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  • 1. Week 7 – British Institutions Reading British & American Culture Professor Hayashi
  • 2. Today’s Class • • • • attendance review game! mind mapping British institutions BREAK • Midterm review
  • 3. Review
  • 4. Review • What did the Romans leave behind in Britain after their 200 year rule? - roads, sites of important cities, seeds of Christianity • What is the Black Death? - a plague in 1348 that killed 1/3 of the population • Who was the queen during the Golden Age of English history? - Queen Elizabeth I (restored national unity, enabled prosperous trading to develop)
  • 5. Review • The civil war of 1642 was between which 2 powers? - King Charles I & Parliament • What is the Enlightenment? - an era when people began to use reason to dominate both nature & society • How did Queen Victoria change life in Britain during her reign? - Established the Crown in the Constitution (politically neutral), Revived support for the monarchy, affirmed Victorian values (paternalistic integrity, family, puritanism)
  • 6. Review • The Industrial Revolution sparked S__________ R_________ such as the creation of the police force, free education, and the extension of the vote - social reforms • What was a positive outcome of WWI? - The women were granted the right to vote • What significant event happened in the 1930’s? - The great Depression • Germany lost WWII after ___________. - it unsuccessfully invaded Russia and Britain & US intervened
  • 7. Review • Describe life in Britain in the 1950’s. - massive growth, increase in wages, affluent society • How was life for young people in the early 1960’s? - exciting, liberating, ‘swinging sixties’
  • 8. Mind Mapping • v=MlabrWv25qQ • What is a mindmap? • How do you do it?
  • 9. Mind Mapping • WHAT: a thinking tool that reflects what goes on inside your head • HOW: start in center, connect branches to central image, then other levels. add one word to each branch. use color & image.
  • 10. Good Links! • ex.php? title=How_to_make_a_mind_map#How_to_ma ke_a_map_while_note_taking • ping_software
  • 11. Your Turn! • Get artsy! • Let’s mind map the chapter on “British Institutions” • The top 3 students will get bonus professionalism points