UP!  In pairs, work on exercises 2, 3 and 4  Work it out TOGETHER!
  • 9. ANSWERS  EXERCISE 2 a) talk about b) brief c) act as d) look at e) points of view f) finally g) questions h) go along i) hear  EXERCISE 3 a) 2 b) 3 c) 2 d) 3 e) 1 f) 3 g) 3 h) 3  EXERCISE 4 a) I’m delighted b) I take care c) My purpose is d) go through e) divide f) sections g) don’t hesitate h) a chance i) in more depth
  • 10. PRESENTATION EXAMPLE  An example of a speech introduction – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=le_o4fHvtRc SO…. what makes a good introduction? PAGE 12 – another golden checklist!
  • 11. GOOD EXAMPLE  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ggnfh2RFGP4&feature=relate
  • 12. Your turn!  In groups, try to create just the INTRODUCTION to a speech  Remember to include: Attention Getter Establish Credibility Specific Purpose Thesis  Have fun! Be silly!
  • 13. Let’s Get Cracking!  For the midterm, you will be required to deliver an 8-10 minute speech  Your speech should be organized as follows: INTRODUCTION (2~3 minutes) BODY no more than 3 points (5~7 minutes) CONCLUSION (1~2 minutes)
  • 14. Where do I begin?  Take some time in class today to start brainstorming/discussing about a PURPOSE and TOPIC  PURPOSE – to inform, persuade, how-to, demonstration, entertainment  TOPIC – choose something that is interesting for you AND your audience (!)