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Week 2 brands
Week 2 brands
Week 2 brands
Week 2 brands
Week 2 brands
Week 2 brands
Week 2 brands
Week 2 brands
Week 2 brands
Week 2 brands
Week 2 brands
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Week 2 brands


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  • - Adobe, Barbie, Coca-Cola, Disney, Ebay, Fila, Google, H&M, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Kellog’s, Lego, MTV, Nintendo, Oakley, Puma, Quicktime, Reebok, Sega, Texaco, Unilever, Virgin, Walkman (Sony Erricson), Xbox, Yahoo, Zurich (Financial Services)
    - In partners, talk about exercise A, page 6. Try to use the vocab as much as possible.
    A -
    Brand loyalty – D
    Brand image – C
    Brand stretching – B
    Brand awareness – E
    Brand name – A
    Product launch - I
    Product lifecycle - J
    Product range - F
    Product placement – H
    Product endorsement –G
    B –
    Brand stretching
    Brand loyalty
    Brand awareness
    Product endorsement
    Product lifestyle
    Product placement
  • A-
    Brands are all about trust.
    You know what a brand is about, what it means, what it’s going to deliver.
    You actually trust it to deliver time and time again.
    One thing about brands is they add a lot of color and enjoyment and fun, as well as giving you the power to choose things.
    “They’re much more than just a product or a service”
    “It’s against big corporations, though it is a big corporation itself”
    Mobile phones
    Not to call the service Microtel, but to create something completely new, based on the idea of optimism.
  • Transcript

    1. Brands Practical Business English Professor Hayashi Week 3
    2. Today’s Class VOCAB-Brand Management DISCUSSION - Branding LANGUAGE REVIEW-Present Simple/Present Continuous DISCUSSION- Brand Management
    3. VOCAB - Brand Management –Pg.6 Name that logo!
    4. VOCAB – Word Partnerships – Pg.7 WORD PARTNERSHIPS – words that usually go with other words to form typical partnerships or combinations You have 10 minutes to complete exercises A & B in partners
    5. Brand Management - Answers  A - 1. Brand loyalty – D 2. Brand image – C 3. Brand stretching – B 4. Brand awareness – E 5. Brand name – A 6. Product launch - I 7. Product lifecycle - J 8. Product range - F 9. Product placement – H 10.Product endorsement –G 11.Market leader – M 12.Market research – N 13.Market share – K 14.Market challenger – O 15.Market segment - L B – 1. Brand awareness 2. Brand loyalty 3. Brand stretching 4. Brand image 5. Product endorsement 6. Product lifecycle 7. Product range 8. Product placement 9. Market leader 10.Market segment 11.Market challenger 12.Market research
    6. DISCUSSION– Pg. 7, exercise C
    7. LANGUAGE REVIEW – Present Simple & Present Continuous
    8. Exercise A, page 10 Usually - PS This year - PC Every day - PS Now - PC Often - PS Nowadays - PC Once a month - PS Currently – PS and PC At the moment – PS and PC These days – PS and PC
    9. Exercise B/C – page 10 EXERCISE B 1.a) is working b) spends 2.a) sells b) is negotiating 3.a) are launching b) have
    10. Pick a Product! Use the “useful language” on page 11 to have a meeting on the brand management of your product. Use as many of the vocabulary terms on page 7 as possible!
    11. HOMEWORK! Write a one page essay on how much fun you had in class today JUST KIDDING…. - Complete Exercise C page 8 and 9 of your textbook