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Reading week5 Reading week5 Presentation Transcript

  • Today’s Class
    • attendance
    • in-class presentations
    • review
    • group task
    • timeline
    • D.E.A.R.
  • Review
    • Name the six reading strategies
    • - predict, clarify, visualize, ask questions, make connections, summarize
    • Explain how to use the Cornell Note Taking system
  • Cornell Note Taking System THE GEOGRAPHY OF BRITAIN MAIN IDEA DETAILS Weather & Climate
    • mild, temperate climate (prevailing SW winds)
    • changeable weather patterns (different air masses)
    • temperature extremes (-10 to 32 C)
    • South warmer than North (latitude)
    • West milder than East (North Atlantic Drift)
    • rainfall range 800mm central/eastern– 1600 mm west/north
    SUMMARY: Britain’s temperature is generally mild, but changeable depending on different air masses. The temperatures range from -10 to 32 degrees Celsius and rainfall more prevalent in the mountainous west and north.
    • What’s the difference between the British Isles, Britain and the UK?
    • British Isles: A group of islands including Britain and Ireland
    • Britain: England, Scotland and Wales
    • The UK: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and a number of small island
  • Review
    • What is a dormitory town?
    • - towns in which people live, but do not work
    • What is a green belt?
    • - Areas of parks and farmland encircling an urban area and protected from development
  • Group Task
    • In groups of 4, go through the chapter and write down the key time periods
    • Practice scanning and previewing
    • Think of the Cornell Note Taking System
    • Smile!
  • British History Pre Norman (3000BC-11 th century) Medieval (1066 – 1381) Tudor (1455 – 1603) Civil War (1642 – 1648) Monarchy (1600 – 1688) 1700 – 1800 (Agricultural/Industrial Revolution) Victorian Britain (1837 – 1901) WWI (1914 – 1918) Depression (1926) WWII (1939 – 1945) Post-War (1946 – 1959) 1960’s 1970’s
  • Time to Timeline!
    • Each group should take 2 sections and become experts on that era
    • Make some Cornell Notes of the passages and be ready to share with the class
    • Collectively, we will make a timeline of important events in British history
  • D.E.A.R.
    • Drop everything and read!