Business english 1 syllabus   thursday 2013
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Business english 1 syllabus thursday 2013






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Business english 1 syllabus   thursday 2013 Business english 1 syllabus thursday 2013 Document Transcript

  • Course Syllabus Business English (1) Thursday period 7 8 OR 9 10 Professor: Amy Hayashi 010-6279-1872 professorhayashi@gmail.comCourse DescriptionThis Intermediate course is designed to offer students real world business English competency,fluency and confidence within an atmosphere conducive to success. Encompassing the fourskills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, Business English will ensure that studentshave the linguistic tools to succeed in an international business setting.Course Objectives1. Elevate levels of English proficiency within a participatory atmosphere.2. Facilitate a class discussion through the presentation of a case study.3. Speak in an extemporaneous manner from a wider lexicon.4. Demonstrate confidence and mastery of the materials covered in class.Required TextbookMarket Leader – Intermediate, New Edition (Pearson Longman Publishing Company)AssessmentAttendance/Participation 20%Homework 15%Case Study Facilitation 20%Midterm Exam 20%Final Exam 25%Every week, the designated class captain or assistant captain will be responsible for takingattendance and recording homework completion marks.Participation will be earned by making yourself available, unique and memorable. The more astudent engages with the material, the greater amount of participation marks will be awarded.Each week, a pair of students will facilitate a class discussion through the presentation of acase study. Generating class participation in a creative manner is key to this assignment.The midterm and final will consist of multiple choice, fill in the blanks, short answer and oneoral question from the topics covered in class.Class Day/Period: _____________________________________________________
  • Class Captain:__________________________________________________________Class Assistant Captain:_______________________________________________Tentative OutlineWeek 1 – March 7 Introduction and Class SyllabusWeek 2 – March 14 Brands – Case StudyLeaders:__________________________________________________________Week 3 – March 21 Travel – Case StudyLeaders:__________________________________________________________Week 4 – March 28 Organization – Case StudyLeaders:____________________________________________________Week 5 – April 4 Change/Money – Case Study Leaders:________________________________________________Week 6 – April 11 Advertising – Case Study Leaders:____________________________________________________Week 7 – April 18 Midterm ReviewWeek 8 – April 25 MIDTERM EXAM (20% of final mark)Week 9 – May 2 Cultures – Case StudyLeaders:________________________________________________________Week 10 – May 9 Employment – Case StudyLeaders:___________________________________________________Week 11 – May 16 Trade/Quality – Case StudyLeaders:__________________________________________________ Week 12 – May 23 Ethics/Leadership – Case StudyLeaders:_____________________________________________Week 13 – May 30 Innovation – Case StudyLeaders:______________________________________________________Week 14 – June 6 NO CLASS - HOLIDAYWeek 15 – June 13 Competition/Final Review & Exam PrepWeek 16 – June 20 FINAL EXAM (25% of final mark)