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  • 1. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE Reading British & American Culture Week 9 Professor Hayashi
  • 2. TODAY’S CLASS - attendance - article presentation & DISCUSSION - facts & figures - conducting a survey BREAK - young people in the U.S.A. - the richest nation on earth
  • 3. • Facts & Figures About Americans Families - There was an increase in one parent families - Most one parent families were single mothers 1980 1988 Two parent 78.5% 72.7% One parent (mother/child) 18.4% 23.7% One parent (father/child) 3.1% 3.6%
  • 4. Family Expenditure In 1988, Americans spent: -more on health -less on travel -less on food -slightly more on housing -slightly less on clothing -more on recreational goods -the same on miscellaneous
  • 5. Pet Ownership From 1982 – 1989: - dog ownership dropped from 40.5% to 36.2% - cat ownership increased from 27% to 30%
  • 6. SURVEY SAYS… Look at Leisure & Sport in the USA 1.The most popular participation sport for men is swimming. The most popular participation sport for women is exercise walking. 2.Men and women almost equally enjoy bicycle riding. 3.Aerobics are more popular for women. 4.Fishing and basketball are more popular for men.
  • 7. HUFS Survey! In your groups, create a chart or graph based on either: - particpation sports - spectator sports - pet ownership - expenditures - other JUST HAVE FUN WITH IT!
  • 8. College Students – pg. 53 Top Concern: environment New Concern: government hand-gun control efforts More Conservative about: drugs and crime More Liberal about: abortion
  • 9. POP MUSIC – pg. 53 1.Frank Sinatra attacked Rock n’ Roll. Today, rap and heavy metal are under attack. 2.Florida and Tennessee are two states considering legislation against ‘objectionable’ music. 11 other states are considering legislation. 3.Harris believes that minors should be able to buy any kind of music.
  • 10. The Richest Nation on Earth – pg. 54 Positive Changes Negative Changes - GDP doubled during the 1980’s - GDP doubled through borrowing - lots of people prospered - national debt tripled - 20 million new jobs were created - corporate & personal debt soared - booming international trade is spreading - widening gap between rich and poor wealth around the world - poverty increased -new jobs were low paid service positions - USA was the world’s biggest creditor then largest debtor