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Business2 week 14

  1. 1. 01 WINTER Unit 26 – 28 Template Keynesianism & Monetarism International Trade Economics & Ecology Week 14 – Business English 2 Professor Hayashi
  2. 2. Today’s Class - attendance & homework (Facebook friends) - review presentation - Unit 26 (Keynesianism & Monetarism) - Unit 27 (International Trade) - Unit 28 (Economics & Ecology)
  3. 3. Unit 26 In partners, do exercise 1b on page 150 ANSWERS: 1.F 2.E 3.D 4.A 5.C 6.B
  4. 4. Unit 26
  5. 5. Unit 27
  6. 6. Unit 27 Listen up! Exercise 2A, pg. 158 1.Formerly, the less developed countries were against free trade because they didn’t have competitive manufacturing industries. 2.Countries like South Korea and Malaysia are competitive today because they’ve been able to import technology from the rich countries, educate their labor force, and set up an infrastructure. 3.Free trade is disruptive; in other words, it causes big economic changes, such as the closing down of an entire industry in a country, as the product begins to be made more cheaply somewhere else. 4.The advantage of free trade is that it leads to more efficiency and output. 5.People in industrial countries can only put up with the disruption caused by free trade if they can quite quickly find a new job.
  7. 7. Unit 27 A Korean Context In your groups, create a short presentation based on your assigned question.
  8. 8. Unit 27
  9. 9. Unit 28 Partner up and chat! Go through the questions on page 161 and have a discussion on how green you are.
  10. 10. Unit 28 Do the vocabulary exercise 2A on page 162 ANSWERS: 1.emissions Do the vocabulary exercise 2.waste 3A on page 164 3.disposal (to dispose of) ANSWERS: 4.environmentalist 1. economical 2. uneconomical 3. economy 4. economics 5. economists 6. economize 7. economic
  11. 11. Homework WINTER - Organize a study group for the final exam Template - Choose a day/time to study & review together - Hand in a sheet next week with your group members name and planned study time(s) - Receive a professionalism point for posting a photo of your group studying within the next two weeks on Facebook
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