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Week3 making a start
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Week3 making a start


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  • PAST TIME – I drank last Saturday. RECENT TIME – I have taken that class before. PRESENT TIME – I work full time.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Making a Start Week 3 Public Speaking & Presentations Professor Hayashi 
    • 2. Today’s Class Attendance & Prep Sheet Check Quick Review Language Knowledge BREAK Presentation Example In-Class Presentation
    • 3. Quick Review
    • 4. REVIEW DO’s and DON’Ts of presentations? (review the GOLDEN CHECKLIST on page 7)
    • 5. Language Knowledge
    • 6. LISTEN UP!Decide whether the excerpt is from anINTERNAL or EXTERNAL presentationRemember:INTERNAL – to members within thecompanyEXTERNAL – to an audience outside of thecompanyPresentation Extract
    • 7. ANSWERSPresentation ExtractInternal aExternal bExternal cInternal dExternal eInternal fInternal gExternal hInternal iExternal jExternal kInternal l
    • 8. BUDDY UP! In pairs, work on exercises 2, 3 and 4 Work it out TOGETHER!
    • 9. ANSWERS EXERCISE 2  EXERCISE 3  EXERCISE 4a) talk about a) I’m delighted a) 2b) brief b) I take care b) 3c) act as c) My purpose is c) 2d) look at d) go through d) 3e) points of view e) dividef) finally e) 1 f) sectionsg) questions f) 3 g) don’t hesitateh) go along g) 3 h) a chancei) hear i) in more depth h) 3
    • 10. PRESENTATION EXAMPLE An example of a speech introduction –…. what makes a good introduction?PAGE 12 – another golden checklist!
    • 11. GOOD EXAMPLE Included in an introduction: 1)Attention Getter (question, quote, photo, prop, role play, candy) 2)Establish Credibility (what is your experience with this topic?) 3)Specific Purpose (to inform, persuade, entertain, how to, demonstration) 4)Thesis (what is the main point of your presentation?)
    • 12. YOUR TURN! Craft an impressive speech introduction on a creative topic of your choice Remember to include: ATTENTION GETTER, ESTABLISH CREDIBILITY, SPECIFIC PURPOSE, THESIS Remember to consult the checklist on page 12
    • 13. Let’s Get Cracking! For the midterm, you will be required to deliver an 8-10 minute speech Your speech should be organized as follows:INTRODUCTION (2~3 minutes)BODY no more than 3 points (5~7 minutes)CONCLUSION (1~2 minutes)
    • 14. Where do I begin? Take some time in class today to start brainstorming/discussing about a PURPOSE and TOPIC PURPOSE – to inform, persuade, how-to, demonstration, entertainment TOPIC – choose something that is interesting for you AND your audience (!)