Week13 innovation


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Week13 innovation

  1. 1. Week 13 –InnovationBusiness EnglishProfessor Hayashi
  2. 2. Today’s Class Review Vocabulary Language Review Presentations Case Study
  3. 3. Review – Ethics / Leadership Fill-in-the blanks2) LG’s latest cell phone looks suspiciously similar to Samsung’s. We suspect ______________________. industrial espionage3) We had to sign a ____________________________ stating that confidentiality agreement we could not disclose any of the company’s business plan.4) The pharmaceutical company offered ________ to doctors for prescribing a certain medication. bribes5) The opposite of magnetic is _____________. repulsive6) The opposite of impulsive is _____________. cautious
  4. 4. Review – Ethics / Leadership Which tense is normally used for:2) events in the story Past Simple3) setting the scene and providing background information Past Continuous4) saying what the present results of the story are Present Perfect6) events which happen before the story begins Past Perfect
  5. 5. Review – Ethics / Leadership Tell a story about an unusual or memorable experience while you were travelling Be sure to use Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect, Present Perfect
  6. 6. Vocabulary PARTNER TIME! Do exercises A, C, D on page 109 Exercise A: 2)discovery 3)brainwave 4)pioneers 5)R & D (research & development) 6)concept 7)prototype 8)setback 9)drawing board 10)breakthrough 11)patent
  7. 7. Vocabulary – Pg. 109  Exercise Cbrilliant + beneficial + silly - life-saving +pointless - ridiculous - time-saving + annoying -wasteful - life-changing + practical + money-saving +revolutionary + space-saving + ground- breaking +
  8. 8. Language Review – Pg. 111 Exercise A, B, C Which are passive? 2 3 4 6 7 8 10
  9. 9. Language Review Exercise Bb) was testedc) was developedd) was carried oute) was testedf) were approvedg) was applied forh) were publishedi) was grantedj) were trainedOrder: c, b, a, d, g, e, f, h, i
  10. 10. Listening – Pg. 112 Let’s listen to exercise A Exercise A3. Think about your audience, visit the room, prepare what you are going to say.4. Ask a question, use a famous quotation, striking visual image, appeal directly to audience’s interests or needs5. Opening and brief introduction, main body, conclusion, question and answer session
  11. 11. Presenting Review “Useful Language” Prepare a short presentation of 3-5 minutes on the topic of your choice Be silly! Have fun! Go bananas!
  12. 12. Homework Pg 130 – Reading/Passive exercises
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